German Support Units

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
"I swear I saw a bird once."
-Werner von Beck

This model uses an Omni-Skin, meaning you only have to download the skin once for all of the models in the German Pack to work.

- German HMG (WWI)
- German HMG (WWII)
- German Sniper
- German AT Infantry

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- Updated Attack Animation
- Updated Walk Animation
- Updated Stand Alternate Animation (fixed)
- Fixed muzzle flash (Every time, Every single time)
- Merged German AT Infantry
- Merged Sniper
- Updated Sniper Animations
- Fixed Portrait animations on German HMG WWII
- Added pivot plate to HMG Tripod
- Fixed HMG decay animations
- Fixed HMG portrait animations
- Adjusted bones on coats so they no longer warp/clip in the back
- Adjusted Stand animation to center shadow in-game
- Updated Omni-Skin
- AT infantry now better equipped
- Updated Sniper uniform
- Final Update
- I lied!
- Now it's the final update, old design was voted out, rip red sigil.

German AT Infantry (Model)

German HMG (WWI) (Model)

German HMG (WWII) (Model)

German Sniper (Model)

General Frank
Works in-game, performs appropriately and is a good addition to the model section. Excellent work!
Level 8
Jul 13, 2016
It is necessary to slightly fix the support bracket.
In the case of my model, it is hidden behind a shield and its movements are not so noticeable.
I think I should try to make alternative triggers - which were in reality, and not those that I originally did.

Made an updated version: I think, the attack animation now looks better, because the soldier no longer rests his face on the triggers.
Also now MG has a bit more place for ammo and ironsight.
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Level 7
Dec 28, 2011
the Americans had m1917 MG which looks extremely similiar to maxim MG, so no need for weapon swap i guess

Perhaps but the gun was used mostly in the last months of the great war, as with most American kit during the great war. There were many pieces of American equipment that was slated for use in 1919, only for the war to end in November 1918. American soldiers, for the most part, used British and French kit.
Level 12
Apr 30, 2018
You missed some triangles on the top of the tripod.
Also, one side of the MG is UV mapped differently from the other, is this intended?
If you want to go for a more historical accurate look, you should have based all HMGs, except the russians, on the WW2 one, instead of the wheeled MG, but it seems that what is done is done : (
If you want that, i can do it to save you time.
Anyway, well done!
Edit: the jaw is unanimated
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Level 4
Dec 15, 2020
I think reloading animation for AT-infantry (exept british) need to place in attack animation (like wc3 mortar team), because "stand ready" animations between shots looks like he's endlessly reloading his grenade launcher. Perhaps I did not understand something, but I will still say it.

Everything else is cool. Pardon my english.
Level 53
Dec 23, 2013
Hey Syczewski :peasant-waving:

The Stand Ready animation was built to look like a reloading animation, and to be short enough to still mix with basic attack delays in vanilla Warcraft 3

Technically speaking, it'd have been wiser of me to include the reload in the attack animation instead, but it's already part of the base animation skeleton, so I probably won't be changing it, or at least not any time soon since I'm behind