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Last Activity:
Aug 23, 2010
Sep 6, 2008


Waiting on SC2...

Bane was last seen:
Aug 23, 2010
    1. Shendoo2
      Hows Epidemic coming?
    2. Mr.Goblin
      and I tough you were dead or something..

      I've just seen your thread about Pandemic.. looks really really cool.. keep up the good work!
    3. Blackmoore
      Hello Bane, Smartman here. I signed up to help with terrain months back. Just came to say Hi and seeing if you still needed help since I got too much free time on my hands. Will PM you about it.
    4. Catch_ya
      Well, I finaly got Starcraft 2 editor, and I'm playing around with it. I will go try some GUI now and trying to learn the basis of the editor.
    5. Hiruty
      okay ive found it but qill it update itself?
    6. Hiruty
      i need to register a game but i lost my CD KEY but still have war3 tft cd
    7. Catch_ya
      I will inform you, good luck I don't hope you encounter any bugs.
    8. Hiruty
      hey bane so can you give me a link 2 :3?
    9. Catch_ya
      Trust me, I already tried this link. Didn't work for me. It might work for my real computer when I get it back from reperation. I should get it back before a week or so.
    10. Catch_ya
      Hm, it doesn't give me any downloadable beta clients. Only how to get them from Battle.net which doesn't work aswell. Where did you get it from?
    11. Catch_ya
      You don't need beta key? Cool, actualy this is not mine computer, but I'll get my computer in few days. Could you give me a link to where I can download the client?
    12. Hiruty
      hey how do you download just the client
    13. Catch_ya
      Need a coder for your project? When the Starcraft II editor comes out the 27/07 then I'll buy it and learn the language as fast as possible. So I would like to join if you need me. I can also generate ideas.
    14. Arhowk
      Bane if you need help i enjoy making zombie maps :) if u want i can help w/ pandemic.
    15. Bane
      hey darkhorse, im glad that you're interested in the project. At the moment we arn't looking for a host forum as we're still tossing ideas around and in the idea phase. When we get to the developing stage ill consider your offer, thanks.
    16. RaijinSpark
      since your map is really nice, and we can't wait playing it
      maybe we could make it as a hosted map project on the site?
      wc3x.freeforums.org feel free to join..
    17. Bane
      Alright debode, ill check it out for sure.
    18. Deolrin
      So I've heard you're waiting for Starcraft II. Meanwhile, why not join UD Mod(UD stands for Unconfessional Design), the Starcraft II modding community? We are in need of new members. Visit the link, or contact CloudWolf for more information.
    19. Bane
    20. Shendoo2
      Are you going to still work on Epidemic when SC2 comes out?

      Because your site is down.
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor


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