[Campaign] Draenor related Campaign idea

Level 4
Jul 28, 2009
Hello! I've been thinking about creating a campaign based off Warcraft lore for some time now. However, I've recently thought of one that may prove for a great story. I'm not too sure if this has been done or not lately, I've looked a bit on the site; however haven't found anything to match it.

A campaign which follows the Orcs leading up to the events of their corruption and eventually through the dark portal. Essentially the key moments prior to Orcs & Humans. With the introduction to the recent World of Warcraft expansion, I think this campaign would help many understand the lore of the Orcs and where they came from.

It would feature Mag'har Orcs eventually turned into corrupted Orcs, Draenei would also be present and be adversaries in the Campaign. The entire campaign takes place in Draenor and would end with the Orcs going through the Dark Portal.

I think the main characters would be the many Orc chieftains of the time. However, I think in this campaign the main clans that the player will play as would be the Warsong and the Frostwolves, perhaps the Shadowmoon as well (To setup up Gul'dan's story in the beginning). Many key places I would like to visit in this campaign would be:

• Shadowmoon Valley & Karabor (The Black Temple, when the Draenei inhabited it).

• Frostfire Ridge, the home of the Frostwolf clan.

• Talador, a Draenei region where many missions can take place to destroy Draenei settlements in.

• Tanaan Jungle, the Dark portal opens here.

Tell me what you think and input any ideas! Not sure when I plan to undertake this project; but I will need help!