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  • Good afternoon, I saw that you were interested in the French infantry. I'm just making models based on Herr Dave's textures, with his permission
    I had to learn all that I know from a friend and other creators, as (to my knowledge) there aren't any proper tutorials.

    When it comes to making models, I have but two vital pieces of information

    1) Use MdlVis

    2) copy and paste 'Single' polygons and link them up by selecting three and pressing [T]

    Repeat said process to make your own custom mesh, after which the UV mapping comes into play, which I am terrible at learning or explaining.
    I have yet to find an appropriate base model from which to begin working on the mounted units, so I must apologize for the delay and lack of communication.

    As for the tanks, the A7V is almost ready to be uploaded, all it is missing is its death explosion.

    Though I've never made a water unit before, that is a bloody good idea and a splendid request.

    I shall get to work on one, are there any specifics you'd like to see on it such as smoke pipes or othery?
    I probably wouldn't have put fur caps, as I'd forgotten somehow-- Thanks for reminding me good sir! The Tsar thanks ye too :D

    As for hero units, I intend to have 1 for each faction, instead of the 4 we've been used to (partially due to time constraints and creativity wells drying up a bit)

    Here is a screenshot of the model I've made to represent me in-game, and the 'Herr' Hero.

    I have more of a chance of making cavalry and mortars than I do at vehicals right now, currently the skins that I can make for the A7V are either too big, or the in-game ones wrap poorly.

    I can't make functioning buildings, but I can make some pretty Wc3 esq prop ones.

    As for the planes, absolutely, all I need to do is make a small custom skin for the Fokker and othery, whot!

    If I start up on the artillery, the first piece will be the Big Bertha.

    If ye've any pointers or suggestions, I am all ears, as currently I am working with a random schedule and limited knowledge.
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