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  • dont rep people if they don't deserve it,it's really unfair to people who did the work..

    (Actually) - He can give rep points to who the h**k he wants to.
    You told me about the triggering, which is what I was talking about, and about the moddeling, I can easily change the colour and add some features easily to any unit just by having a look on the internet, as well as making custom tilesets. Now, one final thing, About the comment, the "tip" please remove it to shorten down the comments a bit, please.
    I don't think you have understood what I mean. I mean that you don't need a single person to teach you about something you don't need to be teached about, which you can learn yourself, which is WC3 as an example. As you say, you can't learn everything without help, but exploring opportunities by searching the net aswell as asking other people questions is much better then having a single person as your "mentor".
    And I also think you should have a mentor for something you are supposed to do just because you are fun, because WC3 editing is just because it's fun, no one is asking of you to do this, that is why I believe you should try yourself, or it would not be as fun.
    Well that is true, atleast I don't want "schooling" at my own spell, where I have just shown my own skills...
    I want to know what can be done better!
    Not to know the basics all over again.
    AND I don't really see Map editing as "school" since I do it on my free time because it's fun.
    So, back to square one: How about clearing out the post from my spell? I noticed you deleted your second comment and therefore I deleted my reply to that post.
    Hm, I think its easier to teach yourself and discover the aspects of WC3.
    However, back to the disscussion, which is, why did you post a tip in a spell thread? I was looking for reviews about the spell, if I wanted tips, I would have posted it in the forums section.
    Just a generall question: Why do you have a mentor for Wc3 maps??
    However, I was meaning the "Don't use wait and use casting unit" post, since THAT is the "bug" which is NOT in the spell.
    Now you are making me confused, since that was not what I was talking about, ok, one more time: YOU SHOULD NOT COMMENT BUGS IN A SPELL YOU HAVE NOT TESTED!
    I don't care about what bugs you see in the trigger I posted, you are still MENTIONING BUGS WHICH ARE NOT EVEN IN THE TRIGGER THAT I POSTED! THAT is what I am talking about!
    I don't think you understood my last post, I meant YOU were mentioning bugs WHICH DOES NOT EXIST in my spell. And the fact you DID NOT download it makes you UNABLE TO COMMENT BUGS in it. And the trigger post showed ONLY ONE SPELL, not all of them, since I did not have the time to link them all at the time being, and I am not posting the other triggers untill the leaks/bugs are fixed, which they are, except for one, which is the question which you commented as a wrong post.
    What you are saying is true, but I was double posting there for a reason, since those posts were different, and therefore I did not want them merged. And your posts are "useless" in these ways:
    -What you are mentioning in the first post about waits means you have not looked at the spell before posting a comment, and the comment itself has nothing to do with the spell itself.
    -Your second post is for helping yes, but as mentioned, it does not really matter, since I was saying in my reply (or atleast here) that I know about that, and the post was as mentioned in the post, NOT offensive, it was because I want to shorten down my spell so the comments don't reach too many pages. At the moment I just want the comments on one page aswell.
    Last comment: About your help, I'd rather want comments about the SPELL and how it can be approved in the spell comments, instead of help with things such as "double posting" or bugs which does not exist.
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