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Historical Units/buildings list

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Here we go. I'm making a AoE like map and i would like some specific models. If not specified, i would like team-color and proper death animation (by proper i mean at least existing) using if possible Vanilla textures.
I don't want very realistic nor from-scratch animations (i precise sometime from where to recycle them)
Either i've a awfull replacement, or without Team color and Death animations so that's very frustrating with that given objective of coherence ^^'

I can get rid of the TC problem by adding hero glow, but that makes the thing ugly if the model is small (+ not link imediatly when a player changes his color ingame...).

[1] Stone age
☼ Caveman Worker (Work animation is hammering the ground with a big rock, attack 1 is melee, attack 2 is throwing stones, villager animation for portrait) (very inspired from prehistoric age citizen from Empire Earth)
Clubman (very inspired from Empire Earth) (Villager animation for portrait, grunt for the rest)
Rock Thrower (very inspired from Empire Earth) (Villager animation for portrait)
☼ Temple (very inspired from Empire Earth)

[II] Copper age
☼ Archaïc soldiers. Apearance inspired from Civ5 Warriors. They all have the bandit death sound with :
----► Macemen (very inspired from Empire Earth) with footman animations (small wooden shield and a stone primitive mace).
----► Spearman (Again but not too prehistoric, i mean with the roughly same cloths than the others) (Footman animation for moving, blademaster only for attacking).
----► Horseman (Again) it's basically a mounted Maceman with Knight animations.
☼ Primitive TC wall (like in Age of Empires 1) | (based on it for animation (but with team color again))

[III] Bronze age
☼ Trireme with TC and Death animation (because this one don't have these)
☼ Antiquity Fireship (like the fire galey from Age of Empires - Rise of Rome) no need of attack animation.
☼ Trireme variant shorter and thicker (for transportation) (this one is very specific and the least asked ^^)
☼ Siege workshop, Walls (Vertical, horizontal and tower) and Docks (with this exact style) (maybe the most complicated request)
☼ Light cavalry (Horseman with spear and thrust attacks - i can add the Greek Phrygian helmet myself)

[IV] Iron age
☼ Catapult ship (big roman trireme with a catapult on it that show attacks) (not the simplest of all my request)

[V] Steel age
☼ TC monk knife-less (this one doesn't have TC)
Age of Empires II Onager
Age of Empires II Light Cavalry
☼ Team colored trebuchet (this one) (this one have too cheap animation)
☼ Medieval Pikeman with gabeson, (this one is too well armored)

[VI] Gunpowder age
☼ Renaissance Halberdier (with these animations, this model is not renaissance at all)
☼ Renaissance Bronze cannon (bronze, not iron)

[VII] Steam age
☼ Napoleonic mounter carabineer (with these animations)
☼ Hand Cannonier (Very inspired from Empire Earth)
☼ Large field cannon with TC
☼ Brick Barracks (very inspired from Empire Earth) | (based on it for animation (but with team color again))
☼ Brick Walls (again)
☼ Brick Docks (again)

[VIII] Oil age
These are Early XXth century units/buildings
☼ Anti-tank rifleman (based on rifleman animation without the silly beard and fantasy armor)
☼ Interwar TC Fighter ( <100kb)
☼ Interwar TC Bomber
☼ TC Concrete wall (very inspired from Empire Earth) | (based on it for animation (but with team color again))
☼ Interwar TC Anti-tank gun (EE again)
☼ Trench Mortar (not the silly dwarf squad)
TC Interwar Submarine

[IX] Uranium age

Modern era (1950-2050)
TC Marine
☼ Rocket Infantry (like this one but less SciFi, in the style of the marine model)
TC Sam Site
TC Modern frigate (may have a improvement later with missiles for attack 1 and galting for attack 2)
☼ TC Nuclear submarine (a more "modern" submarine)
☼ Modern TC Anti-tank gun (EE again)
TC Jet Fighter
TC Stealth Bomber

That's all for today, i may edit if something's new or updated (or if i forgot a model/detail to precise /o/)
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Apr 9, 2013
Ey there, to solve TC problem I suggest you use attachments with TC, like shields or pauldrons, by the courtesy of @UmbraUnda you can have these.

As for your pikemen and halberdier. Try this bandit pikemen, and perhaps Dave's new halberdier model will be more to your liking Reikland Halberdier.

Hey, if you find any galleys or "antiquity" ships ping me alright?


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Thanx for your answer. I precise i want TC without adding ugly attachements. I already use auras and i don't like these fantasy-pauldrons.

The Bandit Pikeman have awful animations and is too fantasy-like. I used it for a while but again i found the footman one that fits better -not yet fully-.

Talking of the halberdiers, i just added it when it was released ^^ I'm gonna to edit the topic right now.

About the antiquity ships there's everything of my requests in the main topic.
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