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First Orc Book of Arkain (Patch 1.29.2 or newer!)

This bundle is marked as director's cut. It exceeds all expectations and excels in every regard.

! No longer updated !
Check out the
True Story of Arkain for updates!


A Campaign Series made by Shar Dundred

! Requires Version 1.29.2 or newer !
You are not allowed to publish any edited version of any Arkain map! This includes but is not limited to Reforged edits!


The Orc Clans were crippled by the other races when they tried to conquer the continent long ago. Now the remaining clans fight both each other as well as the other races. They control only small areas and everytime they manage to conquer more, either the Imperial Army or Demon Legions come to take it away from them.
But now, a new generation of proud Orcs prepares to continue where their ancestors failed and take the land their people need.
Take control of Rangul, high ranking member of the Deathbreeze Clan, and his clan to unite the Orcs under one banner and fight everyone who stands between the Orcs and their wish to take the Kingdoms for themselves.

Campaign Series Info

The Legends of Arkain is a campaign series which takes place on the world Arkain.
The races of Arkain fight against the demon invaders, who try once again to enslave every being on Arkain. The Humans, the Orcs and the Undead will have to make a stand against them... or face complete annihilation or enslavement by the Demons.
This campaign series will consist of actually three different series. There will be a Human, an Orc and an Undead campaign series. They will all run in the same timeline but will present three different stories and outcomes. When they are all finished, it's completely up to you, who wins this conflict.
Those, who win the war, will write the history.

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Let's Play made by @Jayborino!


- Three different storylines/campaign series
Take control of one of the three factions, the proud Humans of the Empire, the plundering and strong Orc Clans or the mysterious Undead Nexus and their endless army of the dead, and face the demonic invasion as well as other struggles that await you.
- New units
Command units, you already know, as well as completely new units with new upgrades and abilities.
- Decide the fate of Arkain
At some points of the campaigns, you'll have the opportunity to decide things, that affect the storyline, characters and sometimes even the chapters you play or how you have to play them. By doing or, well, not doing certain side quests, you can also affect the campaign.
- Three difficulties
You can play the campaign in either easy, normal oder hard difficulty, just like in the original WC3 campaigns. It will impact on the AI difficulty and scripting as well as other minor changes.
In easy version, for example, the AI won't rebuilt lost buildings.

- Full Jass AI
In this campaign series, every single AI is written in Jass instead of being created with the AI editor. This makes the AI more intelligent.
- Universal Hero hotkeys
All hero abilities use the QWER hotkeys.


The Human Empire
There have always been Humans on Arkain. The Human kingdoms and their allies, the Elves and Dwarves, have fought the Demons for centuries while also being attacked by orc pillagers. They had no chance against the demons and were already close to annihilation, when the Empire showed up.
They came over the Great Sea in the west and saved the kingdoms, who immediately joined the Empire in return. The Humans still fight the Demons and more and more of them join the fight against their old suppressors.
The Humans already tried to get rid of the Demons for good, but they failed. However, they continue fighting and won't stop until there are no humans or enemies of humanity anymore.
The current Emperor is Theodor the Second.

The Orcish Clans

Legends say that the Orcs hail from another continent and then spread all over the kingdoms. But not even the oldest Orcs can tell, if that's the true or the Orcs have been here all the time, just like the other races.
But it is known that the united clans attacking absolutely everything and everyone they met and conquered a large territory. It did work for a while, but not long. The other races, especially the Demons, who were very angry about that insult, brought the fight to them and massacred half of the green skins.
The Orcs had to retreat and lost much of their territory. The only reason, why half of them are still there, is that their enemies fought among each other as well.
The Orc Clans allied with the Trolls, to increase their strengh, but still didn't manage to gather an army, that was comparable to their old numbers. Since they weren't able to begin their another huge conquest, the clans stopped working together and some old rivalries amongst the clans became important again.
Still, they managed to raid the other races and remain an annoyance for the other factions. There are still many Orcs left, which could prove to be a strong force, if they'd be united under a strong leader.

The Undead Nexus

The Undead are the most mysterious race of Arkain. Of course, necromancers and necrolytes are not unknown and have always summoned some undead servants to do their bidding, but the Undead as a complete race are a mystery to all creatures.
Once, a group of mighty necromancers, who became insane because of their immense power, believed they could rule the world with an army of the Living Dead. However, only days after they began attacking the Human kingdoms, they simply vanished. Their armies were gone and only the remains of the corpses were proof, that they ever existed.
What no mortal and no Demon knows, is, that a powerful Archlich, Aridon the Watcher, self-proclaimed guardian of Arkain, took care of them. He has the ability to take control of every Undead, he wants to control. He uses this power only, to make sure, that besides him is no one, who can form a real army of Undead. He always made the Undead kill their masters and reanimated them as his loyal servants.
The only mighty Undead, not currently living on the Dead Mountain, are guarding old temples and ruins, which contain artifacts, not meant to fall in the hands of neither mortals nor Demons. Still, they all call Aridon their master.
Aridon and his Undead live on the so called Dead Mountain, which lies within the Human kingdoms. Every sent expedition on this mountain never returned, so the Humans decided to simply ignore it and built a garrison to watch over the only entrance to the mountain.
Aridon claims to be as old as the world itself and has seen the rise and fall of races and nations. His goal is to maintain the balance of the world - or at least, what he sees as balance. He stayed out of every conflict and only watched for millenia.
But recent events force Aridon to end his idleness and take action himself instead of only manipulating others. He'll have to make the world know about the Undead - and give reason to fear them.

The Demon Legions

If there are any creatures besides the Undead Lord Aridon, who are as old as Arkain itself, than it must be the Demons. These creatures have been the bane of Arkain for a long, long time. If their history contains anything else than attacking and enslaving other races, than only the Demons know about it.
Every Demon Legion is lead by its most powerful Dreadlord. Who is the one, who commands all Legions, is unknown to every non-demon.
The Demons' realm lies in the East of the continent and is seperated by a bottomless rift, the so called Void. No one, except for Demons and their slaves, has ever been on the other side of the Void. The Void is so heavy fortified by the Demons, that they managed to block every attack there. The Void is also the place where the Imperial Army was defeated during their Great Attack.
Now, the Demons seem to begin another great offensive against the other races. And this time, they are determined to be victorious and won't show any mercy.


Rangul grew up as a usual member of the Deathbreeze Clan. His abilities and dedication to his race along with his strength made him rise up the ranks quite fast. He now serves as the first and most trusted Lieutenant of the chieftain. He plans to form the Orcs from simple pillagers to a proud and strong army which would be strong enough to conquer the lands of the Humans. He's intelligent and always thinks before he acts since he knows that any mistake could ruin his plan.
Rath Wolfscar
Rath Wolfscar is the leader of the Raiders from the Darkmind Clan. He lead some pillages against the Humans himself and earned much respect in his clan. However, one day his clan made a huge mistake and was destroyed by the Imperial armies. They killed many warriors - and also women and children since they wanted to destroy the clan completely. Rath's hatred for the Imperials knows no bounds and he'll take every opportunity to take revenge.
Zairmak is one of the most powerful warlocks of the Orcs. No one knows how old he really is, but it's most likely that he's the oldest Orc who is still alive and knows secrets of the old times, he doesn't share with anyone. He gained control over the Ravaging Fire Clan years ago although only half of his clan supports him. He is feared among all clans and many respect him both for his age and his power. Underestimating him because of his age has proven to be a huge mistake in the past.
Vanessa grew up as the daughter of a lesser noble in the Human Kingdoms. When she was five years old, the mansion of her father was raided by the Deathbreeze Clan. Due to the absence of her father, they managed to defeat the guards and take everything they could find. Somehow, the girl wasn't terrified by the strange creatures and didn't hide. She was found by the Orcs and their leader, the young Rangul, decided to take her with him instead of killing her. She grew up among the Orcs and was even accepted as a member of the clan - at least by the chieftain and half of the clan. Many dislike her for still being a Human instead of an Orc. Still, she dedicates her life towards Rangul and the Deathbreeze Clan.
Sasrogarn is Rangul's eldest son and a strong spellcaster - like his father. He is Rangul's left hand and one of the few Orcs who already know of his plans and support him. Sasrogarn shares the dream of his father and has sworn that he'd carry on his dream in case his father dies. But he doesn't share the patience of his father and approves of taking a more direct and aggressive approach.








- Initial release

- Minor fixes

Chapter Two:
- Added new ranged unit

Chapter Seven:
- Paladins inside the citadel no longer have Resurrection
- Made ally more useful

Chapter Eight:
- No more fights in the ending cinematic

Chapter Nine:
- Fixed AIs

- Fixed Epilogue

- AI heroes now gain additional levels on Hard difficulty when they are supposed to
- High level Demon units can no longer be charmed
- Demon units don't take any damage from Holy Light anymore
- Demon units now take damage from Death Coil
- Activated latest melee patch for all maps that were still not up to date
- Blen's Neccessary Meassures spell was replaced with Imperial Edict
- Nerfed Giant Skeleton Warrior by removing Resistant Skin and Hardened Skin
- Increased damage of Destructors by 3
- Changed Armor Type of Eredar Warriors, Eredar Wrathguards and Eredar Grandmasters from Medium to Large
- Several model changes
- Decreased range of Dragon Lancers from 800 to 700
- Decreased Warlord damage by 3
- Necrolytes no longer have full mana after being recruited

Chapter One:
- Removed one Footman from the mansion
- Added a few Footmen to the village
- Added a Pitlord

Chapter Two:
- Added more elven and dwarven units

Chapter Three:
- Added more enemy units to the bases

Chapter Five:
- Improved all Clans' defenses (except the players')
- Added a Goblin Merchant to the map

Chapter Six:
- All Demon units now belong to the Blooddrinker Legion
- Added Pit Lord

Chapter Seven:
- Paladins have been replaced with Knight Commanders which use Parry instead of Divine Shield
- The Knight Commanders inside the Fortress have Ressurrection again
- Empowered Theoden by giving him his Amulet of Discipline and a Necklace of Spell Immunity
- The Player starts with two additional Grunts
- Increased the gold from the player's first gold mine by 10,000

Chapter Eight:
- Players can no longer recruit Dragon Lancers
- Added new enemy AI
- Grey and Blue now fight each other actively
- Added Pitlord

Chapter Nine:
- Replaced Soul Burn of Progaderas with Mass Soul Burn
- Progaderas now has Spell Immunity
- Players can no longer recruit Dragon Lancers
- Changed some units that were spawned by destroying enemy buildings
- Added two Watch Towers for the player
- Added two big waves ordered by General Cleavehand himself
- Lerrig now retreats once his Castle is destroyed
- Added more dialogues
- Demons now all belong to Neutral Hostile and won't randomly attack
- The Main Quest and the Paladin side quest are now completed properly

Chapter Nine:
- Fixed Mass Soul Burn

- Various fixes

- The campaign no longer uses the latest melee patch due to several balance changes messing up things, a few unit changes still apply to the campaign however

Interlude One:
- Fixed an issue where the prologue would crash in version 1.30.1

- Spirit Legionnaires no longer have the Curse ability

Chapter Seven:
- Slightly edited the ending cutscene (Vanessa will no longer fancy the idea of becoming "Empress of all mankind")

Chapter Nine:
- Added a few guards for the three main bases of the Imperials
- Removed two lines at the end of the chapter

- Fixed the amount of passed years in the first two chapters to the correct value

Chapter Nine:
- Fixed the knight movement in the intro cinematic
- Players now start with Arcanite Weapons and Armor instead of Steel
- Increased food limit to 120 & upkeep from 50/80 to 80/100
- The Undead base is no longer invulnerable

- Upkeep reworked: Low Upkeep now gives you 8 instead of 7 gold and High Upkeep now gives you 6 instead of 4 gold

- Fixed Batrider model

Chapter Two:
- Due to some people still having issues with the Interlude: The Beginning due to bugs in some Blizzard patches, Chapter Two is now also unlocked upon finishing Chapter One

Chapter Five:
- Fixed handicap for Easy difficulty

- Fixed triggers that would not be working anymore after loading in newer versions of the game
- Adjusted several Vanessa dialogues from Chapter Seven onwards

Chapter One:
- Changed player color to Emerald
- Renamed Fishbarn to Village of Fishbarn
- Renamed Salesbury to Salesbury Militia
- Renamed Guards to Mansion Guards

Interlude One:
- Changed player color to Emerald

Chapter Two:
- Changed player color to Emerald

Interlude Two:
- Changed player color to Emerald
- Changed the color of the Darkmind Clan to Navy

Chapter Three:
- Changed player color to Emerald
- Changed the color of the Darkmind Clan to Navy
- Changed the color of the Kasrkin to Dark Green
- Renamed the Imperial Rearguard to Phoenix Regiment
- Changed the color of the Phoenix Regiment to Red
- Adjusted the hero of the Phoenix Regiment accordingly

Chapter Four:
- Changed player color to Emerald

Chapter Five:
- Changed player color to Emerald
- Changed the color of the Darkmind Clan to Navy
- Increased the gold required to finish the Side Quest from 4000 to 6000

Chapter Six:
- Changed player color to Emerald
- Changed the color of the Knights of Kome to Peach
- Renamed the Imperial Army factions to Bull Regiment and Falcon Regiment

Chapter Seven:
- Changed player color to Emerald
- Changed the color of all Knights of Kome factions to Peach

Chapter Eight:
- Changed player color to Emerald
- Changed the color of the Imperial Army to Light Blue

Chapter Nine:
- Changed player color to Navy
- Changed the color of Lerrig's Soldiers to Light Blue
- Changed the color of the Deathbreeze Clan to Emerald
- Added Cleaving Attack for Selior
- Replaced Selior's Vengeance ability with Justice
- Renamed the Imperial Border Guard to Bear Regiment
- Several dialogue and trigger adjustments

- Changed player color to Emerald

Models & Skins:
Blizzard Entertainment
Wandering Soul
Uncle Fester
Mc !
Dark Hunter1357
Dmitry Rommel
Shar Dundred
Uljimasa Hojo
Mechanical Man

Blizzard Entertainment
Uncle Fester
Shar Dundred
Uljimasa Hojo
Eagle XI

Campaign Preview Screen:

Campaign Logo:

Campaign Chief Development Tester and Grammar Genius:

Everything else made by:
Shar Dundred

First Supporters:
Theoden of KoMe
Veritas 117

Please contact me via PM if I forgot to give you credit for your resource!

To Blizzard Entertainment for this great game.
To Turnro whose great campaigns inspired me to revive this old project.
To Jayborino for his enjoyable let's play projects of the Arkain series!
To all who supported this project.
And very many special thanks to Kasrkin, who supported the creation of this project in many ways!

Feel free to post your suggestions, opinions and questions!
Please report any bugs!

Here you can find the old 1.27 version of the campaign.
Keep in mind that it is no longer being maintained!

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Legends of Arkain First Orc Book (Campaign)

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Level 2
Jun 6, 2023
Hello 0/
I am stuck on chapter 9, the game just freezes or crushes at the begining of the mission =(
When I was playing first human book there were occasional crashes here and there, but it was playable, but I am stuck now =(
Playing on battle.net reforged version, it is 1.31 currently, or something like that.
Any ideas what to do? Description says game should be 1.29.2 or higher - mine is that :D
Please help! =( THis campaings are so great, I want to continue =(
Level 29
May 14, 2021
Hello 0/
I am stuck on chapter 9, the game just freezes or crushes at the begining of the mission =(
When I was playing first human book there were occasional crashes here and there, but it was playable, but I am stuck now =(
Playing on battle.net reforged version, it is 1.31 currently, or something like that.
Any ideas what to do? Description says game should be 1.29.2 or higher - mine is that :D
Please help! =( THis campaings are so great, I want to continue =(
You should use the version that you mentioned on the description (1.29.2), as author per se. Higher versions can increase the risk of game crashing when you play the custom campaigns.
Also, 1.31 is not a Battle.net Reforged version. The latest one was 1.36, which has a custom campaigns. However, it is best to revert back to older versions if you don't want numerous issues.
Level 4
Apr 10, 2020
hi WC 3 players and DEV. May i ask why in this campaign in the first mission ( Chapter 1 ) Rangul rides an wolf which looks cool and later on mission 2 ( Chapter 2 ) he rides an different animal an wild boar ? My point here is you could keep him that way of riding an wolf :(
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