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  • Ah dangit. Ah well, thanks for trying :), but if you can't get on then I guess it's just not happening. If you give me like your aim or something I could message you when we're about to start a game up. The bots name is bhor.host.2 (it hosts on all 3 realms) but it can be a long wait if you don't join with my clan mates.
    Yes, BHoR is located on Azeroth realm. Think you could be on sometime today (that's Saturday for me) around 8 PM Eastern? I might be able to get on at a different time though if you can't make that, but 8 PM Eastern is probably going to be when most BHoR members are active, so we could play some WoW Risk after you join the clan :).
    Great! ^^
    It'll do. Next time I may ask you to make Nagrand tree, but this is way harder.
    Torso? :D
    Anyway, good job.
    You should edit the other variations of mushrooms to the same result.
    Make it even higher. It is great right now.
    I want to make Zangarmarsh mushrooms, thats why I want them to be tall and stuff.
    Hey, you're serbian as well? I seem to know a lot of Serbians.
    Anyhow, I'd like to see you in the project. Doodads and trees, huh?
    How good do you think you are in modelling, just to know what kind of model you should create.
    Misha, Hail Fireer, Velm, CMarket, Narandza, Which King, legendarni Master Haosis ali on je banovan i jos mnogo drguih.
    Ima takodje i dosta hrvata i bosanaca. Nego u buduce drzi se engleskog jezika zbog pravila.
    Dude, bostrok look identical to makrura in WCIII. Just check Sunken Ruins tileset, they are there - crab like things.
    well there will be some sporelings in it, but i need Zangarmarsha creeps too, but Warcraft III doesn't have any :S
    if you look at the right of your side bar you will see create album. in there you can put your wips and then click on "upload" picture to group. select "naga fans" (only option) then you have uploaded your picture to the social group "Naga Fans" :3
    I'm not a modeler myself, so I can't help you with that. But Misha is. He might be able to help. I can only help with ideas.
    I had an idea awhile ago. It is an idea for the lumber harvesting system of the naga race: Coral Plantation. Built for places where there is little vegitation. The naga make a coral plantation to grow... obviously... coral. The way I pictured it is a base and 4 rock pillars coming out of the 4 sides. In the middle coral is constanly growing. Have some coral crawling up the sides of the rock pillars. Just an idea.
    Heck ya!! Keep those coral buildings coming. We definately need more naga buildings. But ya, you got the wrong discussion. That was for our naga role playing game. You can post model wips and stuff in the Naga Projects discussion.
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