German Zeppelin

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This model was made based on the LZ 18 German Zeppelin. It was the second Zeppelin airship to be bought by the Imperial German Navy. It caught fire and crashed with the loss of all aboard on 17 October 1913 before entering service. The model can be used for modern warfare as a recon unit or a strategic bomber

Head and Chest for each Cabin
Left and Right Hand for the front engines
Left and Right Foot the the rear engines

Inspiration Model
Portrait Effect

German Zeppelin (Model)

German Zeppelin Icon (Icon)

General Frank
A wonderful custom model without the use of any in-game textures. Good animations and nice effects. Works in-game and performs well.

General Frank

Model Moderator
Level 72
Nov 19, 2005
You have to fixed the issues I mentioned earlier so I have to remind you again.
Please fix the following issues:
  • There is still no collision shape. Add one.
  • Some geoset are referenced by more than one geoset animation. This is prone causing error, bugs and crashes.
  • Avoid using special characters (like 'é' in your case) use normal unicode/ISO characters instead.
The issues mentioned can be viewed with sanity checker.