Goblin War Zeppelin

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A goblin war zepplin, it has dual chain guns and a high calibre cannon used for bombarding ground units.

Known to blow up spectacularily if shot with incindiary rounds.

Made in 3 days, as a request by Windu.

It's actual filesize for the map is 36 kb but for some reason it's like 80+ filesize out of game.

i hope you like it, as there's a lack of true goblin technology, especially air units.

Edit1: forgot to add a camera, done now.
Edit2: Made "stand - 2" and "stand - 1" less static, i also fixed "attack - 1" as it's Z translation was off.
Edit3: Made all attack anitions less static.
Edit4: OOPS! used revilgaz's picture, lol!
Edit5: Fixed extents, it should be selectable now.
Edit6: Due to some comments on the actual blimp part, it's now darker, so it looks much better. Fixed "Zepplin" to "Zeppelin"
Edit7: For some reason it made the interpolation type for the geoset animations "linear" so i set it back to none.
Edit8: Added portrait that had been rotting on my harddrive, fun.

Goblin, air, flying, unit, bombardment, siege, airborne, tekknologi, areial, ace, admiral, portrait, jack, ship, airship

Goblin War Zeppelin (Model)

Goblin War Zeppelin (Model)

23:27, 3rd Apr 2010 DonDustin: wonderful mesh with creative texture choices. The animations seem fine aswell. As I see a lot of work in it and because it seems really useful to me for many types of maps I rated it with a 5/5
Level 5
Jan 26, 2011
Thats Awesome!! :D
Is Perfect not only for goblins, but i think too must very usefull for WWII maps, as the soviets have air forces just like these war zappelins... if it has a droping animation would have 5/5 from me. now is 4/5 :D
Level 3
Jun 16, 2011
awesome model
arent u the maker of a great starcraft gamecalled linetowerwarsremade or something like that?