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Jul 16, 2014
Feb 23, 2008



asam3 was last seen:
Jul 16, 2014
    1. Rao Dao Zao
      Rao Dao Zao
      A new version where? Maps 'n' Mods is the only appropriate download link.
    2. Rao Dao Zao
      Rao Dao Zao
      Yes, Maps 'n' Mods appears to be down right now. I'm sure they will be back soon.
    3. Rao Dao Zao
      Rao Dao Zao
      Reupload it? I don't understand. It was never uploaded here. Incgamers will be back up sooner or later; you'll just have to be patient.
    4. Synthax Kisuke
    5. Misha
      Naj'entus IS wearing a big shell helmet C:
    6. thereallywhitekid
      You should be more active here in the forums.
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    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Favourite Race:
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    Kirin Tor
    Hmm... Somethings i want to say...

    I like simple in a exaggerated way. Mostly in RPG/ORPG maps i care for the terrain, the models, and what classes and specials features the game could have.

    I mean i'd choose a Vampire turning into a bat rather than a plain vampire. and I'd choose a forest with tree houses rathen than a grassland.

    In models, i care more to the reality in it. even if it's cool, i look at depth, and the possible greatness afflicted into it. If it's meant to look cool at the icon, but turns out it'll suck when turned into a model, i just say "damn, that icon was l33t, too bad the model was lacking a few parts, like the handle is too long or something...".

    In terrain i look at the arrangement. i look at where the trees are, if it's just "that's ok, alot of trees = forest" or "let's align it, so a path is shown, but not too obvious so it still looks like a forest". Then i look at the greatness of a city. i either see maps to have "a hero should be in a middle infront of a town hall's door, then scatter it out with shops and stuff" or "let's make it cool, let's put houses near the city walls, build a bazaar where the shops are, and make an elegant custom building in the middle where two guards protect the door, and when you enter, an elegant hallway awaits for you and the king sits on his throne..." well, not really like that, but sort of.

    just ask more if you want to know how i look at stuff.

    Checking models and Terrains
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