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Goblin Tower

Goblin tower with moving gears.

Took inspiration from Rizz Boomer's Goblin Techtower, and built this using a lot of copy/pasting from in-game structures.

Fits thematically with Ujimasa Hojo's goblin buildings and my Goblin Outpost (town hall)

Uses in-game textures.

Goblin, Tower, Structure, Building

Goblin Tower (Model)

13:49, 19th Jun 2015 MiniMage: Useful.
Level 8
Jul 7, 2013
The 3 buildings I've uploaded this week should be a big help if you're planning to do a goblin race map!

I'm working on a mod to add goblins as a full race, and found tons of cool goblin units on THW but found I needed more buildings - hence I wasted hours of my life making these :)


Arena Moderator
Level 44
Jul 29, 2008
OK, Positives first:

I love this. A unique Goblin building, very simple but almost universally-useful in it's simplicity. A tower, a farm, a factory, a depot, an engineering bay... It could be anything! And while it's easy to see what each part comes from, it's an eclectic & unique mixture that I have yet to see (Rizz_Boomer's notwithstanding); a fitting homage to RB's building (which is also stellar).

The only things I could see changing:
- It almost seems too perfect... As in, too symmetrical, too even. Goblins are renowned for haphazard, confusing machinery & architecture; crooked stuff, bent things, strange pipes. This is almost too 'clean'. Perhaps it could be tilted a bit (aka "leaning tower of gob-isa" :p)? Perhaps one of the gears could rotate in the opposite direction (and/or @ a different speed)? Perhaps a few extra doodads to emphasize the cluttered, unkempt nature of Goblins (boxes, explosives, extra pipes, flags, etc).
- Along with the last bit of the above comment, I would consider some more TC. If you're not sure where it could go (neither am I), perhaps a nurny-addition could provide the space (see above).
- I really can't think of what exactly this is to be used for; in part it's "anyman's building"-ness means it's not particular enough. What did you you have in mind for it? Ah, seen your above comment. Welp, that makes sense. Though of course, depending on what kind of casters you have in your Goblin race, this might need some specialization (i.e. Alchemy-dudes, or Mech-dudes, or Explosive-dudes) as in the above. Meh, maybe.

Very good work. I'm excited to see more Goblin/Building/whatever models from you (and for the former, let me know if you need any... inspiration :p)

//EDIT// - So you too are making a Goblin race? Lol, who isn't. : ) I would love to hear more about that...
Level 8
Jul 7, 2013

thanks again for balanced feedback!

since I'm doing a few goblin buildings, I really wanted a couple to be free of goblin nurnies, and tried to give this one character by making the tower itself a bit crooked - figuring that the rotating gears and funnels were enough silliness.

I did try out a couple of different things with the gears, but in the end this was my favorite. My original idea was to have the whole middle section rotate, but this just looked ugly

There's one point you raised earlier that I really wanted to fix myself before I uploaded the model - and that's that the biggest funnel on my Goblin Outpost is just too stretched. I really need some ideas here (i.e. suggestions for model fragments I could pilfer) - I think the size itself for the funnel is what the model needs, but the texture is stretched to the extent that the blacksmith funnel doesn't look quite right. I tried putting a smaller funnel on a new block of structure, but that looked inferior, so I ended up leaving as is.
Level 8
Jul 7, 2013
@Sylvain - from memory, that's what happens if you get the path of the model wrong in the Unit editor (or UnitUI.slk if you're editing an mpq).

The other common error I hit with models is if the MDL itself contains a path to an invalid (non-existent) texture, but then the game crashes outright.

To fix (I assume you're using a custom map), open your map in the world editor then

- go to "Art - Model File" in the object editor for your new unit
- double click on it
- set the custom to "GoblinTower" (note: you don't need the MDX extension)

Then open your map in an mpq editor and check that GoblinTower.MDX is in the root directory of the map. If it isn't, put it there.

I should caveat by saying that I do most of my meddling by modding MPQs rather than making custom maps, so this advice may not be complete, or the best method for putting custom models in maps!

If anyone suspects that there's a serious bug in the model, please let me know and I'll take a look.
Level 5
Feb 14, 2014
I really like this model, I would like to use it as a Goblin Casino in a custom map but is there any chance you could make 2 little changes for me?
Firstly I'd like the sandbag wall around the door replaced with the 'Welcum' mat from the Goblin Laboratory. Next I'd really like the 'Temple of Boom' sign added to the roof.