German Soldier

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The long-awaited german soldier model from WW2: World in flames is now released.

Goes perfectly with practically every weapon attachment i ever published, but is especially made to fit with this attachment. Also features a "stand large" animation used to display the unit inside a transport (something i will upload at a later time).

Here's a shot of it ingame holding Kitabatake's "suomi-kp" model:

(the unit's size in the "stand large" animation has been decreased since this image was taken - i know, it was HUMONGOUS!)

This model has the following attachment points:
*Hand, Right (for weapons)

Let me know if you have any problems with this model.
Have fun and give credit, also make sure to visit the project thread!

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German Soldier (Model)

20:53, 13th Dec 2010 anarchianbedlam: An absolutely beautiful model. Useful and a very low filesize for the quality of work. 138 for a model and texture? nice. The animations are butter smooth. Great work on this one. Approvazzled. (and I assume...
вот модель мп40.

*импортировать его в карты

*создать заклинание на основе "sphere".

*изменить текст в "art - model file" к этой модели.

*изменить "art - target attachment point" к "hand, right"

*заклинание, чтобы дать солдату.