Haunting of Oculus v2.1.6 B

(Please consider leaving feedback after trying out the map. All criticism whether negative or positive is highly appreciated in order for me to improve it!)
What to expect for the next updates: New ghosts (+ reworks of some of them), bigger item variety, terrain improvement, (potential) bug fixes, and more!

You and several other people mysteriously disappeared on the eve of a nightly eclipse. Transported in a seemingly abandoned village, this place was not natural in any way however. Summoned by a supernatural being, you are put in a game of life and death. Forced to compete against multiple horrors from the past, you must prove that you are worthy to leave this place alive...

Everything you need to know about the basics of this map is in the document below (includes basic information about the player, the map, items, abilities, ghosts, and more!)
---> Haunting of Oculus (by Dinosaur1X & Zastreia)

- Fixed Enenra's Dark Fog slowing the user instead of giving bonus speed, increased its cooldown.
- Lowered cooldowns for all survivors' unique skills.
- Greatly reduced Portal Device's range.
- Fixed Camouflage's buff displaying as "Phase Walk".
- Remade ghost's Circle of Power into "Eye of Oculus".
- Slightly adjusted terrain, added a few houses, adjusted some prop positions and removed some of them.
- Reworked CCTV.
- Greatly increased Electroshock's cooldown, reduced its stun duration, and added a small delay on use.
- The Fiend's Devil's Way In is faster now.
- Removed Water Bottle's health regeneration, reduced the amount of mana restored.
- Reduced Flashlight's invisibility detection range.
- Renamed Remote GPS to Radar and increased its cooldown.
- Reduced the range of The Anomaly's mana drain aura, tracking aura, and damage aura.
- New icons for some items.
- Debugged several triggers for less lag.
- Renamed the game from "The Haunted Village".
- New game intro.
- New item: "Medkit"
- New model for items.
- Heavily adjusted terrain, added and removed props and adjusting some of their locations.
- Adjusted some item locations, made ghost information items hidden and have a 10% chance of showing up per round.
- New model for Bloody Key.
- Reduced size of most items.
- Increased Medkit's heal amount, healing is now uninterrupted upon taking damage, made it able to stack with Water Bottle, made it no longer needing to target the user.
- Water Bottle no longer needs to target the user and can now be interrupted upon taking damage.
- Increased duration of CCTV.
- Reduced item sizes.
- New themes for most ghosts.
- Remodeled The Banshee and gave its quest info a new icon.
- Remodeled The Stalker.
- New Ghost: "Oculus"
- New icon for Nowhere and Everywhere.
- Revamped The Faceless' Psychokinesis and enhanced it.
- New move for The Hanged's base mode: "Backstab".
- The Mutation's Frenzy now resets attack cooldown, and grants maximum movement speed.
- Survivor's Run now makes you take more damage for the duration.
- New move for The Shadow: "Fear of the Dark".
- Optimized The Clown's Running Saw hitboxes.
- New move for The Clicker: "Noise Detection".
- Completely randomized ghost spawn order now.
- Increased The Drowned's Impale damage and mana refund.
- Increased The Stranger's mana regeneration.
- Patched The Faceless' Psychokinesis continuing even after round ends.
- Fixed The Clicker's Noise Detection not working for items, now it also pings when survivors drop items.
- New custom UI.
- AI survivors now spawn in with items (number of items depending on their difficulty level).
- Oculus' Final Hour meteors now stop at the end of the game.
- Made Final Hour meteors less laggy.
- Oculus now doesn't spam his laugh quote when he kills.
- Survivors can now carry only 4 items.
- Survivors' cameras now shake once Oculus uses The Final Hour.
- Lowered damage reduction (%) gained from armor.
- Increased The Remains' Pulverize range.
- Added new ability for The Enenra, The Mutation, and The Remains: "Unnatural Form".
- Reduced the amount of corpses needed to get Relentless for The Remains' Absorb.
- Heavily increased the amount of meteors summoned by Oculus during The Final Hour.
- The Fiend's Aura of Insanity now does damage per second to survivors with less than 50% mana.
- Mana pools and manacosts for survivors enlarged for a more convenient gameplay.
- Helmet now gives health instead of armor.
- Reduced Leather Vest's armor bonus.
- Increased the range of The Stranger's Reign of the True King.
- Increased the attack speed of The Gravedigger and The Fiend.
- Changed map ping effects.
- Increased manacost of Survivor's Run.
- Fixed Medkit and Water Bottle displaying a different buff.
- Revamped Flashlight.
- Fixed keybind display for The Clicker's Grab.
- New move for The Clicker and The Stalker: "Pounce".
- Increased the slow amount for the Gravedigger's gravestone aura.
- 4 new unique skills for survivors to choose from: "Athletic", "Strength", "Survivalist", and "Craftsmanship".
- Increased the amount of kills required for the ghost to win.
- Added more lighting.
- Added a few crates near the spawn area.
- Adjusted a few props.
- CCTV ping no longer detects the owner.
- Fixed The Doll's Pocket Knife doing less damage than intended, increased its cooldown, added a small delay on use, increased the projectile speed and range, and increased the bleeding effect's damage.
- The Drowned's Impale is no longer instant, removed the mana cost since it always seemed to bug the mana refund, reduced the stun duration.
- The Shadow's Carrion Swarm is no longer instant, reduced its cooldown.
- Replaced The Remain's Entangling Roots with a new move: "Groundshaker".
- New move for The Doll: "Fake Item Creation".
- Lowered Oculus' mana regen.
- Oculus' Running Is Futile now costs mana.
- The Form's Mimic mode no longer has the obvious "invulnerable" status, base mode and mimic mode can now pick up and use items.
- The Mutation's Frenzy now stuns survivors hit.
- Fixed survivors getting stunned by Cheese.
- Adjusted AI.
- Fixed CCTV pinging buildings.
- Greatly reduced amount of mana drained by Flashlight, reduced bonus sight range gained from it.
- Increased survivors' base sight range.
- Stim Pack now drains mana per second while activated.
- Increased amount of damage taken by survivors with Run active.
- Increased maximum mana of survivors.
- The Remains' abilities are no longer instant. Groundshaker now has a warning indicator of the target area, increased AoE and now does more damage the more corpses it absorbs.
- Reduced manacost of The Hanged's Backstab, added a warning indicator on the target, and now grants extra mana upon killing with it.
- Oculus' abilities are no longer instant, reduced manacost of Oculus' Running Is Futile, heavily reduced the attack speed gained from The Final Hour, reduced duration of No Escape and it now costs mana.
- Oculus' No Escape is now unlockable only through The Final Hour.
- New ability for Oculus during The Final Hour: "Destruction Unchained".
- The Clown's Running Saw now has a warning indicator for the direction, heavily reduced its cast range, increased its damage, and slightly increased windup delay.
- Telekinesis now has a warning indicator on the target.
- Reduced bonus movement speed gained from survivors' Athletic.
- Reduced The Doll's Pocket Knife windup delay, increased its projectile speed.
- The Form can now properly use Radar and Cellphone to its advantage.
- Increased Oculus' mana regeneration.
- Total number of rounds reduced to 10, reduced kills required for the ghost to win.
- Ghosts now gain bonus damage and bonus movespeed when time remaining is 60 seconds.
- Reduced the range of The Fiend's damage aura for survivors with less than half of their mana.
- Simplified the pings that appear for Oculus and other tracking type ghosts.
- Fixed Oculus remaining frozen after Destruction Unchained finishes.
- You can now pick the ghost you want to play as! (by double clicking them).
- Fixed getting the selection texts in the ghost player's screen during the final round.
- Taunt no longer has an animation.
- Reduced hitbox for The Stalker's and The Clicker's Pounce, added an animation.
- Reduced duration for Oculus' Destruction Unchained.
- Increased intermission duration.
- Increased the amount of items that spawn.
- Greatly reduced aggro range for player ghosts.
- Added more lighting and a bunch of bushes.
- Changed the speed gain for ghosts during the last minute of each round from flat 50 to 20%.
- The Nightmare's abilities are no longer instant, heavily reduced cooldown for Nightmare Calls, the debuff now wears off when The Nightmare attacks the target.
- Changed name and icon for survivors' Run.
- Picking up secret items will now give the player a speed boost (permanent for all rounds, this can stack up to 3 times).
- The Fiend's, The Form's, The Gravedigger's, The Grim Reaper's, The Mutation's, The Doll's, The Drowned's, and The Enenra's attack hit windows are faster now.
- Oculus' attack hit, ability cast, and attack animation backswing windows are slower now, also reduced his attack speed and attack range.
- Increased cast range for The Remains' Groundshaker, slightly reduced the delay.
- Reduced attack range for The Fiend and The Remains.
- Entering the secret room while the door is still closed now teleports you outside.
- You can now unselect the ghost you selected to play as by selecting the white circle twice.
- Houses are no longer selectable to prevent losing control of the players' units.
- Increased Flashlight's invisibility detection range.
- Reduced bleed duration of Sharp Weapon for ghosts.
- Increased damage per second for The Hanged's Deep Wounds during Killing Spree.
- 3 new survivor unique skills: "Headstart", "First Aid", and "Decoy".
- Increased armor gained from survivors' Tough Skin.
- Adjusted some props.
- Survivors' Sprint now drains mana per second, reduced manacost.
- Added a new lever (rubble).
- Normal and Insane Difficulty AI survivors can now learn skills.
- Increased Stim Pack's mana drain amount.
- Fixed The Hanged's Backstab being able to be heard by everyone no matter how far.
- Fixed a few bugs.
- Bushes now slow survivors inside them.
- Reduced movespeed gained from Headstart, no longer slows the user when disabled.
- Hopefully fixed game crashing randomly.
- Removed Headstart, replaced by new unique skill: "Distraction".
- Fixed rubble positions and made the new rubble lever able to respawn every round.
- Lowered the speed gained from collecting artifacts, artifacts now only have a chance of spawning once the ghost spawns.
- Fixed some display tooltips.
- Fog of war is now disabled during the final round.
- Slightly adjusted terrain, removed some extra lighting.
- Adjusted bush slow hitboxes.
- Increased ghosts' last minute movement speed boost.
- Items no longer spawn in restricted areas.
- Choosing Craftsmanship now gives a starting item.
- Adjusted terrain, reduced lighting.
- Increased Electroshock's stun duration, reduced its cooldown.
- Reduced sound volume of The Faceless' Psychokinesis, it now disables flashlights while The Faceless is revealed instead of force-dropping them.
- Reduced cooldown for survivors' Sprint.
- Slightly lowered the armor reduction for Distraction, increased the threshold at which the survivor regenerates, changed the warning indicator effect.
- Increased cast range for The Clown's Running Saw.
- Difficulty level now affects AI Ghost's acquisition range.
- Oculus now regenerates more mana during The Final Hour.
- Increased the size of Blood Key.
- New ghost: "The Judge".
- New icon for Sharp Weapon and Bleeding.
- New icon for Oculus' The Final Hour.
- Slightly reduced survivors' base movement speed.
- Illusions no longer get pinged in the minimap.
- Trees can now respawn every round.
- Increased movement speed gained from The Judge's Last Judgment, killing a marked survivor now extends the round timer, Aura of Insanity debuff now displays for survivors who aren't targeted by Last Judgment.
- Slightly increased attack speed for The Judge, increased attack damage.
- Reduced attack range for The Clown.
- Oculus can no longer gain last minute buffs.
- The Fiend's abilities are no longer instant, reduced duration and cooldown of Terror Unleashed and removed its ability to refresh Devil's Way In, increased cooldown and range for Devil's Way In and gave it the ability to refresh Terror Unleashed.
- Revamped The Nightmare's Void.
- The Grim Reaper's Evening Bell now has a 5% chance every second to spawn a clone of himself to chase the target.
- The Banshee now gains stackable bonus attack damage for killing survivors during Rage.
- Ghosts' Taunt, The Stalker's Feral Infection, and The Form's Brain Snap can no longer detected survivors hidden in bushes.
- New item: "Bag".
- Fixed some bugs.
- Aura of Insanity no longer displays near the spawn area despite the ghost not spawning (this was caused by neutrals).
- Fixed The Remains' Groundshaker being at the 2nd ability slot.
- New spawnpoints for survivors and the ghost.
- Adjusted terrain.
- The Clown's Running Saw now displays on the ghost and not the location.
- New theme for The Clown.
- Added a new tile reskin.
- New theme for The Mutation.
- Remodeled The Hanged, enhanced his theme's quality.
- Remodeled The Doll, added a new taunt sound and theme.
- The Doll's abilities are no longer instant, increased attack hit window, and removed Pocket Knife's delay.
- Increased attack hit window for The Hanged.
- New ghost: "The Butcher".
- New theme for Oculus.
- New theme for Oculus (again).
- Added AI for The Butcher.
- Increased projectile range and speed for The Butcher's Meat Cleaver, it no longer damages for the second time if it crashes into an object and stops immediately, it instead now does damage only if it crashes into terrain and will slow longer, the axe now falls properly and can now destroy trees, and a warning indicator will now display on The Butcher while throwing the axe and while the axe is airborne.
- Added some effects for The Butcher's Disease Clouds.
- New ability for The Butcher: "Bash".
- New sound for ghost spawn.
- Re-added The Hanged's special attachments during Killing Spree.
- Decoy now has a shorter offset range and shorter delay.
- Survivors' ability cast window is much shorter now.
- New ghost: "The Lost".
- Fixed The Form's fake Flashlight being able to spawn in the map.
- Increased the delay for The Lost's teleportation, reduced the stun on kill, and gave The Lost a new ability: "Nowhere and Everywhere".
- Reduced attack hit window for Oculus.
- Adjusted some lighting positions.
- The Banshee's Rage cooldown can now be reset upon a kill while the ability is active.
- Improved ghost AI.
- Increased speed limit to 522.
- Oculus' Running Is Futile no longer has a mana cost, reduced duration of Destruction Unchained.
- Slightly reduced The Judge's base movement speed, lowered movement speed gained from Last Judgment, reduced the timer extension from killing marked survivors.
- The Gravedigger's Dirt Fling now does damage.
- The Shadow's Fear of the Dark now puts a short Fear effect on one random survivor every 15 seconds.
- Reduced teleporting delay for The Lost, he now starts off being frozen.
- Reduced cooldown for The Nightmare's Nightmare Calls, increased duration of Void.
- New move for The Doll: "Death Voodoo".
- Increased movement speed gained from collecting artifacts.
- Adjusted terrain.
- Increased The Hanged's base attack damage and attack speed.
- Reduced The Form's base movement speed.
- New item: "Tesla Trap".
- Added a new loading screen.
- Reduced the amount of time The Lost moves and stays frozen, reduced the delay on its teleportation.
- Reduced cooldown for The Butcher's Meat Cleaver, increased cast range.
- Fixed AI survivors not being able to get the hp bonus from Strength.
- Reduced The Stranger's base mana regeneration, added new ability for base form: "Bash".
- The Form now has a regular flashlight instead of an attachment one.
- New ability for The Mutation: "Noise Detection".
- Adjusted lighting.
- Craftsmanship now passively restores mana when under 25% of maximum.
- Survivalist now has doubled regeneration bonus while hiding in brush.
- Last minute attack buff for the ghost is no longer a flat bonus, changed to 20%.
- New ability for The Nightmare: "True Horror".
- Slightly increased The Doll's size.
- New model for Page, there is now a 10% chance for more Pages to spawn for every round.
- New item: "Spare Battery".
- Reduced duration for survivors' Sprint.
- Water Bottle changed into "Whiskey Bottle".
- Reworked Stim Pack.
- Increased damage dealt by The Faceless' Psychokinesis, it now does more damage during the last minute.
- New icons for other abilities and buffs.
- Adjusted ghosts' shadows.
- New effect for The Hanged's Backstab and Deep Wounds.
- New effect for The Lost when killing a survivor.
- Fixed Page being invisible.
- Reduced duration of Stim Pack, increased its mana drain.
- Increased activation range and stun range of Tesla Trap.
- Flashlight's icon on the command cards is hidden now.
- Increased stun duration on The Lost when killing survivors.
- Increased Craftsmanship's mana regeneration threshold.
- Increased the amount of time it takes to fully gain whiskey bottle's mana restoration, increased the amount of healing you gain from medkit.
- Fixed Page being invisible (for real this time).
- Increased the damage reduction you can get from armor.
- Increased the amount of Tesla Traps that can spawn in the map, enhanced its activation, it now slows the ghost upon detonation instead of stun.
- Strength now gives you an ability that lets you break debris instantly (instead of Athletic).
- Reduced mana cost and cooldown for First Aid.
- The Anomaly, The Lost, and The Stranger no longer gain last minute bonuses.
- Raised the amount of kills required for the ghost to win.
- The ghost player now gains double the amount of kills at the final round.
- Artifacts now get hidden for every round restart, and will have a 10% chance to spawn once the ghost spawns.
- You can now collect up to 4 artifacts, artifacts now also increase armor by 1.
- Lowered armor reduction from Distraction.
- Reduced amount of movement speed gained from Athletic, it now makes the user immune to mana drain from Sprint.
- Increased the armor reduction range of The Enenra's Feeble Aura, increased the damage per second to survivors in range.
- Increased the damage multiplier for The Judge's Fatal Strike and increased the chance to proc, also changed its icon.
- Reduced cooldown for Radar.
- Reduced The Hanged's size.
- Increased detection range for Cellphone.
- Changed model for Eye of the Nightmare.
- Craftsmanship now gives bonus maximum mana.
- Increased duration of Holy Shield.
- Increased stun duration for The Doll's Fake Item Creation.
- Increased The Hanged's Alert Radius during Killing Spree.
- Reduced cooldown for The Form's Mimic and raised its transformation time.
- Changed regeneration of Tough Skin from flat to percentage.
- Introduction of Generators:
There are over 4 generators that spawn in the map every round. These generators start off at 1 hp, and can be repaired by survivors. Once there are 3 fully repaired generators, survivors will gain an armor bonus, and will constantly have the locations of each other pinged to the map. The ghost's location will also be revealed.
- Survivors now get a warning indicator whenever they're the target for The Lost's third teleport.
- All players' colors are now Black.
- AI ghosts now move toward one random survivor instead of random locations.
- Generators no longer automatically activate during the final round, they are now only repairable once the ghost spawns.
- Increased intermission duration by 5 seconds, and timer duration for each round by 30 seconds (excluding final round).
- Reduced last minute speed bonus for ghosts.
- Increased attack damage gained by The Banshee per rage kill.
- Fixed The Drowned's Unstoppable not being able to cleanse Tesla Trap slow.
- Increased duration of Tesla Traps and CCTVs, reduced cast range for CCTV.
- AI survivors can now repair generators (only Normal and Insane AI).
- Increased required health threshold for generators to activate.
- Increased amount of mana drained by flashlight.
- Heavily reduced The Judge's Abhorrent Blade's bleed duration.
- Reduced healing gained from Tough Skin.
- Fixed getting mana drained over time when having your flashlight turned off by The Faceless' Psychokinesis.
- Increased number of items that spawn in the map.
- Added a new rubble lever.
- Spare Battery now allows the user to use flashlight without having their mana drained.
- Adjusted terrain.
- Hiding in bush as a survivor now makes you 50% transparent.
- Further improved survivor AI.
- Generators now gain light when activated, increased the amount of health required for them to activate, added 1 new generator, raised amount of generators required for the boosts to activate, and increased the delay per map ping to 10 seconds.
- Added map fog effect for some ghosts.
- Survivors' locations are now revealed to the ghost once 30 seconds remain in the round.
- Increased attack speed for The Gravedigger.
- Survivors now gain a brief speed boost when attacked by the ghost.
- Ghosts' attack command card is hidden now.
- Adjusted generator positions and terrain (this is to prevent having too many people on one generator).
- You can now be saved by exiting through a gate once there are 30 seconds remaining for the round (cannot exit during final round).
- Gates now open 15 seconds earlier.
- Hopefully fixed The Remains' Absorb not processing dead survivors.
- Increased attack bonus gained from last minute for ghosts.
- Extended ping duration for the ghost player when survivors repair a generator.
- Reduced timer duration for rounds with The Lost.
- Increased artifact spawn rate, increased armor boost gained from collecting artifacts.
- Increased ping duration and reduced ping delay for activation of generators.
- Adjusted terrain.
- Fixed flashlight's description.
- Running Shoes now gives bonus armor.
- Increased the amount of speed and duration of the speedboost gained from getting attacked by the ghost, survivors who are bleeding cannot access this boost anymore.
- The Faceless' sound effect now plays only when it kills a survivor.
- New icon and aura effect for The Shadow's Fear of the Dark, reduced the interval for the random target global fear effect.
- The Shadow no longer has a light effect.
- New ghost: "The Enigma".
- Fixed the ping delay for the ghost player when survivors are repairing generators.
- Fixed AI survivors randomly stopping.
- Fixed Cog Tool being unable to be used.
- Increased artifact spawn rate.
- Fixed description for The Shadow's Fear of the Dark.
- Reduced the dodge rate for survivors' Evasion, it can now be permanently upgraded through collecting artifacts.
- Last minute buff for the ghost now grants true sight as well, the Eyes of Oculus now also have true sight.
- New theme for The Gravedigger.
- Fixed The Faceless' information being able to be duped by picking up more pages.
- New ghost: "The Wraith".
- The Faceless' Psychokinesis now prompts up a screen effect for all survivors.
- New ghost: "The Babysitter".
- New move for The Mutation: "Pounce".
- Reduced movement speed gained from The Judge's Last Judgment.
- Increased damage per second for The Stranger's Reign of The True King.
- Slightly reduced mana regeneration for The Anomaly.
- Increased movement speed gained from The Enenra's Dark Fog.
- Increased the delay for ghosts' Pounce ability.
- Artifact collection no longer displays for The Form.
- Increased armor gained from completing 4 generators.
- You can now open the gates earlier by activating 4 generators.
- Renamed The Babysitter to "The Surgeon".
- Greatly increased duration for The Enigma's Grasp of Undeath, slightly increased cast range and armor reduction.
- Increased attack speed gained from The Enigma's The Harrowing.
- Reduced movement speed gained from The Anomaly's Phase Shift.
- The Gravedigger now starts with 1 mana.
- The Grim Reaper's phantoms now benefit from last minute buffs.
- The Clown's Running Saw now has effectively no cooldown.
- Increased The Nightmare's base attack damage.
- Greatly reduced cooldown for The Fiend's Terror Unleashed.
- Ghosts' Aura of Insanity no longer drain mana for survivors with less than 30% mana.
- Raised the health threshold for Distraction to regenerate health.
- Increased damage per second for The Hanged's Deep Wounds effect during Killing Spree.
- Reduced cooldown for The Doll's Death Voodoo.
- Increased the armor reduction for The Enenra's Feeble Aura.
- Greatly reduced cooldown for The Remains' Groundshaker.
- Reduced cooldown for The Drowned's Impale.
- Greatly reduced cooldown for Boulder Punch.
- Increased range for The Fiend's Devil's Way In.
- Greatly reduced cooldown for The Nightmare's Void.
- Reduced cooldown for survivors' Sprint.
- Reduced cooldown for The Grim Reaper's Evening Bell.
- Reduced cooldown for The Banshee's Hate Mark.
- Increased cooldown for The Faceless' Psychokinesis.
- New ghost: "The Pale".
- Replaced The Shadow's Bash with a new move: "Slam".
- Revamped The Shadow's Carrion Swarm.
- Reduced movement speed gained from The Banshee's Rage, increased its cooldown, it now removes all other debuffs instead of Ensnare only.
- New move for The Banshee: "Spirit Rush".
- Houses are a little more transparent now.
- Increased Oculus' base attack damage.
- Oculus' The Final Hour now grants him noclip, fixed not draining survivors' mana per second while the ability is active.
- Fixed not being able to get the kill when a survivor dies to the bleeding effect from The Pale's Impaling Strike.
- Reduced movement speed gained from The Banshee's Rage, increased the attack speed gained.
- Revamped The Remain's Absorb.
- Replaced The Nightmare's Alert Radius with Aura of Insanity.
- Replaced Boulder Punch with a new move: "Power Jab".
- The Hanged's Deep Wounds now disables victims' ability to gain the brief speed boost when hit.
- Multiboard now displays the current round also.
- Craftsmanship now displays the name of the ghost selected by the ghost player once they spawn.
- Changed the map tileset from Lordaeron Summer to Village.
- Removed the ruined fountain near the central generator.
- New move for The Clown: "Happy Meal".
- New move for The Enenra: "The Mist".
- The Form's Ensnare can no longer be spammed by morphing and unmorphing.
- Fixed AI survivors not exiting through the gate.
- New move for The Stalker: "Stalk Marker".
- New move for The Form: "Monstrous Charge".
- Added terrain adjustments.
- The Shadow no longer gets teleported out of the secret room during Carrion Swarm.
- New move for The Remains: 'Unstoppable Force".
- Lowered The Remains' base attack speed and movement speed.
- Reduced timers for rounds with The Lost.
- Lowered The Mutation's base attack damage.
- Lowered The Enenra's base movement speed and attack damage.
- Reduced duration for The Shadow's Carrion Swarm.
- Increased cooldown for ghosts' Pounce.
- Lowered movement speed gained from The Hanged's Killing Spree.
- Increased The Gravedigger's base movement speed.
- Slightly reduced movement speed gained from The Anomaly's Phase Shift, it now grants attack speed.
- Renamed The Babysitter's Surgical Lunge into "Incision", and renamed She Comes into "Surgical Lunge".
- Reduced duration for Holy Shield.
- Reduced stun duration for Power Jab.
- Survivors' Ensnare now costs mana.
- Heavily reduced cast range and cooldown for The Form's Ensnare.
- Removed The Remains' Unnatural Form.
- The Drowned's Unstoppable now grants bonus movement speed.
- Reduced base movement speed for The Stalker and increased his base attack damage.
- Reduced movement speed gained from The Wraith's Forgotten Myth.
- Increased armor reduction from The Judge's Last Judgment.
- Reduced cooldown for The Enigma's Grasp of Undeath.
- The Enenra's The Mist does not do damage anymore, it no longer removes survivor buffs, fixed cooldown description, reduced duration.
- Made black mask hide unexplored areas now.
- Fixed Craftsmanship granting items that don't spawn.
- Reduced cooldown for The Surgeon's Incision, reduced hit delay for The Surgeon's Surgical Lunge, reduced self-slow duration for Coup de Grace.
- The Remains' Unstoppable Force now ends when it attacks a survivor during it, reduced cooldown and duration, and increased movement speed gained per second, Groundshaker now destroys objects and rubble.
- Increased mana cost for First Aid, you can now target yourself with it.
- The Judge's Last Judgment no longer grants noclip.
- Lowered health threshold for Distraction to activate, reduced health regenerated per second, added a passive light source.
- Greatly reduced duration for The Enigma's Grasp of Undeath, increased mana gain when killing a survivor with The Harrowing.
- Survivors who haven't escaped when the timer reaches 0 will now die, giving kill points for the ghost.
- Reduced AOE increase for The Wraith's Tormenting Presence during Forgotten Myth.
- Reduced cooldown for Tesla Trap and CCTV.
- Increased the extra regeneration gained from Survivalist while hiding in brush.
- Reduced attack range for The Clown.
- Reduced stun duration for Power Jab.
- New ghost: "The Arachnid".
- New move for The Grim Reaper: "Gravely Visitor".
- Lowered cooldown for CCTV and Tesla Trap.
- Reduced stun duration for Power Jab.
- Reduced stun penalty duration for The Grim Reaper's Gravely Visitor.
- Increased armor gained from Tough Skin.
- Distraction now restores a minor amount of mana per second once it activates.
- Increased bonus maximum mana and mana regeneration gained from Craftsmanship.
- Greatly reduced invisibility transition period of Camouflage, reduced movement speed penalty.
- First Aid now cleanses Deep Wounds debuff.
- Reduced mana cost for survivors' Sprint.
- The Arachnid's Web Throw now disables survivors' ability to gain the brief speedboost when hit by the webs twice, it now also disables survivors' ability to use Sprint when hit by the webs 4 times.
- Increased AOE for The Shadow's Slam.
- Increased bonus movement speed gained from Athletic.
- New ability for The Clicker and The Stalker: "Insatiable Hunger".

Zastreia (co-creator, tester)
Models and Icons - Grey Knight, HappyTauren, -Grendel, ChrisTorm, KatzuraRin, WhiteDeath, Kitabatake, tee.dubs, ratamahatta, tonz, ugougo, ana, HerrDave, Saikann, imforfun, firstlegacy, darkdeathknight, Rex., Kuhnegets, Sin'dorei300, Uncle Fester, kola, Dionesiist, neogaidenx, Amigurumi, Deolrin, Jhotam, Anachron, The_Silent, Zombie, NFWar, PeeKay, Mr. Goblin, donut 3.5, D.O.G, PrincePhoenix, Wildfire, Marcos DAB, morbent, Riot Games, KingB00ker, L_Lawliet, Stefan.K, Blizzard Entertainment, Thrikodius, HappyCockroach, Zap, Maxwell, asailant, JollyD, Hellx-Magnus, Luckerguy, BLazeKraze, Goblinounours, Chaosy, San, 67chrome, shiiK, stein123, -ToasT, bigapple90, -Berz-, cotd333, Vinz, zbc, TipsyDwarf, JetFangInferno, SuPa-, Ozci, SantoRayo, FeelsGoodMan

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Haunting of Oculus v2.1.6B (Map)

I don't think the map should have fog of war or be discovered. The gameplay could benefit from black mask. Actually, considering the ghost's speed, it's only fitting. Well, having the radar might make it much easier in multiplayer. You can attack the...
Level 5
Oct 9, 2017
Really cool map but need a bit work i guess.
First of all Protect your map this kinda work should be protected
Second Rename your map to Maybe The haunted? Haunted woods?
The Survivor can move thru Trash like here Gyazo - 22f67a5cff94c10d4cf048f771cae558.jpg
The Survivor is really fast Boots + Ability movement Ghost can't catch up!

Other than that the map is really cool and fun Hope you find these Feedback useful!
Level 22
Apr 9, 2017
It's not good getting popular than your work getting wasted
Even if the map is unprotected a person can only do 2- 3 things with it:
1. Upload it to another warcraft site and if that site has stricter submission standarts it will be rejected.
2. Learn from it, which i think is the best thing a person who looks through the map can do.
3. Export some of the spells and models that you cannot find anywhere else. And if you ask the author and he gives you permission then it isn't a problem for anyone.
So no i don't think a unprotected map is a bad thing. It can help others.
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Feb 4, 2017
This map definitely needs some tweaks in terms of both gameplay and visuals. Also, make the description a bit more informative, please. Right now, if someone doesn't download the map, there's no way they'll know what they are going to play. The description should make people interested in your map.

The map design seems very square-like with no good reason. I'm sure the map would be more interesting to explore and roam if the forested areas had more terrain variation, lighting, doodads and wasn't so flat. As it stands right now, the visuals seem quite dull.

Another issue with the map is the Ghost that haunts the players. It's a very simple unit with just its basic attack. I think that if you added some abilities to it like some missile that the player has to dodge, running away from the ghost would've been way more entertaining.

I'll be quite honest and blunt, I didn't find this map interesting enough to play through the second round, but from what I could notice, escaping the Ghost seems quite easy, considering the abilities and items you can use and the fact that the Ghost doesn't use any abilities at all.

Without fixing the aforementioned issues, I'm afraid this map won't be much fun to play for anyone.

+ Change the preview picture to something more appealing, I'm sure you can do better than just put a white frame around a small screenshot of a map with your name on it.


Map Reviewer
Level 64
Jun 4, 2009
  1. I don't think the map should have fog of war or be discovered. The gameplay could benefit from black mask. Actually, considering the ghost's speed, it's only fitting. Well, having the radar might make it much easier in multiplayer.
  2. You can attack the walls.
  3. Jogging Shoes and Run have the same icon.
  4. You can pass through the edges of adjoined fences.
  5. The terrain is pretty much flat and monotonous.

All in all, a nice game with some replay value due to randomness of item locations and ghost differences. Not original in any way though.
You need to credit the authors of custom imported resources.

Awaiting Update.


Always check/recheck the Map Submission Rules! (Map Submission Rules)

These will help make a better description:

Screenshots could attract more players to download your work. Make the best of them.

A credits list is required where the names of the resource (models, skins, icons, spells, sound etc.) authors are mentioned along with the specific resource. It would be a luxury to have links leading to the used resources. Credits in the Quest Log would be appreciated.

A detailed changelog in the first post would be helpful to reviewers and notify fans about the newest implementations to your map.

To make your work run smoother, fix the so called leaks: Triggers - Memory Leaks and Custom Scripts

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You still need to add the credits. Look through the links I've provided to see how to write a proper map thread description.
This helps you find resources you used: Resources in Use by The Haunted Village v144 | HIVE
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Nov 15, 2017
v2.0.5B released!

Possibly the last update for a few days. Please notify me if you do find bugs as I'll quickly patch them as soon as I can! (might take around 1-12 hours for me to respond depending on the time).


v2.0.5C released!
Fixed some bugs.
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Nov 15, 2017
v2.0.6 released!

Update: Fixed a few bugs.

v2.0.6B released!

NOTE: I am aware of the game crashing for some reason. Rest assured I am currently investigating the root cause of this. Please bear with me as I will be (hopefully) releasing the patch to fix this bug in a day or so.
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Level 5
Nov 15, 2017
A really well made map. I like its concept of asymmetrical horror survival game.
Thank you!:gg:
How many ghosts do you plan to add in this map?
That depends entirely, as long as I have ideas and access to resources (most importantly models) that are necessary to make new ghosts I'll keep making until there are enough (well, for me the word "enough" means a lot :peasant-thinking:).