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HiveWE - World Editor 0.4

Submitted by eejin
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
HiveWE is a fully custom 3rd party world editor. It's completely separate from the original editor and is open-source!

  • Open and view Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne maps (RoC partially).
  • View the terrain, doodads and units.
  • Edit the pathing map.
  • Change the tileset to up to 16 tiles.
  • Fly around in first or third person camera
  • Manage your imports with folders
  • Edit global tile pathing
  • Edit the terrain
  • Place and remove doodads
  • Edit map loading screen information
  • Import heightmaps
  • View GUI and JASS triggers
  • Doodad rendering is not 100% accurate (teamglow, billboards, etc) (target for V0.x)
  • Does not render ramps
  • Does not show animations (target for V0.x)
  • Requires the World Editor and Game to be closed when wanting to start HiveWE
Required for running HiveWE:
Technically a Warcraft installation is not required since the editor relies only on the game CASC files. We cannot distribute these due to legal reasons. Just point the editor at the folder containing them when it asks and you should be good to go!

If you encounter any issue with HiveWE then do ask for help! You can post here, reach me on the Hiveworkshop Discord eejin#4240 or message me on GitHub.

Many thanks to Ghostwolf for without him I wouldn't have gotten anywhere near as far. Also thanks to the rest of the Hiveworkshop community for supporting the creation of this editor.

Backup your map before using HiveWE

HiveWE 0.4 (Binary)

  1. eejin


    Tool Reviewer

    Mar 6, 2017
    Unfortunately the minimum required version is OpenGL 4.5. The 3.3 branch has never been updated past the initial commit and is thus very old (HiveWE 0.2).

    As for the script editing. I am currently working on a Trigger Editor.