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[Models] German/Allied Soldiers

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Level 22
Jul 25, 2009
Hello there, I've been waiting to start a WWII project for quite sometime, but I couldn't find any suitable soldier models. So here's what I need.

.1 I need a German soldier with a standard German infantryman's helmet, it doesn't need to be animated at all and it doesn't need a gun. All it needs is a good skin, (Doesn't have to be custom). And a better mesh and whatever else a model starts with; like attachment points. The helmet it would be very nice if the helmet was seperate and attachable to the head of the model in-game. German helmets are dark black and dark gray. :)

.2 I need a British soldier, same rules apply as on the German except with this model I would like a seperate 'Red Beret' like this: http://www.armysurpluswarehouse.com/media/images/redberet.jpg They were worn by British paratroopers during WWII.

.3 I need an American soldier with the same standards as the other two but with a seperate green helmet with a small net over it like this: http://www.armynavydeals.com/asp/images/product_images/WW2M1st.jpg

All of these models should have NO weapons, and if you can I would like you to transfer the animations from this model: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/models-530/helghast-146870/?prev=search=Helghast&d=list&r=20 To these models you have created. I will get acquire permission.

Anyone who fullfils even only one of these requests will recieve rep from me. Thanks!
Not open for further replies.