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Last Activity:
Apr 14, 2011
Nov 10, 2006

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Check out vJassifed EKB!, from Asia

WraithSeeker was last seen:
Apr 14, 2011
    1. Deuterium
      I well check whenever I'm not too busy w/ RL... =D
    2. Septimus
      There is a phrase "There is a sucker born every minutes".

      Guess this is true.
    3. Deuterium
      ohhh haha, i was talking about:
      //! external ObjectMerger
    4. Deuterium
      //! externalobjecteditor (or something like that, can't recall now), is it something safe to use?
    5. Deuterium
      ohh never mind that problem I PM'ed you about, apparently I just needed a new JNGP
    6. Deuterium
      Well I'll definitely check it ;)
    7. Septimus
      i do learn jass.. but my jass skill still very new and i was quite busy at other matter such as my assignment.

      Infact, the fire ward spells was a old spells. My first jass and vjass spells is lightning ward and multi shock.
    8. Septimus
      You and jonny is right.. it was 50/50 situation actually.
    9. -JonNny
      Sure, THW could need some less noobs, but here are still many decent and good coders
      but as said, everything i mentioned is just my experience and opnion :)
      if you got another, have fun on Wc3c

      I got the feeling some take their position as a mod too serious when trying to keep order
      else in another regard they could invest more efford. e.g. im waiting 9 Month for the Spell contest results on Wc3c for now
    10. Eccho
      Hi. I was just looking around yeah;)
    11. -JonNny
      i know they are smart and good coders. but that does not change my opinion that they are still kinda arrogant smart alecks :P
      They only accept ferfect code even many of them arent perfect
      noone every will take a look at your idea, concept or the outcome
      even if there is a minute flaw its kinda instantly rejected if you do not change verything like they want it to be

      You know? if you create a great presentation about your map containing various information and screenshots which took you much efford
      and the only comment within weeks is "You failed to present the most important thing about any TD; the terrain."
      Thats why i like THW - People are atleast friendly and always try to help
    12. Billy the Cat
    13. Deuterium
      I'll sure check it when I'm back :) (well now i just check my inbox and wall :P)
    14. -JonNny
      Y, i saw it was graveyarded
      but to be honest i do not really care about Wc3c
      imo there are too many smart alecks

      If they take month to reply, why should i update it within a month?
      also im waiting a 3/4 year for some contest results now which pisses me off
    15. MasterHaosis
      Well maybe.... but weird you are here longer than me.... You joined in 2006... Probably you was not so active
    16. Billy the Cat
      Billy the Cat
      But I found you a Wraith... D:
      You were looking for those right?
    17. Billy the Cat
    18. MasterHaosis
      WraithSeeker, :cgrin:
      Hey man I noticed that you visited my profile page hehe, so I came to greet you...
      But man its weird, you joined 11-10-2006 and your profile page is blank! Hmmz
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    Current Project:
    Spirit of Vengeance.
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US West
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    I am a lurker in THW

    Programming & Making maps


    Check me out in wc3c or Thehelper.
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