[Combowhore] V1.2b Alpha

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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Latest news:

Version 2.0 released! [5/26/08, 3:32 PM]
Version 1.5 released! [5/6/08, 9:37 PM]
Version 1.2b released! [4/28/08, 8:00 PM]
Version 1.2 released! [4/28/08, 8:12 PM]

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Combowhore is a 4 man FFA or 2v2 game focused around the domination of your opponents. Visit www.combowhore.com for the latest and best versions.


[Version 1.5 - version 2.0]
Doubled map size
Doubled playable map size
Doubled camera bounds
ADDED HERO: Abyss Lord
Moved shop teleport doodad 1 to the middle of the map
Moved shop teleport doodad 2 to the middle of the map
Moved shop teleport to the middle of the map
Added more doodads
Added more destructibles
Changed blue spawn
Changed teal spawn
Modified tiles
Modified slopes
Modified terrain
Deleted spectators
Fixed button position of mammoth kins slam
Changed spawn graphic for mammoth kin
Took comboshop off minimap
Took shop 1 off minimap
Took shop 2 off minimap
Took active item shop off minimap
Took Bank for Red off minimap
Took Bank for Blue off minimap
Took Bank for teal off minimap
Took Bank for purple off minimap
Took combopatron for red off minimap
Took combopatron for blue off minimap
Took combopatron for teal off minimap
Took combopatron for purple off minimap
Gave shop > map a new teleport model
Removed starting trees for blue
Removed starting trees for teal
Added upgrade shop for red
Added upgrade shop for blue
Added upgrade shop for teal
Added upgrade shop for purple
Added doodad circles for all upgrade shops
Added upgrade Iron Weapons
Added upgrade Steel Weapons
Added upgrade Mithril Weapons
Added upgrade Small Heart
Added upgrade Medium Heart
Added upgrade Large Heart
Added upgrade Magical Dust
Added upgrade Magical Essence
Added upgrade Magical Void
Fixed Re-programs tooltip
Fixed bounty bug with Le Frosty
Removed rays of light from shops
Fixed teleport > shops region bug
Modified terrain at shops
Added Duel Master to shops
Fixed bug with Hero Selection for Red
Fixed bug with Hero Selection for Blue
Fixed bug with Hero Selection for Teal
Fixed bug with Hero Selection for Purple
Edited Credits
Changed Starting Text
Added Arena Master
Modified Chaos Mode
Added upgrade Leather Boots
Added upgrade Mail Boots
Added upgrade Plate Boots
Added icon section to multiboard
Added hero icons to multiboard
Added multiboard no hero selected icon
Added hero selection text for red
Added hero selection text for blue
Added hero selection text for teal
Added hero selection text for purple
Changed -lmao mode to -fun mode
Changed init text for fun mode
Changed init text for 2v2 mode
Changed init text for chaos mode
Changed Le Frosty's name to Water Abomination
Gave heroes designated spot in comboshop
Gave combopatron a new model
Changed Win Text
Added game modes to multiboard title
Added game time to multiboard title
Added Version to loading screen
Flipped loading screen
Added info box to loading screen
Removed icon for stat bonuses
Added Effect Book
Added Vampirism
Added Vampirism Night Effects
Added Vampirism Day Effects
Added Vampirism Buy to Arena Master
Changed UI to Nightelf
Fixed Chaos Mode
Changed time of day
Made one Agility Point give .01 attack speed
Changed efense base value before agility bonus to -1
Changed efense bonus per agility point to .14
Changed HP Regen. bonus per strength point to .03
Changed Hit Point bonus per strength point to 19
Changed Mana Point bonus intelligence point to 13
Changed Mana Regen. bonus per intelligence point to .04
Changed Movement Bonus per agility point to .01
Added Morale System

Changelog [Version 1.2b - version 1.5]
Added ability Summon Kin
Added ability Shake
Added ability Calorie Absorbtion
Added ability Ivory Affliction
Added ability Ivory Affliction to nube challenge
Added buff Ivory Affliction
Added buff Calorie Absorbtion
Added unit Mammoth kin (level 1)
Added unit Mammoth kin (level 2)
Added unit Mammoth kin (level 3)
Added unit Mammoth kin (level 4)
Added unit Mammoth kin (level 5)
Fixed kill trigger
Summon spells now work
Kill text only comes up when a hero dies
Fixed some spelling errors
Fixed level up trigger not to levelup off units
Removed starting music
Added Ninjas ultimte to the nube challenge
Added Swordsmans ultimate to the nube challenge
Made runes invulnerable
Added Rune of Sight
Resized Marg
Gave Swordsman new hotkey
Gave swordsman new summon statement with new hotkey
Raised Sea Warriors movement speed
Lowered Swordsmans movement speed
Lowered Storm Seekers movement speed
Lowered Le Frostys movement speed
Raised Margs movement speed
Lowered Monks movement speed
Gave the Combopatrons a new model
Added more destructibles
Added more trees
Added more props
Gave Lightning Speed new art
Gave Re-program new art
Fixed bug with Lightning Speed buff
Lowered Margs armor
Lowered Monks armor
Lowered Sea Warriors armor
Lowered Swordsman armor
Lowered Mortar Teams armor
Fixed bug with red sprees
Fixed bug with blue sprees
Fixed bug with teal sprees
Fixed bug with purple sprees
Fixed bug with respawn window
Fixed bug with Ninjas Blade Throw
Fixed bug with kills/deaths on multiboard
Fixed tooltips for Singing Blade
Fixed bug with welcome text
Changed Wickedsick text for red
Changed Wickedsick text for blue
Changed Wickedsick text for teal
Changed Wickedsick text for purple
Changed Unstoppable text for red
Changed Unstoppable text for blue
Changed Unstoppable text for teal
Changed Unstoppable text for purple
Increased size of shop teleport region
Gave shop teleporters new models
Recolored shop teleporters
Deleted shop teleporter respawn triggers
Removed -kills10 trigger
Removed -kills20 trigger
Removed -kills30 trigger
Removed -kills40 trigger
Removed -kills50 trigger
Removed -kills60 trigger
Removed -kills70 trigger
Removed -kills80 trigger
Removed -kills90 trigger
Removed -kills100 trigger
Upgraded kill select system
Now type -kills(any number) to select the amount of kills to win. ex: -kills842
Changed host starting selection text
Added anti-break system to the kill selection system
Added advanced triggers for kill selection
Added tooltips to banks
Banks now only can hold two items
Banks can be upgraded to hold 3 items
Banks can be upgraded to hold 4 items
Banks can be upgraded to hold 5 items
Banks can be upgraded to hold 6 items
Changed build time of banks to 2 seconds for upgrades
Costs 50 gold > 3 slotter bank
Costs 100 gold > 4 slotter bank
Costs 150 gold > 5 slotter bank
Costs 200 gold > 6 slotter bank
Changed default kill message color
Changed default kill amount to 15
Fixed bug with banks giving the player food (kills)

Changelog [Version 1.2 - version 1.2b]
Added stat ability too Swordsman
Fixed Ninjas Name - Changed too Shank

Changelog [Version 1.1 - version 1.2]
Changed all editor suffixes for abilities too their heroes name (EDITOR)
Gave Revenge a new icon
Added new hero: Swordsman
Added new hero: Ninja
Added ability Ambush
Added ability Blade Throw
Added ability Singing Blade
Added ability Burning Blade
Added ability Execute
Added ability Hurl
Added ability Lightning Reflexes
Added Ability Madness
Gave Thundering Strikes a great new icon
Gave Chain Lightning a new icon
Updated Credits
Updated Tips
Balanced all heroes stats
Added GG-game icon too the loading screen

Changelog [ Version 1.0b - version 1.1]
New Website. www.combowhore.com
Changed some of the spree texts
Changed terrain back to grass
Added more destructables
Added more doodads
Remade centaur
Gave Monk a new model
Gave Monk a new icon
Gave Marg a new model
Increased monks attack speed
Increased monks damage
Gave Fury of the Storm a new icon
Gave Lightning Speed a new icon
Gave Storm Strike a new icon
Gave Evasion a new icon
Gave Fist Smash a new icon
Gave Rupture a new icon
Gave Ruptures buff a new icon
Gave Knockout a new icon
Gave Smash a new icon
Gave Warstomp a new icon
Gave Shockwave a new icon
Gave Impale a new icon
Gave Spree +3 a new icon
Gave Spree +4 a new icon
Gave Spree +5 a new icon
Gave Spree +6 a new icon
Gave Spree +7 a new icon
Gave Spree +8 a new icon
Gave Spree +9 a new icon
Gave Spree +10 a new icon
Gave Combowhore ability a new icon
Updated Credits

[Combowhore] V2.0 Alpha (Map)

12:11, 31st Jan 2009 Rui: My mini-moderators have said that this is an alpha map, and it's buggy. As such, it is [highlight]Rejected[/code] -- we do not allow alpha stage maps in here.




12:11, 31st Jan 2009
My mini-moderators have said that this is an alpha map, and it's buggy. As such, it is [highlight]Rejected[/code] -- we do not allow alpha stage maps in here.
Level 10
Feb 8, 2008
Well stasman, go fuck yourself. Because the maps you make are complete and utter shit, the reason it was boring was probably because you either:

1. tried to play it solo
2. didnt even play it just so you can flame me (must likely)
3. didnt host it on battle.net

I'm sure you didnt play with 3 other people on battle.net and your probably just making that review up. Go suck yourself faggot and dont come to my resources again.
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
Since I can't test this single player, one of the Authors should PM me with a time that we can get a few people to test it. I'm fairly interested in trying this.
Level 4
May 6, 2008
First of all I wanna say I dislike the name because I can't host it with the official name
And second I don't like ingame a range is Hero is overpowered because he can shoot allover the plateau's and the multiboard is bugging because hero's got different score's
And everything Is to crowded the map is too small
Level 18
Sep 27, 2005
Here is my rating and comment:

1 - 10 points go on originality
1 - 10 points go on object editor work
1 - 10 points go on scripting
1 - 10 points go on terrain
1 - 10 points go on bug free
1 - 10 points go on gameplay*/fun factor
1 - 10 points go on lag
1 - 10 points go on proper submission and crediting
->That equals 80 points max.
+ Cinematic
1 - 10 points on camera work
1 - 10 points on dialog
1 - 10 points on music and or voice acting
- Cinematic
Object editor work
* Not in cinematic
That equals 100 points max.
To get a Hive grade over 1/5 at least 50% of the 80 (Triggered map) or of the 100 (Cinematic map) points is needed. That means at least 40 or 50 points. However if a map gets rated over 1/5 by me, that doesn't mean that I will imidietly vote it to be approved.

Originality: 2 points
A hero arena, that doesn't carry anything revoultionary or even original in it.

Object editor work: 3 points
The range was strange and imbalanced. The spells weren't special or anything and could have been done better. Same goes for heroes. However I do think hotkeys worked.

Scripting: 3 points
The map badly scripted with a lot of errors. (Read them in bug section.)

Terrain: 6 points
I did not like it that much, but it was fine. The sloaps and everything were okay for a map like this.

Bug Free: 1 point

- Multiboard not working properly
- I couldn't enter shop sometimes

Gameplay/Fun Factor: 2 points
The imbalance of the game and the amount of kill steals make this map highly not enjoyable. You need more items heroes and everything.

Lag: 9 points
No ingame lag, decent loading time.

Proper submission and crediting: 3 points
Use hidden tags, use images.

In overall: 29 / 80
minimal 50% not met.
For the hive grade: 1/5 I suggest this map for: Rejection
In overall it is just another Hero arena that hasn't got anything in it. I see this is Alpha and that is not allowed. Fix fix and fix and maybe try again.

Good Luck in improving, bounty hunter2
I might not be checking this topic for some time. If you have any questions about the review or you update the map and want me to check it again, feel free to PM me or Visitor message me at any time.
Level 23
Nov 29, 2006
Another rating. This was a too buggy Alpha, the concept are good and the idea as well, but I couldnt take the balance and some issues:

The multiboard is bugged. I think the death columns is at the kill column, while kills erase the name. The heroes were definitly imbalanced and you should rework some of the spells (maybe add more triggering?)

Also, an idea is to have more items. Since this is called "Combowhore", on-attack, when struck and such items would be a good idea.

Maybe the map was too small. I found myself getting teamkissed too often, and the furious stealkilling is just another way to get angry and leave. Also, I found that way, that I never leveled up, and was lvl1 while another one was lvl8 (the others were around 3 and 5)
Oh, and bounty mentioned it, it needs more object editor work, but also triggering.

Please, an Alpha may not look like this. Im sorry, but 1/5 from me as well.