Chimaera Rider and Derivatives

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Ujimasa Hojo Presents

Chimaera Rider and Derivatives
Edited by Ujimasa Hojo

Chimaera Rider Info:
  • Created a Night Elf Chimaera Rider using the Wyvern Rider.

  • Uploaded.

  • Resaved using Retera's model editor to avoid a bug.

  • Uploaded.

  • Resaved using Retera's model editor to avoid a bug.

Rylak Rider Info:
  • Created a Rylak Rider using the Chimaera, the Orc of the Wind Rider, and the Chimaera Roost texture.
  • Can be used with FrIkY's Mag'har texture for the Wind Rider to make the unit fit the Iron Horde instead.

  • Fixed the texture wrapping of the Orc.
  • Reworked the texture wrapping of the Rylak.

  • Resaved using Retera's model editor to avoid a bug.

Cenarion Circle, Darnassus, Iron Horde, Kaldorei

Author's Notes and Trivia:
  • Optimized models have built-in portrait animations, fixed bugs (if there were any), additional animation (if applicable). These can be used to serve as a template for alternative skins if you want to keep the original skin and model.
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Chimaera Rider (Model)

Chimaera Rider Missile (Model)

Rylak Rider (Model)

MODERATION Approved Pretty nice as an orc unit. Approved for usefulness.
Level 2
Nov 15, 2012
i'm honestly surprised you haven't made a riderless version of the rylak yet? still though, this is a damn useful reskin of the chimaera O:
Level 4
Jun 15, 2013
Hey, would it be possible to make the portrait closer (concerning the chimera rider) so we see one head of the chim AND the rider, that we barely see?
Second thing, is there a second attack available for the model using the chimera heads?
I think it would really cool for this model to have both an AA attack animation as well as an AG