DropMPQ 0.6 (v8)

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DropMPQ is a simple application that lets you pack folders in MoPaQ archives. MoPaQ archives, or MPQ archives for short, were invented by Blizzard Entertainment Inc. to deliver their content to end users and have been in use since the original Diablo. The format hasn’t changed much over the years with the exception of multi-algorithm compression (StarCraft), zlib compression (Warcraft 3) and bzip2 compression (World of Warcraft).

DropMPQ is essentially a thin client on top of MPQKit, a Foundation-based framework for Mac OS X that offers full support for reading and writing MPQ archives without the help of any external or additional libraries.

DropMPQ is available as a universal binary.

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DropMPQ 0.7.1 (Binary)