Elite Siege Engine - The Übertank

This bundle is marked as director's cut. It meets all expectations and excels in every regard.

Team Green Quality presents...
Elite Siege Engine
The Fenrir-class siege engine has been developed by the Ironforge Engineer Corps during the aftermath of the Third War.
With the Troggs and Frostmane trolls all around Ironforge, it was dangerous for King Magni Bronzebeard to leave his city
without heavy guard, and a siege engine capable of incinerating ground targets was the perfect solution. The Fenrir-class
Siege Engine is a heavy support vehicle, often used as a commander on the front lines. Armed with a devastating 150mm
Pounder-class cannon capable of firing mortar shells to incredible distances as well as main combat anti-armor shells, a
deadly Dragonfire-class Flamethrower capable of burning ground targets 30 meters in front of the tank and armor-piercing
Gryphon-class anti-air auto-targeted barrage missiles, it truly is a beast on the battlefield.

Also known as the Übertank. The model was made for the first Paired Modeling\Texturing Contest here at the Hive, also known as 'TAGTEAM BITCHFEST 3000', by me and l0w_kwaliti. We entered under the team name 'Green Quality'.

HUGE thanks, of course, to l0w_kwaliti, for pretty much making this model real. Without his help it would be a complete and utter piece of crap. He helped me out a lot with the model during its creation, taught me a lot I didn't know about modeling and pretty much 'made the dream possible'. And of course, not to forget the über textures he's made for the model!

I'd also like to thank TurieL and his Rifleman Elite model for inspiring me in the first place, before I joined with l0w_kwaliti for the Paired Modeling\Texturing contest. I think his model is one of the best ones around. It's got it's own 'charm' while still being Warcraft 3-like.

The model contains a completely optional external portrait model, featuring the Tank's pilot, which contains a talking animation. You are in no way required to use this external portrait and its accompanying texture, 'EliteSiegeEnginePortrait.blp', as the model features an internal portrait featuring a slightly zoomed-out view on the tank itself. For those who wish to preserve a low file-size in their maps, it is recommended NOT to import "EliteSiegeEngine_Portrait.mdx" and "EliteSiegeEnginePortrait.blp". For those who still have plenty of file-size left to use, however, it is recommended to use the external portrait file as its quality is higher and it is more fitting for a hero unit.

Also included is a version without Hero Glow which can be used a unit rather than a hero. Decay and Dissipate animations are both included!

If you use this model, you must credit Kwaliti / l0w_kwaliti. I do not require credits, but it would be nice to include me in you credit list if you use this model. (However, crediting Kwaliti is a must). If you modify the model, please let me know in a PM! Do not modify the texture without Kwaliti's direct permission. Please do not upload this model on any other site.

Also! If you use this model in your project, be sure to also use one (or both) of these awesome icons made by Mr.Goblin:

Uber, Tank, Übertank, Über, Fenrir, Fenris, Wolf, Siege, Engine, Machine, Train, Snow, Dwarf, Dwarven, Assault, Combat, Heavy, Ironforge, Vehicle.

Elite Siege Engine - The Übertank (Dwarf Portrait) (Model)

Elite Siege Engine - The Übertank (Hero) (Model)

Elite Siege Engine - The Übertank (Unit, No Hero Glow) (Model)

21:29, 7th Sep 2010 General Frank: Impressive work you did there. The texture is awesome and the animations are nicely done. Works in-game. Approved. Will get rating after the contest.




21:29, 7th Sep 2010
General Frank:

Impressive work you did there. The texture is awesome and the animations are nicely done.
Works in-game. Approved. Will get rating after the contest.
Level 8
Jan 12, 2010
Holy freaking crap! That’s one badass tank... :goblin_wtf:

I think even the word uber doesn't come close to the sheer epicness of this tank... I love the dwarven pilot portrait it comes with as well, this reminds me so much of my younger days playing StarCraft and raining death on units with the good old siege tank... :grin:

The only thing I would suggest changing is the fact the tank looks a little to bright, comparing to the coloring on the siege engine it looks a little to pale to me, but I suppose that could just be darkened by adjusting the RGB within the editor.

But this tank is just FAR to epic not give a 5/5 with some well deserved + rep... :thumbs_up:


Level 4
Oct 22, 2004
I always thought the WoW versions looked radically different. The dwarves have been re-designing these things practically constantly. Somebody could do a siege engines through the ages map starting with the wrecking ball model from beta. :)

Excellent job on making a "modern" version of the siege vehicle for War3 and also on getting the similarities of the designs to show through.
Level 9
Aug 27, 2009
It's not just epic, it also have the WC3 style painted all over itself. This is a true 7/5 as I've never seen a tank model fiting WC3 even more then the WC3 tank!

5/5 (If 7/5 was possible, I would give) and +rep!
- This reminds me; The model section needs a approve / reject function for the users, so I can approve this. :p
Level 1
Oct 25, 2008
Truly and epic feat! Now if only someone would make a cathedral type building like the ones the scarlet onslaught use...
Level 6
Feb 10, 2011
Darn, No matter what i try i cant get this to work in maps i convert to roc still 5/5 cause its awesome and great on tft.

/e: Got it working on RoC to, just had to import some other textures :p
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