Battle for Tatooine - GOLD

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by Darwin

Map Info:

Battle for Tatooine GOLD is an expansion for the popular Battle for Tatooine map. The combat system has been reworked, but the original is available for those who prefer the old system:

Battle for Tatooine GOLD is an AOS-style map with a custom physics system that lets you fly Star Wars starfighters against each other in a pitched battle to the end. You can fly with actual momentum, dodging cliffs and laser fire, locking on to enemy bombers and launching homing missiles, angling your shields to absorb enemy fire, bombing and strafing ground units, and setting up bombing runs on your enemy’s buildings and capital ships. The map includes hero combat with custom spells, ground vehicles, 12 starfighters, ground turret cannons, and special events, e.g. marching an ATAT walker against the rebels.

Game Styles: Single player or Multi-player (up to 10), Co-op or Competitive. The computer will adjust the difficulty based on the number of players on each side, so you can play with or against your friends, or by yourself against a computer. This is rebalanced if individual players leave a multiplayer game.

Gaming Philosophy:

In making this expansion, I wanted to make some fundamental changes to the game in addition to squashing elusive bugs, improving the terrain and UI, and adding new features. In particular, the changes were designed to:
  1. give player’s more customizations with game play. There are now four game modes, three levels of AI quality, numerous cheats, ship equipment options, missile options, larger and smaller craft to pilot, and streamlined content (e.g. shorter cinematics, faster tech unlocking)
  2. make ship maneuvers more tactical so that players didn’t just click Overturn and begin circling to get a shot. Toward this end, Overturn (R) has been removed and numerous changes have been made to maneuverability including the addition of new ship maneuvers, e.g. ½ loops, YoYos, engine boosts, and slip turning. AI has also been substantially improved
  3. make more differentiation between ships, so that TIEs and Awings were actually hard to hit, while Stock Freighters and Shuttles could ignore a weak TIE on their tail. Shields in general have been greatly buffed, but smaller shieldless craft have had a great increase in their ability to dodge. The result – I hope – is a more Star Wars feel with agile TIES swarming larger ships but doing less damage
  4. establish a Rock-Paper-Scissors balancing system whereby fighters (e.g. Xwings, Interceptors) beat bombers (e.g. Ywings, TIE bombers), bombers beat large ships (e.g. Stock Freighters, Blastboats), and large ships beat fighters


New Features:

There are now four game modes that are chosen by vote at the start. If the votes result in a tie, the game is decided in this order of preference:

  1. Epic Game. This mode has full features (i.e. normal). Epic games start with six minutes of preparation time during which both main bases are invulnerable. This allows players to fight, gather technology points and credits, ionize enemy ships, rescue pilots (Rebel), or kidnap Sandpeople (Imperial) before the real action begins.
  2. Quick Game. This mode has reduced regeneration for both main bases and has no scenarios (e.g. rescue shuttles, Republic cruiser, ATAT). Resupply ships spawn every 270 seconds rather than every 90 seconds. To aid in unlocking some useful tech, quick games have a Techno Union piece available in each main base to get a head start on unlocking ships. Also note that cheats enable unlocking of ships (see below).
  3. Starfighter Arena. This mode consists of player vs. player starship combat. All computer-controlled ships, scenarios, supply freighters, and ground missions are removed. Ships cannot be landed. There are two arena:
    • the valley allows players to fight in the main area with spawning ground units
    • the canyons take place in the northern maze.
    The first team that gets a set number of kills wins. Starfighter Arena is only available in multiplayer games.
  4. Hero Arena. This mode takes place between Heroes on the ground. No ships are used. Players spawn in a new area along with continually-spawning ground troops. Players gain gold by surviving and looting enemy heroes. Gold can purchase some simple items or a ground vehicle from a centrally located factory. Victory is achieved by destroying the enemy power point.
After choosing the game type, players have the option to skip the introductory ground mission (this is automatically skipped in Arena play). Keep in mind that completing the ground mission will net a fast Techno Union Data Core, so it is often wise for at least one player on a team to do the introductory mission.


There are now three levels of AI difficulty: Monster, Normal, and Jar Jar. The computer will never “cheat”, i.e. it uses the same system of flight, damage, cooldowns, etc. as the players. Lower levels of AI are handicapped though, e.g. Jar Jar difficulty will turn much slower, but Monster turns almost as fast as the players do. In multiplayer mode, the player votes are averaged to determine the selection; e.g. if two vote for “monster” and two vote for “Jar Jar” the game will be “normal.” AI difficulty affects the following features of computer controlled ships:

  1. the turn speed of AI-controlled ships
  2. the rapidity with which the computer makes decisions such as where to turn, whether to evade, etc.
  3. how rapidly the computer will mash their fire buttons
  4. which tactics ships will use (e.g. in Monster difficulty, ships will slow down to match the speed of their prey when behind them).
  5. how rapidly the Supply Freighter’s turret fires (see below)
  6. computer controlled pilot’s piloting, gunnery, and mechanical skills which collectively affect whether a laser will hit a target, the chance that a laser will trigger a hazard in a target, the speed a ship locks on to its target, the amount and frequency of shield regeneration, and hazard recovery.
Player choosing computer AI difficulty:

I’ve added a new ship for the Rebels: the YT-1300 Modified Stock Freighter (cost 30 credits). In addition to its strong shields, powerful hull, and its 360-degree 4-barrel laser turret, this ship comes with different customization packages chosen at purchase:

  1. Blockade Runner: a stealth design with increased speed and maneuverability. It has a jamming computer to reduce tracking on itself and a short-term cloaking device that evades enemies, turrets, and missiles.
  2. Defender: a tank-like design with added armor and an anti-missile defensive system that destroys enemy missiles with pinpoint lasers.
  3. Gunship: built with very powerful lasers and extra missile space, this ship is also equipped with a below hull turret that decimates ground troops.
  4. Predator: bounty-hunter design with ion cannons and a tractor beam that will slow turning on a target enemy.

The Rebel Stock Freighter:

I’ve added a new ship for the Empire: The Veraxo Droid Ship (cost 15). It has strong shields and a powerful hull, but poor maneuverability and speed. The Droid Ship employs droids and drones in its attacks rather than missiles. It spawns with 8 drones but can recover some of them on the battlefield and construct new drones using auxiliary power. It has the following special abilities:

  1. Standard missiles are replaced with drones that fly to your target and shoot at it. Tracking increases the number of times the drone fires before returning to the ship. If the drone returns safely, the missile count is refunded
  2. Floating anti-spacecraft platforms that fire bursts of lasers at enemy ships. These platforms cannot be recovered, but they last for 30 seconds and do good damage
  3. Repair Bots which fly to a nearby ship (preferring players) and repairs them of hull damage. Repair Bots never run out.
  4. Anti-Missile Platform (AMP), a summoned droid that uses pinpoint lasers to kill nearby enemy missiles. It will kill a new missile every two seconds. These also cannot be recovered.

New Veraxo Droid Ship:

Imperial Blastboats have lost the Slip ability, but been buffed with two new abilities: Turbolaser and Hack Missiles. The Turbolaser is a fixed turret attached to the top of the ship. It fires a single powerful laser shot (4 sec cooldown, laser strength: 10). The turret can be rotated 90 degrees in any direction with the A and D keys. Hack Missiles will reprogram all nearby missiles (allied and enemy) and redirect them to the blastboat’s current target! If fired with Auxiliary power, the missiles will also have their targeting ability increased, meaning they will be harder for the target to dodge. These improvements have made the blastboat one of the most powerful ships in the game, and their new cost (credits: 30) reflects that.

Blastboat with rotatable turbolaser:

Overturn has been removed and replaced with two new abilities: Angle Deflector Shields for most shielded craft and Power Flux for TIEs. Players will now have new maneuvers (see auxiliary power below) to compensate for the loss of Overturn.

  1. Angle Deflector Shields – will toggle your shields from normal to double front and then to double aft. This enables skilled pilots to greatly increase their chances of blocking laser fire. If auxiliary power is put into shields, it temporarily doubles the value of shields for the craft for 3 seconds
  2. Power Flux – will toggle extra power to engines, lasers, or balanced between them. Putting auxiliary power into Power Flux will unleash a spray of laser power from auxiliary power (meaning that it doesn’t drain laser power)
An Xwing using Auxiliary Power to double Deflector Shields:

All ships now have Auxiliary Power (X), but the ability has been greatly enhanced. Now, punching in Auxiliary Power costs 25 mana and will make the next ability cast within 2 seconds have a special effect. The effect depends on the next ability cast. Because most other abilities are free to cast, Auxiliary Power is now the main consumer of pilot energy (i.e. mana). In other words, higher level Heroes and Heroes with a higher piloting attribute benefit primarily by being able to cast Auxiliary Power more frequently. New players will probably not use Auxiliary Power very often, but veteran and expert players will frequently make use of it. The effects of Auxiliary Power are detailed below:

  1. Fire Lasers + Auxiliary = increases or recharges the ship’s laser power. This can supercharge lasers or recover expended laser power (see laser changes below).
  2. Fire Ions + Auxiliary = links or unlinks fire, allowing craft that previously could not link fire to do so. When used this way, the energy cost (i.e. mana cost) of Auxiliary Power is refunded.
  3. Thrusters + Auxiliary = causes a boost in speed which can surpass maximum speed temporarily. Overspeeding will decrease maneuverability, however. The degree to which a pilot can overspeed is limited by the Hero’s piloting skill.
  4. Brake + Auxiliary = triggers a ½ loop maneuver that maintains the ship’s current momentum but spins the ship around 180 degrees
  5. Slip + Auxiliary = triggers a YoYo maneuver, simultaneously slowing the ship, increasing turn speed, and hard banking. A successful YoYo can shake a tailing ship and even put you behind them.
  6. Angle Deflector Shields + Auxiliary = gives a 3 second increase in shield strength (+100%).
  7. Power Flux + Auxiliary = causes TIEs to strafe their guns, rapidly firing lasers in a small forward arc. Firing this way does not cost laser power.
  8. Land + Auxiliary = ejects the pilot who will then parachute to the ground. This ability is important because heroes no longer automatically survive when their ship is destroyed.
All special abilities (e.g. Tractor Beam, Barrel Roll, Fragmentation Bomb) also gain additional effects from Auxiliary Power. These are detailed in Ship Statistics below. For more information on how to use Auxiliary Power appropriately, see the Tutorial Videos. Auxiliary power in ground vehicles and cannons remains unchanged (they replenish your energy; the cooldown is based on your pilot’s mechanic ability).

I’ve added ground vehicle and hero cameras. If you want to disengage these cameras, press “ESC.” Pressing ESC again will re-engage the cameras. Additionally, when your hero dies your camera will zoom out so you can watch the battle from above before respawning.

Hero Camera:

Ship “Hazards” have been increased in frequency and diversity of effects. Hazards are caused to ships that are hit by ion cannons or lasers. Ion cannons will first remove a ship’s shields, but after that trigger hazards. Laser fire may remove shields or cause hazards (or neither) when it hits a craft. New hazards have been added (generally with less damaging effects) so that the increase in frequency of hazards should not be crippling. Hazards now include:

  1. Laser Damage. When lasers are hit, they reduce the current laser strength first until lasers are inoperative, whereupon the laser system itself is knocked offline.
  2. Missile Damage. Has a chance to damage onboard missiles, reducing your missile count, or damage the missile launcher preventing you from targeting or launching missiles. Since targeting also affects lasers (see below), damage to your targeting computer is harmful even if you have no missiles.
  3. Engines Damage. Damage can cause engine misfire which will cause short periods of uncontrolled movement, usually in the direction the ship is facing already.
  4. Stabilizer Damage. Damage can slow turning speed, or trigger an uncontrollable rapid turn.
  5. Item damage. Hazards have a chance of destroying your droid (Rebel) or modular item (Empire, e.g. ion boosters, advanced targeting computer).
  6. Pilot injury. Drops the ships mana to zero and the pilot’s health by 50%.
Additionally, hazards caused to other ships are no longer announced to the player who caused them. Hazards are still announced to the players who receive them.

Missiles have been reworked substantially, including more intelligent AI tracking (see Major Changes below). In addition, players can now choose which missiles they wish to load onto their ship at purchase. Some missiles take more space than others (e.g., an Awing can only carry 3 concussion bombs, but can carry 9 concussion missiles). Additionally, three new types of missiles have been added:

  1. Ion Pulse Missiles: these missiles track like proton torpedoes, but do no damage upon impact. Instead, an ion pulse inflicts three charges of ion power. Each charge will remove a level of shielding if it is a shield craft or trigger a hazard in the target if it has no shields or if the shields are depleted. Ion pulses are specially designed to target the craft’s engines, so ships that are struck by ion pulses will move slower and be completely ionized if their speed is too low.
  2. Advanced Concussion Missiles: similar to regular concussion missiles but about 20% more effective. These missiles must be unlocked first and cost credits to purchase.
  3. Advanced Proton Torpedoes: as above, but cost slightly more.

Ion Pulse Missile used against highly shielded craft:

Random scenarios have been removed. Instead players can trigger scenarios by spending technology points. I’ve added two new scenarios: one Rebel scenario and one Imperial.

  • The new Imperial scenario is called Underground Missile Silos, and is purchased for a single technology point from the Imperial computer inside the Star Destroyer. The empire unearths buried caches of bombs. If enough of them survive, they send a massive fleet of bombers (one-time event) to attack the Rebel Base. Rebel players must hunt these silos and destroy them (there are six, spawned in a number of random locations). Unfortunately for the Rebels, the silos are protected with jamming technology. Rebels must fly close to them to reveal their locations (how close is determined by their scanning power, e.g. ship type, droid type). By using their Targeting Computer (item #2 for players), Rebels can discover the distance to nearby silos and triangulate their locations. Again, scanning range is determined by their ship’s scanners. If the Rebels destroy 5 or more of the silos, the Imperials will spawn fewer bombers for the rest of the game.
  • A new Rebel scenario has been added: Desert Rocs. A flock of desert rocs are flying across the zone. The rebels send out decoy rocs with explosives that will suicide into the Star Destroyer. Imperials must first scan the birds (use the Targeting Computer item) to identify those with explosives, and then shoot them down. Any bird that reaches the Star Destroyer will first destroy a turret. If all the turrets are destroyed, it will do 1,000 damage to the Destroyer (7.5% of its health).

I’ve improved base defenses so that turret fire is more realistic looking and works with the shield system. Bases also launch missiles at enemies. Finally, players may hole up in their base and fire a turret. By taking control of the turret, the player may fire lasers, ions, and launch remote-controlled missiles. These features have also been added:

  • Both bases now have a repair aura, increasing ship repair and restocking missiles. This does not affect Veraxo Droid Ships’ droid counter, or the shields of any ship.
  • Base cannons now lock on and fire at specific targets using the custom laser system (i.e. cannons no longer use artillery-style attacks). If the targeted enemy ship is still within range after several seconds, they will fire concussion missiles. In general, this is a large buff to base defense. If there are no enemy ships nearby, cannons will fire on ground units with their old artillery-style attack.
  • The Star Destroyer fires dual-shots (consistent with their cannon model). After the first shot, they will begin firing bursts of double shots if their enemy is still within range. This makes them do a great deal of damage to ships that linger.
  • The Rebel Base fires bursts of single-shot lasers at enemies. They will fire missiles more rapidly than the Star Destroyer however.
  • The Rebel base also has an anti-missile pinpoint laser system that will kill one enemy missile near the base every 7 seconds. This makes a single TIE bomber much less of a threat, but groups of bombers still very deadly.
  • Base cannons now reconstruct 50% slower, increasing the reward for killing Rebel turrets and the Star Destroyer turbolasers.
  • In epic play, main bases regenerate about twice as fast. They get a boost to this regeneration for owning the droid factory. They also get a boost for owning the northern repair station. Finally, this regeneration degrades slowly over time (approximately 50% after 20 minutes) to prevent turtles.
  • Players are now rewarded only for the first five captured enemy ships (ships can be captured with ion cannons). Each team (Rebels and Imperials) can capture up to five ionized ships.
  • Ship fired lasers now do no damage to enemy bases. Bases must be destroyed by missiles, ground troops, and scenario missions.
  • Owning the Droid Factory in the middle now rewards each player on a team directly with a technology point if they hold it for 3 minutes. Previously the game placed a lootable point in their base.
Rebel base firing missiles at a Veraxo Droid Ship:

For a full list of improvements and changes see Detailed List of Changes below.


Hero Arena Terrain:
Terrain in the new Hero Arena where player heroes fight on the ground.


Starfighter Combat:
Most of the game is spent in starfighters, zooming around the map and dogfighting or making bombing runs




Remote Control Missile:
Flying a remote-control missile toward enemy starfighters


Star Destroyer Fire:
Star Destroyer firing its cannons on nearby enemies.


Base Control:
Pilots can now enter their bases and fire cannons and missiles at enemies



Getting Started:


Tutorial Videos:



Ship Statistics:




Detailed List of Changes:

  • Ship Changes
    Summary: Ships have had numerous ability changes, new abilities, and balance changes (see the Ship Statistics table for more information).
    1. Piloting energy (i.e. mana) has been reworked. Only a few abilities now cost mana: Auxiliary Power and some special abilities. Pilot mana regeneration has been lowered in compensation.
    2. Heroes are no longer guaranteed to survive their ship’s destruction. There is a 50% chance that the hero will die in the explosion. This can be avoided by manually ejecting (using Auxiliary power and then the Land ability).
    3. Slips have been redone slightly. All ships will now slip for similar amounts of time (before TIE bombers, for example, would barely move). Additionally, slips will maintain their current momentum direction even when the ship changes facing. This makes slips more useful for dodging missiles and losing pursuers.
    4. Player ships now slowly auto-repair based on their pilot’s mechanic skill (with bonuses for R2 and Mech droids), though it is very slow. The repair station in the north and main bases will increase this regeneration faster and can restock missiles.
    5. Ship turn rates have been reduced (i.e. slower turns). The introduction of slips, YoYos (auxiliary + slip) and half loops (auxiliary + brake) compensates for this and makes for a more realistic and intense dog-fighting experience.
    6. Ship HP and turn rates have been standardized between AI and Player users. Player ships now have 50 more HP, turn slightly faster and move slightly faster than computer-controlled ships of the same type.
    7. Countermeasures – such as Fragmentation Cloud and Ion Field Generators (IFGs) – no longer have limited uses and have been removed from the dashboard.
    8. The defensive ability Fragmentation Cloud ability (available to TIE fighters and Z95s) has been replaced with Fragmentation Bombs, which drop bombs on ground units. The fragmentation cloud is still available via auxiliary power. Additionally, the Fragmentation Cloud has been nerfed slightly. They are now consumed by any missile that hits them, making them only stop a single missile per cast. Also, they now have a 10 second rather than 8 second cooldown.
    9. Bwing Bombers now have a powerful forward-mounted turbolaser that fires from the head of the craft (4 second cooldown, laser strength: 10). In addition to their regular laser guns and ion cannons, Bwings have large missile capacity and powerful shields for a one-man starfighter. Bwings can also launch missiles 25% faster than other ships (i.e. their cooldown is lower).
    10. Imperial Shuttles now track and launch missiles from the rear rather than the front.
    11. Imperial Shuttles are now customized to track and fire missiles from a rear cone rather than the forward cone used by other ships. This cone is 50% wider as well. This enables Imperial Shuttles to fire powerful lasers and ions at craft in the front while tracking and firing missiles at enemies in the rear. The Imperial Shuttles retain their rear-mounted turret as well.
    12. X-foils affect maneuverability less, so that Xwings and Bwings are slightly less maneuverable in attack mode but more maneuverable in travel mode.
    13. TIE Bombers now have ion cannons of equal strength to their laser cannons.
    14. TIE Bombers now have 2 points of armor. TIE fighters and interceptors have 1 point of armor. Armor works as shields, but cannot be destroyed by laser fire.

    [*] Artificial Intelligence Changes
    Summary: Computer-controlled ships have had their AI substantially improved, and is now responsive to the AI settings voted on by players at the start.
    1. Monster AI ships (the hardest setting) will now adjust their speeds to stay behind their targets. This makes it more difficult to shake enemies. Players will need to use their increased shields, new maneuvers, and allies to free themselves.
    2. AI pilots will now get frustrated if they cannot get a missile lock or line up a good shot on their current target and switch.
    3. AI bombers (e.g. Ywings, TIE Bombers) will take small evasive maneuvers during their attack runs if under attack. Better AI respond faster.
    4. AI bombers will now fire at enemies in front of them while they make their bombing runs.
    5. AI bombers now do not fire at enemy bases from as far away as they used to.
    6. Both Rebel and Imperial Bulk Freighters (the large supply ships that reinforce the main bases) are now armed with rapid-fire, dual turrets that periodically fire at nearby attackers. Tougher AI will fire more
    7. AI-controlled Imperial Blastboats will use their mounted turbolaser against pursuing craft, making them much more dangerous ships.
    8. The game now properly readjusts difficulty when players leave. Note that ship and ground spawns compensate for unequal teams such that teams with fewer human players have more computer-controlled bombers, fighters, and ground troops.

    [*] Hero Changes
    Summary: Heroes have been rebalanced and generally buffed relative to other ground units. Some have new abilities.
    1. Heroes have had their abilities remapped to Q = Ability 1, W = Ability 2, E = Ability 3.
    2. Heroes now gain experience when they shoot down enemy ships
    3. Heroes have had their base hit points doubled.
    4. A “Hero suicide” button has been added to the help menu. This enables players to respawn if their hero disappears or if they are stuck and cannot shuttle
    5. Dead heroes now have a respawn timer window so they know when they will respawn.
    6. Heroes can now cancel Flare Shuttles if they change their mind and want to stay on the ground.
    7. Shuttle Flare ability no longer costs mana
    8. The Sith Novice has had his Force Stab ability changed slightly. All levels of the ability now pull the target quickly through the air. Higher levels instead of increasing the speed of the pull, will now lower the cooldown of the ability. The ability’s mana cost has also increased to 20.
    9. The Jedi and Sith have had their reflect ability nerfed slightly (about 10%). Additionally, they can no longer reflect the ATST or Rebel Tank attacks.
    10. The Bounty Hunter hero has lost his personal shield. It has been replaced with a Thermal Detonator ability based on the sticky bomb ability from The Old Republic. In short, he throws a bomb on a target unit. Three seconds later they blow up doing AOE damage.
    11. The Rebel Sniper (now Spec Force Trooper) hero has lost the unpopular “stun setting” ability and replaced it with Sniper Scopes, a passive ability that increases attack range and sight with each level. He has also had his minimum range removed. He has also had his model replaced with the standard Marine model from Blizzard to save space. I thank Qassamzed for the use of his model and regret having to cut it for space.
    12. The Gamorrean Sniper has had the range and damage of his regular attack increased. Minor cosmetic bugs were fixed involving Aimbot.

    [*] Laser Changes
    1. Firing lasers no longer cost mana. Instead, lasers slowly decrease in power when fired frequently and begin to do less damage as the power drains. Laser power recharges over time but can also be recharged quickly with Auxiliary Power (see above). If you have more than 50 mana and continue to fire with lasers that are highly drained, the lasers will recharge automatically for the price of 25 mana (the cost of Auxiliary Power). Putting Auxiliary Power into the laser system when it is already close to full will push laser power above their normal maximum (i.e. supercharged). Supercharged lasers do more damage and are slightly more likely to hit a target. When laser power is above maximum it will slowly drain to the normal maximum power for that ship.
    2. Link fire has now been enabled for all ships. Ships with ion cannons must cast Auxiliary Power and then Ion to link or unlink their shots. Linked fire is about 20% more efficient in terms of laser power than single shots. But single fire enables a slightly faster firing rate.
    3. Laser hits now depend on numerous variables: the shooter’s gunnery skill, the target ship’s size, the targeting strength of the shooter against the target (as with Vader vs. Luke in the Death Star trench), and laser power itself (with bigger lasers having a slightly better chance to hit). In general, it is much harder to hit missiles, harder to hit ground troops, harder to hit small ships, and easier to hit large ships.
    4. The effect of lasers on shields has changed. Previously, if lasers penetrated shields they would do no damage and instead lower the shields until they were gone. Now, if lasers penetrate shield they always do some damage and have a chance to decrease shields as well. This chance is increased by the shooter’s gunnery skill.
    5. Lasers now do no damage to enemy bases. Bases must be destroyed by missiles, ground troops, the ATAT, or the Republic Command Ship.

    [*] Ion Changes
    Summary: Ions now have a special role in bringing down the shields of large craft and bulk freighters. They have had their firing rate reduced to address an imbalance in PvP.
    1. Ion effects are now weaker on unshielded larger ships. Larger ships (defined as above 300hp) are the hardest to ionize, followed by medium ships (above 150hp), then small ships (under 150hp).
    2. Ions cost twice the laser power as lasers, making it harder to fire them continuously.
    3. The cooldown on Fire Ions has been increased so that ions can be fired about half as fast as regular laser fire.
    4. Ions can now damage the shields of Bulk Freighters. They cannot cause hazards to them though.

    [*] Missile Changes and Targeting
    Summary: Missiles are now harder to fire, but they track more intelligently. Missiles are better at taking down structures and large ships.
    1. Tracking enemies no longer requires that you be behind them, only that they be in front of you in a 90-degree cone. This requirement applies to capital ships, ground vehicles and starfighters. This change makes it possible for two ships to target each other on approach. It gives an advantage to ships with good surveillance as well, as they can target more distant enemies before they are spotted.
    2. Missiles have been reworked. Missiles cannot be fired from ships unless the target is tracked at 8 or above.
    3. There is an exception: Auxiliary Power to the missiles will fire a missile even if tracking is below 8, and the missile will fire starting at maximum speed.
    4. Bomber type ships now have increased tracking ability that supplements the pilot’s gunnery skill (see Track Bonus in Ship Statistics).
    5. Piloted missiles (i.e. those launched by the players from cannons or their own bases) now have a “thrusters” ability that increases their speed temporarily, reduces their turn speed, and doubles their damage. In short, it’s a final burst that can be used when your enemy is directly in front of you.
    6. Missiles now slow down if they have to turn, and accelerate if their target is in front of them. This looks more realistic, makes missiles more of a threat against AI ships but allows for players to more easily dodge missiles.
    7. Ships now “lock on” to enemies faster if the enemy is a large ship (defined as above 300hp) and slower if it is a small ship (defined as below 150hp). Ground vehicles are locked on quickly as well.
    8. Missiles now do more damage (up to approximately 200%) based on the tracking level when the missile is fired.
    9. Missiles can now be targeted. This will slightly increase a laser’s chance of hitting a missile if it is targeted. Additionally, ground units and capital ship turrets (e.g. the Rebel Base and the Star Destroyer) can shoot down some missiles. This makes ground units more important.
    10. Missiles that hit now do AOE damage, making them more effective at killing troops near targeted ground vehicles, and multiple enemies.
    11. Dual fire concussion missiles have been removed. The upgrade that enabled them will now enable advanced proton torpedoes and advanced concussion missiles to be purchased.
    12. Missiles now have their damage reduced by the target’s shields, however missiles – unlike lasers – will always damage a target it hits.
    13. Missiles now do double damage to capital ships and buildings. These include both bases, the resupply bulk freighters, the ATAT and the Republic Command Ship. Their damage has been reduced by roughly 25%, so missiles now do more damage to capital ships and less damage to regular ships than they used to.
    14. Your dashboard now displays your current target’s shield strength.

    [*] Shield Changes
    Summary: shields have been buffed substantially in effectiveness and regeneration. Shields give you a chance to completely negate “tink” a laser attack. Even if lasers penetrate the shields, the shields will reduce the damage taken substantially. Some lasers that penetrate shields (and all ions that hit a shielded craft) will slowly reduce shield strength.
    1. Shields now regenerate faster. Shield regeneration is still dependent on the pilot’s mechanic ability.
    2. Shields now substantially reduce damage taken from missiles and lasers that penetrate shielding.
    3. When lasers impact a shielded craft, the lasers may penetrate the shields (doing reduced damage), be absorbed by the shield (having no effect), or damage the shields by doing pips of damage. Each level of shielding has pips equal to the maximum shields allowed for the craft. For example, a craft with max shields of 4 will have 16 pips of shielding (4+4+4+4). If this shielded craft is hit by an ion shot of strength 5, it will lose an entire level of shielding and 1 pip into the next level, meaning the ship will now have shields of rank 3 (i.e. 0+3+4+4).

    [*] Changes to Credits and Technounion Data
    1. Credits (i.e. “gold”) have been updated. Credits will be in more demand now because of the expensive new vessels (e.g. Rebel Stock Freighters and the Empire’s Blastboat and Veraxo Droid Ships). Players receive credits from:
      • periodic routine pay based on the number of enemy players you face
      • players receive a 1 credit bounty for every enemy ship they shoot down (you must have the killing blow)
      • this bounty is increased by 5 credits if you shoot down an enemy player
      • ionizing and capturing an enemy ship gives a 5 credit reward (each team can only do this 5 times)
      • you receive 7 credits for returning a Techno Union Data Core
    2. When player heroes are killed, they lose five credits which can be looted from their corpse. Sharing is encouraged.
    3. Heroes start with 1 technology point at the start of the game. Sharing is encouraged to unlock ships at the start.
    4. A Techno Union Data Core has been placed in the center of the map near the droid factory. It is expected that players will rush there at the start and engage in glorious ship and man-to-man combat.
    5. Although the beginning of the game (where the players get their Flare ability) can be skipped, one Techno Union Data Core is lootable during this mission.
    6. When Bulk Freighters (i.e. the supply ships that regenerate bases) are destroyed they now crash into the ground and spill credits for anyone to land and collect.

    [*] Item Changes
    1. All ships are now outfitted with a second item: Targeting Computer. In regular games (Epic + Quick) clicking this will automatically target the current bombing target for your team; usually the enemy base. This makes it easier for bombers (especially rebels) to target enemy bases. This item is also used in some of the new scenarios. In Starfighter Arenas, the Targeting Computer will select the nearest enemy player.
    2. Using your R2 or Mech droid will now instantly reduce hazards in addition to restoring charges to your shield.
    3. Changes have been made to the Imperial modules (i.e. their counterpart to Rebel R2 units). Advanced targeting computers no longer jam enemy tracking when clicked; instead, they instantly target your force’s current bombing target (usually the enemy base) and set your targeting strength to 9. This enables bombers to instantly target an enemy base at long range and fire missiles (as the AI does). The jamming ability that was removed from the targeting computer has now been given to a new Imperial item: the Jamming Beacon, which is also available for purchase.
    4. Rebels may also purchase Advanced Targeting Computers instead of an Astromech droid.
    5. Some basic hero items are available in the Hero Arena for purchase

    [*] Scenario Changes
    Summary: Scenarios are now more tactical and less random. Random scenarios (e.g. changing bombing targets) have been removed. Players must now unlock or implement scenarios with technology points, e.g. the ATAT mission, the shuttle rescue missions. Two new scenarios were added (see New Features at the top). Additional changes include:
    1. The Rebel Prison Break, Sandpeople Kidnapping mission, and the Republic Command Ship ramming mission have had their ground components removed. Players may now start the missions immediately by getting their pilot to the starting area.
    2. The Rebel Prison Break, Sandpeople Kidnapping mission, ATAT, and Republic Ship missions are now purchasable from your base computer for technology points. You do not need to level up your mechanic skill to unlock them.
    3. The Sandpeople Kidnapping mission has had its rewards improved. The victor will now also spawn Sandpeople from their barracks.
    4. The Imperial ATAT mission has been improved so that it is quicker and more tactically useful. The ATAT itself is now approximately 50% faster. Additionally, the ATAT damage has been buffed, making it more deadly when it reaches the rebel base. The ATAT has also had its hit point count increased (though missiles do more damage to ground vehicles now, so this effect is roughly cancelled out). Finally, if the ATAT clears the southern ridge and destroys the Rebels southern barracks, the Star Destroyer is restored to 100% hit points.
    5. The Republic Command Ship ramming mission will now restore the Rebel Base’s hit points to 100% when the ship reaches the Rebel Base. Also, the Republic Command Ship now has an anti-missile laser that automatically takes down one nearby enemy missile every 6 seconds.
    6. When the ATAT or Republic Ship missions are started, the base of the player starting the mission is healed for 1/3 of its health.

    [*] Ground Vehicle Changes
    1. Ground Vehicles now have their own camera allowing better vision when in a vehicle. Use ESC to disengage or re-engage the vehicle camera.
    2. Ground Vehicles have had their standard attacks and special abilities increased in range.
    3. ATSTs and Rebel Tanks now do siege damage, making them greater threats against ground structures. Their attacks can also no longer be reflected by lightsabers.
    4. The Ion Cannon of the ATST and Rebel Tanks has had its duration reduced.

    [*] Optional Features, i.e. “cheats”
    Summary: Cheats are designed to only take effect if both a Rebel and an Imperial enter the cheat. If you are playing against a computer, the computer will automatically enter their cheat, leaving the decision entirely up to the player.
    1. “fully operational” – this cheat unlocks all ships, ship abilities, and advanced missiles for both teams.
    2. “stay on target” – this cheat greatly increases player ship regeneration. The increase is proportional to a pilot’s mechanic skill; so mechanic Heroes are not rendered any less effective, but it does not include R2 or Mech Droid bonuses (which would be unfair to Imperials). Those droids still increase regeneration, but they do so at the same rate they would without this cheat.
    3. “no reward is worth this” – a one-time credit cheat that gives players 100 credits.
    4. “if you only knew the power” – increases Hero level to 6 at the start
    5. “now this is pod racing” – activates HYPER MODE, which almost doubles the speed of the game. It is not recommended for Battle.Net play, but can be fun in LAN or solo play.
    6. “slow down” will deactivate HYPER MODE.
    7. “Han shot first” – functionless
    8. “Greedo shot first” – will insult the player who typed it and rob him of credits.

Cosmetic Changes
  1. The Rebel victory cinematic has been greatly improved
  2. Added a sky visible primarily during the ship spawn cinematic when Imperial players board a ship
  3. The Dashboard now only appears when you are in a ship, and disappears (rather than just minimizes) when you are out of a ship. This makes me very excited.
  4. The Gamorrean sniper’s Aimbot ability now shoots a steady laser instead of a squiggly laser.
  5. When Bulk Freighters (i.e. the supply ships that regenerate bases) are destroyed they now crash into the ground and leave remains.
  6. laser fire now comes from the tips of the cannons more accurately (e.g. Z95 laser fire no longer can be seen coming down the barrel)
  7. The timer on the northern radar mission is now “Radar Mission” rather than “Mission Timer”
  8. Heroes and commanders are slightly smaller
  9. Bounty hunter replaced with a dewback commander in starting rebel zone.
  10. Help menus for selecting droids, modules and Stock Freighter upgrades now display in cinematic mode rather than in text.
  11. Ships are now less bouncy when flying near cliffs.
  12. When ships hit terrain there is now a special effect.
  13. Rebel players are now named for colors (e.g. Red Squad) and Imperials are named for letters of the Greek alphabet (e.g. Alpha Squad)
  14. When the camera distance fades out (as when using a probe droid), it does so more smoothly.
  15. Rebels now get control of their ship a bit faster when exiting their hanger.
  16. The Land Mine ability of the Gran Mechanics now has a better explosion graphic.
  17. When Barracks or Shipyards are destroyed their shells remains intact for cosmetic effect.
  18. Shortened the Imperial Victory cinematic slightly and resized the Gran who is dropped out of the Star Destroyer.
  19. The Imperial Star Destroyer’s death animation no longer uses the death texture. This texture was excellent, but had to be sacrificed to make the map playable on Battle.Net.
  20. To remove text clutter, some notifications have been put on cooldown timers.
  21. I’ve added text above the Rebel’s Base Computer for easier identification.
  22. I’ve added a few more proper names to the heroes.
  23. The rebel base now has more realistic terrain rather than just a flat base.
  24. When Bulk Freighters arrive to repair the main base, they now fade out of existence instead of vanishing.
  25. Improved the Empire’s ending cinematic slightly.
  26. Concussion missiles have a new model and launch sound: Rocket by Will Almighty (thanks Will!)
  27. Improved camera shaking when hit with a missile or the Republic ship rams the Star Destroyer
  28. Turrets on the Star Destroyer have had their flying height adjusted to look more realistic.
  29. Weapon types have been updated with accurate text, e.g. ground unit laser attacks indicate that they can be reflected by lightsabers.
  30. Xwings now explode rather than shake and fall to the ground upon death.
  31. PvP kills are now announced.
  32. Players can now skip the ending cinematics

Minor Fixes
  1. Numerous hero disappearance bugs were fixed (so sorry!). I have also added a Hero recovery button in the Help Menu in case I missed any.
  2. Fixed bugs that would shrink the multiboard in multiplayer
  3. Fixed bug that made it difficult to purchase upgrades when other players were opening or closing their multiboard.
  4. Stormtrooper firing sound fixed
  5. Fixed bug where R2 and Mech Droids did not increase Hazard recovery (so sorry, but they did help shield recovery as intended)
  6. Cannons on SD now blown up during Rebel victory rather than floating oddly
  7. coding efficiency has been slightly improved
  8. fixed a few AI bugs that caused some enemy ships to fly to the center and kill themselves
  9. fixed a bug where Imperial players heard death screams at the start of the match
  10. Imperial bombers no longer suicide into a cliff after making their attack run against the Rebel base.
  11. TIE acceleration sounds were reduced in volume slightly
  12. A bug causing missiles to turn away from their target upon first firing has finally been found and fixed.
  13. TIE Bomber’s Aerial Mines will now do much less damage to Hero units (square root transformation)
  14. fixed exploit with Aerial Mines
  15. fixed bug where a player’s ship that was landed would not play death animation when killed
  16. Heroes can no longer attack trees
  17. Fixed a minor camera bug with auto-missiles
  18. A button has been added to the help menu to recover your dashboard if it disappears in multiplayer play; but this may be unnecessary since I fixed the bug.
  19. The Shield buffs now update more rapidly so you should know exactly when you lose a level of shields.
  20. Fixed a bug that prevented Imperial Heroes from storming the Rebel base during victory; you should now see your hero if you win as Imperials
  21. fixed some animation bugs associated with the Bwing’s transform from travel to attack when reboarding a Bwing


  • Kobas
  • Mechanical Man
  • Aesthetics
  • Vexorian
Loading Screen/Map Preview Image:
  • AL Meerow
  • Nick Kurochkin
  • Star Warriors board game by West End Games
  • Paulo Gabriel (icon)
  • for sound effects
  • Alien spaceship pack by Morbid & Amigurumi
  • Tim - TIE Interceptor (roll animation added by Ikillforeyou), TIE advanced
  • Iron Warrior - Gear Aura, ATAT, TIE fighter
  • Olof Moleman - ATST/AAT, R2, TechnoUnionShip, Dewback, Gran, Republic Assault Ship, Tuskans, Clone trooper, Rebel Turret, JangoFett, Battledroid, DarthRevan
  • Illidan(Evil)X models: Bwing, Awing, Blastboat, Ywing, Z-95, Lasers
  • Armel – Star Destroyer
  • Rebel Base – Elunes-Guardian
  • SYC + Cotton– Supply Freighter, Veraxo Droid Ship
  • Domokun – Xwing
  • Kwaliti – Jedi
  • SataX – Heliport
  • Will Almighty – concussion missiles, explosions
  • Max666 – Proton Torpedoes
  • The_Silent - thrusters/brakes icon, Installation computer
  • Teaspoon - water mine
  • Cavman - UTN Regular
  • ChirusHighWind - Sniper Target (final)
  • Tranquil - the Snipe Target Green/Red
  • [email protected] - Desert_50cal
  • Naro - slip Icons
  • Game_slave - Sci-Fi Tilesets
  • Frankster - Space Orc
  • Fingolfin - Parachute

Fixed minimap picture to distinguish this version from the Battle for Tatooine classic.

Author's notes:

Thanks everyone for all the support over the years. I had a great time making the map, and I hope you enjoy it. I’ll try to fix any bugs or balance issues as they occur. I’m planning to finish my campaign next, which has mini-games similar to this. I want to thank everyone at the Hive for helping with innumerable issues. In particular, VengeanceKael, Fingolfin, and Fan.Of.Anonymous who provided invaluable support. The helpful posters on the forums are simply too long to list, but a sincere thank you to all those who haunt the forums and give us a hand up when we are getting down.

To keep the file under 8MB I had to use the Wc3 Optimizer which makes the uploaded version of the game unopenable in the World Editor. I am more than happy to share the code though. You can find an openable version of the map here as long as the Pastebin will hold it. If the link goes inactive, send me a private message here at the Hive and I’ll get you another. All triggers were done in the native editor, though I used custom script for leak removal, some unit orders, multiboard features, and unit movement:

Uncompressed Version:

Known Issues:
  • If the Gamorrean Sniper dies while in rage form, he may not respawn with all of his abilities. Recasting Rage at spawn will fix the issue.

[Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

Star Wars, Battle for Tatooine, Dog fighting, Single Player, Co-op, Cooperative, Flying

Battle for Tatooine - GOLD (Map)

20:11, 2nd May 2016 Ardenian: Ardenian's Review Gameplay I have to say, when I first played it I was very impressed. Who does not dream of controlling a spaceship and shooting down enemies ? It is obvious there is a lot of work behind this...
Battle of Tatooine - GOLD is an upgraded version of the highly unique and uber quality original Battle of Tatooine. It'll leave everyone impressedl; Star Wars and Warcraft fans alike. 5/5. Oh, and Happy Star Wars day! #MayThe4thBeWithYou




20:11, 2nd May 2016

Ardenian's Review

I have to say, when I first played it I was very impressed.
Who does not dream of controlling a spaceship and shooting down enemies ?
It is obvious there is a lot of work behind this map.

However, besides the spaceship battles, the gameplay is poor and not exciting.
One can basically do nothing than running around, collecting the points and killing one or another creep.
It feels as if you spent all your focus on the spaceships forgetting a bit about the common gameplay.
Most games I played in multi-player did not end because one faction killed another, but because the AI tends to destroy the bases easily, missing balance.
I wished the AI would play a less important role, with a stronger focus on the player decisions.

Cliffs were not visible enough. I often died though I did not consider it clashing with the cliffs.
This is most likely caused due to using default ones.

Good job on the cinematic sequences! Especially the ending cinematic of the Imperium defeat was very creative and well-done!

The terrain was not enjoyable. As you used a lot of default doodads, they poorly clashed with the spaceship models.
Tile variation was often missing, too. I know Tatooine has not super exciting terrain, but your terrain is a great drawback on your map's quality.

I approve this map with a rating of 3/5, since this map is too creative to not be approved.
However, you can greatly improve the map, there are many points you can work on.
I hope we see a lot of updates in the future!
Just tested the map, here's my review

Well, what can I say..

- Decent gameplay
- Decent preview image and loading screen
- Multiplayer
- Difficulties
- AI difficulties
- Possibility to play alone against AI

My only complaint is the terrain, it needs improvements + some spelling mistakes at the cinematic, and maybe more items, shops

I'll rate it 4/5, will change my rating when updates/modifications are made.
Level 8
Dec 30, 2013
Very nice map, it captures the feel of Star Wars with its awesome sound effects. The gameplay is really well done, ground combat is okay, but in space its like very engaging. Unfortunately I suck at it ( I lose even on Jar Jar difficulty xd), but it is still very fun to play.
Level 14
Aug 30, 2004
Thanks everyone for the feedback.


A few of you have suggested some terrain improvements. I do think terrain is my weakness, so I'm happy to see any more concrete suggestions. I removed a lot of the Blizzard cliffs, but I still need some to work as a barrier to the ships.

I'd love to include more custom doodads, but as you can see from the size I don't have much room left (the sound effects and models take up a lot of room). Again, if anyone had some specific suggestions I'm all ears. If any friendly terrainers wanted to take a crack at it, let me know. I can get you an uncompressed version (there should still be one in the pastebin. After you play with the terrain I can go back and make sure the AI works appropriately.


Thanks for the comments and approving my map. I'm glad you liked the Rebel victory cinematic; I was rather proud of that when I finished.

I am a bit worried though, that you just want me to have made a different game. I did indeed concentrate on ship to ship combat, and I streamlined the ground combat so that there's less for this version. I added a Hero Arena for those who just want to play ground heroes, but that's certainly not the focus, and if the game were just the Hero Arena I don't think it would be approved. There is more than just ship-to-ship combat though. There are cannons in the mid, base cannons with auto-control missiles, the ATAT mission, the Republic Ship mission, two escort quests, the vulture attack, and the bomb silo mission. There are a few hidden "tomes" as well to level up your hero. Mind you, most of this does involve the ship-combat system, but that's what I consider the "real" part of the game.

Similarly, the game is built as an AOS with custom physics, so I thought it was normal that bases are destroyed by AI-controlled units that the players defend, upgrade, and so on. If the AI-ships are too annoying, there is a Ship Arena mode (it only shows up in multi-player), that lets players fight just between themselves.


Thank you for the review as well. As I mentioned above, I'll look into terrain options. I couldn't find any spelling mistakes though; could you be more specific? Did anyone else see any misspelled words?


I think I have enough room to put in some custom tree models, but my worry with those are that there aren't that many variations. It might look terrible having the exact same tree over and over again. I suppose I could change their rotation. Anyway, if you'd like to pick a barren's style tree for me, I'll happily put it in my folder and fix them for the next version. Be wary of the file size please.


Thanks again. Did you have a chance to play the Imperial Veraxo Droid Ship? I thought the drones would be kind of fun in multiplayer.


Thanks for your support; both here and while I was developing it.


Thanks to you as well. Sorry the update was so long in the making. I really just didn't have any drive until I thought of the new Auxiliary Power system. I figured that would give me the option of adding a lot of new fun abilities. I hope you like it.


I'm sorry it's so tough! That can be annoying. I've toned it down a bit (the original AI just murdered me every time I left the hanger, so I adjusted). Anyway, there are some tutorial videos linked in the map description here on the Hive, so take a look at those if you need some hints. Also, there are some cheats (look under Quests in game or in the description above) that can help you a bit. There's one that increases player regeneration by a bit that I recommend for newer players.

Also, don't feel bad about the Jar Jar setting. That applies to all AI ships, not just your enemies. It's a setting for AI, not an easy mode.
Level 14
Aug 30, 2004
Is this a hacked version? Because I played the original version and it lasts longer than 5 minutes. In this version the game ends so fast....

I'm a bit confused. Did the game end after five minutes, or did you just see a timer for five minutes?

In the "epic game" mode, the bases are invulnerable for the first 5 minutes so that players can do the introduction, maybe gather some tech, etc. After that, the bases become killable as normal.
Level 3
Jul 9, 2012
Some comments/suggestions:

People still play even 20MB+ maps a lot on (I'm hating for sticking to restricting stuffs)

and so pls pls pls, continue on with over official 8MB limit versions (I mean over 8MB even if compressed)...

That Bnet/LAN mapsize update by Blizzard might not happen anytime soon. But there's that 8MB 3rd party patch listed here on Hive Tools though and tried and used by a lot & confirmed tested working on Bnet.

Adding a snowy environment change seems badass... ? (such as those in the recent star wars movies) instead of the barrens maptype (oh, right it would no longer be "for Tatooine" then eh?!?). Maybe add some well-loved classic models? I know revan and boba fett model is already on the map, I'm sure most people want the vader prescence. I've backread about that hero unit spell that makes flying ships crash into each other (similar to starkiller force pull, right?)... I like that but maybe a nerf such that make it's really slow and far from instacast, also pilots could always parachute out, perhaps.

I also suggest to edit the camera bounds, such as in hero arena mode OR stick to entire mapbounds and add -mode or -votemode command so we can change modes in case we wanted explore other areas.
Level 14
Aug 30, 2004

Thanks for the feedback. I was actually not aware that it was even possible to go over the 8MB limit for online play. I'll look into those options. I'm off map-making for a few months at least (need to apply some effort at my job), but I'll keep it in mind when I come back.

I agree with you regarding the terrain. If I had to do it over again I'd definitely use Icecrown terrain I think. I believe I picked Tatooine because there were so many good models for it, e.g. Sandpeople, dewbacks, those skifts I buried in the sands.

I'm not sure I understand your request about the camera bounds. In the original version, I blacked out the southern areas (e.g. inside the star destroyer, inside the technounion ships), unless you were in them. But during the update it started bugging. I spent a couple days trying to figure out what the bug was but was never able to. I ended up just scrapping the boundaries so players can scan the entire map when they're controlling their hero on the ground. The ingame camera can be toggled with the ESC key (unless you're in a ship, in which case it's always locked on you).

Thanks for the feedback. I was a bit worried that this map wasn't getting a lot of feedback, but it does appear to have been downloaded a lot so maybe I should take heart in that.


Some comments/suggestions:

People still play even 20MB+ maps a lot on (I'm hating for sticking to restricting stuffs)

and so pls pls pls, continue on with over official 8MB limit versions (I mean over 8MB even if compressed)...

That Bnet/LAN mapsize update by Blizzard might not happen anytime soon. But there's that 8MB 3rd party patch listed here on Hive Tools though and tried and used by a lot & confirmed tested working on Bnet.

Adding a snowy environment change seems badass... ? (such as those in the recent star wars movies) instead of the barrens maptype (oh, right it would no longer be "for Tatooine" then eh?!?). Maybe add some well-loved classic models? I know revan and boba fett model is already on the map, I'm sure most people want the vader prescence. I've backread about that hero unit spell that makes flying ships crash into each other (similar to starkiller force pull, right?)... I like that but maybe a nerf such that make it's really slow and far from instacast, also pilots could always parachute out, perhaps.

I also suggest to edit the camera bounds, such as in hero arena mode OR stick to entire mapbounds and add -mode or -votemode command so we can change modes in case we wanted explore other areas.
Level 3
Jul 9, 2012
Yeah iirc, I saw these Chinese forums who had first had this patched Game.DLL... lots a years back (4+ I think). It mainly worked for LAN but more recently 3rd party patch with better compatibility was released wherein you can play on BNET even on PvPgns BNETs on pre 1.26a and even past 1.27a Warcraft 3 version, as it claims.
Last edited: