Day of the Dragon

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Day of the Dragon (3.0.0 Beta 2*)
Created by OutsiderXE

How To Play
1) Update The Frozen Throne to at least Version 1.31
2) Move file DotD300beta2.w3n to ...\Documents\Warcraft III\Campaigns\
3) Start Warcraft III -> Press Single Player -> Press Custom Campaigns -> Select Day of the Dragon to play

*Beta and old versions/different languages
I marked this version as beta because the original plan was to release it after Reforged. Currently I have no ETA on when I will update it again. It might be months or years, but I don't want anyone to wait this long. I also consider this beta to be more polished and overall much more fun than any previous version, so here you go.
If you want to play an older version or try out a different language, please visit my Google Drive.

WarCraft III: Day of the Dragon is my second custom campaign for the award-winning Real-Time-Strategy game WarCraft III. It features a mix of RTS and RPG elements and a variety of choices the player can make. The story is based on the eponymous WarCraft novel, written by Richard A. Knaak.

Key Features
  • 10 single-player maps with RPG and RTS gameplay and 5 cinematic maps.
  • 5 heroes with unique, custom abilities and a custom dwarven race tech-tree.
  • 4 classes for main hero, a morality system for optional quests, and an alternate ending for multiple playthroughs.
  • Story based on the novel Day of the Dragon: The epic tale of the human mage Rhonin, helping the Dragon Aspects against their former ally Deathwing the Destroyer.
  • High quality terrain and cinematics, supported by many custom assets.
  • Free to play for all owners of WarCraft III and The Frozen Throne.

Media (from version 2.0)


1029 changes

  • New interlude "The Jailer"
  • Removed Chapter 5 "Dalaran" map
  • The sub-maps of Chapter 5 (Northrend, Caverns of Time, The Emerald Dream) are now fully qualified Chapters spread across the campaign
  • The interlude "The King of Alterac" is now played between Chapters 2 and 3
  • Most maps are now hidden on the campaign screen
Multiple maps
  • Added more enemies on Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Replaced Marketplace with Tavern which sells mercenaries and items
  • Added Food Cap
  • Added secrets
  • Flying units no longer trigger events where not needed
  • Will no longer destroy summoned units when a cinematic starts
  • Moved Animal War Training upgrade to Gryphon Aviary
  • Fixed AI hoarding units
User Interface
  • Removed unused objects in editor
  • Updated campaign preview image
  • Updated score screen image
  • Updated loading screens
  • Changed hotkey of Mana Burn from B to Q
  • Changed hotkey of Frost Nova from N to Q
  • Changed hotkey of War Stomp from T to Q
  • Changed hotkey of Devour from D to Q
  • Changed hotkey of Roar from R to Q
  • Changed hotkey of Rejuvenation from E to W
  • Changed hotkey of Heal from E to Q
  • Changed hotkey of Abolish Magic from B to W
  • Added proper scorescreen icons for all heroes
  • Difficulty selection is now done with dialogs
  • Fixed spelling errors
  • Useless quest requirements "OR" are now removed when a quest alignment is set
  • Transmissions and cinematics are now played in queues
  • Changed text in some transmissions
  • Updated duration of some transmissions
  • Changed color and text of leaderboards
  • Changed loading screen text
  • Updated many quest descriptions
  • Removed many players from score screen
  • Renamed "Khaz Modan Resistance" to "Dwarven Resistance"
  • No longer overwrites player name
  • Dialog titles no longer disappear
  • Fixed water sound regions
  • Removed all superfluous waterfall sounds
  • Improved terrain in some areas
  • Changed tint color of Dwarven Garage from 255/255/255 to 150/150/150
  • Added Glowing Runes close to Artifacts
  • Removed shadow from Image of Krasus/Vereesa/Prestor
  • Changed model of Priest to Reign of Chaos version
  • Changed model of Sorceress to Reign of Chaos version
  • Deathwing's Scale
    • Changed RGB from 50 to 255
    • Removed shadow
  • Cinematics
    • Redesigned Dalaran meeting place
    • Replaced Andromath with Antonidas
    • Improved fade in/out
    • Removed some wait time
    • Improved camera movement
    • Now creates temporary heroes
    • Items are now hidden for the outro
Rhonin (all)
  • Changed sound set to Priest
  • Changed priority to 12
  • Now starts with a Ring of Protection if not restored from game cache
  • Deathwing's Medallion
    • Is now an ability that costs 50 mana
    • New icon by PeeKay
  • Deathwing's Scale
    • Is now a passive ability
    • New icon by Kimbo
  • Updated icons by loktar
  • Changed Revive hotkey to "E"
  • Changed animation run/walk speed from 250 to 200
  • Improved Cast Backswing/Point
Rhonin (Dark Summoner)
  • New hero class that can summon units and weaken enemy units to regain life and mana
  • New ability Summon Wraith: Summons a melee unit (tank)
  • New ability Summon Voidwalker: Summons a ranged unit (damage dealer)
  • New ability Summon Nether Dragon: Summons a flying unit that attacks all enemy units in a target area but can be destroyed
Rhonin (Timewalker)
  • Replaced Elemental Mage with Timewalker: Can slow down enemy units and increase his own speed
  • New ability Time Vortex: Slows down and damages enemy units in the target area
  • New ability Timewalk: Increases Rhonin's movement and attack speeds but also increases his damage taken
  • New ability Summon Future-Self: Summons a duplicate of Rhonin which can cast Time Vortex, Timewalk and Blinding Sand
  • Decreased mana cost of Blinding Sand from 70 to 60
  • Changed Revive tooltip to "Revive Timewalker"
Rhonin (Arcane Master)
  • Changed Revive tooltip to "Revive Arcane Master"
  • Arcane Orb
    • Renamed Spectral Bolt to Arcane Orb
    • Decreased damage from 90/160/230 to 90/130/170
    • Can now hit air units and buildings
    • Removed ripple effect
  • Replaced Star Burn with Astral Confusion which damages an enemy over time and forces it to attack its allies
  • Replaced Mana Fusion with Spectral Aura which returns mana to for every nearby corpse
  • Replaced Astral Cloud with Overpower which enhances all other abilities
Rhonin (Spirit Priest)
  • Changed Revive tooltip to "Revive Spirit Priest"
  • Divine Wrath
    • Decreased damage from 80/120/160 to 80/110/140
    • No longer affects units immune to magic
    • No damages enemy buildings
    • Decreased effect scale from 3.0 to 1.9
    • Fixed orientation
  • Bond
    • Fixed damage when attacker is not attacking Rhonin
    • Changed attack type from Pierce to Spells
    • Can no longer be cast on neutral units
  • Redemption
    • Renamed Mana Fusion to Redemption
    • Replaced Redemption Aura with Redemption
    • Decreased mana regain from 100/150/200 to 50/75/100
    • Decreased damage from 50 to 40
    • Can no longer kill Rhonin
  • Replaced Doom with Zeal which increases the attack speed and armor of all friendly units in an area
Vereesa Windrunner
  • Now starts with a Scroll of Healing and a Scroll of Mana if not restored from game cache
  • New sound set
  • Changed priority to 10
  • No longer starts with Boots of Quel'Thalas if not restored from game cache
  • Krasus' Medallion is now an ability that costs 50 mana
  • New icon for Krasus' Medallion by PeeKay
  • Updated icons by loktar
  • Increased mana cost of Multishot from 75 to 90
  • Replaced Searing Arrows with Rapid Fire which increases Vereesa's attack speed for a short time
  • Refill Quiver
    • Decreased mana gained from 100/200/300 to 100/150/200
    • Fixed timing
  • Rain of Arrows
    • Fixed damage against structures and units immune to magic
    • Decreased area of effect splat size from 400 to 300
    • Increased mana cost from 150 to 250
    • Increased cooldown from 120 to 130 seconds
    • Fixed timing
  • Fixed spells when not restored from game cache
  • Changed unit name from "Wildhammer Dwarf" to "Dragonreaver"
  • Changed priority to 9
  • Changed Revive hotkey to "F"
  • Updated icons by loktar
  • New sound set
  • Hammer of Khaz'goroth
    • Renamed Khaz'goroth's Hammer to Hammer of Khaz'goroth
    • Decreased damage from 80/160/240 to 80/130/180
    • Fixed timing
    • No longer affects units immune to magic
    • Affected units now stop being forced to attack Falstad after 5 seconds
    • Now deactivates Battle Stations of nearby Burrows for 5 seconds
    • Now stops when Falstad is hidden, stunned or sleeping
  • Concussion Bolt
    • Decreased range from 700 to 600
    • Decreased duration on normal units from 20 to 16 seconds
    • Decreased duration on heroes from 20 to 10 seconds
    • Can no longer target invulnerable units
    • Removed Death Coil effect
  • Fear Aura
    • Now decreases movement speed and attack rate of nearby enemy units
    • No longer affects neutral units
  • Ale of Khaz'goroth
    • Renamed Khaz'goroth's Ale to Ale of Khaz'goroth
    • Changed damage type of from Spell to Normal
    • Fixed timing
    • Removed initial casting time
    • No longer stuns at start
    • No longer selects Falstad after casting
    • Now deactivates when Falstad dies, sleeps or is stunned
    • Increased range for buildings from 250 to 325
  • Changed priority to 11
  • Replaced Entangling Roots/Firebolt with Cleansing Fire which heals allies and damages enemies
  • Replaced Brilliance Aura with Dragon Shout which adds armor and reduces the cost of other abilities
  • Dragon Spirit
    • Decreased mana cost from 125 to 120
    • Decreased sight radius (day) from 1400 to 1200
    • Replaced Dragon Form with Rain of Fire (Ultimate)
    • Renamed to Krasus/Korialstrasz when in humanoid/dragon form
    • Changed sound set from AzureDragon to DruidOfTheTalon when in dragon form
    • Changed shadow image to Flyer when in dragon form
    • Improved attack animation
    • Removed sphere
  • New icon by Wisdom
  • Changed priority to 8
  • Added second attack to target air units
  • Envenomed Knife
    • Renamed Poison Dagger to Envenomed Knife
    • Now damages only air units
    • Increased damage per second from 4/5/6 to 4/7/10
    • Removed use hotkey
    • New icon by Chucky
  • Flashbang
    • Decreased area of effect from 250 to 220
    • Fixed Buff icon
    • Changed duration on units from 3/4/5 to 2/3/4 seconds
    • Changed duration on heroes from 3 to 1/2/3 seconds
    • No longer affects non-organic units
  • Fixed description of Wind Walk
  • Is now a hero unit
Nekros Skullcrusher
  • Changed projectile art from sphere to demon hunter
  • Decreased projectile speed from 1200 to 900
  • Replaced Chain Lightning with Flame Strike
  • Replaced Earthquake with Inferno
  • New icon by BLazeKraze
  • New model by -Grendel
Dragon Aspects
  • Are now hero units
  • Changed models to standard dragon models
  • Changed player colors to more appropriate colors
  • Increased scale
  • Changed projectiles
  • Deathwing
    • Increased scale
    • Projectiles are now scaled
Lord Duncan Senturus
  • Changed model to Paladin
Units and Buildings
  • Fighter
    • Increased hit points from 450 to 500
    • Increased gold cost from 135 to 150
    • Increased build time from 20 to 22 seconds
    • New model and icon by General Frank
    • Changed weapon sound to Metal Medium Slice
  • Compound
    • Renamed Town Hall to Compound
    • New icon and model by Ujimasa Hojo
  • Dwarfhold
    • Renamed Keep to Dwarfhold
    • New icon and model by Ujimasa Hojo
  • Fortress
    • Renamed Castle to Fortress
    • New icon and model by Ujimasa Hojo
  • House
    • Renamed Dwarven Tent to House
    • New model and icon by Ujimasa Hojo
  • New models and icons for Scout/Guard/Cannon Tower by Tamplier777
  • New model for Barracks by Tamplier777
  • Sea Elemental
    • Decreased hit points from 550 to 500
    • Decreased damage base ofrom 27 to 25
    • Removed Bash
  • New unit Slayer (model by Urkdrengi and icon by Amaruak)
  • New unit Sniper (model by Direfury and icon by TurieL)
  • Renamed Orc Warchief to Orc Rider
  • Orc Warlock: Replaced Firebolt, Cripple and Unholy Frenzy with Bloodlust
  • Ogre (various)
    • Increased damage base of Ogre Warriors, Ogre Magi and Ogre Mauler by 3
    • Increased damage base of Ogre Lords from 30 to 38
    • Increased gold bounty
  • Grunt
    • Increased damage base from 17 to 20
    • Decreased hit points from 700 to 600
    • Increased gold bounty from 10 to 20
  • Altar of Thanes
    • Renamed Altar of Kings to Altar of Thanes
    • New model and icon by Ujimasa Hojo
  • Tent (non-buildable)
    • No longer increase food production when playing dwarves
    • Decreased hit points from 500 to 75
  • Increased hit points of Altar of Storms from 800 to 900
  • Changed sound set of Farm to WatchTower
  • Changed model of Eldin to Priest
  • New model for cinematic dwarves by Direfury
  • Increased base and increment of Improved Lumber Harvesting from 2 to 5
  • Removed, replaced and repositioned many items
  • Can no longer stun enemy heroes
  • Increased standard amount of gold from Gold Coins from 75 to 250
  • Replaced Rod of Necromancy with Rod of Catacombs which summons two Kobold Vermins
  • Decreased bonus damage of Claws of Attack from 6 to 3
  • Changed model of Deathwing's Medallion to Shadow Orb Fragment
  • Renamed (Tripled) Talisman of Mutation to Mutation Gem (Fragment) and changed icon
  • Artifacts
    • Increased gold cost of all artifact items to 2000
    • New model for all artifacts by Zaldazzor
    • Added special effect when picking up an artifact for the first time
    • Decreased mana cost of Elune's Lie from 50 to 0
    • Increased Ring of the Sun cooldown from 5 to 20 seconds
  • Red Dragon Eggs
    • Now create permanent Dragon Whelps
    • Removed cooldown
  • Renamed to "Remnants of War"
  • New loading screen by Blizzard Entertainment
  • Decreased map size from 128x160 to 128x128
  • Added transmission about trolls
  • Replaced Miners with Militia
  • Removed all villagers
  • Replaced Korialstrasz with Alexstrasza
  • Removed blue runes
Chapter 1
  • Decreased map size from 160x128 to 160x96
  • Removed most items from tents
  • Player 1 no longer gives bounty until after the Intro cinematic
  • Player Neutral Hostile now gives bounty
  • Added Taverns to the village center and Hasic
  • Heroes now start at level 2
  • Added additional spells for Rhonin at map start
  • Added Ring of Protection for Rhonin
  • Decreased experience rate from 30/80/80% to 20%
User Interface
  • New loading screen by ladyavali
  • Removed difficuly hint
  • Vereesa's portrait will now appear under Rhonin's portrait
  • Added multiple transmissions by bandits
  • Changed owner of many bandits to player 11 (The Brotherhood)
  • Added minimap ping for all main quests
  • The GoldCarryOver hint is now only displayed if the player has at last 500 gold
  • Changed sound effect of water region in Dalaran
  • Added permanent rain effect when starting the Vereesa cinematic
  • Added road texture
  • Changed color of a City Building
  • Meeting cinematic
    • Added an indestructible gate at the first village
    • Changed cameras and unit movement
  • Dragon cinematic
    • Changed cameras
    • Villagers will now run away
  • Outro cinematic
    • Changed cameras and unit movement
    • Second music theme now starts later
    • Changed dialogue
  • Removed Young Rhonin
  • Redesigned area
  • Disabled experience gain for Blademaster
  • Replaced initial cinematic with a new main quest
  • Changed hero class descriptions
  • Changed player color and names of Rhonin hero classes
  • Added sound efect when choosing a hero class
  • Undead Minion is now properly removed at test end
The Meeting
  • Decreased life of first villager from 220 to 5
  • Will no longer kill the first villager automatically
  • Decreased size of Spider area
  • Removed some spiders
  • Increased damage of some spiders
  • Some spiders now spawn from Egg Sacks
  • Decreased acquisition range of some bandits
  • Moved exit of first village to the east
  • Improved pathing blocking around houses in first village
  • Renamed quest "Meeting Place" to "The Meeting"
  • Changed quest icon of quest "The Meeting"
  • Changed quest requirement to "Follow the road ..."
  • Added floating texts above citizens of Dalaran
  • Added transmission by Enforcer when attacked
  • Added transmission about spiders
  • Changed size of region for RescueOrKill hint
  • Renamed and recolored some spiders
Bandit Attack
  • Can now be discovered by units other than Rhonin
  • Can no longer rescue villagers with abilities
  • Decreased number of rescuable villagers from 11 to 6
  • The evil alignment will now only trigger when a villager dies
  • Decreased initial life of villagers from 200 to 5
  • Decreased visibility around villagers
  • Increased gold dropped by killed villagers from 30 to 50
  • Improved hints about procedure of choice and alternate ending
  • The game will no longer be paused during the Quest Alignment hint
  • Fixed number of Imprisoned in leaderboard
  • Added more transmissions by rescued villagers
  • Removed minimap pings for quest
  • Game is no longer paused for the villagers hint
  • Game will now only pan to the first villager if necessary
  • Added transmission by Rhonin when completing the quest
  • Added Circles of Power to the rescuable villagers
  • Rescuing villagers puts out fires and killing villagers adds fires
The Port
  • Redesigned Vereesa's area
  • Replaced gnolls with bandits
  • A Frog of Knowledge now drops a Tome of Knowledge when killed
  • Added a Lesser Clarity Potion
  • Rescued Villagers are now hidden until Vereesa meets Rhonin
  • Changed quest requirement to "Go to the port"
  • Renamed quest/player "Wolf Herd" to "Wolfpack"
  • Redesigned quest so players must either slay Hunters or Wolves
  • Redesigned area for quest
  • Wolves will no longer wander
  • The Activist will no longer move towards the Business Man
  • Changed ownership of Activist to Neutral Passive
  • Enemies are no longer placed based on difficulty level
  • Will no longer pause the heroes when discovering the quest
  • Will no longer keep vision of the Business Man after acquiring the quest
  • Decreased acquisition range of Timber Wolves from 500 to 200
  • Can now skip the dialogue
  • Changed dialogue
  • Renamed Footmen to Hunters
  • Renamed High Elf to Activist
  • Renamed player 3 to Hunters
On Fire
  • Renamed quest "Dragoon Attack" to "On Fire"
  • Redesigned Hasic
  • Removed area with bandits
  • The Red Dragon is now vulnerable
  • Redesigned quest so players must slay Grunts inside Hasic
  • Added Flare Gun items to stun the Red Dragon
  • Removed ability Devour from Red Dragon on Easy and Normal difficulty
  • Decreased sight radius of Red Dragon from 1800 to 1400
  • Decreased movement speed of Red Dragon from 300 to 200
  • Increased damage base from 35 to 50
  • Villagers in Hasic now wander
  • Decreased number of citizens in Hasic from 35 to 25
  • Warning messages about killed citizens now appear at 20/15/10/5 citizens remaining
  • Citizens of Hasic now belong to player 5 (Panicked Citizens)
  • Decreased hit points of Human Shipyard from 30% to 9%
  • Removed neutral passive horses from Hasic
  • Can now win the quest by nearly killing the dragon
  • Added quest requirement "At least 1 citizen must survive"
  • Changed warning message to "XX citizens remaining!"
  • Replaced Archways with Pillars in Hasic
  • Added fire effects to Hasic
Chapter 2
  • Decreased map size from 128x160 to 96x128
  • Redesigned map
  • Changed order of encounters
  • Added zeppelins that unload units
  • Peons will no longer enter burrows at map start
  • Player 12 is no longer marked as an ally
  • Added a Tome of Strength and a Tome of Agility
  • Player 1 and Player 7 will not fight each other until after the Intro cinematic
  • Changed ownership of ogres to Player 4
  • Ogres and orcs are now enemies
  • Changed experience rate from 50/35/25% to 35%
  • Experience gain is now properly disabled for the Intro cinematic
  • The Goblin Land Mines will no longer be removed at map end
User Interface
  • Changed owner of all Circles of Power from Player 7 to Neutral Passive
  • "Vereesa and Falstad must survive" is now always displayed with main quest requirements
  • Removed or replaced various transmissions
  • Changed color of Player 7 units to Teal
  • Player 2 now treats player 7 as neutral
  • Added minimap pings for all main quests
  • Removed Player 7 from scorescreen
  • The Pig Farms now belong to player Neutral Passive
  • Peons now start harvesting after the Intro cinematic
  • Intro cinematic
    • Improved cameras and unit movement
    • Increased death time of Duncan from 12 to 20 seconds
  • Lab cinematic
    • Now plays for any Goblin Laboratory
    • Dwarves will no longer fight orcs
  • Gate cinematic: Dragons are now hidden
  • Gate2 cinematic: removed
  • Removed Blue Flames area and units
  • Replaced Watch Towers and Alarms with additional Peons and Orc Burrows
  • Replaced first Blademaster with a Grunt and a Raider
  • Removed a group of patrolling ogres
  • Removed a rescuable Rifleman
  • Removed a rescuable Mortar Team
  • The Mountain King can no longer be rescued
  • The Barracks will now train Grunts
  • Removed all Spiders
  • Removed all Orc Frigates
  • Dwarven units will no longer be rescued in phases
  • Added a rescuable Sniper, Runebreaker and Slayer
  • Decreased hit points of Barracks to 30-50%
  • Removed a War Mill
  • Structures will no longer automatically heal
  • StopTheOrcs transmissions are now played by Vereesa
  • Added variation to the StopTheOrcs transmissions
  • The Hammer of Khaz'goroth hint is now displayed when getting close to the peons
  • Changed quest requirement to "Enter the Central Wetlands"
Goblin Laboratories
  • Changed quest rerquirements to Use/Destroy 3 Goblin Laboratories
  • The quest can now be discovered by any player unit
  • Removed Mana Stones and Health Stones
  • Removed visibility and minimap pings
  • Decreased reveal radius from 5120 to 3000
  • Changed hint
Dragon Eggs
  • The eggs can no longer be destroyed before discovering the quest
  • Game is no longer paused when discovering the quest
  • The quest can now be discovered by finding any dragon egg
  • Decreased number of eggs from 6 to 5
  • Changed item types uncovered by destroyed eggs
  • Can now skip the first dialogue
  • Changed quest requirements
  • The camera will no longer pan to an egg
  • The leaderboard is now hidden while a countdown timer is shown
  • Replaced all items dropped by destroyed eggs with Runes of Food
  • Changed quest requirement to "Gather/Destroy 5 Red Dragon Eggs"
  • Now plays GoodJob sound when destroying or saving an egg
The Exit
  • The Gate Cinematic can no only be triggered by a hero
  • Added a second Blademaster as a boss fight
  • Replaced Amulet of the Wild with Amulet of the Fierce which summons a Sasquatch Oracle
  • Replaced ogres coming from the west cave with orcs
  • Removed some Goblin Land Mines
  • Removed hiding trolls
  • Rescued units will no longer change ownership after opening the gate
  • Added Runes of Restoration to some Ogre Mages
  • Enemy units behind the gate are no longer visible until opening the gate
  • Decreased time for Book countdowns from 150 to 100 seconds
  • Removed some Watch Towers at the Book areas
  • Removed Goblin Sappers at the Hammer of Titans
  • Replaced Ashenvale Trees blocking the path to the Hammer of Titans with Ashenvale Canopy Trees
  • Changed ownership of Player 12 units to Neutral Passive
  • Replaced Scout Tower item with Guard Tower item
  • Books Prepare transmission will now only be played once
  • Added dialogue while Falstad is reading the books
  • Magic Sentry is no longer available
  • Replaced Iron Gate with a Magic Gate
  • Turned Magic Gate by 180 degrees
  • Decreased map size from 96x96 to 64x64
  • New loading screen by Callthistragedy1
  • Added a sky box
  • New model for Genn Greymane by Stefan.K
  • Changed player color of Lord Prestor from yellow to brown
  • Changed look of Krasus' chambers
  • Decreased scale of Proudmoore from 1.1 to 1.0
Chapter 3
  • Decreased map size from 128x160 to 128x128
  • Redesigned map
  • Removed all Marketplaces
  • Added base-building gameplay
  • Replaced orcs with goblins
  • Removed all ogres
  • Replaced Gold Coins with Crates of Gold and Crates of Lumber
  • Vereesa and Falstad are now invulnerable before the Outro cinematic starts
  • No longer creates Dragon Eggs if Evil Alignment was chosen in Chapter 2
User Interface
  • Renamed player Kryll to Goblin Taskforce
  • Switched the order of the two optional quests in the quest log
  • Removed DwarfBaseX cinematics
  • Intro cinematic: Removed some dialogue
  • Crash cinematic: Added new dialogue and camera movement
  • Outro cinematic: Added an additional scene
  • Replaced quest "Steam Tanks" with quest "Shipyards"
  • Added quest requirement "Destroy the Goblin Shipyards"
  • Replaced optional quest "Nature's Call" with quest "Undefiled"
Kryll's Path
  • Decreased hit points of Enraged Jungle Stalker from 1600 to 1400
  • The destructibles created for the Crash cinematic are no longer invulnerable
  • Increased life of Kryll from 250 to 275
  • Kryll's life is now always 100% after the Intro cinematic
  • Removed all Sludge Monstrosities
  • Player 12 now treats Neutral Hostile as a neutral
  • Neutral Hostile now treats Player 12 as an enemy
  • Removed quest requirement "Don't let Kryll escape"
  • Kryll will run to the next bush instead of the map start
  • Kryll will now be ambushed several times
  • Added special effect on Kryll while he is fleeing
  • Changed quest requirement to "Find the path leading to Rhonin"
  • Added more transmissions when Kryll escapes
  • quest is now completed when finishing the escort part
Mutant (Hero) Turtles
  • Increased region to talk to Dr. Moreau
  • Added various types of Sea Turtles around the Mutated Turtles
  • Replaced the Periapt of Vitality with a Banda which provides additional life and mana
  • Gem Fragments now remain in the inventory
  • Removed minimap pings
  • Removed hint about Dr. Moreau
  • Changed discovery dialogue
  • Added one more transmission when a Mutant Turtle dies
  • Removed leaderboard
  • Removed Circle of Power
  • Mutant Turtle
    • Changed model to Dragon Turtle
    • Can now attack air units
Chapter 4
  • Increased experience rate from 20/15/10% to 20%
  • Decreased hit points of Tuskarr Fighter from 350 to 300
  • Decreased hit points of Tuskarr Trapper from 475 to 425
  • Decreased hit points of Tuskarr Chieftain from 950 to 800
  • Decreased level of Magnataur Warrior from 5 to 4
  • Decreased level of Magnataur Reaver from 8 to 5
  • Decreased level of Magnataur Destroyer from 10 to 7
  • Water can now only be deactivated by player units
  • Ice Shard is now dropped by a Frost Revenant
  • Added new player Undead Scourge
  • Added new player Naga
  • Replaced Faceless Ones with Naga
  • Added multiple undead units
  • Replaced all trolls with undead units
  • Added multiple events with non-player units fighting one another
  • Added more pathing blockers (air)
  • Added a Manual of Health
  • Increased terrain space at endfight area
  • Added an additional cave/support column with enemies spawning
  • Changed ownership of a Blue Dragonspawn Meddlers to Player 10
  • Replaced Rune puzzle with a combat encounter
  • The Way Gate is now behind an indestructible Icy Gate
  • Malygos is now invulnerable
  • Krasus now becomes invulnerable and map victory
  • Removed vision on imprisoned Tuskarr
  • Calderia's Wand is now an ability and can only be used in this Chapter
  • Swapped positions of Ice Key and Crystal Key
  • Added line of sight blocker and map boundary along some cliffs
  • The last Rolling Stone Door is no longer triggered by air units
  • Replaced a Tome of Intelligence with a Scroll of Protection
  • Dragonscale Armor trap will no longer reset if deactivated
User Interface
  • Renamed to "The Spellweaver"
  • Changed transmission by a tuskarr
  • Added new player Creatures of Northrend
  • Changed owner of many units to Creatures of Northrend
  • Changed icon of Tuskarr Healer
  • Replaced Keys Leaderboard with quest requirements
  • Replaced Arthas' transmission with Secret message
  • Renamed Ice-Key Part to Ice Key
  • Renamed Wind-Key Part to Crystal Key
  • Changed item descriptions of Ice Key and Crystal Key
  • Removed hint about the final door
  • Changed owner of Support Columns to Neutral Hostile
  • Removed some Runes of Lesser Healing
  • Removed water hint
  • Removed hint about freeing more tuskarr
  • Removed hint about returning to the main map
  • Added defeat condition "Krasus must survive"
  • Renamed Frozen Gate to Malygos' Lair
  • Changed hotkey of Ensnare from E to Q
  • Renamed Tuskarr Warriors to Tuskarr Hunters
  • Added player Naga Explorers
  • Added Line of Sight Blockers around Malygos' Lair
  • The runes will now only start glowing when a unit is nearby
  • Changed some water sound effects
  • Replaced high water with blue flames
  • Fixed elevator birth animation
  • Intro cinematic: Added sequence about Krasus contacting the aspects
  • New optional quest about summoning an entity
Chapter 5
  • Decreased map size from 160x128 to 96x128
  • Rhonin
    • Can now use all abilities
    • Will keep items obtained in Chapter
    • Reset attack range
    • Removed Haste
    • Increased experience rate from 50% to 70%
  • Improved some timings before actions can be completed
  • Added defeat condition "Rhonin must survive"
  • Added enemies which often must be killed before getting objective items
  • Changed ownership of some units to Neutral Hostile
  • Decreased acquisition range of some units to 200
  • Replaced Tomes of Experience with Potions of Healing and Potions of Mana
  • Removed Boulder items
  • Removed some Rock Chunks
  • Removed Resurrection Stones
  • Increased level of non-fighting Goblin Bouncers from 1 to 5
  • Added gold coins
  • Objective items are now invulnerable
  • The Medallion of Courage can now be sold
  • Kryll is now invulnerable
  • Replaced a Healing Potion with a Potion of Greater Mana
  • Lengthy dialogues can now be skipped
  • User control will now be disabled less often
  • Player now always regains control of Rhonin when pressing ESC
  • Changed text in some dialogs
  • Renamed all Goblin Peasants to Goblins
  • Added player 11 "Harmless Dragon"
  • Replaced leaderboards in main quests with new quest requirements and items
  • Removed hints about Log
  • Changed color of all Waygates to Brown
  • Replaced invisible walls with gates
  • Intro cinematic: Added scene about Duncan and murdered soldiers
  • Outro cinematic: Split in to two parts
  • Renamed quest to "Stranded"
  • Completing the main quest now plays the Deathwing
  • Rhonin can now use Deathwing's Medallion after meetin him
  • Can no longer destroy the quest items
  • No longer tracks collected Special Books
  • Replaced the Special Books with Way Gate Crystals
  • Removed hint about melee attack
  • Replaced a Library with a Waygate
  • Removed initial transmission about levers
  • Increased birth animation speed of Short Stone Bridge to 200%
  • ID Card
    • Is now removed after showing it to the Goblin Bouncer
    • Added transmission about using ID Card
    • Added a floating text to Peon when meeting him at the lake
    • Added ItemReceived sound to updating the ID Card
  • Runes
    • Decreased size of dangerous magical field
    • Kryll no longer appears if the Runes have already been deactivated
    • Added transmission on Hard difficulty about Glowing Runes
    • Replaced magic fog with additional Glowing Runes
    • Now plays death animation for Glowing Runes when puzzle is solved
  • Volbir and Bolvir
    • No longer needs to talk to the goblins about the sick orc
    • Changed transmission about special mushroom on Hard difficulty
    • New icon for Mushroom by Kuhneghetz
    • Changed model of Mushroom
    • Added exclamation mark to Volbir and Bolvir when completing their task
    • Removed Circle of Power for Lazy Peon
    • Added GoodJob sound to fixing the orc slaves
  • Shovel
    • Increased cooldown from 0 to 3 seconds
    • Improved item description
    • No longer needs the map to dig
    • Added tranmission about not knowing where to use the Shovel
  • Renamed quest to "Strangers"
  • The Stonerhine Necklace is now invulnerable
  • Removed destructible fences
  • Will no longer destroy the Force Bridge when reaching the second island
  • No longer sets the player's gold to 0 after returning to the Goblin Miner
  • Removed abilities from Goblin Hut
  • Increased scale of Goblin Shipmaster
  • Removed a Glowing Rune
  • Replaced a Goblin Laboratory with a house and a lantern
  • Changed owner of Goblin Transport Ship to Deathwing's Minions
  • Added an item with hints for the Shredder puzzle
  • Can no longer solve sub-tasks until speaking to the Goblin Shipmaster
  • Tinker
    • Will no longer patrol
    • Now needs to be killed to get the Gold Coin
    • Increased level from 1 to 1/3/5
    • Added abilities
    • Decreased selection scale from 3.2 to 1.6
    • No longer needs to talk to the Goblin Peasant
  • Peons
    • Removed Pig item
    • Replaced Timber Wolves with a hostile Red Dragon
  • Goblin Bouncer
    • Now needs to kill the Goblin Bouncer to get past him
    • Rhonin will no longer stop when meeting the Goblin Bouncer
    • Will no longer face Rhonin
    • Changed transmission of Goblin Bouncer
    • Removed fish, vision and hints about fish
The Zeppelin
  • Renamed quest "Deathwing" to "The Zeppelin"
  • Merged gameplay, area and quest partly into the Third Island
  • Will no longer create quest items if inventory is full
  • Added a Tome of Agility
  • Added a Tome of Intelligence
  • Added a Tome of Strength
  • Removed the Zeppelin quest requirement
  • Removed the Flowers objective
  • Removed the Keys objective
  • Replaced Waygate Warden with Zeppelin Master
  • Inkeeper
    • The Inkeeper will now drop a Beer item after solving the objective
    • The Malt item is no longer inside a Barrel
    • Circles of Power no longer appear as hostile
    • Using a Circle of Power no longer changes its owner
    • Changed models and tint color of Hop and Malt items
    • New icon for Hop by BLazeKraze
    • New icon for Malt by maxor_gan
  • Missing Troll
    • The Gem of True Seeing can now be dropped
    • Must now escort the Missing Troll through skeletons
    • Decreased hit points of Missing Troll from 350 to 200
    • Removed Runes of Power
    • Removed expiration timer from skeletons
    • Moved The Ring of the Sun to the Skeleton area
    • Added a Waygate at the end of the Skeleton area
    • Increased scale of Missing Troll
    • Removed hint on whereabouts
  • Dark Skeleton
    • Renamed Skeleton Warrior to Dark Skeleton
    • Decreased life from 450 to 300
    • Decreased base damage from 30 to 18
    • Removed Slow Poison
    • Added birth animation
    • Increased scaling value from 1.0 to 1.2
    • Increased selection scale from 1.0 to 1.2
  • Salesman
    • Troll will now redirect the player immediately to the Gypsy
    • The first Gypsy transmission will now only be played once
    • Removed hints for Gypsy riddle
    • Gypsy riddle is now dialog-based
    • Changed gold coin effect
  • Robo-Goblin
    • Reset Robo-Goblin item can no longer be destroyed
    • Reset Robo-Goblin item can now be dropped
    • Renamed Goblin Sapper to Willy
    • Willy is now invulnerable
    • Changed owner of Willy to Deathwing's Minions
Captured Ogre
  • Removed Life failsafe for Ogre quest
  • Removed the Voodoo Lounge
  • Changed quest requirement to "Free the Ogre and kill him"
  • Ogre
    • Decreased life from 600 to 400
    • Decreased base damage from 23 to 18
    • Decreased collision size from 48 to 12
    • Will speak if all nearby enemies are dead
    • Will no longer speak if dead
Murder in the Dark
  • The Bloody Wrench can now be dropped
  • The Cril Chobley Key can now be dropped
  • The Cril Chobley Key is now removed when entering the house
  • Can only try Cril's house without a key once now
  • Will No longer hide the leaderboard when switching islands
  • Added Medallion of Courage as a reward to the evil alignment
  • No longer displays dialogs for the Murder suspects when there are no options
  • Will no longer show hints for the Murder quest if already completed
  • The Wrench hint will no longer appear if all of its dialogs were used
  • Checking the houses now counts towards solving the Murder quest
  • Renamed Police to Bouncer in leaderboard
  • Changed model of Vole Delment to Goblin Peon
  • Added titles to dialogs
  • Must now ask about the Wrench before accusing a suspect
  • Renamed Goblin Sapper to Witnesses
Chapter 6
  • Increased map size from 96x96 to 96x128
  • Redesigned map
  • Krasus now starts at level 5 if not restored from Game Cache
  • Increased maximum level of Krasus from 6 to 7
  • Added base-building and enemy attack waves
  • Player must now protect Rhonin and slay enemy warlocks
  • Replaced enemy humans with orcs
  • Changed experience rate to 30%
  • Added new artifact
  • Eon Rose is now an ability and can only be used in this Chapter
User Interface
  • Renamed to "The Timeless One"
  • New loading screen by keisinger037
  • Added defeat condition "Krasus must survive" to some quests
  • New story about Rhonin
  • Removed hint about returning to the main map
  • New terrain
  • Added border in some areas
  • New optional quest about taking control of hostile units
  • Decreased cooldown of Orb of Soultheft from 30 to 10 seconds
Chapter 7
  • Krasus now starts at level 7 if not restored from Game Cache
  • Increased maximum level of Krasus from 6 to 9
  • Decreased experience rate from 60% to 30%
  • Added new artifact
  • Added rescuable green dragons
  • Replaced a Rune of Restoration with a Rune of Mana
  • No longer grants shared vision of Player 4 units
  • Black Vial is now an ability and can only be used in this Chapter
  • Added enemy heroes
  • Increased Food Limit from 90 to 100
  • Increased lumber cost of Chimearas from 190 to 200
  • Decreased food produced by Tree of Life/Ages/Eternity from 20 to 10
  • Removed Moonstone, Dust of Appearance and Scroll of Town Portal from Age of Wonders
  • Added Healing Salve, Clarity Potion, Staff of Sanctuary and Scroll of Resurrection to Age of Wonders
  • Removed Techtree requirements for Potion of Healing and Potion of Mana
  • All items in the Age of Wonders now cost lumber
  • Added Acorns which increase food produced by 2 when consumed
  • Redesigned enemy bases
  • Removed secret entrance
  • Removed some rescuable units
  • Replaced all demons with spiders and satyrs
  • Replaced undead structures with corrupted ancients
  • Replaced all rescuable wisps with Druids of the Claw
  • Player 2 now treats player 4 as allied
  • Removed Scroll of Resurrection
  • Replaced Ghost with Eranikus
  • Removed Druids of the Claw at the allied base
  • Decreases damage base of Gargoyle against air units from 60 to 50
  • Storm Crow Form is now disabled until meeting Eranikus
  • Obtaining gold now converts all gold to lumber
  • Changed AI attack timings
  • Decreased level of Dreadlord from 9/8/7 to 8/7/5
  • Decreased level of Lich from 9/8/7 to 8/7/5
User Interface
  • Renamed to "Lady of Dreams"
  • Added hint about lumber
  • Changed hint about food
  • Switched order of hints about food and rescuable night elves
  • Added quest requirement "Find Eranikus"
  • Renamed Burning Legion to Emerald Nightmare
  • Renamed Lich to Soulslayer
  • Removed leaderboard for remaining rescuable units
  • More detailed main quest requirements
  • Removed hint about rescuing more night elves
  • Added multiple transmissions by enemies
  • Renamed Gargoyle to Terror
  • Added Players 5 (Emerald Nightmare) and 7 (Green Dragonflight)
  • Removed hint about returning to the main map
  • Increased delay for Lumber hint
  • Deactivated Entangle Gold Mine
  • Renamed "Corrupted Tree of Ages" to "Tree of Nightmare"
  • Added minimap pings for the Trees of Nightmare
  • Transmissions now properly play after level load
  • Changed icon position of Call Furbolg
  • Changed icon position of Strength of the Wild
  • Changed icon position of Reinforced Hides
  • Fear
    • Renamed Dreadlord to Fear
    • New icon by PeeKay
    • Replaced Inferno with Locust Swarm
  • Changed interface sounds to night elf
  • Added more transmissions by rescued night elves
  • Removed some flowers
  • Moved some Floating Lily Pads
  • Changed cameras in Intro cinematic
  • New model for Lich by Nebliac
  • New model for Dreadlord by -Grendel
  • New model for Gargoyle by gookywooky
  • Sleep effects are now properly displayed and removed
  • Outro cinematic: Added sequence about Krasus contacting Rom
The Cleansing
  • New optional quest about cleansing furbolgs
  • Completing the optional objective now unlocks Furbolg Breath or Pulverize for Furbolgs
  • The Staff of Negation is now invulnerable
Chapter 8
  • Decreased map size from 160x128 to 128x96
  • Redesigned some areas
  • Increased experience rate from 60% to 80%
  • Can now train Miners
  • Removed and repositioned several units
  • The enemy bases will now activate a few minutes after being attacked
  • The road to the second and third base will no longer be revealed until the first base is rescued
  • Increased region when vulnerability is triggered for the second base
  • Increased gold cost of Zeppelins from 100 to 240
  • Increased hit points of Forest Troll from 250 to 300
  • Increased hit points of Forest Troll Shadow Priest from 200 to 240
  • Increased hit points of Forest Troll Berserker from 350 to 450
  • The Red Dragon Eggs from Chapter 2 are now removed at map end
  • Added a troll ambush at the artifact
  • Decreased lumber cost of Ogre Lord from 100 to 0
  • Decreased lumber cost of Ogre Magi from 50 to 0
  • Player now gains vision of any Player 3 unit when it is attacked
  • Added Goblin Land Mines to Rom
  • Disabled experience gain for the Intro cinematic
  • No longer required to destroy all Pig Farms to complete the map
User Interface
  • Updated loading screen
  • Switched order of heroes icons of Vereesa and Falstad
  • Changed quest requirement to "Defend all Compounds"
  • Increased duration of Awaken Stones transmission
  • Added transmission by Rom when picking up the Ogre/Gnoll Warchief's head
  • Fixed descriptions of Ogre/Gnoll Head items
  • Changed hotkey of Bloodlust from B to Q
  • Changed hotkey of Breath of Fire from F to Q
  • Changed hotkey of Purchase Bundle of Lumber to Q
  • Changed hotkey of Purchase Greater Scroll of Replenishment to W
  • Changed hotkey of Purchase Healing Wards to S
  • Changed hotkey of Purchase Orb of Venom to X
  • Changed hotkey of Hire Ogre Warrior/Magi/Mauler/Lord
  • Changed icon positions of Hire Ogre Warrior/Magi/Mauler/Lord
  • Renamed Dragon Blood to Dragon Blood Vial
  • Changed Idle Worker icon to Mountain King
  • Fixed water sound regions
  • Added special effects on spawned unit in optional quests
  • Added Line of Sight Blockers around Dalaran
  • Intro cinematic
    • Improved timing
    • Increased Far Clipping of some cameras
  • Outro cinematic
    • Krasus' Medallion is no longer visible before the cinematic
    • Dalaran Shield effect is no longer visible before the cinematic
    • Changed unit type and flying height of Korialstrasz
    • Enemy units are now removed instead of killed
  • Renamed Ogre/Gnoll Warchief to Ogre/Gnoll Chieftain
  • The Chieftains are now invulnerable until the quest is discovered
  • Mal'Hata's Report can now be sold
  • Added Mana Stone to Marketplace
  • Added exclamation marks on Warchiefs for picking up a head
  • Will no longer drop a Chieftain's head if quest is already completed
Scary Stones/Dragon Blood
  • Removed Runes of Resurrection from Spirit Stones
  • Activating a Stone quest no longer reveals the areas around the stones permanenty
  • Added mimimap ping for Defiled Fountain
  • Dialogue buttons are no longer created multiple times
  • Added sound effect when picking up a quest item
Chapter 9
  • Decreased map size from 192x160 to 128x160
  • Changed time of day to be always midnight
  • Decreased experience rate from 40/50/60% to 30%
  • Decreased acquisition range of many enemy units to 200
  • The Spellbook can no longer be destroyed before keeping it
  • Mine Cart
    • Decreased hit points of from 100 to 60
    • Decreased defense base from 5 to 2
    • Changed defense type from Fortified to Large
  • Some enemies will now summon Skeletal Orcs
  • Whelps now sometimes fight orcs
  • Raiders can now use Ensnare
  • Removed Bash from Kobold Taskmaster
  • Replaced Kobolds with Kobold Geomancers
  • Peons are now removed when at the exit
User Interface
  • New loading screen by Morgan-chane
  • Added players Untrained Whelps and Dragonmaw Summoners
  • Added transmissions for various events
Kobold Explorers
  • Game is no longer paused when discovering the quest
  • Magical Pens and Levers are now invulnerable until discovering the quest
  • Decreased hit points of Magical Pens to 50%
  • New icon for Kobold Taskmaster by NFWar
  • Changed fog color from red to purple
  • Added more water sound regions
  • Changed some cameras in the Intro cinematic
  • Replaced Magic Gate with Dungeon Gate
The Dragonqueen
  • Redesigned area
  • Replaced Battle Golems with a Warlock and two Grunts
  • A Raider will now go and get reinforcements
  • Replaced Shimmering Gate with A Force Wall
  • Replaced Scroll of Dagon with a Power Generator
  • Removed Fountain of Power
  • Replaced Revenants with Skeletal Orcs
  • Removed some pathing blockers on the way to the second Red Dragon Watcher
  • Necrolytes will now attack cages
  • Spiders now drop Spider Silk Broaches
  • Replaced Red Dragon Watchers with Red Dragonspawn Watchers
  • The Red Dragonspawn Watchers will no longer be revealed
  • The first bridge now has 3 switches
  • Replaced some Dragonmaw Warlocks with Dragonmaw Summoners
  • The key to the Magic Gate is now dropped by the last unit in the group
  • Merged the quests "Alexstrasza's Eggs" and "The Dragonqueen"
  • Removed some dialogue about killing dwarves
  • Changed some transmissions by kobolds
  • The kobold dialogue can now be skipped
  • The dragon transmission is now activated by all player 2 units
  • Changed quest requirement to "Slay the Red Dragon Watchers (0 of 3 Slain)"
  • The area around Alexstrasza will no longer be revealed after the Intro cinematic
  • Renamed Demon Key to Magic Gate Key
  • Sound for first switch can no longer be played multiple times
  • Changed model to Dragon Roost and removed
  • Heroes now become invulnerable when reaching the exit
  • Redesigned area
  • Enemies now try to flee towards the exit
  • Added pathing blockers in various areas
  • Added more peons harvesting a gold mine
  • Rename quest "Rhonin" to "Rescue"
  • Fixed transmissions by Krasus not being played
  • Added transmission about gold when escaping the Collapse area
  • Split quest requirement into "Obtain Deathwing's Scale" and "Find an exit"
  • Changed transmission about resting to getting additional troops
  • The WrongRoute transmission can no longer be played multiple times
  • The Magic Gate is now invulnerable
  • Addition Catapults will now attack when the Catapult is destroyed
  • The camera will now be shaking less frequently during the escape
  • Added transmission about using the Scroll of Hydra in the wrong area
  • Bossfight (Armored Kryll)
    • Redesigned area
    • Replaced Flesh Golem with Armored Kryll
    • New boss abilities
    • Replaced elevator with an indestructible gate
    • Visibility on area is now disabled after winning the boss fight
    • All player units not in the area are now instantly moved to the area
  • Bossfight (Firelord)
    • Redesigned area
    • Firelord will no longer heal automatically
    • The Support Columns are now invulnerable
    • Must now kill the Firelord to win the fight
    • Added various abilities to the Firelord
    • Kryll is now invulnerable until the Firelord is dead
    • Rhonin is now invulnerable until the Firelord is dead
    • Removed gold bounty from Firelord
    • Increased life of Firelord to 4500
    • Changed life of Firelord to 600 on Easy difficulty
    • Increased level of Firelord from 5 to 10
    • Increased attack cooldown from 2.5 to 4.0
    • Decreased life regeneration rate of Firelord from 4.0 to 0.5
    • Increased mana regeneration from 0.01 to 1.00
    • Increased mana initial anount from 100 to 2000
    • Added 2/3/4 R7ings of of Protection to Firelord
    • The initial dialogue can now be skipped
    • Removed Krasus' transmissions
    • Added new music theme
Chapter 10
  • Changed map design
  • Removed quest "Reunion"
  • Enemies now have more but smaller bases
  • The Demon Soul is now an ability that costs 50 mana
  • Added a Tavern
  • Replaced Orc Burrows with Pig Farms
  • New enemy unit Dragonmaw Rider
  • Will no longer lose buildings and units after the MeetKrasus cinematic
  • Removed triggers that prevent Rom and Krasus from picking up the Demon Soul
  • Decreased hit points of Wagons from 600 to 300
  • Krasus will now take 100/150/200 damage when trying to pick up the Demon Soul
  • Krasus' Medallion can now be dropped
  • Added Spiked Barricades to enemy buildings at Normal and Hard difficulty
  • Replaced Fountain of Health with Fountain of Mana
  • Grim Batol Tower
    • Can now also hit air units
    • Changed attack type from Siege to Normal
    • Changed defense type from Small to Fortified
    • Decreased life from 1800 to 1200
User Interface
  • New loading screen by Blizzard Entertainment
  • Removed quest "The Demon Soul"
  • Renamed players 6 and 7 to "Dragonmaw clan"
  • Added a floating text when Krasus is damaged by trying to pick up the Demon Soul
  • Increased projectile launch height of Grim Batol Tower
  • Changed look of Grim Batol Gate
  • Intro cinematic: Merged parts of the Intro, Mountain and MeetKrasus cinematics
  • Deathwing cinematic: New scene including Alexstrasza and Nekros
  • ConfrontingDeathwing cinematic: removed
  • Changed armor type of Deathwing from Flesh to Metal
The Blockade
  • Many start buildings are now burning
  • Now starts at level 9 if not restored from Game Cache
  • Now a dragon permanently
  • The player now starts with a base
  • Will no longer give 100 gold to the player
  • Removed the second caravan
  • Replaced Player 6 with Player 13 (Caravan)
  • Player 7 will no longer send units until after a cinematic
  • Player 1 now sends small groups of caravan units
  • The player now has to kill a fixed number of caravan units
  • Killing Nekros now triggers the FreeAlex cinematic
  • Removed Tiny building items
  • Removed Steam Tank and Mortar Team
  • Shadow Meld no longer remains disabled outside cinematics
  • Alexstrasza now follows Nekros
  • Added minimap ping for Krasus
  • Removed defeat condition "Krasus must survive"
  • Changed quest requirement to "Defeat the incoming caravan"
  • Removed quest requirement "Build a base in the northwest"
  • Removed quest requirement "Defeat the second wave"
  • Changed quest requirement to "Slay Nekros Skullcrusher"
  • Any Caravan unit can now trigger the HoldTheLine transmission
  • Changed transmission about picking up the Demon Soul
  • Removed visibility around Alexstrasza
  • Removed timer for caravans
  • Added a leaderboard for remaining caravan units
  • Mana of Rhonin now set to 100% after the MeetKrasus cinematic
The Final Choice
  • Bhaalroc's Legacy is no longer visible until the wagons are destroyed
  • Is now completed when all nearby enemies are dead
  • Quest is now discovered a few minutes after the FreeAlex cinematic
  • Changed timer window title "The Final Choice"
  • Changed quest requirement to "Free Rom"
  • Changed quest requirement to "Capture the Wagons"
A Queen's Vengeance
  • Alexstrasza is now controlled indirectly via Krasus' ability Dragonqueen Charge
  • Enemies now research upgrades
  • Raiders now start with researched Ensnare
Battle of the Aspects
  • Renamed quest "Final Confrontation" to "Battle of the Aspects"
  • Replaced turn-based gameplay with real-time gameplay
  • Replaced all abilities for all Aspects
  • Removed the first phase
  • All Dragon Aspects are now hero units
  • Failing now restarts the Deathwing cinematic
  • Changed quest requirement to "All allied Aspects must survive"
  • The music theme is now only played once each round
  • Added boundary in some areas
Epilogue (all)
  • Redesigned Credits area
  • Changed source of some transmissions
  • Restructured types of credits
  • Increased duration of credits
  • Updated all credits
  • Added thank you message
  • Replaced black dragons with corrupted red dragons
Epilogue (Good)
  • Renamed from "Dragon Tranquility" to "Tranquility"
  • Removed Blight in Aspects area
  • Added WaterLake sound to area
  • Added more varied units to the celebration
  • Changed portrait of last transmission by Korialstrasz to dragon
  • Decreased flying height of Black Dragon Whelp
Epilogue (Evil)
  • Changed player color of Deathwing's flight to Black
  • Replaced Captain with Trollbane
Alternate Epilogue

  • Replace black dragons with corrupted red dragons

2 changes

Chapter 5
  • Nozdormu
    • Game will no longer crash when after the Nozdormu cinematic
    • Using cheats "-Nozdormu", "-Ysera", or "-Malygos" now gives the appropriate item to Rhonin

11 changes

  • Unlocked all maps (except Epilogues) in the Loading Screen
Rhonin (Arcane Master)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Spectral Bolt from damaging land units
Vereesa Windrunner
  • Fixed tooltip of Searing Arrows
  • Fear Aura no longer affects neutral units
  • Removed placeholder graphic
Chapter 5
  • Caverns of Time
    • Objectives in Multiboard will now be colored green when completed
    • The Multiboard wil be destroyed 2 seconds later than before
Chapter 8
  • The Demon Soul can no longer be dropped
  • Changed objective requirement "Use the Demon Soul to free Alexstrasza" to "Kill all orcs guarding Alexstrasza"
  • Krasus no longer needs to be close to Alexstrasza or carry the Demon Soul to trigger the Alexstrasza cinematic
  • The Demon Soul will be given to Rhonin as soon as the Alexstrasza cinematic starts

332 changes

Multiple maps
  • Added variable difficulty levels
User Interface
  • Changed hotkey layout to QWER
  • Removed loading screen titles (Prologue, ## Interlude, Epilogue, Alternate Epilogue) from cinematic maps
  • Improved descriptions for some abilities
  • Decreased time between minimap pings from 10 to 5 seconds
  • Fixed various typos and improved various descriptions
  • Removed some unused imports
  • Decreased fade time when skipping the last cinematic from 2 to 0.5 seconds
  • All summoned units are now removed at the start of most cinematics
  • Can no longer order heroes to move when a cinematic begins
  • Will no longer fade out at defeat
  • Changed some cinematics concerning the new Aspect models
Rhonin (Elemental Mage)
  • Electricity Shield can now be cast on all friendly units
  • Blinding Sand can now hit air units
  • Blaze Wake
    • Fixed sound effect
    • New icon by Kallimachos
Rhonin (Spirit Priest)
  • Decreased cooldown of Divine Wrath from 7 to 6 seconds
  • Decreased cooldown of Bond from 10 to 9 seconds
  • Redemption Aura no longer removes dead heroes from the game
  • Replaced Spirit Control with Doom. A unit hit by Doom will take damage over time until it dies. When it dies an Undead Minion will be summoned
Rhonin (Arcane Master)
  • Spectral Bolt
    • Can now hit air units
    • New icon by Hellx-Magnus
Vereesa Windrunner
  • Multishot can now damage buildings
  • Multishot can no longer target friendly units
  • Increased traveling distance of Multishot from 625 to 675
  • Changed attack type of Rain of Arrows from Pierce to Spells
  • Set revive hotkey to R
  • Changed unit name from Mountain King to Wildhammer Dwarf
  • Replaced Power Bash with Concussion Bolt. Enemy units take 150/225/300 damage and are slowed by 30/50/70% for 20 seconds
  • Khaz'goroth's Hammer
    • New icon by -Berz-
    • Can now damage air units
  • Fear Aura
    • Decreased damage decrease from 10/20/30% to 10/15/20%
    • New icon for Fear Aura by Mad
  • Khaz'goroth's Ale
    • Decreased damage from 30 to 20
    • No longer damages invulnerable or flying units
    • Killed units now grant experience
  • Increased speed base from 240 to 270
  • Decreased turn rate from 0.6 to 0.5
  • Decreased build time from 55 to 40
  • New model
  • New icon
  • Set revive hotkey to S
  • Flashbang
    • Can now hit air units
    • Decreased stun duration on normal units from 7 to 3/4/5 seconds
    • Decreased stun duration on hero units from 5 to 3 seconds
    • Increased mana cost from 60/70/80 to 80
    • Decreased cooldown from 30/25/20 to 15 seconds
    • Decreased cast range from 500/750/1000 to 700
    • Decreased area of effect from 300 to 250
    • New icon
  • Increased level of Kryll from 4 to 10
  • Renamed Demonic Gate to Magic Gate
  • Reverted model of Eldin to normal Kael'Thas
  • Changed tint color of Demon Soul from 255 to 200
  • Miner
    • New icon
    • New model by IamMclovin
  • Dragon Aspects
    • New models for Ysera, Malygos and Nozdormu
    • Nozdormu and Malygos now have air and land forms
    • Decreased scale and fixed shadows
  • Decreased gold cost of Scroll of the Beast from 400 to 200
  • Decreased gold cost of Ankh of Reincarnation from 800 to 500
  • Decreased gold cost of Healing Wards from 600 to 400
  • Decreased gold cost of Scroll of Restoration from 750 to 375
  • Decreased gold cost of Scroll of Protection from 150 to 100
  • Decreased gold cost of Mana Stone and Health Stone from 450 to 350
  • Decreased gold cost of Greater Scroll of Replenishment from 500 to 300
  • Renamed Red Dragon Whelp Egg to Red Dragon Egg
  • Removed hotkeys for item purchases in the Marketplace
  • Artefacts
    • New icon for Scepter of Elementals by Marcos DAB
    • New icon for Dragonscale Armor by CRAZYRUSSIAN
Chapter 1
  • Added exit to Rhonin's test area
  • Enemies now stop patrolling when attacked
  • Replaced Forest Trolls with Gnolls
  • Replaced Forest Troll Huts with Gnoll Huts
  • Replaced Tome of Experience with Tome of Knowledge
  • Player units entering the Bandit Lord's patrol area can no longer interfere with his AI
  • No longer needs to talk to the Business man before entering Port Hasic
  • Changed location of some bandits
  • Added pathing blockers around some houses
  • The first Gnoll now drops a Rod of Necromancy
  • Removed some pathing blockers around the Large Fire Pits
  • The Business Man will no longer flee from attacks
  • Improved Red Dragon AI
  • Decreased time Rhonin and Vereesa are paused when returning to the Business man
  • Removed a Rune of Healing
User Interface
  • Changed Port dialog text from "Humans alive" to "Citizens Alive"
  • Changed quest text "Free/Kill the farmers..." to "Free/Kill the villagers..."
  • Changed description for Spirit Priest to "Excellent healer and master of death."
  • Renamed player Alliance to Traders
  • Added a hint that gold does not carry over to the next chapter Decreased starting number of Hasic Citizens from 43 to 35
  • Decreased number of living citizens required for the warning message to appear from 35/20/10/5 to 25/15/10/5
  • The Rescue/Kill villagers hint can now also be triggered by Sea Elementals
  • Business man will turn to the heroes when the quest is handed in
  • Slightly moved Dragon Game Camera to the southwest
  • Replaced ItemDrop with ItemReceived sound effect
  • Fixed wait time for fade when the dragon is killed in the Outro cinematic
  • Subtitle override is now turned on
  • Changed owner of most Alliance units to Neutral Passive
  • Changed owner of neutral Rhonins to Dalaran
  • Hasic ships and shipyards will be destroyed when the Dragon cinematic has finished
  • Changed music in Meeting cinematic from Pursuit to Comradeship
Chapter 2
  • Removed 3 Riflemen
  • Removed 2 Goblin Land Mines
  • Decreased number of charges for Ivory Tower from 3 to 2
  • The first Gate cinematic will now also play when a unit goes too far to the west
  • The Spiders will no longer remain invulnerable after the GoblinLab cinematic
  • Replaced Claws of Attack +6 with Gloves of Haste
  • Replaced a Ring of Protection +4 with a Ring of Protection +3
  • Can no longer buy zeppelins from Goblin Laboratories
  • Neutral Hostile units now give gold when killed
  • Rebalanced spawn times for the ogres at the Books
  • Repositioned some ogres and Riflemen
  • Removed a Rune of Restoration
  • Replaced a Rune of Mana with a Rune of Restoration
  • Added a third Marketplace
  • Ownership of Falstad is no logner handed over to Player 3 when the Book countdown starts, instead he is paused
  • Removed all Raiders
  • The last Marketplace will no longer become vulnerable after the Gate cinematics
  • Switched positions of a Rune of Restoration and a Manual of Health
User Interface
  • Removed transmission for the dwarves when entering the Side Flame Area
  • Removed camera pan for the dwarves when entering the Side Flame Area
  • Added a transmission when rescuing the dwarves
  • Improved description for Ivory Tower
  • Renamed timer window title from "Time left" to "Time Remaining"
  • Fixed a water sound effect
  • Deathwing will no longer take Rhonin before Duncan is dead
  • Deathwing will no longer be attacked by a Burrow in the Intro cinematic
  • Removed some Magical Runes and moved them further up
  • Changed location of a tree and fixed some issuses with the Grass texture
Chapter 3
  • Kryll will no longer run away when not supposed to
  • Removed some wait time between meeting the Steam Tank groups and rescuing them
  • Blocked a path at the first ship route, leading behind the waterfall
  • Replaced the last shipyard with multiple Grunts
  • The orc buildings will no longer train units
  • Removed some orc buildings
  • Changed ownership of all Pig Farms and a War Mill to Neutral Passive
  • Removed a Switch and an Elevator
  • Moved location of the last Marketplace
  • Replaced a Wand of the Wind with a Periapt of Vitality
  • Replaced invisible pathing blockers with a Gate and some doodads
  • Some Stone Walls are now invulerable
  • Replaced a Mantle of Intelligence +3 with Gold Coins +50
  • The switches can now be activated by any player unit
  • The last Blademaster will become hostile when any unit owned by the player gets close
  • Changed life of Orc Transport Ships to 100%/75%/50%
  • Decreased target acquisition range of an Orc Warlock from 600 to 200
  • Removed Reincarnation from Enraged Jungle Stalkers
  • Renamed Gargantuan Sea Turtle to Mutant Turtle
  • Changed Talismans of Mutation leaderboard from "Picked up" to "Gathered"
  • Removed a rescuable Rifleman
  • Fixed some terrain bugs
  • The children of the wild will only become vunerable if the Frostwolf Shaman is attacked
User Interface
  • Removed/changed some dialogue by the last Blademaster
  • Changed owner of Krypp to player 12
  • The last Blademaser is colored red upon map initialization
  • New model for Terenas by Tranquil
  • New model for Trollbane by CloudWolf
Chapter 4
  • Added Haste ability which allows Rhonin to run 200% faster
  • Replaced some Foot Switches with Levers that need to be attacked with Boulders
  • Removed the Net
  • Rhonin no longer needs to attack Frogs to make them move on Foot Switches, instead he attacks the Levers directly
  • Removed all but one Rock Chunk in the prison
  • The Boulder item can now perish if it runs out of charges
  • Bouders can no longer be sold to Merchants
  • Increased damage of Hurl Boulder from 2 to 6
  • Decreased charges of Boulder from 6 to 2
  • Added a failsafe that will kill the Foot Switches if the player runs out of Boulders
  • Can now activate the RGB runes before listening to Kryll
  • Can no longer complete the Innkeeper's task before talking to him
  • Will no longer get the Gem of true Hiding from the Missing Troll
  • Removed some Barricades
  • The Ogre will now become invulnerable when he attacks the Voodoo Lounge
  • The Ogre will move away from the Voodoo Lounge after destroying it
  • Removed the inventory of all Goblin Bouncers
  • A flower will be removed as soon as Rhonin goes to a husband
User Interface
  • Is now accessible by completing Chapter 3 as well as the ## Interlude
  • Modified numerous hints and transmissions to accomodate variable difficulty levels
  • Changed leaderboard value "Books found" to "Found" and "Books placed" to "Placed in Bookshelf"
  • The fish hint will no only appear once
  • All triggers and texts that belonged to the Troll Vendor now belong to the Voodoo Lounge
  • Decreased time between gypsy riddle and first hint from 15 to 10 seconds
  • Wll no longer show the "riddle failed" message if the correct answer was given right before the time is up
  • Will no longer display the optional quests as failed when ending the ## Chapter before completing them
  • Changed model type of a tree
  • Changed music in Kryll cinematic from Pursuit to Dark Agents
  • Replaced some Trees with indestructible Rocks
  • Removed the Troll Vendor
  • Repositioned some Crates
  • Fixed the height of two Rock Archways
  • Changed names of Goblins Husbands to Goblin Boyfriend/Fiancé/Husband
Chapter 5 (all)
  • Changed Loading Screen Titles and Subtitles
  • Changed icon of Contact quest to the new Krasus icon
  • Added additional sound regions
Chapter 5 (Dalaran)
  • Placed a visibility modifier around the Dalaran Violet Citadel
  • The Orb of Soultheft no longer requires Mana to cast
Chapter 5 (Northrend)
  • Added pathing blockers at the Dragonscale Armor
  • Removed burrowing AI for some Arachnathids
  • Removed four Tuskarr Cages
  • Changed location of a Tusskar Cage
  • The area around the damaging runes will be revealed when a player ground unit gets near
  • Increased size of ramps at the flooded area
  • Turned Give Bounty on for Player 10 (Malygos' Servants) units
  • Changed location of some hostile units and Tuskarr
  • Decreased target acquisition range of some hostile units from 500 to 200
  • Removed Burrow from Arachnathids
  • Increased life of Tuskarr Fighters from 250 to 350
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the creation of infinite Unbroken Darkhunters
  • Decreased the number of created Unbroken Darkhunters in the final area
  • Increased size of kill area when the two Support Columns have been destroyed
  • Kill area will no longer kill player units
  • Removed some Spiders and Crates
  • Increased time between creation of Unbroken Darkhutners from 6 to 9 seconds
  • Replaced the Tuskarr Chieftain in the Cage with a Tuskarr Trapper
  • Replaced the Tuskarr Trapper outside with a Tuskarr Chieftain
  • Switched positions of some Tuskarr and Trolls
  • Units other than Krasus will be moved to a different region when entering Malygo's Lair
  • Player 2 (Krasus) is now neutral towards Player 5 (Malygos)
User Interface
  • The Tuskarr hint will appear at the fist rescued Tuskarr
  • The Tuskarr Chieftain will now talk
  • The Keys Leaderboard will be destroyed when opening the Gate
  • Created an Exclamation Mark for the Tuskarr Chieftain
  • Removed the empty Cage
Chapter 5 (Caverns of Time)
  • Updated map design
  • Removed Medivh
  • Removed a Gnoll Poacher
  • Added a Scroll of Healing and a Scroll of Protection
  • Increased Dog speed and sight radius
  • New model for Thrall
  • Changed camera movement and removed Thralls dialogue from the intro cinematic
  • Replaced all switches with their dead counterparts
  • The trees chopped by the Peasants will now be healed periodically
  • Music now properly plays after the Intro cinematic
  • Fixed a bug that didn't show Nozdormu in the Victory cinematic
Chapter 5 (Emerald Dream)
  • Added a Tree of Life to the Night Elf base
  • Replaced the Tiny Tree of Life with a Scroll of Resurrection
  • Decreased Repair Time of Ghost from 55 to 40 seconds
  • Added 3 more Crypts
  • Increased Build Time for Ghoul from 15 to 18 seconds
  • Increased Build Time for Vile Tormentor from 15 to 24 seconds
  • Increased Build Time for Gargolye from 15 to 24 seconds
  • Removed the Dreadlord and the Altar of Darkness
  • Repositioned a Ziggurat and the Boneyard
  • The AI will no longer send or rebuild Infernal Contraptions or Dreadlords
  • The first attack from Player 3 will now commence 185 seconds after the attack from Player 8
  • Fixed a bug preventing the AI from sending attack waves
  • Inreased starting lumber of Player 2 from 185 to 200
  • Increased time between AI attack from 120 to 125 seconds
  • Removed all starting Ghouls, Frost Wyrms, Gargoyles and Vile Tormentors
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Krasus from getting experience when starting at level 5
  • Decreased target acquisition range of a Bloodfiend from 500 to 200
  • Replaced Silence of Vile Tormentors with Curse
  • Vile Tormentors can now attack air units
User Interface
  • Changed leaderboard value from "left" to "Captured"
  • Changed Revive Tooltip of Ghost to Keeper of the Grove
  • Added some rocks
  • New music during the MeetBase cinematic
  • Ysera is now removed after the Victory cinematic
Chapter 6
  • Player 2 and Player 4 are neutral to one another during the GnollsVsOgres cinematic
  • Can no longer win the map until all bases have been rescued
  • Changed owner of a Watch Tower and two Grunts from Player 4 to Player 1
  • Increased Food Cost of Ogre Warrior from 0 to 2
  • Increased Food Cost of Ogre Magi and Ogre Mauler from 0 to 3
  • Decreased Food Cost of Ogre Lord from 6 to 4
  • Added a second Marketplace
User Interface
  • Added transmission about missing items
  • Removed Falstad's last transmission in the GnollsVsOgres cinematic
  • Added transmission to rescue all bases before attacking the orcs
  • Changed Dragon Blood leaderboard value from "Picked up" to "Gathered"
  • Deathwing is now properly removed after the Intro cinematic
  • Some units are removed and not killed when a cinematic is skipped
  • The Ogre in the GnollsVsOgres cinematic is no longer blue
  • GnollsVsOgres cinematic will no longer trigger when the Outro cinematic is playing
  • Fixed timing when the Ogre and the Gnoll die in the GnollsVsOgres cinematic
  • Moved game camera after the GnollsVsOgres cinematic to the west
Chapter 7
  • Removed 6 Fighters and one Rifleman
  • Moved 2 Riflemen to different cells
  • Removed a Foot Switch for the first Elevator
  • Replaced Beast Cages and rescuable animals with Crates and a Manual of Health
  • Added pathing blockers to some Dwarven Archways
  • Changed owner of an Orc Burrow from Player 1 (Dragonmaw Clan) to Neutral Passive
  • All items left behind at the Golem are now moved up the Elevator when exiting the area
  • Removed some destructible crates and blocked off a path at the Bossfight area
  • Kryll will no longer try to attack Falstad or Vereesa before the bossfight
  • Changed location of two Grunts
  • Removed a Dragonmaw Warlock
  • Replaced Healing Salve with Tome of Strength +2
  • Replaced Scroll of Mana with Tome of Agility +2
  • Increased size of ramp at lava bridge
  • Removed all empty cages
  • Scroll of Hydra and Scroll of Dagon are now invulnerable
User Interface
  • Changed map title from "The Belly of the Beast" to "Belly of the Beast"
  • The dialogue about killing dwarves can now play with any rescuable group of dwarves
  • Deathwing's Scale will not appear until Kryll talks about it in the Alexstrasza cinematic
Chapter 8
  • The Tiny Town Hall, Tiny Barracks and Tiny Lumber Mill items are now invulnerable
  • The game can now be lost if Krasus dies before building a base
  • Can no longer rescue Alexstrasza by selecting her
  • Added numerous enemies to the mountain area
  • Removed Wind Walk from Blademaster
  • Changed defense type of Nozdormu from Unarmored to Large
  • Inceased Evasion chance to evade of Nozdormu from 75% to 100%
  • Alexstrasza can now regenerate life and mana before the boss fight
  • Added a hint that explains how to attack Deathwing normally
  • Deathwing will now always start with 100% life
  • The enemies will now attack with stronger forces after Alexstrasza has been rescued
  • Removed an Orc Catapult and a Dragonmaw Master
  • Decreased number of Dragonmaw Masters and Red Drakes sent by the AI
  • Fixed a bug that had Deathwing do the same spell/attack over and over
  • Decreased chance of Deathwing doing a normal attack from 42%/57% to 25%
  • Alexstrasza's Party Heal effect will now be properly removed
  • Instead of Orc Warlocks the Red Dragons must be killed before the Alexstrasza cinematic can start
  • Increased rescue region for Wagons in The Final Choice quest
  • Removed ability Call to Arms
User Interface
  • New icon for the Demon Soul
  • Changed text "Summon/Revive Arcane Master" to "Summon/Revive Rhonin"
  • Changed some text and sound effect for the alternate ending hint
  • Created a Leaderboard that shows which Dragon Aspect is usable in the boss fight
  • First Caravan timer can no longer appear twice
  • Fixed height of some floating texts
  • Improved terrain at mountain area
  • Ysera will no longer attempt to fly too early in the Alexstrasza cinematic
  • All units of the Dragonmaw Reinforcements are now removed before the boss fight
  • Changed life text for Deathwing in Alexstrasza cinematic from "+5400!" to "+5000!"
Epilogue (all)
  • Replaced "Additional Art" with "Icons"
  • Replaced "Additional Art and Music" with "Loading Screens and Music"
  • Renamed "Testing and Advice" to "Testing"
  • Added inhuman89, Kallimachos, Sephiroth_VIII, Mad, Marcos DAB, -Berz- and Mad to Icons credits
  • Added IamMclovin, CloudWolf, Goliath the God, OinkerWinkle, Tenebrae, Tranquil and Sunchips to Models and Skins credits
  • Removed unknown credits
  • All Dragon Aspects are now in Land Form
  • The ship will no longer be attacked in the good ending

597 changes

Multiple maps
  • Added more Runes
  • Increased gold bounty awarded by most creeps
  • Many enemy players now give gold bounty
  • Added at least one more Marketplace
User Interface
  • Removed unnecessary duplicated trigger actions
Rhonin (Arcane Master)
  • Changed hotkeys, effects and icons
  • Changed attack projectile art to Lightning
  • Replaced Spectral Beam with Spectal Bolt. Spectral Bolt has no cast delay and costs less
  • Replaced Arcane Sphere with Astral Cloud which forces enemies to attack each other
  • Replaced Star Beam with Star Burn. Enemy units hit by Star Burn cannot cast spells, attacks for less damage, and will take damage over time
  • Mana Fusion
    • Changed mana cost of Mana Fusion from 15 to 0
    • Amount of mana replenished when using Mana Fusion is now a constant of 100/150/200
    • Hero now loses 50 life every time Mana Fusion is cast
Rhonin (Elemental Mage)
  • Changed hotkeys, effects and icons
  • Replaced Shield of Frostbite with Blinding Sand which causes enemies to miss attacks
  • Replaced Electricity Aura with Electricity Shield which deals damage to nearby enemy ground units
  • Frost Sphere
    • Replaced Green Cloud with Frost Sphere
    • Decreased cooldown from 160 to 130 seconds
    • Increased attack and movement speed of enemies from 0% to 10%
  • Blaze Wake
    • Decreased distance from 650 to 350
    • Decreased cooldown from 13 to 7 seconds
    • Decreased mana cost from 110 to 90
    • Can no longer damage neutral or allied units
Rhonin (Spirit Priest)
  • Changed attack projectile art to Faerie Dragon Missile
  • Decreased cooldown of Bond from 12 to 10 seconds
  • Redemption Aura is no longer chance based and no longer returns life. It will redeem a single corpse and return 25/40/55 mana, every 4 seconds
  • Spirit Control
    • Now changes the team color of the controlled unit
    • Removed some delay when casting/cancelling
    • Rhonin can no longer die while possesing a unit. Instead he will return to his original position
  • Divine Wrath
    • Increased damage from 35/70/105 to 80/120/160
    • Decreased cooldown from 9 to 7 seconds
    • Divine Wrath can no longer damage neutral units
  • Khaz'goroth's Hammer
    • Can now also damage structures
    • Khaz'goroth's Hammer no longer works on invulnerable units
  • Power Bash
    • Decreased knockback distance from 350/400/450 to 350/350/350
    • Can no longer knock enemies into unwalkable terrain
  • Khaz'goroth's Ale
    • Falstad can now be controlled
    • Reduced damage from 50 to 30
    • Removed distance based behaviour of Fear Aura. Damage reduction is now 10/20/30%, chance to miss is now 5/10/15%, and constant distance is now 600
Vereesa Windrunner
  • Increased base Intelligence from 15 to 19
  • Decreased base Strength from 18 to 16
  • Now starts with Boots of Quel'Thalas when not restored from game cache
  • Replaced Sleep Arrow with Multishot. Multishot fires several arrows at a target point damaging enemies along their path
  • Replaced Starfall with Rain of Arrows. Rain of Arrows shoots multiple arrows that damage all enemies in the target region
  • Replaced Shadow Strike with Refill Quiver. Refill Quiver will recharge Vereesa's mana over time
  • Changed attack projectile to Phoenix Missile
  • Fixed attack projectile launch position
  • Fixed shadows for Korialstrasz
  • Replaced Life Drain with Summon Spirit Dragon. Spirit Dragons have permanent immolation
  • Dragon Form
    • Changed hotkey from R to F
    • Added Firebolt
    • Removed timer. Can switch between humanoid and dragon form at will
    • Can no longer cast Brillance Aura or Entangling Roots in Dragon Form
  • Flashbang can no longer stun structures
Units and Buildings
  • Increased hit points of Support Column from 50 to 150
  • Red Dragons are no longer immune to spells
  • New model for Drenden by AndrewOverload519
  • Ned model for Krasus by Tauer
  • New model for Andromath by Stonneash and NFWar
  • New model for Modera by loktar
  • New model for Dela by loktar
  • New model for Eldin by loktar and Deolrin
  • New model for Deathwing by Kwaliti
  • New model for Demon Soul by Lubbe
  • Tent now has team color and a proper build animation by Ujimasa Hojo
  • Marketplace
    • Set stock of all items to 2
    • Set replenish interval of all items to 120 seconds
    • Set stock start delay of all items to 0 seconds
  • Dragon Aspects
    • Fixed shadows
    • Fixed attack projectile launch position
  • Paula's Wedding ring now boosts Intelligence instead of Agility
  • Ring of the Sun no longer renders the Hero invulnerable to magic. Instead it blocks a negative spell once every 5 seconds
  • Added more detailed descriptions to Demon Soul, Krasus' Medallion, Deathwing's Scale and Deathwing's Medallion
User Interface
  • New loading screens
  • Renamed Dragonmaw Shaman to Dragonmaw Necrolyte
  • Renamed Tent to Dwarven Tent
  • Fixed quest descriptions
  • Fixed some typos
  • Replaced all non-Blizzard music with Blizzard music
  • Removed unnecessary duplicated custom objects
  • Custom data is now stored in the campaign file instead of each map
  • New models from the Ultimate Terraining Map 4.0
  • Fixed sound regions
  • Increased detail of terrain in some areas
  • Added fog
  • Cut about 25% of dialogue
  • Redesigned area around dark portal
  • Improved camera movement
  • Decreased runtime from about 5,5 minutes to about 4,5 minutes
Chapter 1 - 51
  • Added feature to playtest any hero class before choosing it
  • Changed map layout for the hero class selection area
  • Increased experience gain at level 1 from 40% to 100%
  • Increased level of Black Spiders from 1 to 3
  • Increased level of Forest Spiders from 1 to 2
  • All units of player 8 (Dalaran) are now invulnerable
  • All starting villagers are now invulnerable
  • Increased region where the child warns of bandits
  • Switched positions of Tome of Intelligence and Scepter of Elementals
  • Added a Rune of Speed
  • Added multiple Gold Coins
  • Replaced the Cloak of Shadows with Gold Coins
  • Replaced Circlet of Nobility and Periapt of Vitality with Ankh of Reincarnation, Scroll of the Beast, Mana Stone, Health Stone, Potion of Mana, Potion of Healing and Scroll of Speed
  • All Bandits now belong to player Neutral Hostile
  • The bandit villagers will only be removed if the quest is completed
  • Removed player 12 (Bandits)
  • Villagers can now be rescued by all player units
  • Rhonin's and Vereesa's starting areas are now connected
  • Removed all Rock Chunks
  • Replaced Healing Salve with Claws of Attack +6
  • Replaced a Forest Troll Berserker with a Forest Troll
  • Fixed a bug that turned a footman hostile towards his people
  • Decreased life of Forest Troll Berserker from 375 to 350
  • Spirit Priest will now start with Divine Wrath
  • Removed some doodads at the bandit village to increase maneuverability
  • Wolves quest can be discovered after encountering the dragon
  • Dragon quest will now always start with 37 citizens remaining, regardless if the dragon cinematic was skipped
  • Changed map layout at the fire pits
  • Fixed invulnerability for Footmen in Business Man quest
  • Added some pathing blockers at the wolves region
  • Wolves will react to spells when attacked
  • Removed raise and decay of imprisoned villagers
  • Wolf Herd quest can now be activated by Rhonin and Vereesa
  • Increased experience gain after the Vereesa cinematic from 40% to 50%
  • Rhonin and Vereesa wil become invulnerable for the Outro cinematic
User Interface
  • The initial Krasus hint sequence can now be skipped
  • Added dialog buttons to either test or choose a hero class
  • Changed tavern icon, model and name to Marketplace
  • Added minimap pings for Bandit Attack quest
  • Added leaderboard that displays how many villagers are alive/need to be rescued
  • Dragon Light Fire minimap pings will appear more frequently
  • Added a main quest update when Vereesa meets Rhonin
  • Added a quest update when Vereesa meets Rhonin
  • Removed the hint that said Port Hasic is to the east
  • Exclamation mark will appear properly when 8 wolves are killed
  • A hint to complete all optional quests will appear before entering Hasic
  • Added transmision not to go south before going to Hasic
  • Fixed some camera movements
  • The footmen will no longer change facing when getting the Wolf Herd quest
  • Added music to Dragon cinematic
  • Added additional music to Outro cinematic
Chapter 2
  • Decreased life of Alarms from 20 to 15
  • Decreased aquisition range of Orc Frigates from 650 to 550
  • Removed and repositioned some destructibles and doodads for space
  • Added more space at the ogre patrol routes
  • Removed most Orc Frigates
  • Added hidden items that can be revealed with the Goblin Laboratories
  • Added more space to the blue flames area
  • Changed location of a Goblin Laboratory
  • Added more Goblin Sappers to the blue flame area
  • Decreased life of Orc Burrows from 600 to 400
  • When Orc Burrows are destroyed nearby trees are also destroyed
  • Ogre patrols will be activated when heroes are near instead of at map initialization
  • Repositioned the starting area of the first ogre patrol
  • Added a few seconds between patrols
  • Added two Watch Towers at the Ogre patrol area
  • Blue Flame Traps can now only be deactivated by Vereesa or Falstad
  • Removed Chain Lightning of Dragonmaw Necrolyte
  • Dragon Eggs quest: Removed all pathing blockers
  • Dragon Eggs quest: Items can now be picked up even though the evil quest alignment was selected. They will be dropped immediately
  • Dragon Eggs quest: Replaced Tome of Strength/Agility with Tome of Strength/Agility +2
  • Draggon egg items will appear where Dragon eggs were destroyed
  • Added gold coins
  • Completely redesigned final area. Removed Juggernauts, moving Grunts and hiding spots. Player units will take periodic damage as long as they are in the red zone
  • Added more enemies to the redesigned final area
  • All guard position of ogre patrol units are now being ignored
  • Replaced Elune's Lie with Hammer of Titans
  • Changed experience gain at level 3/4 from 20%/40% to 35%/35%
  • Changed location of a frog
  • Removed two rescuable riflemen
  • The Goblin Laboratories can now only be activated by Falstad or Vereesa
  • Falstad and Vereesa will become invulnerable for the Outro cinematic
  • The blocking tree line is now destroyed if the Mortar Team dies
  • The rescued dwarves will no longer accompany the player after opening the gate
User Interface
  • Cameras will no longer pan back automatically when showing the Mortal Team
  • Falstad and Vereesa will appear on the score screen
  • Changed location of some cameras in Intro cinematic
  • Duncan will use Storm Bolt in the Intro cinematic
  • Heroes will no longer engage in combat during the Goblin Laboratories cinematic
  • Changed text of Gate2 cinematic to fit redesigned area
  • Changed location of a camera in the outro cinematic
  • Mortar Teams are now hidden during cinematics
  • The Mountain King will no longer be rescued
Chapter 3
  • Replaced Hammer of Titans with Elune's Lie
  • Removed many trees at the starting area
  • Removed all Slow abilities of Sludges
  • Replaced a Giant Wolf with a Dire Wolf
  • Chest of Gold items are now dropped by a Dire Wolf and a Bandit Lord instead of Tents
  • Removed all empty cage doodads
  • Changed owner of all all non-aggressive orc structures to Neutral Passive
  • Cleared first orc camp of many doodads and blocking terrain
  • Removed some blocking doodads at the zeppelin area
  • Repositioned northern turtle
  • Added more space at the southeast turtle area
  • Can no longer fly with zeppelin around. The Dwarf Base 3 cinematic will play immediately
  • Removed all air blockers
  • Cinematics will no longer be triggered by summoned units
  • Removed a crate with Healing Salve
  • Replaced Demolishers with Catapults
  • Zeppelin now costs 50 gold and 150 lumber
  • Zeppeling gold and lumber items are now invulnerable
  • Replaced the Bronze Dragon with a level 10 Blademaster
  • Orc buildings will now properly train units
  • Removed last Spider Silk Broach item
  • Replaced a Stronghold with a Great Hall
  • Redesigned last orc base
  • Pulling the lever will now provide access to the Marketplace instead of the orc base Marketplace
  • Added gold coins to the starting area
  • Removed almost all items inside crates from the final orc base
  • Decrrased hit points of Orc Shipyard from 1200 to 800
  • Added rescuable dwarves to the final area
  • The second trnasport ship is now invulnerable
  • Replaced Scrolls of Healing/Mana with Runes of Healing/Mana at the last crates
  • Added indestructible gates at the second ship that need to be opened via switches
  • Changed location of an Enraged Jungle Stalker
  • Replaced the Advanced Boulder Towers in the last orc base with Watch Towers
  • Vereesa and Falstad will appear at the score screen when the Outro cinematic is skipped
  • No longer disabling user control while talking to Dr. Moreau
User Interface
  • Changed transmission "...not that way." to " the north."
  • Added vision and minimap pings for Turtles quest
  • Reduced amount of text for Turtles quest
  • Added vision on main base for Steam Tank quest
  • An exclamation point will be created on Dr. Moreau when all 3 Talismans are collected
  • A transmission will play when all 3 Talismans are collected
  • Removed "Check their tents." transmission
  • The Talismans Leaderboard is now properly destroyed
  • Removed transmission about second transport ship
  • Removed arrows on terrain
  • Removed unneccessary destructible rocks
  • Removed second Devour sound in the Outro cinematic
  • Renamed Subtitle from Interludium to ## Interlude
  • Reduced map bounds
  • Added tracks from World of Warcraft
  • Improved camera movement
  • Reduced cooldown of Hurl Boulder from 8 to 6 seconds
  • Reduced time of stun for Hurl Boulder from 0.5 to 0.01 seconds
Chapter 4
  • Changed experience gain from 25%/50% to 50/33% at level 3/4
  • Fixed scale of regions on all Circles of Power
  • Rhonin's items are removed at game start and restored at ## Chapter 7
  • Decreased amount of experience granted by Tomes of Experience from 100 to 75
  • Added 7 more Tomes of Experience
  • Moved Tomes of Experience to better hidden areas
  • Items that used to be created on the ground will are now created inside Rhonin's inventory
  • Cril Chobley's House Key is now removed when completing the map
User Interface
  • Set race of Player 12 (Deathwing's Minions) from Undead to Orc
  • Renamed Pit to Fire Pit
  • Added option to cancel most dialogs
  • Decreased duration or removed many transmissions
  • Added many new exclamation marks on units
  • Increased scale of Circle of Power from 0.67 to 1.0
  • Changed object type of Fence from unit to destructible
  • Changed tinting color of Fence from 255 to 100
  • Removed Final Fantasy sound
  • Removed many wait times during dialogues
  • Removed all useless destructible doodads
  • Will play sound "ItemReceived" whenever a quest item is created in Rhonin's inventory
Escape - Part One
  • Frogs will move to the foot switches when attacked
  • The Net item and Rock Chunks are removed when the prison is opened
  • The Boulder items will no longer be removed
  • Replaced the Sell Boulder task with a bunch of Rock Chunks
  • Rhonin now has to manually step on the switch
  • Removed the Greedy Peon task
  • Bolvir and Volbir will give Rhonin the Golden Book
  • Added a ramp to the right side of the bookshelf area
  • Replaced a Ruined Tree with Rock Chunks
  • The force bridge will be destroyed when Rhonin enters the second island
  • Hint now says "Rhonin has no ranged attack" instead of "Rhonin can't fight"
  • Renamed Specials Books to Blue/Red/Golden Book
  • Renamed Map to Special Book Map
  • Changed hint about X and a single tree
  • Can no longer trigger the Lazy Peon transmission when the peon is already awake
  • Added visibility to rune regions
  • Added visual hints to the rune puzzle
  • Rhonin will say that he stepped on the wrong rune even before completing the sequence
  • Can no longer talk about ill orc greedy orc if they are fixed
  • The shovel hint transmission will no longer be played if the player already has found the shovel
  • Decreased the fade time when using the Shovel
  • Visibility from the Goblin Bouncer will be denied when Rhonin enters the second island
  • Removed tree at starting area
  • Changed Snow weather effect to Rays of Light
  • Removed two bookshelves
  • Added good job sound effect when placing a special book
Escape - Part Two
  • Removed wait time when the Tinker catches Rhonin
  • Removed the farmer task
  • Lumber task no longer requires Rhonin to sell the lumber
  • Lumber task no longer requires to tell the Tinker
  • The pig task can now be completed before talking to the peons or the Goblin Shipmaster
  • The riddler task can now be completed before talking to the Goblin Shipmaster
  • Removed hiding of fish
  • Fish can now be caught and return before getting the fish task
  • Increased region where the Tinker can catch Rhonin
  • Added an item that allows reseting the Robo-Goblin to its original position
  • Redesigned area to be smaller
  • Replaced boatcard (lumber) reward in Lumber task with a gold coin
  • Removed fade and wait time when trying to enter Cril's House without a key
  • The hint to check the houses will come if not all houses have been checked
  • Added visibility on region of fish
  • Added visual aides to all task givers
  • Can no longer choose dialog options multiple times
  • Improved description of Bundle of Lumber
  • Will skip Goblin Shredder's question if player wants to play his game after the first time
  • Renamed Full Vial to Special Love Potion and changed transmission text
  • Orc Slaves will start harvesting when Rhonin enters the second island, and not at map initialization
  • Added a visual aid to the Pig fence
  • Increased scale of fish from 1.2 to 3.0
  • Removed a Goblin Hut
  • Removed cinematic when leaving for the third island
Escape - Part Three
  • Can now freely return to the second island
  • Can complete the Inkeeper task without seeing the Warden or the Inkeeper first
  • Hop and malt are now inside destructible doodads
  • Added some blockers and doodads for the Robo-Goblin task
  • Removed task to find gold for peon. Necklace is now sold directly to the Witch Doctor
  • The Gem of true Hiding will be given to Rhonin immediately
  • Removed the task to combine the two Gems. The Witch Doctor will now drop the Red Crystal
  • Can now freely use the Way Gate to teleport to the fourth island
  • The Murder quest will no longer be marked as failed when entering the third island prematurely
  • Removed second hint about Log
  • Added a hint that the player can always return to the second island
  • Added a hint when Rhonin has to return to the Way Gate Warden
  • Replaced Mushrooms with Glowing Runes
  • Moved tree above the Missing Troll and added a visual aid
  • Removed sequence that destroys the Way Gate and has the Warden teleport Rhonin manually
  • Can now freely use the Way Gate to return to the third island
  • Removed patrol and invulnerability of Vulture
  • Put the three flowers inside destructible doodads
  • Removed the task to talk to the Goblin Priest
  • Removed the Switch Fire traps task
  • All Boulder items and Rock Chunks with Boulder items are removed when Rhonin hits the Vulture
  • Redesigned area to be smaller
  • Removed the task to get the Other Voodoo Leg
  • Ignoring guard position of Ogre Magi when he is freed
  • Deathwing's scale will be created inside Rhonin's inventory
  • Removed Makh'uza's note
  • Shared vision of Kryll and Goblin Miner
  • Will no longer diable control when bringing flowers to the husbands
  • Increased scale and darkened color of Crates of Fish
Murder in the Dark
  • Changed location of the houses to the south
  • Removed task to bring Wrench to second police station
  • Removed task to ask Police Station about suspects
  • Shared vision of Drog and the Goblin Bouncer with player for as long as the Murder quest is active
Captured Ogre
  • Troll Vendor will lose ability to buy/sell items after selling the Talisman of Evasion
  • Talisman of Evasion now costs 75 gold
  • The Gate now opens as soon as the item is bought
Chapter 5 (all)
  • Increased starting level of Krasus from 1 to 3
  • Increased maximum level of Krasus from 5 to 6
  • Added ability to item Eon Rose: Can now temporarily buff Krasus' movement and attack speed
  • Added ability to item Black Vial: Can use Sleep on enemy units
  • Added ability to item Calderia's Wand: Can steal life of enemy units and add to Krasus' life
User Interface
  • Implemented a system which allows multiple saves
  • Kirin Tor mages are now referred to by their names in the quest descriptions
  • Changed icon of Eon Rose to a new custom icon by LiOneSS
  • Changed text "Buy artifacts for combat" to "Buy combat items"
  • Decreased amount of dialogue
  • Fixed display of a quest requirement for Malygos quest
  • Improved camera movement for all cinematics
Chapter 5 (Dalaran)
  • The Orb of Soultheft will now only be removed when the Antonida's Request quest is completed or failed
  • Redesigned for shorter paths
  • Removed most switches and levers
  • Player 8 (Dalaran) now treats Player 2 (Krasus) as Neutral
  • Orb of Soultheft is now removed even when Krasus destroys the Magical Pen
  • Added an additional area to fight bandits for the Orb of Soultheft
  • Krasus' life is no longer reset to 10%
  • The choice in the optional quest Ready for Combat is now between an Orb of Corruption and a Pendant of Energy
User Interface
  • Removed hint about Drenden being nearby
  • Changed text "You freed the test-subject. You will be punished!" to "Why did you do that?"
  • Decreased time between minimap pings from 40 to 10 seconds
  • Granted shared vision of all quest related units
  • Added Circles of Power for all conversation partners
  • Removed the inventory from Antonidas
  • Initial death sound of Krasus will now be audible only faintly
  • Replaced fog areas with Circles of Power named after the Dragon Aspects
  • Added music to the Outro cinematic
Chapter 5 (Northrend)
  • Added switches to turn off runes at entrance
  • Can no longer take damage from water because the ground path is now blocked
  • Will now only create Unbroken Darkhunter if fewer then 5 Unbroken Darkhunter are in the endfight region
User Interface
  • Replaced Circles of Power with Magical Runes
  • Can now skip the Intro cinematic
  • Renamed Frozen Throne Gate to Frozen Gate
  • Tuskarr will now refer to Krasus as an elf instead of a human
  • Added visibility to Tuskarr regions outside the Lair
  • The keys no longer remain in the inventory. A leaderboard keeps track instead
  • Changed text "The water's too high and I can't swim." to "The current looks dangerous. I should look for another way."
  • Added an additional World of Warcraft track to Malygos' cinematic
Chapter 5 (Caverns of Time)
  • Added 5 Tomes of Experience
  • Player 2 (Krasus) and Player 9 (Guards) are enemies now
  • Changed location of some stash areas
  • Krasus will carry an Item Bag
  • Repositioned Taretha
  • Krasus can enter Durnholde without a Signed Letter
  • Krasus can get back to Dalaran by stepping inside the cave
  • Added numerous enemies
  • The Dog is no longer invulnerable
  • Increased hit points of the Dog from 15 to 150
  • Increased hit points of Taretha from 15 to 150
User Interface
  • Added various messages from Guards that will warn the player not to come closer
  • Decreased time between minimap pings from 40 to 10 seconds
  • Renamed Dog Pen to Cave Entrance
  • Changed hint from "There are nine wisps in the area. Use them to build a base." to "There are more Night Elves in the area. Rescue them."
  • Shared vision with remaining Night Elves from starting area
  • Added an additional World of Warcraft track to Nozdormu's cinematic
  • Removed rain
  • Replaced pathing blockers with a gate
  • Will play sound effect when placing an item or the dog
  • No longer playing Nozdormu's spell devour animation
Chapter 5 (The Emerald Dream)
  • Set food cost of all Burning Legion units to 0
  • Set gold cost of all Burning Legion units to 0
  • Added a Tiny Tree of Life
  • Decreased build time of Tree of Life from 110 to 90 seconds
  • Decreased build time of Tree of Ages from 140 to 110 seconds
  • Decreased build time of Tree of Eternity from 140 to 110 seconds
  • Can now build an Ancient of Wonders
  • Hardened Skin and Resistant Skin upgrades now require an Ancient of Wonders
  • Mountain Giants and Faerie Dragons now require an Ancient of Wonders
  • Reduced repair lumber cost of Ancient Protector from 80 to 75
  • Reduced repair lumber cost of Chimaera Roost from 230 to 160
  • Added more stationary enemies
  • Ignoring Guard Position of all stationary enemies
  • Added a Staff of Negation
  • Increased Food production of Tree of Life from 30 to 50
  • Increased Food production of Tree of Ages from 60 to 70
  • Removed some building blocking terrain
  • Increased lumber cost of Chimaera from 110 to 190
  • Redesigned road to player base
  • The two Burning Legion bases are no longer connected
  • Moved player base to center between the Burning Legion bases
  • Added a secret entrance to the lower Burning Legion base
  • Moved Ysera's place to upper left
  • Moved the Healing Fountain closer to the player base
  • Added more space to the area where you can free the wisps
  • Added more Druids to free
  • Enemy AI will attack regardless of the amount of units available
  • Player 3 will no longer attack with a Sky Barge
  • Decreased time between enemy AI attack from 150 to 120 seconds
  • The enemy AI will now attack in different stages, depending on the upgrade level of the player's Tree of Life
  • The enemy AI will now only train units if it doesn't have enough already
  • The enemy AI is activated as soon as the Ghost cinematic has finished
  • Removed all tech tree requirements for the Burning Legion
  • Decreased build time of all Burning Legion units
  • Removed some buildings for Burning Legion
  • The Dreadlord will no longer gain experience
  • Enemy AI is now fully controlled via triggers
  • Removed all Gargoyles from Player 8
  • The enemy AI for Player 8 is now activated 60 seconds after the AI for Player 3
  • Fixed waterfall sound effect
  • Replaced Ashenvale textures with Lordaeron Summer textures
  • Increased z-start of fog from 900 to 1500
  • Increased z-end of fog from 3500 to 4000
  • Increases scale of selection circle for Furbolgs from 1.0 to 1.8
Chapter 6
  • Moved creation region of stone chunks to center of Ressurection Stones
  • Increased base damage of Gnoll Warchief from 30 to 45
  • Increased base damage of Ogre Warchief from 35 to 50
  • Replaced a Town Hall with a Keep
  • Replaced another Town Hall with a Castle
  • Restored tech tree requirements (Keep, Castle) for upgrades
  • Removed a few blocking doodads
  • Changed location of some dwarven tents
  • Initially removed items are now dropped by trolls
  • Removed all crates in the starting area
  • The second optional quest will only be created when the first is completed
  • Completing the second optional quest will reward the player with the Gnoll/Ogre Chieftain
  • Changed location of some player buildings
  • Moved Stone of Summoning to the northeast
  • Moved Helm of Battlethirst to the west
  • Increased gold in Gold Mines from 6000/12000/24000 to 20000/15000/10000
  • Removed many orc buildings and units
  • Changed quest requirement from "Destroy all orc bases" to "Destroy the Red Base"
  • Decreased target acquisition range of all Player 1 (Dragonmaw clan) units from 500 to 200
  • Added shallow water to reach the Red Base without a zeppelin
  • Decreased size of Red Base
  • Bases will only be rescued when the attacking orcs are killed
  • Replaced a Red Drake with two Red Dragon Whelps
  • Added a Rifleman to the second dwarven base
User Interface
  • Removed hint to check all crates in the starting area
  • Removed hint about the third quest alignment not being completable
  • Decreased time between minimap pings from 40 to 10 seconds
  • Removed some transmissions from the Outro cinematic
  • Granted shared vision of Red Base to Player 2 (The Fellowship)
  • Granted shared vision of Town Hall
  • Removed some transmissions when rescuing the bases
  • The fighter will no longer die in the Intro cinematic
  • Will no longer create rock chunks at the destroyed Ressurection Stones
  • Removed non-Felwood textures
  • Added a music theme to the Outro cinematic
Chapter 7
  • Red Dragon Watchers will now drop Runes of Restoration instead of Runes of Healing
  • Added more enemies
  • Removed the fire trap
  • All Red Dragon Eggs are now invulnerable
  • Replaced a neutral hostile Spitting Spider with a rescuable Giant Wolf
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Spirit Priest from being created when Rhonin could not be restored from game cache
  • Freed kobolds are now controllable by the player
  • Killed kobolds now drop more powerful items
  • Removed some enemy buildings and units
  • Summoned units can no longer get to Alexstrasza
  • The quest alignment for the Kobold quest can be set from any kobold group
  • Changed location of two Power Generators
  • Decreased target aquisition range of some enemies
  • Added two Spider Silk Broach items
  • Decreased hit points of Beast Cage from 500 to 200
  • Last Red Dragon Watcher will drop a Rune of Speed
  • Dropped items for cinematics will be given back to heroes immediately
  • Replaced a Health Stone with an Orb of Fire
  • Increased experience gain at levels 7/8 from 50%/20% to 50%
  • Increased maximum experience level for Vereesa and Falstad from 9 to 10
  • Replaced a Red Dragon with a Red Drake
  • Flesh Golem Spikes can no longer be activated when the Flesh Golem was hit
  • Flesh Golem Spikes will deal 3000 damage to the Flesh Golem
  • Filled Mine Carts are now vulnerable, have 100 hit points and drop gold
  • Falstad will no longer belong to the player upon map inizialization when not restored from game cache
  • Added Runes of Rebirth to the Burning Archers
  • Moved some doodads at the Flesh Golem arena
  • Moved position of Flesh Golem switches
User Interface
  • Renamed Ash Kayks Clone to Flarecore
  • Renamed Egg Sack to Red Dragon Egg
  • Granted shared vision of Red Dragon Watchers
  • A floating text will appear when the Flesh Golem Spikes hits someone
  • Changed transmission "...these dwarves will be helpful..." to "...This is the help I told you about."
  • Changed text of quest "The Spellbook" to "Put the Spellbook back?"
  • Switched "No/Yes" answers of quest "The Spellbook"
  • Removed peons at Alexstrasza
  • Removed all peons from the Ontro cinematic
  • Kryll now drops Deathwing's Scale instead of Deathwing's Medallion
  • Replaced texture Brick with Black Marble
  • Removed red fog from the starting area
  • Added sound effect to dying Shimmering Gates
Chapter 8
  • Decreased map size to about 60% of its original size
  • Redesigned layout
  • Krasus will no longer start automatically at level 6
  • Player can lose when he has no buildings and no non-hero units
  • Bhaalroc's Legacy item is now part of the option quest "The Final Choice"
  • Added more space between the Aspects when Alexstrasza arrives
  • Removed some Watch Towers for Player 6 (Dragonmaw reinforcements)
  • Rhonin will start at level 8 when unable to restore from game cache
  • Replaced all creeps with orcs
  • Build a base requirement can now onl be completed if a Town Hall was built close to the gold mine
  • Added a Fountain of Healing
  • Increased supply of Swarven Tents from 6 to 8
  • Krasus will start with a Tiny Town Hall, Tiny Lumber Mill and a Tiny Barracks
  • Decreased countdown timer for first wave from 13 to 8 minutes
  • Decreased countdown timer for second wave from 11 to 9 minutes
  • Decreased delay between end of countdowns and actual attacks by 30 seconds
  • Added destructible barrels on the heroes' road that drop Gold Coins or Bundles of Lumber when destroyed
  • Increased experience gain for all heroes at level 9 from 20% to 60%
  • Caravans will no longer stop when attacked in the middle of the map
  • Krasus will no longer take extra damage while being close to Nekros
  • Decreased number of units send by Dragonmaw reinforcements in the second phase
  • Decreased number of units send by the Caravans
  • The Demon Soul can now control Red Dragons
  • Controlled dragons will now belong to the player
  • Decreased cooldown of Demon Soul from 70 to 30 seconds
  • Decreased target acqusition range of all Player 6 and Player 7 (Dragonmaw reinfocements) starting units to 200
  • All Aspects' attacks are now ranged
  • Decreased number of Grim Batol Towers from 7 to 5
  • All Grim Batol Towers can now be reached via land
  • Dragon Aspects will no longer try to walk back when already at their original position
  • Decreased some wait time during the Aspect fight
  • Ysera's critical strike now does always 3 times normal damage
  • Increased attack range of Ysera, Alexstrasza and Nozdormu to 700
  • Increased attack range Malygos to 900
  • Increased Nozdormu's chance to steal to 100%
  • Increased replenishment of Party Mana from 100 to 150 mana
  • The MeetKrasus cinematic no longer required all heroes to be in the final area
  • Instead of the Red Dragons now the Dragonmaw Warlocks are required to be killed before Alexstrasza can be rescued
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to finish the Ring of Grim Batol quest before the The Demon Soul quest
User Interface
  • Nekros will only transmit his threat against Rhonin if he is alive
  • Decreased time between minmap pings from 20 to 10 seconds
  • Renamed optional quest "Saving Rom" to "The Final Choice"
  • Added more visibility to the optional quest regions
  • The AlexArrives cinematic can now be skipped
  • Changed quest requirement "Build a base in the north" to "Build a base in the northwest"
  • Granted shared vision of orcs in starting area to player
  • Changed hotkey of Dwarven Tent from F to E
  • Added a main quest update for the first wave
  • Can no longer press the button to use Krasus' Medallion or Deathwing's Scale
  • Changed hint about Krasus not being able to help Rhonin with the Demon Soul
  • Added a transmission about controlling dragons with the Demon Soul
  • All heroes will be displayed in the score screen
  • Rearranged position of Aspect skills and buffs icons
  • Endfight music will no longer stop when alt-tabbing the game
  • Changed sound sets of Ysera and Malygos
  • Deathwing's moves will no longer activate cinematic mode. Instead user control will be disabled
  • All player 2 units escept Rhonin are hidden for the FreeAlex cinematic
  • Malygos will no longer face his group before casting spells
  • Increased size of region for hidden units during the FreeAlex cinematic
  • Units at the MeetKrasus cinematic region will be hidden until the cinematic is over
  • Increased volume of sound effect EarthquakeRock during MeetKrasus and TowersDestroyed cinematics
  • Added more cameras to the Outro cinematics
Epilogue (all)
  • Replaced black eggs with red eggs
  • Set most fade timers to 2 seconds
  • Added some water sound effects
  • Changed owner of Deathwing's dragons to Player 1
  • Merged Idea and Execution and Terrain credits into Design
  • Removed Blizzard from the credits
  • Renamed Models, Skins and Art to Models and Skins
  • Renamed Loading Screens, Icons and Miscellaneous Art to Additional Art and Music
  • Removed Music credits
  • Moved credits category spells up
  • Split category Models and Skins into two
  • Split category Additional Art into two
  • Added Kwaliti, Deolrin, Tauer, Lubbe, and Ujimasa Hojo to the Models and Skins credits
  • Added 67chrome, Palaslayer, PeeKay,, Hellx-Magnus, Artur_ka, Anachron, The Panda, Apheraz Lucent and LiOneSS to the Additional Art credits
  • Added 4avenger5 to the Spells credits
  • Removed and members of Haschkeks-Clan from the credits
  • Added to the Special Thanks to Credits
  • Increased time for some credits

124 changes

Multiple maps
User Interface
  • Added map victory cheat "-winmap" (cinematics and items may be bugged)
  • Added cheat "plusbad" to increase number of optional quests completed as evil
  • Added evil quests counter "-bad" to count number of optional quests completed as evil
  • Fixed count of number of optional quests completed as evil
  • Old Floating Text on Trap Damage will be destroyed before new one is created
Rhonin (Spirit Priest)
  • Spirit Priest: Rhonin no longer dies when possesed host is killed. Instead Spirit Control is cancelled
  • Spirit Priest: Rhonin now remains at position of possesed unit when unpossesing it with Spirit Control
  • Spirit Priest: Time out between Spirit control possesion and unpossesion decreased
Vereesa Windrunner
  • Vereesa: Replaced Cold Arrows and Dodge with Searing Arrows and Shadow Strike
  • Vereesa: Sleep Arrow cost decreased from 75/75/75 to 75/60/50
  • Increased Fighter damage from 14-15 to 15-17
  • Hammer of Titans can now attack Air units
  • Cooldown of Krasus' Medallion, Deathwing's Medallion and Demon Soul reduced from 90 to 70
  • Reduced text to fit time constraints
Chapter 1
  • Removed barrels near Scepter of Elementals
  • Removed and moved some spiders
  • Villagers' life will be reduced to 1 periodically, if Quest Alignment is evil
  • Scepter of Elementals no longer inside a barrel anymore
  • Patroling Bandits will stop when attacked
  • Troll huts will no longer drop items when destroyed
  • Replaced a Scroll of Healing with a Scroll of Mana
  • Decreased amount of wolves required to kill in quest "Wolf herd" from 10 to 8
  • Killing the wolves will reward a Tome of Intelligence +2 and a Tome of Agility +2 instead of a Tome of Strength
  • Removed a few bandits in the Dragon Attack quest
User Interface
  • Can no longer fail Main Quest when Outro is playing
  • Fixed a typo in the Meeting Place quest description
  • Changed Farmer message from "...filthy scum!" to "...filthy beast!"
  • Added warning messages for how many cizitens are left
Chapter 2
  • Removed a few Grunts from the Tower/Alarm region
  • Removed second Ogre
  • A Grunt will drop a Rune of Mana
  • Moved Elune's Lie to a more visible location
  • Decreased amount of Blue Flame Trap Damage from 125 to 100
Chapter 3
  • Removed a few Creeps
  • Murloc will drop a Rune of Greater Mana
  • Removed enemy units and building in the first orc base
  • Moved Hammer of Titants to a more visible location
  • Increased space at terrain where boats can unload
  • Added Pathing Blockers to the shore in the east
  • Removed a Red Drake
  • Ogre will drop Rune of Restoration
  • Removed an Advanced Boulder Tower
  • Removed an Orc Frigate
  • Removed a Watch Tower
  • Reduced Life of Bronze Dragon from 2200 to 2000
  • Reduced Base Damage of Bronze Dragon from 45 to 40
  • Rescuing dwarves and ship is only possible after completing the Steam Tanks quest
  • Added some pathing blockers
  • Removed orc wood cutters
User Interface
  • Talismans of Mutation will no longer take space in inventory. Created Leaderboard instead
  • Changed hint text "Find the means to get back to the dwarven outpost." to "Find resources to buy a zeppelin."
  • Reading Little Daniel's Letter no longer disables user control
  • Increased terrain detail
Chapter 4
  • Secret exit better visible
  • Increased kill range of Barrel of Explosives
  • Can get and transform ID Card before talking to Peon
  • Can get Mushroom before talking to Volbir and Bolvir
  • Shovel exists on map initialization
  • Can no longer ask police station about wrench before asking the Goblin Bouncer
  • Rhonin is instantly moved after shipmaster video
  • Moved Ring of the Sun to a more visible location
  • Will remove useless boulder on various occasions
User Interface
  • Changed Rhonin's frog message to "The switches might turn off if I could get enough frogs on them."
  • Added hint on how to use items with objects in the game world
  • Chaned info of Summer Tree/Fall Tree
  • Special Books will no longer take space in inventory. Created Leaderboard instead
  • Disabled user control during shipmaster video
  • Added Leaderboard to track Murder quest progress
  • Added hints to the Murder quest
  • Removed the transmission "I found a bottle with green liquor"
  • Hint displayed when player has enough gold and a boatcard
  • Optional quests will now be marked as failed when their respective island is left too early
  • Crystals will no longer take space in inventory. Created Leaderboard instead
  • Hint to check Log (F12) will also be displayed during first and second isle
  • Changed hint text "Wheat and Chicken might help" to "Find Wheat and use it on Chicken."
  • Replaced Summer Tree with Fall Tree
  • Added runes to help visualize Hop, Malt and Wheat
Chapter 5
  • Taretha will get the Signed Letter from the Keep instead of the Altar of Kings
  • Krasus can move before a conversation is finished
  • Increased time between attacks by the Burning Legion
  • Decreased amount of enemies send by the Burning Legion
  • Barrow Dens can train Furbolgs
User Interface
  • Decreased string size for maps, folders and variables to stabilize sub-map loading
  • Added cheats to load submaps: "-ysera", "-malygos", "-nozdormu", "-dalaran"
  • Added multiboard to keep track of Nozdormu's tasks
  • Fixed a typo in Nozdormu quest description
  • Changed transmission "I can get a signed letter from the Altar of Kings." to "I can get a signed letter from the Keep."
  • Changed transmission "I've got the letter." to "I've got the letter. I should return to it Krasus."
  • Shortened a conversation between Krasus and Taretha
  • Sharing vision with Wisps after base is rescued
  • Decreased time for the first conversation between Krasus and Taretha
  • Moved Signed Letter hint to entrance of Durnholde
  • Moved region where Watch Tower will spawn in cinematic
Chapter 6
  • Enemy unit production time periods increased from 70 to 90
  • Move the Scout Tower in the second base closer to the Guard Tower
  • Added another Scout Tower to the second base
  • Added a Barracks to the second base
  • Increased amount of gold in each Gold Mine from 3000/6000/12000 to 6000/12000/24000
  • Removed a few enemy units at the final orc base
User Interface
  • Added hint to check nearby crates for lost items
  • Renamed Ogre Chieftain and Gnoll Chieftain to Ogre Warchief and Gnoll Warchief
  • Added hint that the third optional quest is alignment dependant and will not be completable
Chapter 7
  • Vereesa and Falstad will start at Level 8 instead of 7, if they cannot be restored from game cache
  • Decreased hit points of Power Generators from 300 to 150
  • Removed a Skeletal Orc Grunt
  • Added rescuable Fighters to the holding pens
  • Deathwing's Scale is no longer created twice
  • Alexstrasza is technically no longer rescuable
User Interface
  • Changed Deathwing message from Don't act stupider than you are." to "Stop acting foolish."
Chapter 8
  • Increased level of Rhonin from 8 to 9 if not restored from game cache
  • Deathwing no longer regenerates health automatically
  • Orc attacks will start 30 second later
  • Decreased time until first Caravan arrives from 14 to 13 minutes
  • Removed Red Dragon at the orange orc base
  • Alexstrasza can use Healing Light to heal herself
  • Increased chance for Nozdormu's Item Steal to work from 5 in 8 to 5 in 6
  • Decreased time between Grim Batol Tower pings from 40 to 20 seconds
  • Increased Frost Shiled armor bonus from 20 to 120
  • Decreased time between Dragon Aspects rounds
User Interface
  • Added map victory cheat "-winmap2" for alternate ending (Outro shown this way may be bugged)
  • Changed countdown timer text from "Rom dies/Caravan leaves" to "Rom/Caravan"
  • A hint now is now displayed when activating the alternate epilogue
  • Added invulerability to Krasus during FreeAlex cinematic
Epilogue (all)
  • Increased time for a cinematic transmission

57 changes

Multiple maps
  • Replaced Divine Touch with Divine Wrath. Dive Wrath can damage enemy units and heal allied units in the target area
  • Falstad no longer transforms into a hammer when using Power Bash, but he can damage multiple enemies
  • Fixed Redemption Aura to ensure 1.24 compatibility
  • Helm of Battlethirst Beserk ability now costs 50 mana
  • Replaced level up effect within Spirit Control with a more subtle effect
Chapter 1
  • Decreased Target Aquisition Rage of Footmen
  • Replaced a Forest Troll Shadow Priest with a Forest Troll
User Interface
  • Changed the Optional Quests description word „naughty“ into „evil“
  • Fixed a typo in the german version
  • Fire Animation is no longer audible when inactive
  • All Fires will be lit now
Chapter 2
  • Removed one of the starting burrow peons
  • Decreased damage of Ogres and Orc Frigates
  • Added invulnerability to Mortar Team until the trees are passed
  • Decreased damage of Juggernauts
  • Fixed orc blockage at the end of the level
  • Decreased range of Orc Frigates to 500
  • Falstad can no longer get above level 5 while reading a book
User Interface
  • Fixed two typos in the english version.
Chapter 3
  • Increased Kryll's hit points and health regeneration
  • Increased hit points of Gold Coins and Bundle of Lumber to infinity
User Interface
  • Fixed a typo in the german version.
Chapter 4
User Interface
  • Better hints as to how Rhonin is supposed to escape his prison
  • Aded hint on how to feed the wolves
  • The Missing Troll will be added to the player’s selection after being rescued
  • Exclamation mark will no longer return to the Police Station once asked about the Wrench
  • Fixed two typos in the german version
  • Removed a tree to see the Green Rune better
  • Added visualizations for the pig, the flowers and the wheat
  • Fixed the position of a doodad in the Outro cinematic
Chapter 5
  • Fixed a bug that occured since 1.24 that prevented the return to Dalaran
  • Disabled Waygate and removed Darkhunters when visiting Malygos
  • Taretha is now invulnerable
User Interface
  • Screen no longer remains black after escaping the Nozdormu intro cinematic
  • Fixed a typo in the english version
  • Fixed two typos in the german version
  • Change location of a few doodads
Chapter 6
  • Added pathing blockers at the Outro cinematic area
  • A gnoll should no longer remain hostile once its quest is completed.
User Interface
  • Added minimap pings to the Stones-quests
  • Fixed two typos in the german version
  • Medallion from Outro cinematic should no longer be visible during ### Gameplay
Chapter 7
  • Increased hit points of Fire Golem
  • Collapse event will trigger no matter how the Fire Golem dies
  • Power Bash no longer hurls the Fire Golem or Falstad out of the level
  • Decreased hit points of Power Generators
Chapter 8
  • Increased damage of Deathwing
  • Decrease hit points of Deathwing
  • Fixed AI control over Aspects
  • Increased hit points of Nozdormu
  • Decreased hitpoints of Alexstrasza, Malygos and Ysera
  • Added a destructible doodad in front of Rom’s prison
  • Increased Nozdormu’s chance to steal from 33% to 63%
  • Decreased Deathwing’s healing effects from 300/700 to 200/400
User Interface
  • Changed description of Nozdormu’s Steal Item
  • Fixed a typo in the german version
Epilogues (all)
  • Added MortAr- and NFWar in the credits for the Divine Wrath and new Power Bash spells

Known Issues
- Chapter 4: Not appearing in the campaign screen
- Random hero portrait order
- Missing music
- Missing loading screens

Send bug reports and suggestions to [email protected].


Book: Richard A. Knaak
Gameplay: OutsiderXE

Name Use Author
Ale of Khaz'goroth Ale of Khaz'goroth OutsiderXE
Arrow Rain Rain of Arrows Marsal
Astral Confusion Astral Confusion OutsiderXE
Bond Bond OutsiderXE
Cleansing Fire/Flame Cleansing Fire/Flame OutsiderXE
Dragon Shout Dragon Shout OutsiderXE
Hammer of Khaz'goroth Hammer of Khaz'goroth OutsiderXE
Holy Wrath Divine Wrath Lingonberryjam
Multi Shot Multishot 4avenger5
Salvation Aura Redemption asdf.egal
Spectral Aura Spectral Aura OutsiderXE
Blinding Sand Blinding Sand OutsiderXE
Time Vortex Time Vortex OutsiderXE
Overpower Overpower OutsiderXE
Void Pact Void Pact OutsiderXE
Zeal Zeal OutsiderXE

Filename (.mdx/.blp/.tga) Use Author
Acorn Item Acorn D.O.G.
Alexstrasza Alexstrasza Blizzard Entertainment
Arthas.blp/FrostmMourne.blp Lord Prestor Hueter
BarrensBuilding0 Orc Building reinless
BarrensOceanOutpost Orc Ocean Outpost reinless
Bed Bed Makuza
BlueTreasureChest Artifact (various) Zaldazzor
CW_Galen_Trollbane Thoras Trollbane CloudWolf
Deathwing Deathwing Kwaliti
Dela Dela loktar
Dire_Bandit Aerie Dwarf Direfury
Dire_Rifleman Sniper Direfury
DragonmawBanner Dragonmaw Banner Sin'dorei300
DragonmawRider Dragonmaw Rider Sellenisko
DragonmawGrunt Grunt Goliath the God
Drenden Drenden loktar
DwarfRogue Rom Nasrudin
DwarfRunebreaker Runebreaker Direfury
DwarfStatue.mdx/stone.blp Dwarven Statue Small Bloodslaughter
DwarvenPaladin1 Falstad GreyArchon
DwarvenTower Scout/Guard/Cannon Tower Tamplier777
DwarvenWarrior Fighter General Frank
DwarvenWorker Miner IamMclovin
DwarwenBarracks Barracks Tamplier777
Eldin Krasus loktar
FarmIronforgeV1.01 House Ujimasa Hojo
FireworksDragonHead Dragon Spirit Jhonny Janbo
friedhofmauern1 Dwarven Wall Discreet Man
Genn Greymane Genn Greymane Stefan.K
GoblinMerchant Goblin Iron Ian
GoblinMiner Goblin Miner, Cril OinkerWinkle
GoblinShooter Goblin Shooter HandCLAW
GoblinSteamboat_FinalV3 Goblin Steamboat kellym0, MiniMage
GoblinsPeon Goblin Worker Rao Dao Zao
Hero Wizard Antonidas Tranquil
HeroGlow_Chest/Origin Hero Glow Blizzard Entertainment
Kazzhhaaammm.mdx/hand.mdx/glow.mdx Kryll Blizzard Entertainment
King King Terenas Tranquil
Modera Modera loktar
NorthrendAltarOfKings V1.00 Altar of Thanes Ujimasa Hojo
NorthrendTownHall V1.01 Compound/Dwarfhold/Fortress Ujimasa Hojo
OrcNercroMagus Nekros Skullcrusher -Grendel
OrcTent Orc Tent reinless
Outpost Orc Outpost reinless
Piratecoin Demon Soul Lubbe
Rhonin Future Rhonin kangyun
RtreeW R Tree 01 Nasrudin
RtreeW2 R Tree 02 Nasrudin
SatyrHeadhunter Fear -Grendel
Slayer Slayer Urkdrengi
StatueMK Dwarven Statue Large Makuza
SylvanusWindrunner Vereesa Windrunner loktar
VineCircle Vine Circle Nasrudin
WarTent Orc War Tent reinless
WildGargoyle Terror gookywooky
Wizard Medivh loktar
femsatyr Soulslayer Nebilac
garage.mdx/minentor.blp Dwarven Garage Rondo
tree4 Tree 04 Nasrudin
tree4b Tree 04B Nasrudin
unmountedGryphon Riderless Gryphon AC/DC[ToD]
willowtree Willow Tree 01 Nasrudin
willowtree2 Willow Tree 02 Nasrudin
willowtree2b Willow Tree 02B Nasrudin
willowtreeB Willow Tree B Nasrudin
[un]railroad_straight Rail xXm0rpH3usXx
[un]railroad_curve Rail (Corner) xXm0rpH3usXx
[un]railroad_end Rail (End Bumper) xXm0rpH3usXx
[un]railroad_curveandstraight[\left] Rail (Left Junction) xXm0rpH3usXx
[un]railroad_curveandstraight[\right] Rail (Right Junction) xXm0rpH3usXx

Filename (.blp) Use Author
BTNAbility_Physical_Taunt Dragon Shout Blizzard Entertainment
BTNANAStarRain Astral Confusion Anachron
BTN/ATCManaLoss2 Redemption
BTNAmulet Amulet of Aman'Thul -Berz-
BTN/PASArcaneSphere Spectral Aura Darkfang
BTNArrowShower Rain of Arrows The Panda
BTNAxeThrowerIco Slayer Amaruak
BTNBK_Black_Book Zuluhed's Spellbook CRAZYRUSSIAN
BTN/SSHBTNBaldie Rom Wisdom
BTNBowOfElunesGrace Elune's Lie ChevronSeven
BTNBowSkill Refill Quiver Apheraz Lucent
BTNBreathOfLife Breath of Life Blizzard Entertainment
BTNBurningArcher Doom Blizzard Entertainment
BTNCorruptedDragon Taunt Blizzard Entertainment
BTN/SSHBTNDarkKael Korialstrasz Sephiroth_VII
BTNDragonFire Dragon Spirit 67chrome
BTNDragonmawRider Dragonmaw Rider Sin'dorei300
BTNDwarfWarlock Runebreaker Eagle XI
BTNDwarvenBarracks Barracks Tamplier777
BTNDwarvenCannonTower Cannon Tower Tamplier777
BTNDwarvenScoutTower Scout Tower Tamplier777
BTNDwarvenTower Guard Tower Tamplier777
BTNDwarvenWarrior Fighter General Frank
BTN/PASElderForm Void Pact morbent
BTNEmpty Amulet Deathwing's Medallion PeeKay
BTNEtheralDragon Summon Nether Dragon Somnium
BTNFlashbomb Flashbang zbc
BTNFlyingArrows Multishot Palaslayer
BTNFutureRhonin Future Rhonin Blizzard Entertainment
BTNGoblinMiner Goblin Miner Oinkerwinkle
BTNGoldMysticRing Ring of the Sun PeeKay
BTNGoldenHelm Helm of Battlethirst ElfWarfare
BTNHealingLeaf Hop BLazeKraze
BTNHeroRiflemanElite Sniper TurieL
BTNHolyRestorationAura Zeal The Panda
BTNHumanBloodlust Titan Strength CRAZYRUSSIAN
BTNINV_Misc_Bandana_01 Bandana Blizzard Entertainment
BTNINV_Misc_Shovel_01 Shovel Blizzard Entertainment
BTNINV_Misc_Wrench_01 Bloody Wrench Blizzard Entertainment
BTNIceBlade Bhaalroc's Legacy Illidan_09
BTNIncineration Ale of Khaz'goroth CRAZYRUSSIAN
BTNInfernalFlames Cleansing Fire The Panda
BTNJindos_Hexxer_Mace_Hammer Hammer of Titans Gwen Stefani
BTNKoboldBasher Kobold Taskmaster NFWar
BTNMug Beer Coinblin
BTNNatureStaff Will of G'Hanir PrinceYaser
BTN/SSCSSHNecromagus Nekros Skullcrusher BLazeKraze
BTNNorthrendAltarOfKings Altar of Thanes Ujimasa Hojo
BTNNorthrendFarm House Ujimasa Hojo
BTNPoisonMushroom Mushroom Kuhneghetz
BTNRapid Fire Rapid Fire 4eNNightmare
BTN/PASRuby Amulet Krasus' Medallion PeeKay
BTN/SSHBTNSatyr Headhunter Fear PeeKay
BTNSpeed buff Timewalk Wildfire
BTNSpell_Frost_ChillingArmor Chilling Armor Blizzard Entertainment
BTNSplitEarth Blinding Sand Palaslayer
BTNStun Concussion Bolt Marcos DAB
BTNThunderClap2 Hammer of Khaz'goroth -Berz-
BTNTicTac Time Vortex NFWar
BTNTouch Bond OgeRfaCes
BTNVoidwalker Wraith morbent
BTNWaterPearlStaff Scepter of Elementals Marcos DAB
BTN_ArcaneProtection Overpower Hellx-Magnus
BTN_ArcaneStormball_V2 Arcane Orb Hellx-Magnus
BTN_CR_flyingchair_GOBLIN Goblin Shooter CRAZYRUSSIAN
BTN/SSHBTNFalstad Falstad loktar
BTNflower Eon Rose LiOneSS
BTNorbofrock Demon Soul Blizzard Entertainment
BTN/SSHBTNRhonin Rhonin loktar
BTN/PASskullblue Fear Aura Mad
BTN/SSHBTNVereesa Vereesa loktar
BTNvoidwalker2 Voidwalker Mad
BTNWheat Malt maxor_gan
PASDragonCarapace Deathwing's Scale Kimbo
SSHBlueDemoness Soulslayer Blizzard Entertainment

Filename (.tga) Use Author
Rhonin Prologue Blizzard Entertainment
Rhonin and Vereesa Chapter 1 ladyavali
Gryphon Rider Chapter 2 Blizzard Entertainment
Deathwing The Destroyer Interlude Callthistragedy1
Rifleman, Steam Tank Chapter 3 Blizzard Entertainment
Frost Dragon Chapter 4 Anton Gustilo
Goblin Assassin Chapter 5 Blizzard Entertainment
Nozdormu Chapter 6 Uruno-Morlith
Orc dude Interlude DavidRapozaArt
Ysera Chapter 7 Blizzard Entertainment
Blademaster vs Mountain King Chapter 8 Blizzard Entertainment
Alexstrasza Chapter 9 Morgan-chane
Battle of the Aspects Chapter 10 Blizzard Entertainment
Day of the Dragon Epilogue Blizzard Entertainment

Filename (.wav/.mp3) Use Author
Cataclysm - Aftermath (Short) Music Blizzard Entertainment
Cataclysm - Firelands Boss Music Blizzard Entertainment
Cataclysm - The Shattering (Short) Music Blizzard Entertainment
Cataclysm - The Shattering Music Blizzard Entertainment
Cataclysm - Xaxas Music Blizzard Entertainment
LadyVashj Vereesa Windrunner Blizzard Entertainment
Muradin Falstad Blizzard Entertainment
The Burning Crusade - Lament of the Highborne Music Blizzard Entertainment
Warlords of Draenor - A Siege of Worlds Music Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft - Darnassus Walking 2 Music Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft - Darnassus Walking 3 Music Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft - Day Mountain 1 Music Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft - Druid Grove Music Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft - Enchanted Forest 3 Music Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft - Magic Moment Music Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft - Night Evil Forest 3 Music Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft - Night Mountain 2 Music Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft - Sacred 2 Music Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft - Seasons of War Music Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft - Silverpine Forest Night 1 Music Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft - Silverpine Forest Night 3 Music Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft - Spooky Moment 1 Music Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft - Stormwind 1 Music Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft - Undercity Intro Moment Music Blizzard Entertainment
Wrath of the Lich King - Dalaran General Music Music Blizzard Entertainment
Wrath of the Lich King - Invincible Music Blizzard Entertainment

Author's Notes
Phewwww, made it :D For the second time! After almost 1,5 years I have finished my second campaign, after "Lord of the Clans". Another Warcraft novel. I'm happy with the result and I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with it. Some of you may ask what my next project is going to be. Another book? Not at all. It's time for me to quit WC3-Mapping and go on. I want to do Raids in World of Warcraft without having to think that I still got some work to do. Maybe Starcraft II will get me in the mood again, as long as Blizzard hurries up...

This campaign can only be distributed with this Readme-Document. Send complaints, praise, hints and information to a.delas485 [at] gmail [dot] com . As long as I am not on vacation or (again) in jail (joking^^... I'm never on vacation ;-D) I try to answer every E-mail within a day.

Info for other modders
In the future I would like my projects to become open source. This means that any user is free to modify and re-upload them, provided the original credits remain intact. If you want to add localization for a different language please contact me directly via email.

Projects & Links
The Last Guardian - Custom point & click adventure campaign for WarCraft III
Day of the Dragon - Custom campaign for WarCraft III
Lord of the Clans - Custom campaign for WarCraft III
Shadow of the Xel'Naga - Custom co-op campaign for StarCraft II - OutsiderXE's Blog
Level Design Portfolio

[Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

Day of the Dragon (Campaign)

Level 6
May 8, 2014
There is a Dela Runetotem in WoW, but she's a tauren. It's a variation of my family name :)
Oh,I see.I was just curious about the NPCs (especially the Council of Six) in your campaign.Some of them doesn't exist in WoW because DotD the novel was first published in 2001,the year Warcraft III was under development.

In the original novel,the member of Council of Six was:Krasus,Modera,Drenden and three unnamed wizards.You've created three characters to fill in the blanks.They are Dela the young sorceress,Eldin Sunstrider the rumored brother of Kael'thas,and Andromath the wizard from Stormwind.

However,some hardcore fans remind me of the real members of Council of Six.Do you remember Tides of Darkness?

When the second war began,there were several familier characters in Council of Six including Antonidas,Kael'thas and Kel'Thuzard.Well,ToD has left a timeline bug of DotD,hasn't it?:peasant-frightened:
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004

I have no problem applying retcons to my own campaigns, as long as they don't mess with core concepts. E.g. showing Deathwing's or Malygos' children when some of their motivations comes from stating that they don't have any. So changing some names for the Kirin Tor would be OK.

One thing in have done in The Last Guardian: It's said the Great Dark Beyond is the place where demons come from. It's been retconned to be The Twisting Nether while The Great Beyond has become the entire physical universe. I'm OK with that.

I would actually like to apply the retcons to my own campaign, as long they don't change the plot in a strange way. E.g. having Onyxia and Nefarian or other blue dragons appear when the whole reason for Deathwing's plan is to get Alex's eggs because he couldn't produce a flight of his own, or Malygos being mad because he (thinks he) is alone.

What if I just retconned it myself to fit with WC2/WC3 characters?
Andromath, Eldin, Dela ---> Antonidas, Prince Kael'thas, Kel'Thuzad (order not specified yet)
Level 1
Aug 17, 2019
Unsure if it has been mentioned before, but there is a bug in chapter 3, where if you load a saved file, the cutscene with the zeppelin doesn't trigger.
Level 11
Feb 3, 2019
I've played the new demo of the campaign. Patch 1.31.1.something, normal difficulty. The campaign was really improved a lot. It's like five times more fun. Though as with any new campaign there are bugs. I've replayed it two times. First time using the Timewalker and doing all the good quests. Second time using the Dark Summoner doing all the bad quests. Amazing work you've done. Here are the bugs I found and my thoughts, it's basically a new campaign so it's under spoiler. Before everything else I'd like to thank you and congratulate you on this awesome campaign.

First of all the bugs. As with any new campaign, I have encountered bugs here. Some are small, oversights rather, some are quite big:
  1. In chapter one when selecting a class, Timewalker is in team Elemental Mage.
  2. When you complete chapter one and press continue, the loading screen of chapter two doesn’t appear, just a black screen. It appears when you press chapter two button in the campaign loading screen.
  3. When Falstad reads a book in chapter two, the ogres that attack you are team orc and red color instead of team ogre and purple color.
  4. In chapter three I got summonable whelps even when I destroyed the eggs in chapter two.
  5. Also noticed that in dwarven bases a workshop doesn’t benefit from masonry upgrades.
  6. Gryphon Aviary as well.
  7. And the flying machine doesn’t benefit from blacksmith upgrades, and you can’t upgrade them at workshop.
  8. Also in dwarven tech tree scout tower and guard tower have swapped icons.
  9. In chapter six, build cannon tower button appears, when you can’t even build a workshop.
  10. Also in chapter six, Arcane Sanctum description says you can train spellbreakers.
  11. In chapter seven the furbolg quest works fine until you've cleansed 10 furbolgs. The furbolgs you cleanse after that loose their green corruption effect, but remain in team corrupted furbolgs and keep attacking you.
  12. In chapter eight Hammer of Titans wasn’t with the trolls. Instead it appeared atop a cliff. Don’t know if it’s a bug or was it intentional. If it was intentional, than it should definitely be with the trolls, because the Hammer is too important and helps Falstad a lot.
  13. In chapter eight cutscene, where we see an ogre battling a gnoll, ogre is red color instead of dark green like the other ogres.
  14. In chapter ten, Rom quest is kinda broken. When I destroyed the green base guarding him, he just remained in a cage. The cage was invulnerable and nothing else could happen. That happens when you use save/load or restart the chapter.
  15. Once in chapter ten I have stolen a whole rider, it didn’t turn into a drake.(only once, all the other times it turned into a drake)
  16. In chapter ten drakes you have stolen as Dragonmaw Riders and Drakes you have stolen directly seem to be different units.
  17. In the final boss fight when an aspect dies, the battle is replayed, but the aspects loose their items.
  18. If you rescue Rom in the final chapter, then the end cinematic of the final chapter crashes. If you don't rescue him in that chapter, but still have a happy ending, then it works.
  • A huge number of heroes with different abilities that you control.
  • Class selection.
  • Good and bad optional quests.
  • Tons of surprises that happen all the time, all the ambushes, enemies fighting each other, jumping from the zeppelins and stuff…
  • All the different artifacts.
  • Enemies being a lot stronger, you can’t complete any chapter with heroes only(save for chapter five and maybe nine) which is really nice.
  • New chapter three.
  • New chapter nine.
  • New boss fights in chapter nine. Both Kryll and Firelord, don’t know which is better.
  • The aspects: They are grotesquely large, especially Deathwing and their wings fly too fast. Malygos takes like 40% of the room when he talks to Krasus, and Deathwing occupies the whole screen when a dragon. Also they use Dragon Roots portrait, which doesn’t make much sense sometimes. Malygos portrait is sitting on eggs which doesn’t make sense for two reasons: in DotD timeline he is the only blue dragon alive and he is a male. Nozdormu also doesn’t make sense sitting on eggs cause he is a male. Also I don’t see why WoW models couldn’t work here, you can select them using the icons and cast abilities using the icons.
  • Deathwing boss fight.

Now my thoughts about the heroes:

Rhonin: overall I love the changes about Rhonin. Priest voice fits him well. He really feels as the main protagonist now. Whatever class you chose he becomes your most powerful and useful hero by far.
  • Timewalker is the awesomest class ever. Loved it. Rhonin is really powerful. He becomes a lot more powerful with level ups. At the higher level he is able to take entire armies on his own, a one men army. Slowing enemies and increasing attack speed is a win combination. Summon future self is a best idea ever. Really cool. Though the future self could be a little more powerful. Logically it should be more powerful than level 10 Rhonin. Perhaps increase it’s hit points, mana, attack and armor to be slightly higher than level 10 timewalker, and as a compensation slightly reduce duration time.
  • Dark Summoner is also a really good idea. Rhonin becomes an army by himself, literally. But he is noticeably weaker than the timewalker and the other classes, and could use a little buff. Wrath could use a different model(The Void Lord). It also could be a little buffed with more hit points, attack and more armor at higher levels. It could also use some abilities at higher levels(e.g. Evasion at level 2, Evasion and Blink at level 3). The voidwalker could be bigger, maybe increase it’s size as it levels up. His attack could also be buffed a bit. And maybe give it abilities at higher levels(e.g. Frost Attack (Passive) at level 2, Frost Attack (Passive) and Curse/Frost Armor at level 3). Nether Dragon is a great ability, but maybe change it’s attack type to chaos and give it an ability(e.g. Cripple).
  • Arcane Master seems to be Rhonin's strongest class. Love that you no longer sacrifice life for mana. The Ultimate is really awesome, turn Rhonin into a killing machine.
  • Spirit Priest has been improved a lot. He can regain mana and heal himself at the same time. The only thing is that the Ultimate could use a different name and summon a more powerful unit. Other summoning ultimates all summon really powerful units (Inferno, Doom, Summon Phoenix, Vengeance), maybe an Ice Revenant or nerfed Death Revenant a custom level 8 ghost or skeleton(with abilities).
Vereesa: love the new voice. Also love the new ability. In previous versions you were mostly controlling Falstad, while with Vereesa you just turn Searing Arrows on and Refill her mana when she goes out. But now you have to control her as much as Falstad which is good. However imo she could use a little buff(she is noticeably weaker than Falstad, let alone Rhonin) and it would be cool that she had something of a Searing Arrow in some way. Here is my suggestion how. I really like a new Krasus medallion icon. However you could change it with a bunch of other good icons. Just type “ruby” in search and you’ll find a bunch of fitting and good icons. This icon to be used from the start of the campaign. Vereesa to start with a locket with this icon. She can’t drop the locket. The locket gives 10/15/20 % chance to deal extra 20/30 damage or stun the opponent for a few seconds. And a lore description that gives some emotional massage like: “This is for you, My Little Moon. Know that where ever I am, I will always be thinking about you, and you’ll always be in my heart. Stay close to your sister and I’ll be there, as you two will be with me where ever I am. Our bond is forever. Love you always.” When the trolls steal the locket Vereesa becomes hysterical and says something like: “Where is my locket? It’s more precious to me than my life. It’s from someone I love very much and will probably never see again.” When you find it from the trolls, only Vereesa can pick it up and it is automatically placed at the first place in her inventory. Ysera doesn’t get the locket for a Deathwing fight. This is not my idea but is copied from another campaign (Curse of the Forsaken v3.0.1), but I doubt anyone would mind, cause imo the idea is awesome and Vereesa could use a little buff and a little lore background.

Falstad: love the new voice. Fits perfectly. The abilities are very cool. Good things should never be changed. EDIT: And just noticed that Falstad model has been updated and it looks now more like on the book's cover.

Rom: is really good. The only problem is that there is no way that he can attack air units in chapter eight, unless you complete a bad optional quest. The new icon is OK. Again good things should never be changed.

Krasus: love most of new abilities. Really makes him a better hero, and more useful. Also really love the fact that he stays a dragon in chapter ten and that you took my suggestion about the voice, works really well. The new abilities also work very well, except the ultimate. He desperately needs a new ultimate imo for a number of reasons: it’s really weak for an ultimate, he channels it so he can’t use his stronger abilities, it doesn’t work story wise (Deathwing has it and it fits Deathwing story wise, but not rally Krasus). There are a bunch of other more powerful abilities that would fit Krasus well imo, e.g Resurrection, Tranquility or even Carrion Swarm(with some fire sparks or some kind of spirits instead of mosquitos). EDIT: Though Krasus's/Alexstrasza's Cleansing Fire could use a custom model instead of green dragon projectile, something "naturey".

Nekros: I really love his new model. It’s nice that he has a much larger role in the campaign too. Really also love how he becomes more powerful during the chapter and how he later becomes a one man army. So when Rhonin is powerful to take an entire army on his own, so is Nekros. But Nekros is a Warlock so his class should be renamed to “Warlock” and he should have Demon Hunter(Demon Form) projectile art and some more warlocky abilities e.g Rain of Fire, Summon Felhound or Felguard or Succubus, Drain Life or Siphon Mana, Doom or Inferno as an ultimate. At the very least he could swap the ultimate with the Dreadlord in chapter eight so that he gets Inferno and Satyr Dreadlord gets Earthquake. Nekros having Inferno would fit the loading screen perfectly.


Now I’m going to state my opinion on the chapters and interludes. What I like about them and what could imo be changed. I know some changes might not be worth it at this point, but I’m just saying. Might find some nitpicking here, but hey :p

Prologue is really lovely. A nice thing is shown a war with the trolls, than with the orcs and stuff. Executed in an awesome way. The things you could change is Alexstrasza. Imo some other lore powerful character that doesn’t appear in the campaign could be better as the narrator e.g Aegwynn/Medivh/Uther or even some villain like The Lich King/Archemand or maybe even Prophet Velen. The next thing I know is a really big change but just saying, I don’t really like the place where the council of six meets. It looks like they are meeting on the street. They should be meeting on a high plato that has a nice view overlooking everything, would be really epic if they met on six floating stones, think that the old Dalaran map could serve well to put their meeting place somewhere cool like that. Also you could change the two elves on the council, to my knowledge the only elves that were on the council were Kael’thas Sunstrider and Aethas Sunreaver(not counting Krasus and Kalec). Andromath could be changed as well. Antonidas should definitely be on the council, replacing e.g. Andromath, he was the ruler of Dalaran in all but name during and after the second war, just use his standing model. However I’m not sure about Kale’thas and Kel’thuzad, how much it fits their characters. It would make sense that Kael left the council after the war to help his people rebuild and regrow. Kel’thuzad should be on the council lore wise, but it doesn’t really fit his character. The Kirin Tor are 100% good guys in this story and a manipulative, sceaming, shady wizard doesn’t really fit imo.

Chapter one has really been improved a lot. It’s really more fun. It’s a lot shorter, but a lot harder. Especially love the Vereesa part and the final part in the port. Loved that you can’t complete the port quest without the mercenaries. You have to use shotgun and polymorph all the time. Things I noticed: a farm in the burning village is not burning, it should burn too. And imo the standard WC3 human farm would fit the campaign better than the WC2 one, it’s different enough from the dwarven house already, plus all the other buildings are in WC3 style. Also an animal activist is in team hunters. She and the wolves could be in the team called “nature” or something. In Vereesa zone where bandit gangs are fighting there is a Barrack. It imo looks out of place and you could give a Mercenary Camp model and reduce hit points and armor a lot. And the gryphon riders on foot could use a different non hero model(DwarvenMountaineer). Also there are blood elven sorceresses and priests in Dalaran, but here it doesn’t really matter (it matters in TLG cause it’s a campaign and a movie at the same time, here not really, but they could use their high elven RoC skins). Everything else is really perfect. EDIT: Forgot to say, in the optional quest where you rescue the villagers, all villagers are male. Would be good if two of them were women.

Chapter two is a 100% different chapter. And improved a lot. Loved it. It’s no longer monotonous. Love the way you have to pass half a map to reach the books. The Blademaster in the end is an awesome mini boss fight. And especially loved dwarven mercenary units, really unique, though the sniper could have a little less range. Dwarven spellbreaker is a neat idea. Rexxar voice would fit the Slayer better imo, cause they have the same voice as Rom now. What I really loved is that orcs and ogres are enemies and the zeppelin ambushes. Two thing I didn’t like: there is really no reward for destroying the eggs, cause you can complete the map with 20 food just fine, I think returning the tomes here would be better, and two Blademasters in a single map is imo too much, replace the one at the beginning with some Grunts and Raiders.

Interlude is epic. The Kings look really royal and Krasus’s new chamber looks awesome. The stuff about the council I’ve said already. Everything else is just awesome.

Chapter three is again a 100% different chapter. First of all I love the new Kryll escort area. The experience has been improved a lot. I love how you get ambushed and swarmed with murlocs all the time and how Kryll runs in the bushes. Though I don’t get why Kryll is running away when he runs where he’ll end up anyway. The base building mission is a great idea. I love killing goblins(hope that didn’t sound inappropriate). I liked the fountain quest very much. What I also like is that you managed to make a map where the Flying Machines are actually useful, there is no better way to kill all the zeppelins after you’ve destroyed the bases, and flying machines chasing zeppelins around to deal like 2 damage points is kinda hilarious. I don’t think that the castle and tier three upgrades and units are needed, it’s the first base building mission. Also the standard footman voice would fit dwarven footmen better imo, cause now they have the same voice as Rom. Have you thought about adding dwarven spellcasters, just think that a great combination could work, orc shaman and human priest. How about enabling the priest here and both shaman and priest in chapters eight and ten. Imo the goblins could use an air unit. Also I noticed that goblins do not rebuild ships, imo they should, what’s the point of shipyards. It MIGHT be cool if there were more sappers, attacking your base and in enemy bases, the whole point of goblins is blowing things up and dealing a huge chunk of damage. It also MIGHT be cool if goblins got attack and defense upgrades as you destroy shipyards. Goblin buildings could use different models(Goblin Outpost, Goblin Barracks, Goblin Tower), and the goblin tower could have a cannon tower/mortar team/rocket projectile art, goblins are all about that. The last thing, I don’t know if it’s a bug, was that the enemy was hoarding a huge chunk of units in front of the unit production buildings, happens both here and in chapter ten. The upper red base had like 10 zeppelins, 10 shredders and more than ten goblin miners and shooters. EDIT: Doctor Morceau could use a dwarven model (e.g. Monk).

Chapter four has definitely been improved. Really liked how the map starts in Dalaran and how Krasus ends up in Northrend. I like that the enemies are fighting each other in the outside. But the map imo still doesn’t live up to it’s full potential. I’ll say just my imos, and the things I say may be too much work, but I’m just saying. First of all the terrain outside is stunning, love all the ice and cliffs and storms. But the terrain inside could use a little reterrain so it looks a little more magical. This map has some nice elements/inspiration or something(Coldarra). It would be cool imo if Malygos chamber was also reterrained, making it larger, removing the flowers and the throne, removing the snow and ice and replacing the floor with the one that’s used on the inside, and replacing the walls and sky, don’t know if it’s possible, with spacelike custom terrain(e.g. Dalaran_WhiteMarble.blp or Ashen_Stars.blp). Would make it more magical and Malygos more terrifying. Including the undead is a nice idea, but on the second thought they kinda don’t fit. Imo outside they could be changed with the northrend creeps (polar bears, wolves, wendigos, ice trolls, polar furbolgs, mammoths, magnataurs) fighting each other and the tusskar, and tusskar joining Krasus and explaining how the creeps have never been so aggressive. Replace the undead guarding the key with e.g polar furbolgs or ice trolls. Remove the undead towers outside and add more creeps fighting. The old god stuff(anchronides, nerubians, faceless ones) also kinda don’t fit. Remove the faceless ones. When you enter the citadel you fight the naga instead, imo naga are way more interesting than the faceless ones, and a naga female appears in the book, and it would make a lot of sense that they are attracted to magic . Make some of the naga fight the dragonspawn. Put naga royal guards where faceless ones level 8 are now. And in the last room with two support columns, remove the support columns and add a Naga Sea Witch as a mini boss fight, like the Blademaster in chapter two, with some naga joining the fight. The thing I kinda don’t like in the campaign is that you get two artifacts in two missions if you are a bad guy, but no artifact if you are a good guy. Also Rain of Fire is too weak for the ultimate, but Krasus could still use it somehow. Both of these things could be resolved in this map, here is my suggestion how. The optional quest is kinda….lame. The book is hidden nicely, but the gems are too close to each other, and it is too easy. Spread them across the map. Move the first outside, keep the second where it is and move the third where the armor is now. Change the armor room, remove the mechanism, and even the armor(I personally never liked it :D). If you’re a bad guy, when you activate the gem some naga come out and attack you, attracted to the gem’s magic, with one of them carrying a tome. You gain three tomes while fighting the naga and a mana pendant for completing the quest as a bad guy. If you’re a good guy when you destroy the gems some arcane elementals released attack you, like in the optional in chapter eight. When you destroy the last gem and defeat all the elements the Staff of Aegwynn appears where the book was found. The Staff gives bonus attack damage, increases mana regeneration of the hero who wears it, and gives the ability to cast Rain of Fire/Blizzard type spell, but with arcane missiles instead of fire/ice. That way you get the artifact as a good guy and Krasus has Rain of Fire like spell. EDIT: Imo tusskar being friendly while all other creeps being hostile doesn't make much sense. Also why were they imprisoned and scattered around the map, again doesn't make that much sense. Imo they would be perfect as the enemies outside of the fortress. Maybe change them with high elves of Quel'thalas/humans of Dalaran/Dwarves of the Explorer's Leage. They are there researching magic/archeology and that's why they are scattered and some of them got to deep and imprisoned, both inside and outside. And it would imo make a lot more sense that they are friendly to Krasus than tuskarr. It would also be imo better gameplay wise with more variety of units.

Chapter five is a lot better. You kept the best parts and thrown the worst parts out. Fighting units with abilities is a really good idea, and works really well. I especially loved the part where you fight goblin heroes. The last two islands have been merged perfectly. Love the graveyard escort part. It’s also nice that you get different rewards for good/bad detective quest. The only thing is that drakes are out of place. Makes no sense that red drakes are in Deathwings territory. They serve the Orcs, Orcs and Deathwing are enemies, and Deathwing doesn’t have any dragons (yet). Change them with some other creeps that you fight (e.g wolves at the gold mine and ghost in the graveyard). The medallion doesn’t have to be used before chapter nine, plus there is a dialog in chapter nine where Deathwing tells Rhonin how to use the medallion, if Rhonin already used it, than that dialog wouldn’t make any sense. Everything else is perfect as it is.

Chapter six is really good. A really good mechanic, racing with time is really fun. I love the terrain, it looks stunning, Caverns of Time especially. The Amulet of Aman’thul is a perfect idea and a really good artifact. Thing you can add to the tech tree is enable to build an Arcane Tower and research Arcane Sentry, science there is no mortar team, there is no other way to scout but with Arcane Tower’s reveal. You can train blood elven priests and sorceresses (but it’s a time mess map so they can work :D). I love that you took my suggestion about the ogres, they work really well, they could use a buff though. They should be stronger than Grunts, but they are actually weaker. Change them with Ogre Magi, move Bloodlust from the casters to them, and increase their hit points attack and armor. Also make ogre’s and forest troll’s attack and defense upgradeable. The Bronze Dragonflight might look better in new color peanut. The loading screen could also be better, with Nozdormu himself or the hourglass from Caverns of Time. Also love the detail with Alurmi and her being on the map. But the quest itself could imo be better, Rhonin is quite slow in the later part of the map so there is enough time anyway. Like dealing with creep camps across the map, e.g bandits and gnolls. Like humans have exterminated gnolls in the future and a good guy would posses gnoll’s leader getting the gnolls and killing the bandits, while the bad guy would posses the bandit’s leader and kill the gnolls. I also fail to see a reward for the quest on either side.

Interlude is really good. It fills the story nicely and gives more character development to Nekros. Love how Nekros’s and Alexstrasza’s chambers look like. Nekros’s dream though could be a little reterrained. Alexstrasza and the dragons are in a rocky hole while they should be on a lush hill. Also there could be a bit more dragons. In the book all the eggs were Alexstrasza’s, but that was retconned and now all the females of the red dragonflight, capable of bearing eggs, were forced to breed and bare eggs. Which is imo a nice change, cause the children of an Aspect are more powerful than normal dragons, and there are too many eggs for Alexstrasza only anyway. All dragons call their aspect mother/father (Ebonhorn and Wrathion call Deathwing father and they are obviously not his children, Kalecgos called Malygos father in WotLK, and it’s confirmed that he is not) and so Alexstrasza calls all red dragons her children. So it could be mentioned here, adding more smaller Dragon Roots to the dream beside Alexstrasza’s large one, and in the dialog when Alexstrasza says: “My last consort is dying.”, Nekros could be like: “So what, I still have your subjects. And as long as I have you, they will provide me with the eggs I need.”

Chapter seven is really fun. I’m in love with the terrain, it really looks like an enchanted dreamworld forest. I especially love Ysera’s chamber with the flowers and waterfalls. I love the thing of you attacking enemy bases and gaining an army in the process. Very glad you took my suggestion on Green Dragons it just feels right to have them and they really help the scenery and battle. Satyr heroes and gargoyles really look epic. Especially love the creative way the female satyr is used. I also like the optional quest very much, the rewards are really good and help you. Will of G’Hanir is a really good artifact. It enables Krasus to use Entangling Roots again, though it could do even more considering how hard it is to find, and how easily you can forget about it e.g increase hit points regeneration of a hero who is wearing it. I also think that the map would be even better with night elven UI and background music. I also don’t like the acorn system that much. Maybe make a lot less acorns that have a lot more food, e.g the map having 10 acorns that give 10 food each, you find one at the start of the map by the time you reach the base you have 20 food, two more acorns in the base, two more in the furbolg area and one in each enemy base. Don’t make them buyable cause that imo ruins the point of finding them. Eranikus could be more powerful, gargoyles kill him in a second. I mean lore wise he should be more powerful than Krasus, being a prime consort. Maybe give him the stats of a normal level 10 green dragon(hit points, attacks, armor) plus mana and abilities, maybe even a humanoid voice(e.g Keeper of the Grove or Druid of the Claw). I like that you constantly get attacked with swarms of spiders, gargoyles and heroes. But I noticed no corrupted treants attack you. And the Dreadlord is kinda weak without some support, maybe make him attack accompanied with some satyrs and/or treants, instead of gargoyles, and gargoyles attacking separately from the Dreadlord. All of hero’s abilities fit the story perfectly, except the Dreadlord’s ultimate. Inferno doesn’t really fit the Emerald Nightmare. It would fit Nekros a lot better and Far Seer’s (and Nekros’s) Earthquake or Firelord’s Volcano or Crypt Fiend’s Carrion Swarm would fit the Dreadlord a lot better imo. Trees of Nightmare could use a different model(Tree of Life and Derivatives) has bats instead of butterflies. And I noticed a thing, not sure if it’s a bug, when I attacked Trees of Nightmare and Corrupted Ancient of War they kept uprooting and rooting all the time. EDIT: The Furbolg area could use some Furbolg Huts though. And might be cool if you changed the quest so we get rid of all corrupted furbolgs(cleanse as many furbolgs as possible and kill the ones you can't or kill all the furbolgs).

Chapter eight is also better. The map being smaller works very well. I also love that you added base building, works really well. It’s also nice that all orc bases are in different color. The problem is that Rom has no way of attacking air units unless he uses his ultimate or you complete a bad optional quest, so would be cool if he could obtain the Orb of Venom(or some other orb, though Orb of Venom fits him best cause of the Poisonous Daggers) somewhere at the start of the map. Again Green Dragons are imo out of place. We’ve seen them in the previous chapter, and when they aren’t in the dream, they are native to the other part of the world. Replace them with some other high level creep(e.g. Sasquatch or Hydra). The red base’s attacks with only Dragonmaw Riders get kinda monotonous. The thing I don’t like about the riders is that they throw spears. Drakes aren’t wyverns and riding a fire breathing monstrosity, just to throw spears from it’s back doesn’t make a lot of logical sense. Change their projectile art with those of a red drake(but don’t make them do splash damage). And how about adding Orc Spear Throwers in this chapter as well as chapters nine, ten and two as well as the Prologue and “The Jailer”, to replace some Warlocks and Dragonmaw Riders. Would give more variety. Not sure if Dragonmaw Riders have Envenomed Spears. If they do remove them, again no point in throwing spears from a fire breathing monstrosity. Envenomed Spears could instead be added to Orc Spear Throwers. You could also replace the Blademaster in red base with some other hero(e.g. Beastmaster(Beastmaster) or Tauren Chiftain(OrcVeteran)), too many Blademasters in the campaign imo. And the last thing the enemy was hoarding units in the red base here like in chapters three and ten, but on a lesser scale.

Chapter nine is my favorite chapter. Rhonin’s area has been improved for the huge amount. It’s like ten times more fun. I love all the surprises that happen all the time like orcs fighting the whelps, spiders attacking, orcs rising skeleton orcs and all that stuff. The only thing here is that there is no sense in being able to hire kobolds when you’ve killed them. I personally don’t think the mercenaries are even needed in this chapter cause all three heroes are already very powerful at this point and you get the dwarves anyway. I like that you’ve added dragonspawn, but they don’t look that good. Would be nice if someone could recolor the model (I would, but I have absolutely no clue how it’s done), though I don’t know if it’s worth it at this point. The red, blue, green manipulation doesn’t really look that good. I also love Falstad and Vereesa area. I’m absolutely in love with the two boss fights they make this chapter a lot better and a lot more fun. They are really fun. Also love when everyone is running for the exit. Though there could be a Hint before each boss fight recommending to save game before the fight. Everything else is really perfect.

Chapter ten is really fun. Loved how it’s changed. It’s really fun. Love the new part when Rhonin meets Krasus. The caravan part has also been improved a lot with caravan coming in parts. It’s really more fun. Also love the fact that it really feels like you’re a poor Dwarven resistance that has to face the mighty orc fortress. You have Rhonin, a hero that can take on an entire enemy army, and the base and the other powerful heroes, and you’re still struggling. The enemy sending all their huge waves at you all the time, outnumbering you a lot. Also love the fact that you have to steal as many dragons as possible and that’s still not enough, the enemy has more than enough forces to slaughter an entire drake army, you really have to focus on base building. I thought that having five level 10 heroes would be too much, but it’s not. You’re really in a hurry to get Falstad and Vereesa as fast as possible so that the enemy doesn’t overwhelm you. It’s really nice to have all the heroes in a base building mission. I also love the big badass towers, but they should not have upgradable hit points/armor. I also love the huge enemy waves plus Nekros. But having Nekros in every single enemy attack gets kinda monotonous, maybe not make him part of every attack, but add more enemy army when he is not part of the attack. And how about adding Dragon Roots to the campaign. Like the ones the orcs have in RoC undead campaign. Dragon Roots train red whelps/drakes/dragons. Maybe in a red base in chapter eight and the three upper red bases in chapter ten(ones where Vereesa/Falstad are and the central one with all the towers). Rhonin being able to use Demon Soul on the Roots, destroying them and getting a level 10 Red Dragon. The chapter does have it’s weak parts though imo. The dragon aspects are grotesquely large, taking all of your base. Nozdormu and Ysera would look better with color peanut/emerald. The part when the three aspects confront Deathwing was left out(the part ”Ysera, Nozdormu and my dear friend Malygos”), but it was a really important part imo, showing how mean and badass Deathwing really is. Imo it should definitely be returned, but slightly changed, Ysera showing up first confronting Deathwing and Deathwing mocking her about sleeping, then Nozdormu shows up and Deathwing mocks him about sand/time and lastly Malygos shows up and Deathwing mocks his “friend”. Alexstrasza is grotesquely large and kinda useless, but also kinda hilarious. She is really weak, a lot weaker than any hero even the dragons. When I first played the map I sent Rhonin and Krasus to the fountain of health and Alexstrasza to the tavern. The taven was guarded by a tower and a Dragonmaw Rider, I thought she is larger than the whole hill, it should be no problem. But Alexstrasza was able to take half the riders hit points before running away, that was kinda hilarious. Also she flies straight to the place where Krasus summons her. Ones she flew right above the enemy base and started to flee before even reaching the middle of the base, was kinda hilarious again. The third time, I sent her to destroy two pig farms at the green base that I couldn’t, had run back to base to deal with Nekros, she flew past the base’s entrance, Grim Batol Tower missed her, but two drakes chased her, and she had to flee few seconds after reaching the destination, the drakes outpowered her greatly, again kinda hilarious. At least she could move to the destination using attack command. Deathwing boss fight could be better imo. The area is really small, the four aspects that you control are really large, not to mention Deathwing. He shouldn’t be much larger than the other aspects. Deathwing takes like 60% of the battle area, and you barely have enough space to move the aspects. The area could be a lot larger. All the aspects could use their respective dragonflight’s projectile art. I’m also not a fan of a giant lord Prestor. It also doesn’t make a lot of sense that black whelps are hatched from red eggs. Maybe use Deathwings aspect powers in this fight, summoning the elements instead of giant Prestor/Black Whelps. Change giant Prestor with Granite Golem/Fire Golem(RagnarosMinion)/Large Sea Elementals/Revenant of Air(Revenant.blp) being summoned in turns. And replace the whelps with a number of small water/fire/earth/air elementals also being summoned in turns(e.g small water elementals first, than earth etc…). And again don’t see why all five aspects can’t have wow models. You can control them with the icons. EDIT: If the playable Aspects can't have their WoW models, I don't see why Deathwing can't. Would imo make him look better/more terrifying, he is the main antagonist. Alexstrasza/Dragon Queen Charge could use a new icon(Alexstrasza).

Epilogue is really good. A few changes could work though. When Rhonin and Vereesa are touring in Stormwind add Varian Wrynn(King Varian Wrynn) among the kings. After the scene where Falstad comes to Aerie Peak, would be cool to see a scene with the Hill Dwarves and Rom rebuilding in Grim Batol. The scene with Alexstrasza, Krasus and the eggs hatching could be moved to a lush hill, something like in Nekros’s dream in “The Jailor”. The scene where Ysera, Nozdormu and Malygos are flying can be removed or changed, with each dragon flying alone, Malygos flying over Northrend, Nozdormu over the Barrens and Ysera over Ashenvale, but that’s too much work and I don’t know if it’s worth it. The last scene where there is a black whelp hatching could also be removed as I see no point in it. If it’s a reference to Wrathion(the worst character in lore imo) than it should really be removed. If not, it should be removed anyway, cause I really see no point in it.

Alternate Epilogue was definitely improved. Love that Deathwing is now the narrator. Though again some things could be changed. Add Prestor among the kings in the celebration scene. There are blood elves in here as well, in Vereesa’s death scene and in Dalaran. Falstad could die defending Aerie Peak instead with gryphon riders on foot and gryphon riders in the air fighting with Falstad. Would be nice to see Deathwing killing Krasus. And replace the black whelps/drakes/dragons with the red, cause Deathwing got the red eggs. They serve Deathwing, but they are still red dragons. EDIT: Might be even better if you changed Deathwing's black whelps/drakes/dragons with twilight(Twilight Dragonflight)(whelps making purple with red/blue/green manipulation) and giving them some void attack(Void Missiles). I know it might not be worth it and that Sinestra doesn't exist in this universe, but they would fit perfectly(and they are my favorite dragonflight so had to say it :p)
I've replayed chapters seven and ten. Have edited Rom and Furbolg bug, when they happen. Also found two more bugs :p. I also added imos about Spirit Priest and Arcane Master, haven't played them, but from the tests. Also added a line about Krasus, chapter seven, chapter ten and the Alternate Epilogue. And found a lot better space.
Two more things I forgot to say. Added a line in chapters one and three. And a line about Falstad.
Another thing about chapter four, I just realised I forgot to write. Hope I won't be doing more edits.
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Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
I have been meaning to reply in more detail for some time but I don't have the time.
For now I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your suggestions with great interest. While not all of them will make it to the final update many of them will.
Thank you for helping out!

I might fix the bugs you mentioned within the coming weeks. Other than that I am taking an extended break from my campaigns, maybe until Reforged is out. I am still planning a big update to LotC but it could take over a year to finish.
Level 1
Sep 2, 2019
Unsure if it has been mentioned before, but there is a bug in chapter 3, where if you load a saved file, the cutscene with the zeppelin doesn't trigger.

I got this bug to as well as another, when using the flash bang ability the game has a chance to freeze and crash, especially when used near hostile buildings.
Level 3
Feb 24, 2017
I really should've commented earlier, because I played this campaign back in 2015, and I loved it because it's based on the books, and you're pretty much the only one that made campaigns based on canonical events that didn't appear in games, and I admire you for doing so... although, I have a bug to notify.

At the end of the Nozdormu's quest cutscene in chapter 5, the game crashes with this code: 0713F290-321C-412E-A1F6-3ED1D7C15458 , I dunno if it can help you, but I also tried to reproduce it, and it happens everytime the cutscene ends. Even skipping it doesn't help at all. Is there a momentary solution or I have to wait a new version of the campaign? I'm playing on the latest patch btw.
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
I really should've commented earlier, because I played this campaign back in 2015, and I loved it because it's based on the books, and you're pretty much the only one that made campaigns based on canonical events that didn't appear in games, and I admire you for doing so... although, I have a bug to notify.

At the end of the Nozdormu's quest cutscene in chapter 5, the game crashes with this code: 0713F290-321C-412E-A1F6-3ED1D7C15458 , I dunno if it can help you, but I also tried to reproduce it, and it happens everytime the cutscene ends. Even skipping it doesn't help at all. Is there a momentary solution or I have to wait a new version of the campaign? I'm playing on the latest patch btw.


you can try out the beta of the 3.0 update: DotD__Update_07__Version_3.0.0 (WIP) – Google Drive
It's not entirely bug-free (mainly the tech-tree has some issues, not allowing you to build certain things), but it's good enough for a playthough and has enough changes to feel fresh. Any feedback would be welcome. The final version of the update sohuld be released some time after Reforged is out.
Level 11
Feb 3, 2019

you can try out the beta of the 3.0 update: DotD__Update_07__Version_3.0.0 (WIP) – Google Drive
It's not entirely bug-free (mainly the tech-tree has some issues, not allowing you to build certain things), but it's good enough for a playthough and has enough changes to feel fresh. Any feedback would be welcome. The final version of the update sohuld be released some time after Reforged is out.
I personally don't see why don't you update DotD and TLG officially. More people would notice. You can update it again later.
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
It is because of the instability and uncertainty the latest wc3 patches have brought,
because the updates are not finished and people will report bugs I am already aware of,
because I want all three campaigns to be on the same level of polish,
because the next updates will be the final ones and I want to get them right,
because at the moment I got enough feedback and I am busy with LotC 3.0,
because I want to release them with a "bang", especially for people who are returning for Reforged and expect an ordinary experience.

I might still change my mind about this...
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
I've returned to DotD for another small update. So far I have updated half of the campaign.

@Venombite Here are my comments on the changes and your suggestions:
- Loading screen not appearing/just a black screen: Nothing I can do about it (I think). Blizzard needs to fix it.
- Flying machine upgrades don't apply in Chapter 3: I just removed the Flying machine as enemies only have zeppelins as flying units.
- Other bugs: Hopefully fixed.
- Changed models to standard dragon models
- Reduced scale from 2.0 to 1.5 for gameplay
- Reduced scale from 3.0 to 2.0 for cinematics
- Reduced scale of Deathwing from 3.0 to 2.5 for gameplay
Explanation: Overall I am very annoyed by all the custom models that I have tried, mainly for the reasons you have stated. Downside now is that people will get confused when Alexstrasza and Krasus are speaking because they share the same portrait.
* Timewalker
- Decreased life of Future-Self from 1200 to 1100
- Increased mana of Future Self from 590 to 700
- Decreased duration of Future-Self from 35 to 30 seconds
- Increased damage of Future-Self from 21-32 to 26-35
- Decreased damage of Time Vortex from 8/12/16 zo 8/11/14
- Decreased slow of Time Vortex from 40/60/80% to 30/50/70%
- Decreased attack/movement speed increase of Timewalk from 50/100/150% to 50/90/120%
Explanation: To make Future Rhonin slightly stronger than a level 10 Rhonin (without items) all other abilities have to be weaker. For balancing reasons his base damage is still significantly weaker than that of Rhonin. But honestly, these are just numbers. In reality you will not have the time to use all 700 mana and the enemy will probably not destroy your Future-Self before the duration is over.
- Dark Summoner: No changes. I think he is strong enough. If anything, all other heroes should be weaker. I would not add abilities to his summoned units as there seems to be already enough micromanagement. I don't like the suggested model for the Void Lord. The summons already become bigger with level, but I would avoid making them even bigger so units can still be moved properly.
- Arcane Master: No changes. If anything I would make him weaker. Future tests will decide.
* Spirit Priest
- Decreased cooldown of Undead Minion from 90 to 60 seconds
Explanation: I would prefer not to have another super-unit as an ultimate and rather have the Spririt Priest multiple weaker units faster. They fit nicely with his healing abilities. Also, I couldn't think of another name for the ultimate, so you may call me unimaginative.
- No changes. For balancing reasons I will leave Vereesa as she is. Is the locket you describe in the book?
- No changes. Falstad's model was updated? I remember switching it with a different model but then switching it back because there was something bothering me.
- Added second attack to target air units. Renamed Poison Dagger to Envenomed Knife, which deals damage over time against air units.
- No changes. I am also not 100% happy with Reign of Fire, but I did not want to turn him more into a healer than he already is. His ultimate is only really important in Chapters 6 and 7, where he benefits most from a long-range siege ability. I was looking for a custom model for Cleansing Fire, but in the end the standard green fire model is the best. Fire = damage. Green = healing.
- Changed projectile art from sphere to demon hunter
- Decreased projectile speed from 1200 to 900
- Replaced Earthquake with Inferno
- Other narrator than Alexstrasza (e.g. Aegwynn/Medivh/Uther): Why? No character should be disconnected from the storyline. Alexstrasza is the perfect observer/storyteller. She is old and wise and in the middle of things without being the protagonist.
* Dalaran
- Redesigned to look more like the Chamber of Air that people know.
- Replaced Andromath with Antonidas
Explanation: There was a discussion to also replace Eldin with Kael'thas and Dela with Kel'Thuzad, but I decided against it (at least for now) as Kael's model would have looked too much like Krasus's and Kel'Thuzad's model looked too undead.
- Changed model of Farm to standard model
- Added fire to Farm
- Changed ownership of Activist to Neutral Passive
- Changed model of Priest to Reign of Chaos version
- Changed model of Sorceress to Reign of Chaos version
- Making some villagers female: Unfortunately they lack an attack animation
- Decreased range of Sniper from 1150 to 950
- Changed sound set of Slayer to Beastmaster
- Decreased initial Food Cap from 20 to 15
- Increased Food Cap gained from Runes of Food from 1 to 2
- Replaced first Blademaster with a Grunt and a Raider
- Kryll running into enemies: While it's not 100% logical, it's just less annoying if Kryll runs forward instead of backwards.
- Disabled Castle
- Changed sound set of Fighter to Footman
- Enemies now rebuild lost ships
- Enemies will now sometimes send Goblin Sappers
- Add dwarven spellcasters: You can hire Runebreakers. Mercenaries are a lo more important in DotD so they should suffice.
- Add enemy air units: For the first base building mission zeppelins enemies should be enough.
- New models for goblin buildings: I tried them but they had a graphic glitch, making the entire map dark and unplayable.
- Enemy hoarding units: It's a problem that I hope to solve...
- Reterrain interior: It's not much but I added a few crystal doodads.
- Moved a Gemstone of Aluneth to the south and added some enemies
- Added some destructible rocks infron of a Gemstone of Aluneth
- Renamed Tuskarr Warriors to Tuskarr Explorers
- Various suggestions about replacing enemies and new encounters: Unless there is a huge problem with the existing enemies (lore or gameplay) I prefer not to change things anymore. Replacing the undead or faceless ones and having to come up with entirely new encounters would be very tedious.
- New models for various units/effects/etc.: I don't like using custom models just for a single time (e.g. Doctor Moreau or the gryphon riders on foot), especially when a standard model can do a decent job. I am also thinking about Reforged, so I want to use as few custom models as possible.

Hopefully by next weeked I will finish with Chapters 5-10. I know you might have liked more changes but I just want to wrap this up for now and continue with LotC.
Level 11
Feb 3, 2019
* Spirit Priest
- Decreased cooldown of Undead Minion from 90 to 60 seconds
Explanation: I would prefer not to have another super-unit as an ultimate and rather have the Spririt Priest multiple weaker units faster. They fit nicely with his healing abilities. Also, I couldn't think of another name for the ultimate, so you may call me unimaginative.
Check Priest abilities on wowpedia. Should find some name inspiration there.
- No changes. For balancing reasons I will leave Vereesa as she is. Is the locket you describe in the book?
Well, kinda^^. She was carrying it with her always, so we can assume that she wore it during the events of DotD. She was definitely meant to :p. When Alleria went to Draenor she broke their mother's necklace in three. She kept the Emerald for herself and sent Sapphire/Ruby to Sylvanas/Vereesa. Alleria and Vereesa kept theirs all the time. Sylvanas lost hers so there is a whole quest chain in WoW where you bring her the necklace and she summons the banshees and sings Lament of the Highborn. But let's face it, whatever she does, the coolest thing about Vereesa is that she is a sister of the mother f**ki*g Banshee Queen, it doesn't get much cooler than that. And Sylvanas wasn't even mentioned in the book, which is just lame.(though I might be biased cause Sylvanas is my favorite character :p)
- No changes. Falstad's model was updated? I remember switching it with a different model but then switching it back because there was something bothering me.
Yes, his hairstyle now looks like on the books cover.
- No changes. I am also not 100% happy with Reign of Fire, but I did not want to turn him more into a healer than he already is. His ultimate is only really important in Chapters 6 and 7, where he benefits most from a long-range siege ability. I was looking for a custom model for Cleansing Fire, but in the end the standard green fire model is the best. Fire = damage. Green = healing.
It's actually not (supposed to be) Green Fire. It's actually (supposed to be) poison, toxins and acid. Like with Chimaera's, but more powerful.
- Changed projectile art from sphere to demon hunter
- Decreased projectile speed from 1200 to 900
- Replaced Earthquake with Inferno
Chain Lightning also doesn't fit him, for story reasons. Nekros is a warlock that's why he was able to master the Demon Soul. His chieftain Zuluhed, a shaman, wasn't cause he was a shaman. So Nekros having a shaman spell doesn't fit the story.
- Other narrator than Alexstrasza (e.g. Aegwynn/Medivh/Uther): Why? No character should be disconnected from the storyline. Alexstrasza is the perfect observer/storyteller. She is old and wise and in the middle of things without being the protagonist.
Because she is the part of the main plot. A damsel in distress. Though she is not a protagonist, she fights the main antagonist. She is also biased at this point, she hates the orcs. A narrator should be someone who has a far lesser role and who is neutral. Medivh also has no part in LotC, but serves as the perfect narrator.
- Making some villagers female: Unfortunately they lack an attack animation
Villager (Female) and Derivatives here acolyte attack animation has been added. Though I don't know if it's worth it, and how Reforged will work.
- Various suggestions about replacing enemies and new encounters: Unless there is a huge problem with the existing enemies (lore or gameplay) I prefer not to change things anymore. Replacing the undead or faceless ones and having to come up with entirely new encounters would be very tedious.
Well yes and no. As I said it's too much work and don't know if it's worth it.
-Gamplay problems: Faceless ones are all melee with similar abilities. When you face the nerubian towers you only have a level 3 Krasus and two really weak units. Arachnathids do weaken them, but you still have problems.
-Lore problems: It's debatable if the Lich King even existed at DotD time. Also the dragonflights were empowered by the Pantheon, among other things, to keep the world safe from the old gods stuff, and having old god stuff in the "Capital" and seat of one of the most powerful Titan lieutenants doesn't really fit. Also in WoW Arthas and Yogg-Saron do not dare to attack the Nexus, but also there is a whole blue dragonflight defending it so....yeah. It's a different universe/timeline so the lore stuff may not meter.
- New models for various units/effects/etc.: I don't like using custom models just for a single time (e.g. Doctor Moreau or the gryphon riders on foot), especially when a standard model can do a decent job. I am also thinking about Reforged, so I want to use as few custom models as possible.
The problem with Mountain King gryphon riders on foot is that they look better than Falstad. Their armor looks a lot better as do the weapons. They look really royal compared to Falstad, and it should be the other way around. Also they look nothing like the Wildhammer clan.

Another thing have you thought about renaming "Hammer of Titans" to "Kurdan's Hammer". Giving Falstad some lore background.
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
So, I have thought about the naga, and since they were already strongly hinted at in DotD who am I to change it?^^
I will make it it the simplest way possible, by just replacing Faceless Ones with naga. I will leave the undead as they are. I will not create/modify any encounters.

I know we will be going back and forth with our reasons, but I just like to repeat myself^^
- I am not convinced about the locket. The main purpose of any ability/item is to make the hero stronger - but I don't want that for Vereesa and it plays no role for the story. The exception is Deathwing's Scale in Chapter 10, which is there to remind players that Rhonin has it on him. If the locket was mentioned in the book it would be different.

- A neutral narrator: I just think it's the opposite. A narrator should be connected to the events. I think about Lord of the Rings "Galadriel", Warcraft: The Beginning "Durotan", American Beauty "Lester". When you have a neutral character it becomes more like a book that is read to you, which is exactly what I want to avoid.

Final changes I would like to make:
Chapter 1
- Maybe use a custom model for the gryphon riders (or maybe never make them get off their gryphons)

Interlude 2
- Add more vegetation around Alexstrasza

Chapter 3
- Fix enemy players hoarding units

Chapter 4
- Replace faceless one with naga. Possibly add some transmissions about their appearance

Chapter 5
- Add an explanation why dragons are there

Chapter 6
- Make ogres and trolls benefit from upgrades
- Possibly make ogres stronger (has to be balanced for the optional quest, so maybe use Berserker Trolls)
- Improve loading screen

Chapter 7
- Improve loading screen
- Possibly add reincarnation to Eranikus
- Replace dreadlord ultimate
- Add a few ground forces (treants?) to the dreadlord attack waves

Chapter 8
- Replaced green dragon with something else

Chapter 9
- Remove tutorial about using the medallion
- Make RGB of Dragonspawn Watchers normal

Chapter 10
- Replace Nekros's Chain Lightning with something similar, but more fitting to a warlock.
- Possibly add some lines from Deathwing talking about Malygos, Ysera, Nozdormu (My dear friend..., etc.) during combat
- Possibly make Alexstrasza stronger but add a high cooldown
- Deathwing will summon lava spawn from the eggs instead of dragon whelps
- Decrease size of Image of Prestor
- Possibly replace Image of Prestor with a Rock Golem
- Possibly add more area of effect spells by Deathwing
- Check if dragon aspects projectile art is OK
- Fix enemy player hoarding units

- Possibly add Varian among the kings
- Redesign area where Alexstrasza is hatchign to look more friendly
- Possibly replace the red egg/black dragon scene (maybe Deathwing underground with goblins...)

Alternate Epilogue
- Replace black dragons with red dragons
Level 11
Feb 3, 2019
Another quick idea. Have you thought making Dwarven Mercenaries benefit from Dwarf attack and defense upgrades? Would definitely make them more useful/interesting in chapters three, eight and ten.
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
Another quick idea. Have you thought making Dwarven Mercenaries benefit from Dwarf attack and defense upgrades? Would definitely make them more useful/interesting in chapters three, eight and ten.
I don't know if that is something that players would even realize, because mercs never benefited from any upgrades in the WC3 campaigns/maps and I don't want to break that.

The only merc that sometimes feels too weak to me is the Slayer, but at least he is very cheap and has the Roar ability. All other units always felt useful.

Personally I use the mercs a little bit in Chapter 3 (it was more about the Ships anyway and the mercs are more like an afterthought), a lot in Chapter 8 and almost not at all in Chapter 10. I think this has mostly to do with the location of the merc camp and the increase of other options.
I spent two evenings remaking the AI in Chapter 3, so it doesn't hoard units anymore.... I ran the old and new AI simultaneously, for almost 8 hours, only to see that both of them run flawlessly... Nontheless, I think I will try the new AI for Chapter 10 as well, maybe the results will be more visible there.
Level 11
Feb 3, 2019
The only merc that sometimes feels too weak to me is the Slayer, but at least he is very cheap and has the Roar ability. All other units always felt useful.
The Slayer is useful mostly for Roar.
I spent two evenings remaking the AI in Chapter 3, so it doesn't hoard units anymore.... I ran the old and new AI simultaneously, for almost 8 hours, only to see that both of them run flawlessly... Nontheless, I think I will try the new AI for Chapter 10 as well, maybe the results will be more visible there.
Wow, that's impressive. The amount of work you put into these campaigns is just amazingly impressive. I'm speechless.
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
The Slayer is useful mostly for Roar.

Wow, that's impressive. The amount of work you put into these campaigns is just amazingly impressive. I'm speechless.

Well, there was no player input during that time. I run "whosyourdaddy" and let the AI do it's thing over night. With some debug messages that counted the units for each attack wave I could track if there were problems sometime during the night - but most importantly, it should have been instantly visible on the map after 8 hours if the AI was hoarding units. Problem now is that the hoarding is not (always) reproducible with a non-participating player - so I don't have an answer as to whether my solution fixed the problem. In any case, I have made the triggers much easier to read and maintain, so I can import the system into other maps easily*.

*Actually not that easy for Chapter 10. The system requires me to create one player per base, but with Nekros reviving at a random Altar I would have to change his ownership as well.
Level 1
Sep 26, 2019
Hello! Is there any way to get the dragon model you used for Alextrasza? I've been searching it for a while but all related links I've found are broken
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
You can get it from my campaign. Credit blizzard


New ultimate for Spirit Priest "Zeal": Marks a target area with Zeal. Units in the target area gain a 50% bonus to attack speed.
Explanation: I felt the game was lacking a good area of effect spell that is not locking the hero into channeling. Also Doom is the only spell that didn't feel "custom" or cool enough compared to the other spells. Zeal is also cool because it reinforces the Spirit Priest as a support hero.
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Feb 3, 2019
Don't know if you're still doing the update, but anyway:
  • Have you considered changing Deathwing's abilities a bit in the final boss fight. Remove Sleep and Anti-Magic Shell(they don't really fit him, Sleep would fit Ysera and Anti-Magic Shell Malygos). Instead add more "Cataclysmic" abilities like Rain of Fire. Like Crushing Wave, have Deathwing summon a Tornado that goes around the battlefield, for some time, and does damage to units it hits, or some fire abilities. Maybe even make Earthquakes and Volcanoes happen all around the battlefield on the ground for aesthetics.
  • It's good to use standard dragon models for the Aspects. Maybe change Alexstrasza's Red, Green and Blue so that she has the coloring of the red drake. She would get a different portrait than Krasus and look more female. It's also good to decrease their size during the boss fight, but keep her scaling 2.0, for the Dragonqueen's Charge part, so that she is visibly larger than Krasus. The only downside of that imo is that Deathwing will look nothing like the other aspects, but oh well, a main antagonist should look different I guess.
  • Would it make sense (story-wise) if the drakes in chapter five were black instead of red. Like Rhonin being surprised cause they look nothing like the orc's drakes. And Deathwing saying to kill them or put them to sleep with his medallion, cause he doesn't care about them, the last few survivers.
  • About Cleansing Fire of Krasus and Alexstrasza. Maybe change his normal attack missile to that of a red dragon, both in human and dragon form. And use phoenix's projectile for Cleansing Fire(fire-damage, light-healing), would imo look better than poison.
  • Maybe do some color adjustments throughout the campaign, like: Nozdormu and the bronze dragonflight would look a lot better in Peanut, Ysera and the green dragonflight in Emerald, maybe make all orcs red in chapter eight using the triggers, in chapter ten as well, maybe all goblins brown in chapter three.
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
Yes, I am still working on it. But only the final touches, mainly focusing on balance for the fixed enemy attack waves. I expect to be done by Friday/Saturday.

- Different abilities for Deathwing: I don't like the existing ones for the reasons you have stated, but the way Deathwing's abilities are designed is to have one good counter for each of his abilities. In the case of Sleep the counter is obviously to Dispel or attack the sleeped unit. Anti-Magic Shell is there so there is only a limited window time when you can nuke Deathwing with Alex's Cleansing Flame. Deathwing will get a new ability where he will cast multiple smaller Rain of Fire in a line towards a targeted enemy.
- I have reduced the scale of all Aspects from 3.0 to 2.0. Alexstrasza looks different enough thanks to the red hero glow, and I have changed her portrait to that of a Red Dragon Roost.
- The story of the dragons in Chapter 5 is now that they are Escaped Dragons (they have escaped from the grasp of the Dragonmaw Clan, but they are too wild).
- Change model of Krasus attack/Cleansing Fire. I will look into it (If I remember...)
- New color for aspects. I will look into it (If I remember...)
- new color for goblins (other other forces): With the new attack wave system I had to create a new player for each base. There are many different colors on a map now, but to be honest, I like them. I will think about it.

edit: It's not much but as a show of gratitude to your feedback I have added @Anaxie and @Venombite to the Playthrough Feedback credits. The campaign wouldn't be the same without you! Thank you!

I expect the update to be finished* (and released on my Google Drive only for now) by Friday.

*Might make small tweaks over the coming months, but I will not really touch it any more after finishing LotC (might take over a year) and WC3 Reforged is out.
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Level 6
May 8, 2014
Hi,I've replayed your final Pre-Reforged version of DotD in hard mode,bad ending route.The campaign is almost perfect,there're only a few bugs need to be fixed though.
- Reward of the optional quest(bad) in Chapter 5 is a Claw of Attack +12.If player's inventory had been full with other items,that Claw would disappear.If I remembered clearly,you are used to making the NPCs drop the reward onto the ground to avoid such a situation.
- And the GoblinAchemist still carried an "!" above his head after I completed that quest.


- Rhonin could stand in the yellow circle of my screenshot to free Ogre Magi,making the following dialogue and HINT unnecessary.


- Perhaps the positions of heroes' portraits need a little ajustment,or they will probably drive an ocd(obsessive compulsive disorder) guy mad.:psick:


- Peon bug in Chapter 9.


- The model of Deathwing's Scale is too dark to notice.When Kryll dropped it onto the ground,I forgot to pick it up and headed to the exit in a hurry.I mean,since I've played almost four times of DotD(different versions) in the past few years,how could I have forgotten to pick it up?:peasant-sad:Maybe you could add a flashing circle or something to hint new players do not forget the Deathwing's Scale.


- The other "old" bugs I've mentioned before remain the same.It's Blizzard's fault,hopefully they will fix them some day.
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
Hello @nuck001 ,
thank you for reporting. I will fix the bugs as soon as possible.

I have been trying to fix the hero portrait order for a while. I know there is a unit type order in the editor but it doesn't seem to fix the problem.

I don't understand what you mean by the last screenshot? Is the objective marked as completed before completing it?
Level 6
May 8, 2014
I don't understand what you mean by the last screenshot? Is the objective marked as completed before completing it?
Oh,it seems that i've uploaded a wrong screenshot.I was intented to show you how I had ignored that objective in a hurry.
Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
Question to the avid testers here @Anaxie @Venombite @nuck001

I am currently considering making separate projects for Reforged and Classic. Reason are that new Reforged assets might not necessarily translate well to the Classic version and vice versa, and I might change the cameras in cinematics to visualize the new details better.

Should I use the old DotD (currently available from Hive) for the classic version or should I use the new version (currently available from Google Drive)? How attached are you guys to the old version?
Level 6
May 8, 2014
I'm not sure.It seems that most campaign makers are suspending their projects until Blizzard release a new patch.As for now,fixing a bug of 1.31 probably will create several new bugs of 1.32...what an ironic situation we have.:(
Level 12
Oct 26, 2015
Question to the avid testers here @Anaxie @Venombite @nuck001

I am currently considering making separate projects for Reforged and Classic. Reason are that new Reforged assets might not necessarily translate well to the Classic version and vice versa, and I might change the cameras in cinematics to visualize the new details better.

Should I use the old DotD (currently available from Hive) for the classic version or should I use the new version (currently available from Google Drive)? How attached are you guys to the old version?

Id like to keep the old version around in some form. Newer people that never played it will probably never download older cersions though.

Im all for a reforged port though. It gives you a lot more tools to play with for sure.

I kinda suspected you might try that because. You, razorclaw, turno, and tomoraider, and shar dundred,, have always constantly been updating their old and new campaigns for years and are all still active.

So i suspect they might try reforged ports also at some point down the line.

Luckily for shar since most of his campaigns are vanilla assets his will seemlyly port for the most part.

You could probably get away using thralls shaman wolfrider model they have in reforge for his time between joining frostwolves and taking up the mantle of warchief.

Use one of the random palafins for blackmoons main leitenant guy from your DoTA map since they are all so distinct.

Some models tho like your blackmoore one might look at in reforged but its also important for the character to LOOK like the one they are supposed to represent so maybe take that into consideration aswell.

Honeslty though

With all the effort and reworking this would take.

I would encourage you to just finish up the vanilla wc3 overhauls you wanted for your trilogy and invest that time into maybe making your Rise of the Horde campaign you talked about for so many years a reality.
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Level 15
Sep 28, 2004
I'm not sure.It seems that most campaign makers are suspending their projects until Blizzard release a new patch.As for now,fixing a bug of 1.31 probably will create several new bugs of 1.32...what an ironic situation we have.:(

Maybe I did not explain clearly enough. My goal is to support my campaigns long-term. I will refrain from updating gameplay, but I want to be there to fix bugs and allow them to be playable. This means that I want them to be available to players who never purchase Reforged, or just decide to use the old graphics for some reason. At the same time I want to make use of Reforged capabilities as much as possible. Currently I think that would require me to create two separate projects. The question is, which version of DotD should be the Classic version? the one I am working on right now or the one that is available in Hive.
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Oct 26, 2015
Maybe I did not explain clearly enough. My goal is to support my campaigns long-term. I will refrain from updating gameplay, but I want to be there to fix bugs and allow them to be playable. This means that I want them to be available to players who never purchase Reforged, or just decide to use the old graphics for some reason. At the same time I want to make use of Reforged capabilities as much as possible. Currently I think that would require me to create two separate projects. The question is, which version of DotD should be the Classic version? the one I am working on right now or the one that is available in Hov

What is limiting you from using the current new one for classic and reforged?

Is it the mass removal of models to use reforge defaults you would be doing?
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Sep 28, 2004
What is limiting you from using the current new one for classic and reforged?

Is it the mass removal of models to use reforge defaults you would be doing?

Yes, that. For Reforged I might want to use a default model, but I would not want it to revert to the default model when in Classic mode - I would prefer a custom model.
I would also remake the loading screens and the cinematics for closer shots on characters.
I would not change the gameplay for Reforged; they should both play the same. Maybe the editor is flexible enough to include everything in one file.
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Oct 26, 2015
Default is good but maybe still use the high quality rhonin and alleria models on hive and the blackmooree one you have no if no better can be found.

You do of course as said want them to rssemble the characters they are supposed to be even if they stand out a bit.

I wouldnt use sylvanas livong for alleria for that reason

Thats my thoughts tho

I guess this makes you wonder if you want to turn the dragon riders into drakes in reforged kind of how they were originally.

Or maybe youll get lucky and they will have models unused in reforge for alleria and rhonin and aspects.

Kind of like thralls world shaman outfit and the BFA jaina player icon that have been mined.
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Feb 3, 2019
OK, first of all there isn't going to be a 1.32 , the current patch (1.31.1.someting) is the final version of Classic.

Regarding your question, I think it would be best to do like @tomoraider did in his two campaigns. The official version and earlier versions in the description. In case of DotD, both links to versions 2 and 3 for Classic. Version 3 is better than version 2 in every way so it not being downloadable on Classic would be just redicolous. Same for TLG a version with the large maps(if you still have it), and the newest version, both for Classic. LotC Classic in the description as well. It's still to early to say anything about Reforged. If I understood corectely it's still just datamining, and Beta hasn't even started yet.

However judging by the datamining (Reforged - Extensive Galleries of Reforged Models & Icons) Day of the Dragon will have a few major problems. Again saying, this is just people importing datamined models to Classic (if i understood correctely), so it may look nothing like it, but still:
  1. Ashenvale tileset looks like, well, Ashenvale in WoW. It has purple trees. It doesn't fit Khaz Modan at all. You'll "have to" change Khaz Modan maps tileset with some other tileset(e.g Lordaeron Winter).
  2. The campaign will be filled with Brightwings(nothing any of us can do about this :()
  3. You'll have to use small footmen as dwarven footman.
  4. You'll have to use Murdain for Falstad, Mountain King for Rom (or the other way around), Blood Mage or Elven Archmage for Krasus, Sylvanas for Vereesa(some sisters do look alike :D). On the plus side there are quite a few human mages for Rhonin, and orc warlocks for Nekros.
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May 8, 2014
I want them to be available to players who never purchase Reforged, or just decide to use the old graphics for some reason.
The players who never purchase Wc3:Reforged have been suffering from this unstable version(1.31.1) since June.Blizzard had kept silence for a strange long time,leaving tons of bugs unfixed.As a matter of fact,it's reasonable to suspect if classic team are still capable of satisfying custom mapmakers in Wc3:Reforged.I'm afraid those made-by-Blizzard bugs of current DotDv3.0.0 will exist in Reforged too,no matter what wc3 versions we choose or what graphic-option we set.

My suggestion is focusing on DotDv3.0.0,waiting for the next STABLE patch to release,praying Blizzard make up its mess.(at least not create more mess).In the meantime,keep a link of DotDv2.1.2 for old-school fans.As far as I know,being driven by different motives,quite a large amount of players are still playing pirate Warcraft3(earlier than 1.27).They would be appreciate if you kept DotD212,LotCe05 and TLGe05.

I did notice that you're not pleased with the color of reforged Snowsong.Hopefully some model makers will upload a white wolf Thrall in the future.Your campaigns are still masterpieces without the lore model,I'm OK with that.
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Feb 3, 2019
I've replayed the final version. know you said you're done until Reforged comes out or stuff, but I found four bugs, and couldn't keep myself from posting:
  1. Time Vortex is doing friendly fire(slowing and damaging your and friendly units), didn't happen before.
  2. Gryphon Rider doesn't get increased hit points after Animal War Taiming is researched.
  3. Chapters 6 and 7 have the same loading screen, Ysera. Chapters 8, 9, 10 also share chapter 8's loading screen.
  4. In the epilogue riderless Gryphon Riders still use Mountain King's model.
Also, if you're keeping the Classic version around, two things:
  • I love the chamber of air. It looks so epic. Though consider giving Antonidas a different model(HeroWizard), it has imo better portrait. And maybe reduce the size of the giant gem in the middle. Maybe also add the purple glow that the mages created when Arthas and Kel'thuzad invaded the city in RoC campaign.
  • I'm bothered by the attack missiles of the Aspects. We've seen a lot of green whelps/drakes/Eranikus firing a massive acid attack, and Ysera, the most powerful green dragon, fires a druid of the talon pink bird, that looks a hundred times weaker. Kinda same thing about Malygos,"the most powerful blue dragon", he fires Liches ice which looks a lot weaker than the breath of Frost Wyrms and "other blue whelps/draken/dragons".
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Sep 28, 2004
Updated. Unless someone finds a bug this should have been the last time until Reforged :D

Changes since last upload
- Chapter 5 Murder quest: Fixed reward not appearing
- Chapter 5 Ogre quest: Moved Switch to the back
- Chapter 9: Peons at the exit are now removed
- Time Vortex no longer affects allied units
- Reduced Time Vortex duration by 1 sec (still longer than the spell info says...)
- Gryphons are now affected by Animal War Training
- Deathwing's Scale: Removed shadow and changed RGB to 255
- Fixed loading screens
- Changed projectiles of Malygos and Ysera
- New model for Antonidas
- Added nuck001 to credits (Thank you!)

Not fixed:
- Hero portrait order (how?)
- Chapter 5 Murder quest: "!" over ogre not being removed. Can't see in the trigger what's wrong. Too lazy to replay.

I haven't played it but I don' expect anything wild.
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Oct 29, 2014
Although I missed Rhonin troughout the campaign I understand the choice of not just following him to keep things fresh. Awesome campaign still, you just have a golden hand to reasonably adapt books to wc3, what can I say :goblin_wtf:
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Sep 28, 2004
I have had a chance to look at Reforged. Considering the massive effort required to make appropriate custom models and my limited time to work on Lord of the Clans, I think it's best upload the current open beta version of DotD and TLG to Hiveworkshop. I will do this in the next few weeks, after playing through each campaign 1-2 more times; definitely before Christmas.

I have started working on some cool ideas for LotC 3.0, but I really don't know when I will get to it. Maybe LotC will have a chance to be updated with full Reforged support (because LotC also has the least amount of custom assets), and then DotD and TLG will follow later. No ETA on LotC 3.0; it is effectively on hold.
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Feb 3, 2019
I personally think it would be smartest to wait for Reforged, see how the game turns out before making any big changes for pretty much anything. We still don't have even a release date (though I would bet it's somwhere between 15th and 20th December).

For all the bad news this Blizzcon has brought for Reforged, it actually brought a good news for this Campaign. There is a Deathwing model for "Reforged", somebody just has to rip it from HotS :p. Considering that Reforged seems to be HotS models for Warcraft 3, it would fit perfectly, basically like a default model. Never played HotS, but I think that Alexstrasza doesn't have flying animation, and that she wouldn't fit the other good aspects.

TLG has a problem. Medivh in Reforged looks like a bagger, doesn't fit his role in the Campaign/Book at all. Again some HotS ripping would work. As well as Jaina's Aegwynn skin, Varian's Lothar skin, Muridan's Wildhammer(Falstad) skin, Thrall's Doomhammer skin, etc..... Wow I just realized people can do wonders for Reforged modeling with some HotS ripping skills(lmao).
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Sep 28, 2004
I got tired of people uploading YouTube videos of and commenting on the "old" 2.1.2, so I updated the campaign on Hiveworkshop to 3.0.0 Beta 1. While "beta" clearly means it's not 100% finished, I am confident that this is the overall better experience.

Please be aware that I have had not time to update the entire description. I will proceed to update TLG in the next hours or days.
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Sep 7, 2013
Short review Day of the Dragon version 3.0.0 Beta


1. Could you add an option to buy some tomes that would be more useful in the long term at shops in the non-RTS missions, as a way to reward players who save their gold at the expense of a greater challenge as compared to letting the gold go wasted at the end of the mission. Even from a balance perspective, you could probably make the tomes cost around the range of 1k gold.

It would be especially fun if you ever added a 4th Hardcore difficulty where you can get more gold off of enemy kills but their stats are increased signficiantly or come in larger waves, since players would give up the option to have units and items for the sake of having their heroes by stronger in later missions.

2. This is not so much a critcisim but rather a request for some clarficiation, but how does the good and evil choices work from a characterization standpoint. If Rhonin is supposed to be the main character and the good and evil choices are supposed to be a reflection of his fall to the dark side, or good actions reflecting his growth as a character, why let other characters make similar decisions. Or are the good and evil sidequests meant to be some overall cosmic karma system, where when the main cast does evil things, more evil spreads.

3. No music in Chapters 2, and we get mostly generic Warcraft 3 MUSIC in the later chapters. Since this novel is a spin off of Warcraft 2, it would be nice to have more Warcraft 2 inspired music in the campaign to help tie into the game.

Regardless of my critiques, it's a really well polished campaign. Even if the campaign doesn't get updated in months/years, it's very solid as it is.

BTW I am big fan of your sense of humor, having the cursed gold of Cortez being the representation of the Dragon Soul is a nice touch. :D
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Feb 3, 2019
2. This is not so much a critcisim but rather a request for some clarficiation, but how does the good and evil choices work from a characterization standpoint. If Rhonin is supposed to be the main character and the good and evil choices are supposed to be a reflection of his fall to the dark side, or good actions reflecting his growth as a character, why let other characters make similar decisions. Or are the good and evil sidequests meant to be some overall cosmic karma system, where when the main cast does evil things, more evil spreads.
Rhonin isn't the only "point of view character" in the book. Vereesa, Falstad, Krasus/Korialstrasz and Nekros are all "point of view characters". Some chapters are from Rhonin's perspective and others are from one of these characters, so their thoughts, choices and reflections are all part of the book and explained in the story. And all of them reflect the story. I wouldn't say green is good, red is evil. Rather green is what you're meant to do, and red what you're not meant to do. Red ending is supposed to be a joke ending.
3. No music in Chapters 2, and we get mostly generic Warcraft 3 mission in the later chapters. Since this novel is a spin off of Warcraft 2, it would be nice to have more Warcraft 2 inspired music in the campaign to help tie into the game.
I wouldn't say it's a spin off of Warcraft 2. It's a sequel, with horde having fallen apart and last evil orc fortress about to fall. The Alliance is also falling apart, with dwarves and high elves having left, and the four human kingdoms on a brink of war for Alterac's territory.
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Sep 28, 2004
@Formidable10 Yes, what Venombite wrote sums it up nicely. Some people ask why you need to complete all optional quests as evil to see the alternate ending. It's to clearly distance itself from the true ending.

- Adding tomes: It's a good idea, but it's also one I am trying out for the next LotC update (still on hold) and I try to make LotC and DotD more distinguishable from each other. DotD has a lot of variation but should lean more into small groups or large armies while LotC will focus on individualizing Thrall.

- Hardcore difficulty: I try to make Hard as hard as possible without being unfair. Maybe I just suck too much as a player to make it hard enough. I don't want to add a difficulty that even I can't complete.

- No music in Chapter 2. Most likely a bug from WC3. Like the missing loading screens.

- Generic Warcraft 3 mission: Maybe you meant "music" and not "mission". I would like to comment regardless. I am not very happy with the objectives in the base building missions. All of them are "Destroy X of Building-type Y" and that is very mundane. I will not remake them as it's too much work now and I think the overall design of each mission works well.

- Cursed Gold of Cortez: Uhm... yes... totally intentional joke... :D
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Oct 26, 2015
I like the tome for high gold cost idea honestly.

I would rather have the option other than junk items and mercenaries since you get shit tons of permanent items anyway consumables become redundant quickly.

All 3 options are good tho.

Prob offer all 3 +1 tomes and a tome of knowledge for 150% cost of +1 single stat tome

Wouldnt include shop tomes on levels with goldmines however maybe tomes of power if any
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Sep 7, 2013
@Formidable10 Yes, what Venombite wrote sums it up nicely. Some people ask why you need to complete all optional quests as evil to see the alternate ending. It's to clearly distance itself from the true ending.

- Adding tomes: It's a good idea, but it's also one I am trying out for the next LotC update (still on hold) and I try to make LotC and DotD more distinguishable from each other. DotD has a lot of variation but should lean more into small groups or large armies while LotC will focus on individualizing Thrall.

- Hardcore difficulty: I try to make Hard as hard as possible without being unfair. Maybe I just suck too much as a player to make it hard enough. I don't want to add a difficulty that even I can't complete.

- No music in Chapter 2. Most likely a bug from WC3. Like the missing loading screens.

- Generic Warcraft 3 mission: Maybe you meant "music" and not "mission". I would like to comment regardless. I am not very happy with the objectives in the base building missions. All of them are "Destroy X of Building-type Y" and that is very mundane. I will not remake them as it's too much work now and I think the overall design of each mission works well.

- Cursed Gold of Cortez: Uhm... yes... totally intentional joke... :D


1. It doesn't necessarily have to be tomes, but I still think it would be cool to spend gold on some kind of resource that would be useful for later missions, beyond simple consumables.

2. Hardcore difficulty was just a rough idea, something to add if the game became too easy on hard. I am fine if it's never added tbh since I am a casual player.

3. Probably a bug

4. Sorry I did mean music, that was a typo on my end. I have no real issues with the mission designs. But yeah more Warcraft 2 music would be great, it fits the time period very well. Instead of the same Lordaeron themed music over and over and over and over, etc. Trying not to beat a dead horse.

5. Nice

In response to @Venombite comments

1. That is fair to say the novel reflects the points of view of Vereesa, Falstad and others as well as Rhonin. And I can buy that the main cast, not just Rhonin, is making these green/red decisions. However many of the red decisions are clearly evil, like little to no gray area.

Freeing an ogre to murder their captor in cold blood, killing innocent villagers for their gold, accussing a goblin who isn't a murderer despite the fact that you clearly know who the real killer is. There isn't much a gray area to interpret those choices, they're clearly evil. I think what you meant in your comment is that green is supposed to be lawful choices while red is chaotic choices. But if that was the case, you could make choices that could make the game harder for you just to follow your chaotic impulses. Not so much for a benefit. Now do I think all of the red choices are truly evil, not exactly, the possess Troll vs Ogre side quest for example, if you do the red option as in possessing Trolls, your more trolling the Bronze dragon whelp you were trying to help, rather than being an evil monster. But from where I'm standing, most of the red decisions are evil, and most of the green decisions are good. And thus does bring into question how the characterizations of the main cast should be handled, if these decisions are supposed to be reflected on their characters at all.

In terms of the ending, I wouldn't exactly call it a joke ending considering how serious the ramifications are. In terms of the philosophy behind the red decisions and how they reflect on the characters, I can think of two examples.

1. Knights of the Old Republic 1 darkside ending- You make evil decisions for most of the game, (mostly choosing the one major evil choice near the end), you become the dark evil emperor sith lord of the universe. So you do evil things to empower your character.

In Warcraft's case, the idea of say Rhonin/Veressa/Falstad becoming heralds for Deathwing


2. Force Unleashed 1 Darkside ending- You choose the evil path, and instead of being empowered, it backfires on you, and your life becomes a living hell, just because you made selfish decisions.

This second approach to evil/chaotic endings is what I feel the campaign is going for, which is fine, but I am curious if Rhonin's decisions directly lead to that ending, or if it's a result of karma.

2. In terms of Day of the Dragon being a sequel to Warcraft 2, that I would agree. But there are enough nods and connections to Warcraft 2 that I feel the usage of Warcraft 2 music is still warranted. Orcs vs humans, tech trees and units designs inspired by War II. Lots of lore references to War 2, including ogre magi, wildhammer dwarves, Deathwing, the Red Dragons.

Compare this to Warcraft 3, where there are still references, but the Horde and Alliance you see in that game clearly looks way different from their Warcraft 2 counterparts, and their conflict isn't the main conflict of the story. The inclusion of other races like the Night Elves and Scourge also differentiate's the game from War II even more.

So overall I still feel strongly this campaign needs Warcraft 2 music because the storyline, the timeline, the look of the characters and designs, and sharing a lot of major characters to the Warcraft 2 campaigns specifically Tides of Darkness and Beyond the Dark Portal.
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