[Campaign] Flight of the Snow Witch

Level 14
Aug 30, 2004
The Hive Workshop


Map Info:

Flight of the Snow Witch is a 10-map campaign set in the Talislanta RPG universe, though it is assumed players are unfamiliar with the setting. The player leads the civilized forces of the Seven Kingdoms against the united barbaric hordes of the Submen. The player can choose from four different Heroes, each of whom tells a different story, with some different quests, different abilities, and a different cinematic ending.

The campaign features all new Heroes, units, spells, and three high quality action-based mini-games similar in gameplay to my Battle for Tatooine map. The campaign is fully voice acted.

Currently, the game is ready for playtesting. If you are interested in playtesting, send a message to Darwin here at the Hive Workshop. Play time from start to finish (including an optional Prelude map) is approximately 10 hours.

Game Style: Single player campaign. Traditional gameplay with Heroes, bases, units, as well as action-based mini-games.



Choose your hero:

Players choose from among four main Heroes, each with a different play style, different spells, and somewhat different storylines and endings. My hope is that this dramatically increases the re-playability of the campaign.

Your main hero has eight abilities, and can count on help from three or four supporting heroes throughout the campaign. The main heroes are:

Aquamancer. Zarillo Wavecrasher is a spell-thief and revolutionary whose story begins with him in the custody of the Seven Kingdoms military police. During his escape, he discovers a threat to his country. The Aquamancer’s story is more humorous than the others and is light in tone. Zarillo’s spells specialize in self-heals and movement.

Sample spell: Liquid Evasion turns the Aquamancer to water temporarily, removing negative buffs, restoring a minor amount of health, and preventing targeting by enemies. It can be auto-cast.

Liquid Evasion:

Aeromancer. Koraqus Windwalker is a war scholar and analyst who advises the Seven Kingdoms’ military. He has warned for years that the Submen could unite in opposition to the civilized races. The Aeromancer’s storyline is more cerebral and plot focused. His spells specialize in anti-air and area of effect attacks.

Sample spell: Lightning Ball is one of the Aeromancer’s starting spells. Casting it turns the Aeromancer into a ball of lightning that darts out to the target point and then returns, damaging enemy units along the path.

Lightning Ball:

Geomancer. Shalizar Rockbinder is a front-line commander of the Seven Kingdoms’ military, and was well respected among them. He took on a more advisory role after his wife took ill and moved to the Northernlands hoping the cold would treat her lung condition. The Geomancer’s storyline deals more with adult relationships. Shalizar’s spells specialize in defensive and stun attacks on ground units.

Sample spell: Boulder Toss is the main attack ability of the Geomancer. It sends boulders from the ground into the target area, stunning and damaging ground units.

Boulder Toss:

Pyromancer. Thalarios Cordring is a commander in the Seven Kingdoms’ military and is known for his pride and martial prowess. His skills are put to the challenge when he discovers the Submen threat. The Pyromancer’s story fits the traditional hero genre. Thalarios focuses on heavy damage spells at the expense of defense.

Sample spell: Sassan’s Fiery Motes is a basic attack ability for the Pyromancer that targets one enemy unit for large damage. However, if the unit is killed by the blast, the corpse will explode and distribute the remaining damage (multiplied by three) among enemy units near the target. By targeting the weak for execution, the Pyromancer can turn this spell into a highly mana-efficient area of effect spell.

Sassan’s Fiery Motes:

All player units have new abilities. Many spells are fairly simple in design, e.g. the darkling’s Sneak ability is a retooled Windwalk spell. But other spells are heavily triggered to create new effects, e.g. the Geomancer’s ultimate moves the ground beneath his feet to launch him into the air like a trampoline-jump, and then he turns himself to stone and encases himself in rock, hurling himself at the target point and damaging enemies in the area.

Some sample spells:

Arcane Armaments & Arkon’s Grasp. Cymrilian Swordsmages are one of two casters in the Seven Kingdoms Army. Swordsmages use mage to augment their front-line fighting abilities. Their second spell – Arcane Armaments – enchants their blades and summons a shield, increasing their damage and defense, as well as enabling a lightning attack with each strike that interrupts enemy attacks and spells. Their third spell – Arkon’s Grasp – is channeled and holds one enemy ground unit in stasis, doing shock damage to them over time.

Giant Strength . Cymrilian Mages are the support casters of the Seven Kingdoms Army. They can restore mana to their allies, and turn them permanently invisible. Their third spell is “Giant Strength.” This spell enlarges nearby melee attackers and increases their damage. The spell can stack up to 5 times, and fades over time so that the unit will slowly shrink back to normal size and damage.

Several maps have mini-games similar to Battle for Tatooine. These mini-games use custom physics, dynamic water currents, custom missiles, and other systems that make for an entertaining action game embedded in a more traditional campaign.

Sample Maps:

This map puts the player in the role of the story's primary villain as he comes to power and begins his plot against the civilized peoples of Talislanta. The map starts with a mini-game in which the player steers and commands their equine, engaging in duels duels and jousts. Finally, the player learns of each enemy unit and commands them in battle.








At the start of this map, you will choose your hero and guide him through an underground cave. You will also control Tora the Gnomekin Crystalomancer. Tora uses crystal-magic and can cast any of her three basic spells on large crystal formations to generate more powerful effects on the map.







Your hero comes upon Submen forces attacking the Seven Kingdoms' outpost of Akmir. Depending on your hero choice, you may be called upon to control the outpost's crystal tower to help defend the main gates.








Mechanical Man

Loading Screens/Map Preview Image:Talislanta free release: Talislanta Library

Voice acting:
Aamanians – Pizzayola @ Fiverr
Aeromancer – Elf Lord @The Hive
Aquamancer – Darwin @The Hive
Arkonitus – Elf_Lord @The Hive
Arimite people – deepstrasz @The Hive
Azmarandar – voiceactorguy @ Fiverr
Beastmen – UCLA Phonetics Lab
Chanan men – UCLA Phonetics Lab
Chanan Witch (Rashmi Sharma) @ Fiverr
Druhk – Mike Togtman
Female Cymrilians – AshleeTodd @ Fiverr
Geomancer Hero - Jimmy VanDommelen
Gluglug – Mike Trogtman
Gorock – Mike Trogtman
Ironskull – Devine @The Hive
Karthik/Mordantias – voiceactorguy @ Fiverr
Kharakhan Giants – Mike Togtman
King of Cymril – Elf_Lord @The Hive
Kotar – NightStalker @The Hive
Lord Avemar - Carmen Ligato
Male Gnomes – Darwin @The Hive
Mirin/Rasmiran - necromancer4 @ Fiverr
Mistina – Lesknox @ Fiverr
Sabsorian – voiceactorguy @ Fiverr
Samara - Gwyneth Galvin @ Fiverr
Sechi – Deepstrasz @The Hive
Snow Witch - Elsie Lovelock
Stryx – UCLA Phonetics Lab
Thalarios Cordring - Mike Togtman
Thrall warriors – Mike Togtman
Tirshata/LaShanta – Darwin @The Hive
Tora Obedio – Gwyneth Galvin @ Fiverr
Vrag - David JG Doyle
Zangestad - StevenPFortune
Zairat – Elf_Lord @The Hive
Zaratan - StevenPFortune
Zassara – Doomcore @The Hive
Zazz the Hammerer – Mike Togtman
Zilistra - Jimmy VanDommelen
Zinnata – Doomcore @The Hive
Zoustag - StevenPFortune

Extra Sounds:
Wind by Mark DiAngelo (during blizzard)
Thunderstorm by Mike Koenig (during storm)

Blizzard Entertainment
Two Steps from Hell



SpiritLinkTarget by JetFangInferno
Glaciar Aura by Daelin
Shiva's Wrath and Shiva's Enchantment by JetFangInferno
Frozen Orb by Daelin
Glacial Aura by Daelin
GreenMalachite by RodOfNOD
DragonSpawnGreen by alfredx_sotn
queu1 by unknown
Pit Garomaul by Sheyd
Thunderman by RightField
webward by RightField
Cleansefx by SantoRayo[iP]
WarMage by armel
Trollmage by Nasrudin
OrcWarStation by Nirvendor/ThePlacidOne
SpiritLinkTarget by JetFangInferno
Titan by Oniwaga
Ultimate Explosion - Will the Almighty
Ultimate Explosion (massive explosion) - Will the Almighty
Ground Explosion - Will the Almighty
Flamethrower - Will the Almighty
IceApult by ColdStar
Eryops by ThunderLizard
Frost Warp by Pyritie
Water High by Pyritie
Frost Nova by Daelin
Watery Aura by sPy
Water Nova by Retrosexual
Air Essence by Retrosexual
Scamp by Mc!
TikiIceMage by Cookie
Chaos Warlock Green by Arvedui
Red Laser (reskinned by Darwin) Champara Bros
Air Elemental: thunderman by RightField
Aeromancer's attack: lighting bolt by Champara Bros
Black Wind: ShadowTornado by JetFangInferno
Whirlpool by Mc !
HeroMoonPriestess by garfield
ShadowTornado and IceTornado by JetFangInferno
Ice Bolt by Horn
Orc Commander by wingednosering
StoneCircleShieldTarget by JesusHipster
Butterfly icon by Anachron
SunfireMissile by pWn3d
Air Essence by Retrosexual
Lightning Bolt by Champara Bros
AncientDragonLord by Cookie
Mercenary Barracks by Ultimata
Web tileset by Thunder Mare
Ballista missile by Uncle Fester
Log by Sin'dorei300
Lightnings Multiple by Tranquil
Castle parts by IllidanEvilX and Tranquil (from UTM)
AlgarvianTownhall by RightField (minor reskin by Darwin)
Trebuchet by OlafMoleMan
Naboo doodads by Illidan(evil)X
Shark by MiniMage & Kellym0
UndeadtransportShip by Dmitry Rommel
Pier by Mike
LightningNova by dhguardianes
gate by Shadowkiller
animated grass by Nasrudin
EerieFog by sc_freak
lizardmen by Gluma
Forcefield model by Fingolfin
Forcefield skull image by SignatureBob
Applause.wav by Bansemer
TornadoMissile by BurninRose
OrbOfWind by UgoUgo
WindElemental by icewolf055
Brass_Borer by –Grendel
Heart by republicola
BerryBush by HerrDave and Jim22
Destructable Plant & Grass By HappyTauren
Fern by OlafMoleman
Glowing Thunder Rune by ChaoticHunter
Plasma Grenade by WILL THE ALMIGHTY
EMP By AlienAtSystem
Lightning Bolt By Champara Bros
PeeKay's Lightning Sphere By PeeKay
Zap Missile By Thrikodius
Cold Buff By dhguardianes
Trees in final map by Fingolfin
Green Light by nhocklanhox6
TownCenter (Aeriad Treefort) by RightField
Whitecloak (Mirin Tundra Scout model) by HerrDave
HaradrimAssassin (Arimite Revenant) by Uncle Fester
Crusader (Aamanian Warrior-Priest model) – Miseracord
Skirmisher (Aamanian Squire model) – Rostrodle
VikingLongBoat (Cyrmil transport ship) - Olafmoleman
Stomp by nGy
Death Grip by Azsure
MagicShield by JesusHipster
HealingWisps by JetFangInferno
Animated flower by Kellym0
BTNArrowShower by The Panda
Bloodbreathdamage by JetfangInferno
RadioactiveCloudRED by Callahan
Spiked Shoulder by HammerFist132
Wooden Village by Callahan
Blue Dragon Nexus by MatiS
Invasion Vine by Callahan
Goblin’s Tongue and Governor’s Crown by Remixer
StreamSmoke by Ergius
WoldRidingHunter by Cuore & Mister Haudrauf
Enchanters Tower by MatiS
Buche1-5 trees taken from B2Mpack


BTNRPGOrc by Tenebrae
BTNEyes by Big Dub
BTNHighElfEnchanters by Eagle XI
BTNEarthShield by Darkfang
BTNMental by alfredx_sotn
BTNDragonStones by Darky29
BTNinfernalborder By DevineArmy
BTNMove by Naro
BTNOrcCommander by chr2
Nature’s Wrath, Netherbolt, Void, ProtectionGreen, BTNElektroShock by Berz
BTNPlagueNova by Hellx-Magnus
BTNPieceOfShip by NFWar
BTNCWWoodenShield By CloudWolf
Ballista by Mike
BTNBowwithArrow by kola
BTNMove by Raging Ent
BTNpetry by PeeKay
BTNSling by Praytic
BTNMultiRockToss by The Panda
BTNRockBlast by Wardota2 Gamer
BTNAvalanche by -Berz-
BTNMeteor by 67chrome
BTNorbofrock by kittenranch
BTNSandstorm3 by D.ee
BTNBubbles Golden-Drake
BTNPowerOfWater by Praytic
BTNCRTIDEstrike Crazyrussian
BTNWaterstuffv3 by dansaDisco
BTNImmolationpeasant3 by kola
BTNArtilleryAttack by Praytic
BTNCWFlameAura by CloudWolf
BTNShockingGrasp by 67chrome
BTNArmoredFist by Muoteck
BTNNatureReviveExplosion by Anachron
BTNItsa bear trap! By General Frank
BTNKanabo by Dentothor
BTNMinorHealthPotion by Hemske
BTNIcyArrows by maxor_gan
BTNIcesword by Revolve
BTNWindArmor by PeeKay
BTNSmoke by Wareditor
BTNShoulders by Mr.Goblin
BTNPoisonSpores by Skypsi
PirateSword by HappyTauren
Flower1 by exN
Lotus by JollyD

Banner background:Jovan Goodall

Initial post:
No changes yet.

Author's notes:

I started this campaign over a decade ago, when we used to have to edit MPQ files manually to change the text of spells. It's been a long journey, but I always come back to this project after a few months to add another map or spell. I hope everyone enjoys the final product. Let me know if you would like to do some testing.

I can't thank all of the hundreds of people who have helped me over the years (first at Blizzard's map makers forum, and then here at the Hive Workshop) but know that if you ever took the time to answer someone's question on the forum it was almost certainly appreciated. It certainly was by me. Special thanks goes to Deepstrasz here at the Hive, who repaired a broken version of the map that prevented me from opening it.

Known Issues:

1. The computer AI is rather unintelligent in most maps.
2. The SpiritLinkTarget model does not display in game because it references a texture that Blizzard moved in the last patch. This prevents the Crystalomancer's speed boost spell from displaying.
3. In Episode 3: Trail of the Snow Witch, the unit portraits will sometimes cease to display after a mid-cinematic. Saving and reloading the game will fix this.
4. There is a slight graphical glitch during the Kiss of the Witch spell that shows the wrong special effect.

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-

Find more here: Map Description - Templates

Campaign, Battle for Tatooine, Single Player, Talislanta, Snow Witch
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Level 32
Apr 2, 2013
Looks like a brilliant piece of work Darwin. I have to say though, while the name is unique, it doesn't really resonate with me. But it's not awful, so I'll leave you to what you want to do about it.
The trailer is also awesome, but the resolution quality brings it down a lot.

But overall, the campaign definitely deserves spotlight somewhere. I'll see what I can do in the coming days, should more content / screenshots come out.



Level 13
Nov 7, 2014
"Discussion started yesterday"
So where've you been hiding it for so long? :D

The voice acting of (presumably) the main character (orc) is outstanding, the gameplay looks brilliant, and those cinematics effects... man...

Also, the yellowish orcs with blue eyes and those absolutely green... eh... elves, the settings are surely unique in here. It all reminds of the old classic fantasy books and fiction.

EDIT: Talislanta you say? Huh, I'll take a look. :)
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Level 14
Aug 30, 2004
The campaign has nothing to do with Star Wars; it's set in Talislanta - a kind of typical magic fantasy genre with 100s of races and cultures. I mention Battle for Tatooine because it's the only other map I've released, and a lot of players liked the action system there. I've used it for several mini-games in this campaign, e.g. boat combat, a racing game with the Orc Raider model.

Thanks everyone for helping with some of the voices. I should have more updates soon.
Level 6
Sep 7, 2017
Subscribing on this ^^. Great trailer indeed, so the gameplay will be greater too.
Glad to be a part of the project.
Level 12
Mar 6, 2008
Is there a way to play at least some of this? This trailer left me speechless so I won't even bother trying to explain why I'd love to play at least first chapter of this, BETA or not.
Level 14
Aug 30, 2004
Is this project still in progress?

Absolutely. Mark my words; this will be completed. I'm still hoping to have it done by Christmas, but the voice acting is taking a while. If you know any voice actors please send them my way.

Is there a way to play at least some of this? This trailer left me speechless so I won't even bother trying to explain why I'd love to play at least first chapter of this, BETA or not.

You are very kind! I'm about 80% through the voice acting, though I want to recast one of the female roles... and maybe one of the heroes I did myself. It's semi-playable now; but with spotty voice acting and I haven't timed the speech well yet (e.g. how long to wait before people talk in a conversation). Music needs work too. It's close though, I promise.
Level 12
Mar 6, 2008
You are very kind! I'm about 80% through the voice acting, though I want to recast one of the female roles... and maybe one of the heroes I did myself. It's semi-playable now; but with spotty voice acting and I haven't timed the speech well yet (e.g. how long to wait before people talk in a conversation). Music needs work too. It's close though, I promise.

And you're very talented, my man. The unique ideas and systems presented in the video so far would really leave anyone speechless. This is one of the campaigns which stand out from the rest in terms of systems and game-play, and on top of that it has unique story-line and lore which is absolutely what I love when I play a campaign. Looking forward for the release when you make those changes. Keep up the great work!
Level 14
Aug 30, 2004
The trailer is also awesome, but the resolution quality brings it down a lot.

I would love to do another trailer now that I have some more voices. I'm concerned that the video resolution quality might still be an issue. I record with OBS Studio, and the raw files seem to be really good quality. I edit in Movie Maker, and then save as the highest resolution possible. I'm not sure how to improve the resolution. Is there a guide for how to do this sort of thing somewhere?
Level 17
Jul 26, 2008
I was just looking at the new screenshots under "sample maps", and they look fantastic. Especially the cover art for the loading screens, the style is amazing. I think I misjudged the scope of this project initially, since the part in your description about having the story altered slightly depending on which hero is picked indicates this might be a massive campaign. Good luck.
Level 14
Aug 30, 2004
Thanks, Tulee!

The cover art is mostly by PD. Breeding-Black. She's amazing; did a bunch of work for the RPG Talislanta.

The campaign is pretty large at this point. It's done though; going through playtesting now. There are some bugs with custom music (they work on my computer, but not everyone's) and a cinematic that seemed to mess up (though I'm not sure why yet). Let me know if you want to play test it.