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  • Uhm, when you graduate, you will realize that fun should be toned down. I can't sacrifice education for fun, just like I did as an undergraduate. You will then realize that your future relies on what and how you study. Also, since I experienced a rejection in one of the masters, I honestly can't fall into that trap of being a teenager anymore. I had my fun, I won't stop having fun, but it won't be an obstacle to my studies either.
    Haha, nice image you created there with the Tidehunter :)
    Master applications, master program is a program that a student attends after they graduate from university and before receiving a PhD.
    maybe my eyes are purple, how would you know. 'o_O
    and hell no. i'm dumb enough as is, i dont need to go blonde. :p

    add me on steam:)
    lol i prefer purple and lightblue actually c;
    matches my eyes (; which ARE NOT FAKE. >_>

    someone actually told me they look fake lol. fag. >_>
    Ha? Not sure I follow you :p

    I am good, pretty busy, thus I can't visit the site in constant basis as I could. I am overwhelmed with master program applications, that's why.

    What about you? How's your life?
    That would be me. So that would mean perfectly healthy, sexy, smart and better than you. Those kind of persons does.
    Changed? People do change, if that's what you mean, but you have to be more specific if there's anything else involved in your words :)

    What's up?
    It sure is!

    Well, from time to time at least. Will be online enough to curse you every now and then, don't worry.
    Damn you =P, I'll write that out somewhere on the desktop and add you the next time I log on. Internet sucks hard atm.
    Fair enufhh

    Oh I see, yeah tell me about it. It's worse than IRL drama when it goes down. Hive-drama is on a whole other level.

    And what's up. Well nothing much on Hive, and my own stuff is that I am leaving for a year< vacation beginning in australia. I'll be leaving the 15th of february. Gonna be awesome! How about yourself?

    God I am polite and kind to you right now, feels odd.

    <span style="font-size: 9px">bitch</span>
    There is like a million "nadz"-es out there. Just add me instead. Den.Hemske or Den_hemske.
    I'm just doing the opposite of what you are doing. Which is leaving/going inactive without giving anyone a heads-up.

    The reason for my lie is that I got some crazy nostalgia moment and decided to make a map, and I suck at map-making, so had to use the site. Once you're in Hive, you're never gonna get out.

    Aaand that would be a yes, not that much though, but a game every now and then. However, you are probably way too bad at it to even be able to even watch a game of mine.
    Your presumption is correct. I am very very busy. :)
    Work, what kind of work keeps you inactive?
    well you've been absolutely dead! With not even a trace of you, not even a reason to why! I was worried. :(

    Sort of, means horrible/terrible. :3
    I kind of came after the whole shebang was over. Haven't been that active either lately.

    No I didn't change my username, this is not me.
    Yeah that got to sting.

    Awyou <3

    You've missed a whole lot of action/drama/chaos here homie.
    Chocobo's are soo 2009.

    Since when were you no longer dead?

    I had a funeral and everything for you, with cake and bitches. You missed it.
    About time you show up! You are obligated to vote for me on the poll for the current icon contest in 4 days. (If I manage to get done)
    Or you will be following me and I will be telling you the story behind each artifact or building <3
    Hey dude, I'm still alive.
    Just urrgh, you know, lacking motivation xD
    I suppose I could at least finish the orc campaign, its only 1 map xP
    Doubt it, that chinese prostitute is more lazy than dead these days hehe
    I thought you and Elainiel were dead too. Nice to know that at least one of you is alive :p

    That bitch down there could send me a VM sometimes x)
    Ignore the fact that I replied after 4 days hehe
    Sure, if you ignore the fact that I replied after 15 days.

    Ah, I know you love me.
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