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  • am hi im new and im from iran....i dont know much......i am a big fan of the lich king too how can i download your map??
    Oh, I have both a stationary and a laptop at my mom's, but both have been broken for almost half a year now (And I think it'd be smarter find the economics to repair those rather than buy an all new PC), which means I haven't played any video games in half a year - and sounds weird, but I have actually survived that, although since then I felt a withering process, like a plant without water...
    Maybe it made me grow old faster? Or just separated me from the computer life? Well, either way, you should just know that once I am able to I'd love to get back to the project, if you'd still let me at that time of course. And yeah, I'm totally kewl with you finding some other terrainer, whoever you find skillful enough, if only I can reveal my usual terraining strategy to that guy and have an open dialogue with the person as time goes by - just so that he will continue my work and not start it over, or make what I did a waste of time. But most guys on the site are open about teamwork, so no problem - I'm sure it'll work out who ever you'll find! :)

    And yeah, I saw the PM pending in my inbox. I'll check it ASAP - should've gone to sleep 1½ hour ago, so not's gonna be tonight, but yeah, ASAP! :D

    BTW, if you didn't notice yet, I decided to stick around your thread even though you were gone so long, and try keep people optimistic that the project would go on, even though I had actually no idea if you'd come back. But nice to have you back bro! :b

    Man, talking too much. Well, you'll here from me, good night! C:
    1. I thought the Blackrock Mountains could be an important part of it. Personally I have read a lot into it and got into this region. I don't have any memories of playing the Wow raids but I didn't like them anyway. But I thought Blackwing is an interesting character.
    2. That's ok.
    By template I meant whole Azeroth from Kalimdor to Eastern Kingdoms. I'm sure I still have the map, I can send it to show what it looks like.
    Yaaay, finallyyyy! In fact I've never been more game, except for the fact that my mom's laptop is still the only computer in my home that works - sucks being part of the society's poor worker class when your dad lives in the upper class of the neighbor country. This means no access to neither Warcraft III nor World Editor for me, but again, don't let that stop you! Find some temporary terrainer to carry out my job until I am able to return to the project :)
    The fucking school, but you are back! Yaaay!
    And me, well a lot has happened. Mainly I have moved.
    Now I'm modding Hexen on GZDoom engine.
    We'll talk in chat if you show up...
    One more thing:
    If you really want to put Ragnaros and his forces in the map - i think they must have Flamewalker units too. They could make them define Ragnaros' forces.
    Hi, I was checking your discussions and the map's progress and I loved idea. i really liked the idea of main goals/achievements for each faction (whoever came up with it). I thought it could give a feeling of a story of each faction unfolding by itself.

    My suggestions:
    1. The terrain is well detailed but many of the zones are hardly recognizable. Almost 90% percent of the WoW zones have a distinctive look to it - and that could be very useful for such a big map like this.
    2. The whole map is a little too huge. It makes the project main leaders job even harder and it's also overwhelming for the players. I just believed this map would look like a detailed, easy to get into board game.

    I would like to show a template of the world map, it also has a few tweaks to it. Just tell me if you want to see it.
    Hey bro, your map in development looks like it will be a success. Would you like to join (and chat about your map) in the Strategy(RTS) and Risk Players! Group? Subscribed your thread.
    Sad to say, it looks like SoA will be put on the backburner permanently. Starting my third year of school and I gotta buckle down now
    Sounds like a great idea, but I prefer to only terrain one, two, or at max three regions at a time, just so you know :)
    That surely sounds awzum, but I think you shouldn't expect me back before sometime during next month, but it all depends on when my mum finds a new home for herself, since it's mostly her stuff in that container that needs to be packed back out :)
    Still dead, and will stay so until I retrieve my Windows CD, but I'll get it fixed as soon as possible :l
    If terraining is heavily needed very soon to proceed in the map making progress, then you're free to find a substitute terrainer, but I'd love to be invited back in as the main terrainer, once I have the possibility to do so :)
    Okay, I honestly don't know when I'll get it fixed, because my Windows CD is in a box in a huge rented container due to packing down all of my stuff when I moved into a new apartment. But my polish friend told me he can fix it once I get it back :)
    Within next week I'll get my computer fixed, so I'll take a look at it there (and help you out a bit) if you're okay with it ^^
    Nothing have been decided yet, but in case I'm leaving know that there's a lot of helpful terrainers on the site and I'm sure some can do as well as I :)
    Thanks for the compliments bro - I hope I will find some RP in here soon, but without it, I'm kinda losing motivation to be here :l
    My polish friend fixed it, but I'm sorry to announce that I might be leaving Hive for good if I won't find a good RP soon :l
    Finished Stranglethorn terrain - only lacking pathing blockers and units, I'll move on to Duskwood when I get the time. I should probably get some sleep for now ^^
    Alrighty, I really shouldn't be doing it, since I'm about to be kicked out of school for not making my homework, but well.. I can't pull myself together and make them anyways, so why not be productive in other ways in the meantime? :)
    I haven't, and from tomorrow I will travel to Germany for one week, but I'll be looking forward to work as soon as I return :)
    I figured out why it didn't work. It's because the map needs to be in "Downloads" folder for everyone, and I put it in a subfolder - or it can also be because the name of the map file is too long x)
    Awzum, I'll look into it :)
    I play on Northrend and I'm pretty sure my username is same as everywhere on the internet - Amargaard for the win :b
    I haven't done anything yet at all, so no worries :)
    I'm working on my own Project HHH, and sorry but it has first priority, since it's gone to other editors all the time and I never know when I have the chance to edit it myself ^^
    Idk, I can't remember what I was thinking when I posted it. But it looks like I coughed and died. Just read the other reply I did.
    Awzum, just wanted to let you know. So, except for triggered units, will you be re-adding the units? :)
    I don't really care what we use as base tileset, since I believe the two given base tiles are all shitty x)
    There's something I need to tell you - if you want quality terrain all over the map, I gotta lower it all to deep water level again, and then use the "rise"-tool, instead of normal blizzard cliffs like you did. That basically means that it's a long and slow process and that every unit and doodad has to be replaced after I've made the terrain jobs :b
    But alrighty, I'll get started with Stranglethorn ^^
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