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Medieval Trebuchet

This bundle is marked as director's cut. It exceeds all expectations and excels in every regard.
A Medieval Trebuchet made from scratch.

Mesh made by Olof Moleman
Animated by Chriz.

Special thanks to Rao Dao Zao for fixing a rotation bug

- Uses ingame textures

Set the "Art Projectile Launch Z" in the WE to 900 for a correct attack anim.


trebuchet catapult siege weapon

Medieval Trebuchet (Model)

Wolverabid: 03 July, 2007 10/10 Trebuchet.mdx is truly outstanding. The detail in the ropes and winches is excellent; the attack and death animations are top-notch. Follow the author's instructions below to make this even more useful. A very...




Wolverabid: 03 July, 2007
Trebuchet.mdx is truly outstanding. The detail in the ropes and winches is excellent; the attack and death animations are top-notch. Follow the author's instructions below to make this even more useful. A very desirable model.

Aspiring modelers take note: aspire to THIS.
I got a pm from a guy name Newbwc3, and he sent me this list of setting sto make the Trebuchet look cool ingame, so this could really be usefull for anyone who wants to use tihs Trebuchet model. Thanks a lot Newbwc3

Import all the stuff that u downloaded into the import editor,then:

Ok first thing u do is make a custom unit based on the Seige Engine. Then You gotta change this field to this first: "Stats is a Building: True". After You do that Just change all these things and you'll have a Realistic looking piece of Seige Equipment.

Art-Ground Texture Keep,Town Hall
Art-Icon-Game Interface War3mapImported\BTNTrebuchet.blp
Art- Model File Trebuchet.mdl
Art- Projectile Impact-Z 600.00
Art- Projectile Launch-Z 900.00
Art- Selection Scale 3.50
Art- Shadow Texture(Building) Altar of Kings
Art- Special Altar of Kings <Special>, Workshop <Special>,Arcane Sanctum.. <Spe...
Combat- Acquisition Range 2000.00
Combat- Attack 1- Cooldown Time 5.00
Combat- Attack 1-Projectile Arc 0.35
Combat- Attack 1- Projectile Art Ancient Protector, Granite Golem...(Its under Units-Missiles)
Combat- Attack 1- Projectile Speed 800
Combat- Attack 1- Range 2000
Combat- Attack 1- Weapon Type Artillery
Combat- Minimum Attack Range 300
Movement- Speed base 0
Movement- Turn Rate 0.30
Pathing - Collision Size 200.00
Pathing- Pathing Map Castle, Keep, Town Hall, Fortress, Great Hall, Stronghold....
Pathing- Placement Requires Buildable
Sound- Construction BuildingConstructionLoop
Sound- Movement CatapultMovement
Sound- Unit Sound set Catapult
Stats- Is a Building True ( U MUST DO THIS FIRST)
Stats- Sight Radius (Day) 1800
Stats- Sight Radius (Night) 1000
Text- Name Trebuchet
Text- Name- Editor Suffix (Olofmoleman)
Text- Tooltip- Basic Construct Trebuchet
Text- Tooltip- Extended Heavy Seige Equipment for taking out structures at long range.
Level 1
Apr 24, 2008
This is an awsome model :thumbs_up: 5/5. It would be even cooler if you could do a packed trebuchet, so you can make it more realistic.
Level 10
Apr 18, 2009
Certainly one of the best models I've ever seen. I love trebuchets, I love WarCraft and so of course I love this model. ^^
I'd never expected to find something like this anywhere. Great job! 5/5 indeed.
Level 1
Apr 24, 2008
Trebuchets were not traveling equipement, they were made on the spot of the siege, a packed trebuchet is pretty much completely fantasy.

And the rest of warcraft isn't? lol. anyways, with enough creativity and engineering, a packed trebuchet could be possible. Still a great model, and I also emphasize that a packed version should be made.
Level 13
Mar 23, 2008
Well, if they wanted a transportable trebuchet they just used catapults. (I know it's not the same, but you get the idea.) But what the hell, does it matter? If you want it moving, make it moving. No big deal, it's up to the mapper.
Level 4
Aug 19, 2009
Very Very cool and i would definitely be using it if just it was packable like those from Age of Empires 2... They could pack and unpack so they could move.
Have you played AOE2? 'Cause the model looks ALOT like the one in AOE2. Which is a good thing :thumbs_up:

Edit: Oh yeah forgot: Search "AOE2 Trebuchet" on google pictures then you know what i mean with packed and unpacked