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  • Only user that gives me reputation points XD hahaha, I luv Yu <3. If you remember where you gave them to me... You gave them in my thread I post asking for help, I give you, you give me and wish me a good luck with a map, about that... I will publish this map in a next few days, after a year of non-constant developing. Take care.
    Hi wanna participate in a small Dota 2 Tournament? This tournament is for people from Hive, not needed to be in a Dota 2 Group. Current goal is 16 players. Be sure to PM me if u are interested in playing.(Need time Zone too and Steam Account)
    The tournament is single elimination till the champion is risen.

    Have a nice day, mogulkhan1Axe.
    wow these are great videos i'll watch them all when i have free time. I'm sure they'll give inspiration for trying new things too :D Thank you for these vids :D

    Lemme suggest smt to you too then :D maybe you have heard of it, a site for practicing codes. I dont know about your programming skills but i'm sure you can put this in good use. The website is codingbat there tons of questions you can solve online.

    Here's the link
    For me personally I feel very starved of practical experience in college. We get all this theory and it's a very theory-focused atmosphere. We sort of understand advanced concepts and topics, but that still doesn't help the fact that we lack quantity in practically experiencing in a meaningful way. This is sort of the point of college, right? To get the theory. I mean to put no judgement in this, it's just my personal observations. ^^,
    I totally agree on this one. They just give you tons of things and do this do that and in the midterm if you don't do this like this you'll fail this test and some other shitty things :D

    I've started war3 map making a year ago or something I'm trying to make a good map (a frp map) which i think it is more different than other maps. But I actually lack the knowledge to make it playable with having fun. So I'm trying to learn much of everything before I move on to that map again :D

    What about you? :D
    hahahaha :D i really laughed while reading this but you are right in this situation.

    The funny thing is i'm in my second year in college and studying computer science that's what makes me feel like an idiot :D I thought warcraft coding would be easier but i'm slowly figuring out that nothing is as easy as it seems. Despite i'm working on simpler things than you are working on, we got our own levels of knowledge and these things are hard for me, at least for now :D

    Thanks for your help again i'll ask if i produce other problems as well :D
    Hello, Licheus!
    Thank you for the encouraging advice you provided regarding my solution. Although it was my goal to convey it in a manner easily understood by a novice, I must admit that, at the moment, I, too, could be classified as a beginner. :) As such, I appreciate the criticism posed forth by more experienced mapmakers, as it helps me improve my own skills. Besides, I enjoy the challenge associated with rectifying mistakes.
    Once again, thank you for your input! :D
    In the end what matters is that there would be a balance between at least 3 focuses.
    I think in this case they would be:
    Yeah, the purist attitude I have noticed myself too. Especially annoying was when Nestharus proudly stated that he had rejected a perfectly working resource simply because it didn't follow convention.
    Ehm, sorry, I was a little harsh, I admit it. It's just that the connection seems kinda obvious to me, yet he responded with "oO" which is one of those things that piss me off really easily (the other one is constantly ending each sentence with triple dots, like this... annoying, isn't it?).

    Then again, maybe our defition of "talent" differs, or we just don't think of the same thing when someone says it. Or it's because of the language differences, I don't know.

    I didn't mean to offend you, nor did I want to be a jerk, but I still was, so I'm sorry. You remained calm, however, so respect for that :)
    I also have no idea what he means by that.
    What I meant with his birthdate is that a lot of people starve in Africa, and winters are cold in Russia. OR maybe I wanted to point out that he draws really well, even though he's only 15 (because I also always liked to draw and I'm almost 20, yet I'm nowhere near to his level). I mean c'mon, I compliment his work after quoting his birthdate, it's more than obvious what I'm trying to say >.>
    It's from the Philippines - i drank it once btw. A bit TOO sweat but yeah.. it's good :)
    You live? Eternal life using a Lich's Artifact :? yeah, I know how you liches live :D

    Hmm.. Well.> I think I live too. For now ^^
    Yep. :] a bit boring at times though. Cuz we made it like that. boring. a boring puzzle. It has it's interesting parts of course.
    Hmm? That's a bit illogical, ;D shouldn't it be - IF you can't see it it doesn't exist?
    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Wut xd???!?????????????
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