Beyond the Dark Portal (1p/2p)

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General Information
General Information
This project was originally envisioned as a long cinematic series based around the novel "Beyond the Dark Portal" by Aaron Rosenberg and Christie Golden.
It was later revised to be a single campaign, as I felt no one would be willing to watch a 5 hour + cinematic series.
Finally, it was changed into the format of a 2 player coop campaign with all the maps connected by a save/load code system.
This was done because I felt it was sad that the map development forum on hive overemphasized single player campaigns to the detriment of multiplayer maps---
In my opinion, what made warcraft 3 great was being able to play with your friends, so hopefully this series will give you a chance to play a custom campaign with a buddy.
I understand it is difficult to find someone to play with and would be easier to play it solo, but please make an effort to find a partner to play this with.
I think players will enjoy this series far more if they can share the experience with another person.

Finally, I strongly recommend you read the information sections below to enhance your understanding of the game-play and to avoid people asking the same questions repeatedly.

(Old)Map Development Thread:
[Campaign] - Warcraft II Beyond the Dark Portal (1p/2p)

Mission Guide

This section will provide players with guide on beating missions on insane difficulty, as well as general information useful to all players for each mission Keep in mind that the general rule for casual players is RTS maps should be played on normal difficulty, while RPG maps can be beaten on insane difficulty.

Map03- RTS
This mission is special because it is of the difficulty I originally envisaged for the campaign, but this was wrong since it becomes too hard to beat for players who are not top-notch RTS players. If you are a casual player, you might want to consider easy mode, even though you can destroy bases before they even activate when playing easy mode.
Tips for insane: The mission relies on the interaction of the three optional quests. You must get the Thunderlords on your side first, since that only requires heroes with invisibility potions to run past enemy bases and kill a weak unit. Note, you can avoid fighting even the guards by buying double potions, which will shorten the quest time significantly.
After you have grey on your side, blue will focus him, so you have less pressure on your base. You should then rush the goblin quest. After that, you can decide whether to kill blue for an expansion, or finish the Arakkoa quest before green activates. The choice is yours, just make sure to not lose units against the Draenei or against the boars.

Recommended Difficulty for Casual- Insane
Insane mode tips: You need to learn Danath's passive, since it will make a huge difference in mission 11. Be careful when you are in the cave, and do not activate the destroyer until you know how to defeat him (he cannot be killed with physical or magical damage.

Recommended Difficulty for Casual- Insane
Insane mode tips: You need to learn Dentarg's mana drain and heal spell. Keep Teron away from range units due to his low HP.

Recommended Difficulty for Casual- Insane
Insane mode tips: You need to learn Katrana's lifesteal aura in order to defeat orange. Keep 1 level of windwalk incase you she gets focused Remember it is ok to sometimes fail main quests....

Recommended Difficulty for Casual- Normal
Insane mode tips: Liquid elemental is one of the most powerful spells when used correctly, so learn it. Make sure to take the expansion guarded by the bandits ASAP.

Recommended Difficulty for Casual- Normal
Insane mode tips: You must make sure green does not get out of control, or he will wipe you and grey out through mass numbers. You need to sacrifice one of the food providers eventually so that grey can help in the defence. You must buy orb of fire for Danath.

Recommended Difficulty for Casual- Normal
Insane mode tips: Use your spells in coordination to achieve victory.

Recommended Difficulty for Casual- Insane
Insane mode tips: Difficulty makes no difference in this mission, as this tests your intelligence.

Recommended Difficulty for Casual- Normal
Insane mode tips: You must choose to manually control light blue. Make sure to hunt creeps aggressively or pink/lb will run out of gold and your allies will fail fast.

Recommended Difficulty for Casual- Normal
Insane mode tips: Grom's Agile, when combined with Map03's lifesteal item + Map15's critical strike item makes him the most powerful hero physically in this campaign, though Danath comes very close. Aim the human heroes or your base will be lost against the massive spell power of Turalyon/Khadgar/Danath/Kurdran. This is the first mission that requires you to complete a puzzle in order to even play the mission.


Though the game is designed to be a 2 player coop series, it is designed to support single player, but you must make sure to play as the "core" team if playing single player. For the Old Horde, that is red, and for the Reforged Alliance, that is blue.

In addition to the game tying all written commands to the core player, it is also the only player that can gain resources, as well as the only player that can skip cinematics.

For playable missions, the core player has 5 seconds before the start of each cinematic to skip. For pure cinematic missions, the core player can skip the mission at any time (like the regular blizzard campaign).

The second player is designed to be a hero only faction. It is only given one hero, and in RTS missions it is given an invulnerable altar that revives the hero for free (though the revival time is doubled as compensation).

Hero Set List:
Core- Dentarg, Hero faction- Teron
Core- Turalyon, Hero faction- Khadgar
Core- Rexxar, Hero faction- Grom
Core- Tagar, Hero faction- Fenris
Core- Kurdran, Hero faction- Danath
Core- Katrana, Hero faction- Deathwing
Core- Krasus, Hero faction- Antonidas

You will note that the hero faction controls the far stronger hero, and can carry the team late game with just that hero alone. For this reason, if you are playing with a friend, it is advised that the person who cannot play RTS well be given the hero faction. However, the hero faction for most of the hero sets are considerably more fun to play, so if possible, try to allow both players to have a chance playing the hero faction for different hero set groups.

I also want to emphasise that players who do not use "vision cheats" will not be at a disadvantage when compared with people who do use "vision cheats". There is no anti cheating system in place, but I have designed the maps so that all the secrets are placed right in front of you--- it is up to you to figure how to use them. You will not miss anything by not revealing the whole map with vision cheats, and there are no secrets hidden in hard to access areas. Many of the heroes you will get have teleportation-type abilities that will allow you sometimes to go to places not designed to be traveled to--- I want to stress that doing this will only increase the chance of a problem occurring by you gaining access to a zone that you should not have gained access to yet. Just to repeat: There are no secrets to find by abusing blink-type abilities to gain access to hard-to-reach areas. Everything is placed right in front of you--- just make sure to explore the map thoroughly and you will be fine. In particular, pay attention to circles of power.

Warcraft 3 Version

This map series is being made on 1.28, though it works on 1.29+ since I need to test it online. If you are using a version below 1.28, I cannot promise it will work. To repeat what I have said in the first comment in the comment section for this map: The reason I am uploading this now is because I need to know if this works for patch 1.27 and below. The only reason I am still making this on 1.28 is because I do not want to exclude players who do not have 1.29 (which causes incompatibility so people without 1.29 cannot play campaigns on 1.29 from what I understand).

I specifically need feedback from players below 1.28 on any potential crashes that occur when playing with 2 players (there are no crashes on 1.28 +). I cannot test it myself on 1.27 and below since I do not trust the "Patch switcher", and because I have no friends to play it with me on patches below 1.28. So please, if you are playing on 1.27 and below, play with a friend and let me know if any crashes occur. I am willing to spend time fixing any potential errors so players on 1.27 and below can play this map series, but I need to know sooner rather than later, because as more time passes, I become more reluctant to make any changes to the maps because they are all separate and it will take a lot of effort to make changes to each individual map.

If you are playing on a version below 1.28, keep in mind these two things:
A)You must have a "CustomMapData" folder in your warcraft 3 file. I think 1.27 (b) creates it automatically, but the previous versions do not. You will need to manually create it if you do not have one.
B)If you are playing with 2 players, you need to make sure the patch has the extended map size limit for multiplayer. The old limit (8 MB) for multiplayer will not allow you to play these maps since they are all bigger than 8 MB, so either play on 1.27 (b) (I think they introduced the extended multiplayer on that patch) or find a way to extend the maximum file limit for multiplayer.

Note that if you are using a version older than 1.28, the "CustomMapData" will obviously not be in your "my documents" folder, it will be in your normal warcraft 3 file.

For the RTS missions, insane mode is designed to be really tough, so I strongly caution against playing them on insane difficulty unless you are playing it with a friend + you feel very comfortable with base-building missions. The RPG style missions are far more relaxed, and can be beaten on insane difficulty with less effort. All the artifacts can only be acquired by beating the optional bosses on each map on insane difficulty.Artifacts can now be acquired on any difficulty.

The artifacts will not significantly affect your game-play, but if you wish to beat future missions on insane + beat the final boss on insane, it is expected that you have collected all the artifact items during the previous missions.

Additionally, beating the optional bosses/main bosses on insane will give you a "letter" that forms part of a code that will allow you to access the final 2 missions of the campaign series, so make sure to write down the "letter" you receive from each mission when playing on insane difficulty.

As I mention below in the "save/load system" section, you can use the load system to first beat a mission on easy/normal difficulty, then reload into insane so you can beat it easier.

Save/Load System

At the end of the mission, both players will receive a code that will be automatically saved into their "CustomMapData" folder in their warcraft 3 file.

You can then copy paste that code into the next mission with that hero set to load your hero's items and abilities.

The code is not associated with player names, so you can change which heroes you play any time.

It is also worth mentioning that the file that is created in your "CustomMapData" folder is the exact name of the mission you save. This means that it will overwrite any previous save file in your folder with the same name. This means that if you replay a mission, be aware that if you win and allow the game to save, any previous save files associated with that same mission will be deleted.

The save/load system also allows players who are unable to beat the mission on insane to gain the maximum level for the mission, and then reload with their saves on insane difficulty.

With regard to the heroes themselves, each mission will have a level cap for the heroes you are playing. Most hero sets have an average of 3 playable missions each, so most missions will allow cap you after 5-4 hero levels (the maximum hero level for all heroes is 14, with the exception of bonus level missions (deathwing/katrana, antonidas/krasus).

So for example, in the first playable mission (Grom/Rexxar), the level cap is level 5. Once your hero reach this level, you will be unable to gain experience. If you choose to reload your heroes into the same mission (for example if you can only beat a mission on easy mode but you want to beat it on insane difficulty for the artifact items), your heroes will gain experience for the first level, but upon leveling up they will be automatically sent back to the level cap and have experience turned off. So if you were to load level 5 grom/rexxar back into the first mission, you will be able to gain experience up to level six, but as soon as you reach level six you will be sent back to level 5 and have experience turned off.

It is important to note that this is not an attempt to control players---this is just to make sure players do not ruin the fun of the game by accidentally reaching level 14 on the first mission due to trying to reload on insane difficulty for the artifact items.

Once you reach the final mission for a hero set and attain level 14 (maximum level), you can of course reload into any previous mission without worrying about being sent back to the level cap for that mission, since the trigger is based on being able to level up.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that only artifacts + shop items can be saved. All other items will be automatically deleted during the save process, so as to prevent bugs from occurring if you load a save item back into a map when you should not have that item. From this, you can understand that all items acquired in individual maps that are not artifacts/shop items have a purpose in that specific map, so if you find you still have quest items in your inventory when saving, perhaps you should go back and explore the map and find the purpose of those items.

Visual Errors

Since I have been making these maps on 1.28, it is important to know that there will be some visual errors if you play it on 1.29+. It does not affect the game-play, but you will notice it, so I will list the issues you might encounter below so you do not report them as "bugs". These issues will not be changed as long as I am making the maps on 1.28. The first pictures show what 1.28 looks like (and in theory everything below 1.28) while the second pictures show what it looks like on 1.29+.

Stacked Floating Text
Any stacked floating text I made on 1.28 will appear as overlapping on 1.29+. This is most obvious during the introduction missions for the horde/alliance, and I am trying to reduce the amount I use in future missions due to this issue.

Extended Camera Revealing Unwanted Sights
The extended camera also reveals areas that I did not predict would be seen on the 1.28 camera. It might make some things look silly, but has no effect on anything else.

Appearing/Disappearing Doodads
Because some of the doodad I use have the wrong base, when making the maps on 1.28 I designed the cinematic scenes so it would not accidentally show the outside parts of such doodads and then move over them. But on 1.29, the camera extension does exactly this, so there will be many instances of doodads appearing/disappearing randomly.

Playable Characters

Teron Gorefiend: The central hero for the horde campaign along with Dentarg. An extremely cunning warlock who chose the path of the shadow, Teron was once one of Gul'dan's most promising pupils until his death at the hand's of Orgrim Doomhammer. Resurrected as a death-knight to counter the humans' mages during the second war, he chose to remain loyal to the horde despite Gul'dan's betrayal. Only Ner'zhul himself can rival Teron in power.

Dentarg: The mortal compass of the horde and the loyal apprentice of Ner'zhul. While many of the horde mock ogres for being incapable of intelligence and compassion, Dentarg lacks neither, and it is his pure spirit that puts him on a collision course with the seemingly maleficent Teron.

Grom Hellscream: The wild chieftain of the Warsong clan. Grom's resents having been forced to stay back on Draenor during the second war. His initial anger towards Ner'zhul for allowing Gul'dan to take over the horde dulls once he is given the chance to re-invade Azeroth.

Rexxar: Second-in-command of the Warsong clan, and Grom's most loyal captain. Rexxar answered the call of the horde despite his half-ogre heritage. He is the bond-mate of a beautiful black wolf called Haratha.

Fenris Wolfbrother: The leader of the Thunderlord clan and one of the main advocates of peace within the horde. Well respected even among the clans that count the Thunderlords as enemies, and able to bring reason and rationality to even the most chaotic of situations.

Tagar Spinebreaker: The protege of Hurkan Skullsplinter, and one of the most savage warriors of the Bonechewer clan. His barbaric nature is rivaled only by his disdain for those he considers weaker than himself.

Deathwing: The fallen dragon aspect who instills fear into the hearts of even the most courageous of heroes. His low-key presence in the world of mortals has many concerned that he may be planning something that may shake the very foundations of Azeroth...

Katrana Prestor: A slender, graceful woman who comes and goes in the circles of the elites of the various human kingdoms. Very little is known about her.

Khadgar: A powerful mage and the former apprentice of the last guardian Medivh. Thanks to his actions, his former master, who eventually succumbed to the nefarious essence of Sargeras that lurked with him, was finally put to rest. Even since he left Medivh's tower, however, he has been plagued by the dreams of the future he experienced while experimenting with Medivh's various potions of future seeing--- particularly those that concerning him marching under a red sky in a strange world...

Turalyon: The great paladin who took up Lothar's mantle and led the alliance to victory over the horde at the battle for Blackrock Spire. He struggles with his new role as the command of the alliance, as well as the coldness that has sprung up between him and his former lover, Alleria Windrunner.

Danath Trollbane: A seasoned veteran who has a low opinion of the contributions of the non-human races towards the alliance's cause. His inner prejudices become a focal point of conflict when he is assigned to a co-commanding role with the dwarven representative, Kurdran Wildhammer.

Kurdran Wildhammer: The leader of the fabled Wildhammer gyphon riders. After seeing the potential threat the horde posed to Azeroth when the orcs marched north through the Hinterlands, he convinced his clan to solidify their alliance with the humans and work with them to ensure the horde would never be able to create the level of havoc it caused during the second war.

Antonidas: The leader of the Kirin Tor and one of the wisest mages of Dalaran. He, along with Admiral Proudmoore, is one of the strongest supporters of King Terenas.

Krasus: One of the council of six of Dalaran, and an expert on dragons.


A full gallery of screenshot is available here:
Beyond the Dark Portal (1p/2p) | HIVE
They are listed chronologically, with the first starting on the last page. This gallery is also significant for players playing the maps on coop (with a friend) since if your computers are fast, you might not have time to read the description for each map since the loading screens will be automatically skipped when both players are finished loading. You can find all the map loading screens in the gallery above.

Below are a few random screenshots.

Special Thanks

Special thanks goes to all the people who regularly answer questions in the world editor help section. What they do helps new map creators be able to realistically accomplish their goals despite inexperience with the world editor. I am really grateful for all the help/advice given.

I also want to thank thespoon for starting the first 2 player series based on the original warcraft 3 campaigns. I had so much fun playing those maps, and they made me appreciate how enjoyable playing a campaign with a friend can be.

Also special thanks to Kilmaat, whose Archion campaign provided hive workshop with a 2 player version of the blood elf campaign (which hive was sorely lacking) and for helping me with Aceheart's save/load system. Without his contribution, I would never have been able to understand the save system.

And many thanks to cleavinghammer for his very meticulous testing/bug reporting! I would never have been able to find the mistakes he found.


Changelog for each individual map will be listed along with that map's loading screen description.

Individual Map Change logs


BDP01 Shattered Spirits.

Orc opening cinematic.

It has been months since the invasion of Azeroth began. Draenor, once a site of constant struggle between the various clans, has experienced unprecedented peace, with the vast majority of the Orcs having been conscripted into the Horde. That peace, however, is about to be

v0.075-initial release.
v0.080-grammar fixes, loading screen updated, floating text changed to display in some places.
v0.081-"author" changed to Christie Golden/Aaron Rosenberg.
v0.085- cinematics skip-able
v0.086- grammar errors
v0.090- rexxar removed sooner, reforged alliance changed to orc
v0.091- raised cliffs


BDP02 Tensions.

Human opening cinematic.

At the newly constructed Nethergarde Keep, the first project jointly funded by all the factions of the Alliance since the victory at Blackrock Spire, the leaders of the Kingdoms gather together...

v0.063-initial release.
v0.064-spelling mistake fixed, "author" changed to Christie Golden/Aaron Rosenberg.
v0.068- cinematics skip-able
v0.069- grammar errors
v0.072- "complacency", "encouraging", stag cannot move, "...", final camera in nethergarde lowered


BDP03 Whispers of the Past.

Orc playable mission.

With the Dark Portal’s destruction, the Horde lost what had originally brought the Orcish tribes together: a common enemy. The cohesion that defined the united factions was no more, and the Orcs began slaughtering each other. The Warsong clan, once one of the greatest clans of Draenor, became a shadow of its former self since its chieftain, Grom Hellscream, refused to employ the dishonourable tactics that so many of the other clans began resorting to. The glory of the Warsong clan now exists only in the whispers between old Orcs reminiscing of the past, but what was once great can still be great again, and a meeting between Hellscream and Ner’zhul may just be the catalyst needed for the rebirth of a legend...

v0.145- initial release.
v0.148- fixed 1 grammar mistake, the robot pig model is fixed, the ending cinematics has been updated concerning Hurkan, the save system will now only rewrite over a save from the same mission (it will not rewrite saves from other missions)
v0.153- adjusted easy/normal difficulty, corrected the chapter number of the next mission to load grom+rex into, auto defeat added when red's buildings all die, small edits.

In my mind, v0.153 is as complete as this map will be, with the exception of the update that will allow cinematics to be skipped, which I will implement before i release the next map with this hero set (chapter fourteen)
v0.154- "author" changed to Christie Golden/Aaron Rosenberg, fixed level cap.
v0.167- cinematics skip-able
v0.173- grammar errors
v0.176- selection cleared at start
v0.179- dentarg move further, "mourn", "of draenor", incompetent surveillance", "the Horde", thunderlord neutral to grom at start, base message from hero when attacks start, goldmine shows on minimap, tauren removed, "high demand, foolproof",
v0.183 - gnomish- goblin, save code system fixed.


BDP04 Fractured Alliance.

Human playable mission.

Under Turalyon’s instructions, the Alliance regiment proceeds to the site where the Dark Portal formerly stood under the direction of Danath Trollbane and Dwarven representative Kurdran Wildhammer. Trudging through the murky Swamps of Sorrow that guard their destination, the Alliance forces ignore the nubulous gloom that obscures the foul waters of the Swamp, and recall their warm beds back home. But the oppressive morass can send one’s soul to dark places, and as the warm beds the Alliance warriors think back to seem ever so distant, malevolent thoughts begin to creep into the minds of even the most benevolent of men...

v0.086- initial release.
v0.087- fixed the spelling error on the loading screen, made the final boss a tiny bit stronger.
v0.088- added a "Christie Golden/Aaron Rosenberg" line at the end, fixed level cap.
v0.089- fixed description and colour code on the artifacts
v0.109- cinematics skip-able
v0.110- selection cleared at start
v0.113- "nebulous", "Dalaran", starting fight zone more raised height + tile variety, "Hindrance", "encampment", troll personal name and hero name swapped, Jojo's home changed to troll hut, all "naga ships" changed to Toy Boats, gate open instead of break, "pitifully", "gryphon", "lieutenant", terrain bug at final ramp fixed,
v0.116- Tinker name fixed, a few more runes dropped early game, fixed saving code, artifacts/shop items raw code fix.


BDP05 Dark Clouds.

Orc cinematic.

Whispers. Soft susurrations, barely heard unless listened for. The flutter of a bird’s wings in flight, the sound of a leaf drifting toward the earth... these were louder than the whispers that teased at Ner’zhul’s ears. The voice---sycophantic, anxious for approval, eagerly answering questions and offering solutions---barely hid its vast contempt and lust for power. Ner’zhul mocked the voice for believing it could lull him into the same false sense of security as it had long ago in a distant age, not yet realizing that he was slowly succumbing to the same madness he had once fallen victim to...

v0.071-initial release.
v0.072- added a "Christie Golden/Aaron Rosenberg" line at the end, fixed transparency on Gul'dan for purple, changed footman to blue.
v0.074- cinematics skip-able
v0.076- Teron no longer invis at start, "fighter", "thrown into disarray", "one year ago", "on Draenor", "wrest", "the Dark Portal"


BDP06 Silent Edge.

Orc playable mission.

Clouds hung low over Stormwind, brushing the tips of the city’s many towers. A chill wind tugged at the guards’ cloaks as they huddled at their posts at the side entrance to the city. They shivered, but paid no real heed to the particularly cold breeze that wafted through the trees towards them. Forward it swirled, dancing between the rocks and ferns until it reached the guards. They began squinting as the shadows around them seemed to deepen, until a strong breeze sprang up, whisking the shadows away to reveal several figures in their stead. One of the guards inhaled to cry out an alarm as he drew his sword---he never got the chance, as one of the figures, who towered over his companions, brought down his magically charged fist, killing all three of the guards with one fel blow...

v0.069- initial release.
v0.074- cinematics skip-able
v0.075- selection cleared at start
v0.078- "news, Benson", "that city guards", "Shadowmoon Archmage", "learned", "are no strangers to me", hint to bring both items to the circle with the same hero, banshee sound added to love scene (great suggestion from Cleave), dog doesn't have blank text box, "shut your lying mouth(s)", "Manor", "Perenolde"
v0.079- Teron icon changed to fit map description, next chapter name corrected
v0.080- Save system fixed


BDP07 Where Memories Await.

Orc cinematic.

Three days later, both Teron Gorefiend’s group and Fenris’ group converged on Blackrock Spire. As the expedition scaled the treacherous landscape in hopes of reaching the top of the spire, Teron’s lips curled in wry memory. This region was where Ogrim Doomhammer had established one of the greatest orc fortresses in Azeroth and where Teron, along with the other Death Knights, had been introduced to the Horde by the Warchief as the key force that would enable the orcs to claim victory over the Alliance. Ironically, this area was also where Doomhammer had been defeated in single combat by Turalyon during the final battle of the Second War. Defeat and victory both had their ghosts here, and with that in mind, Teron marched towards the Blackhand Brothers’ fortress located at the peak of the mountains...

v0.044-initial release.
v0.046- cinematics skip-able
v0.048- "tarry", "became trapped", "just begun",


BDP08 Vile Peaks.

Orc playable mission.

Three hours later, the Dragon Aspect formerly known as the Earth-Warder gazed upon the volcano Blackrock Spire was named after. The monstrosity that was now Deathwing turned his head towards the Blackrock clan’s lair, his cruel red eyes shining with a frightening malevolence. Rivulets of lava and magma under the great wyrm’s scorched scales became visible as he shifted his colossal body to regard the newcomer approaching him. His daughter smiled as she caught his gaze, and together they turned their attention towards the orcs that would soon become the slaves that would help them build an empire that would shake the very foundations of Azeroth.

v0.098- initial release


BDP09 Solace from the Snow.

Orc cinematic.

The wind howled, piling up snow in drifts, blinding the night with silver dust. Hills and trees that were once easily visible on the horizon suddenly vanished, swallowed in white. Intricate patterns of ice floated downwards from the unblemished sky above, each flake fluttering almost happily, before a frigid wind carried them towards the ominous castle that protruded clumsily from the mountains...

v0.029-initial release
v0.030- selection cleared at start
v0.032- "given that"


BDR10 Indiscernible Truth

Orc playable mission.

Sabellian had set them down on a stretch of hilly land close to the harbour, separated from it by a small body of water. While there were no humans in sight, there were lights here and there. “Coat yourselves with mud”, Fenris instructed the other orcs. “We will need to move quickly, quietly, and without being seen.” As the group complied, Fenris felt a quick stab of wistful memory as he watched the faces of his companions turn brown. Once upon a time, his skin had also been deep brown in colour, as was the case for every orc on Draenor. Had things been so bad then? Had what they had gained since that time been worth losing their world and heritage for? Sometimes, Fenris wondered...

v0.065- initial release.
v0.071- save code system fixed, the humans' navy, "Bonechewer halfwit", "most powerful", "without restarting or without ragequitting", "diminishing", Nefarious Essence- enemy negative regeneration, Buckets have been renamed, "Earth Boost buff is still called Inner Fire" - fixed, "Squarepants".


BDP11 Beneath a Blue Sky.

Human playable mission.

Danath’s heart was thumping so hard he could barely hear Sky’ree’s wings flapping to his right. The thumping sound did not, however, hide the screams of his dying men that were scorched in his memory. He was so preoccupied with the horrific scenes playing repeatedly in his head that he almost ran into the vast stone wall that surrounded Nethergarde Keep. “Open the gates!” he shouted as loud as he could, holding his shield high before him so the guards could see the Alliance symbol emblazoned there. The men on the wall did not respond immediately, as their attention was focused primarily on the barbaric army right on Kurdran and Danath’s heels...

v0.049- initial release.
v0.052-"do you not see", "existence", fixed last line by authors on the skip cinematic cutting off half way, fixed saving code, artifacts/shop items raw code fix.
v0.053- equivalents for shop items fixed.


BDP12 Time of Judgment

Orc playable mission.

Fenris stared at the clearly old edifice through his crude telescope, confused. He had not been sure what to expect from the Tomb of Sargeras, but it was not this. What he had thought were carvings were in fact shells and bones and spines of various sea creatures, attached to the building’s outer walls from years of submersion. It was like seeing the bottom of a deep ocean, only raised up onto land and fashioned into a habitable structure. And the door to this odd building hung wide open...

v0.042- initial release


BDP13 The Undying Unearthed.

Human playable mission.

Antonidas felt a vein throb in his temple and rubbed it. The report he clutched in his hands detailing the manner in which orcs had suddenly appeared and stolen several Kul Tiras ships with the aid of black dragons was beyond disturbing. He let out a soft sigh, turning his attention to the mage standing before him. Antonidas suspected Krasus was keeping his delicate features deliberately bland in an attempt to defuse the tension that was brimming beneath the surface between the two men. If that was the case, it was not succeeding. But before Antonidas could begin lecturing Krasus on the seriousness of disappearing for a six month period without notification, a surge of dark energy erupted directly north of the Violet Citadel...

v0.038- initial release.
v0.040-revival time shortened to 2 seconds, Kel HP shown on leaderboard, Assessment 4 quest requirements shown, "clearly, stringent, energy to activate", puzzle 2 gates corrected to show a V, gates now move instantly after correct answer is typed,


BDP14 Into the Fray.

Human playable mission.

“They stole the Eye of Dalaran, Khadgar.” Even in the dream state he was using to communicate with Master Antonidas, Khadgar could not help but let out a soft squeak of surprise. He knew well what kind of a blow that was to Dalaran. “A handful of deathknights managed to get past our defences, take it, and escape on a black dragon we believe to be the former Earth-Warder, Deathwing.” Khadgar tried to hide his shock. This news did not bode well at all. While it was well known that the horde had enslaved the red dragonflight during the second war and forced it to fight against the alliance forces, this seeming alliance between the orcs and the black dragonflight seemed far more sinister, as there was no indication that the black dragons were aiding the horde against their will. Even worse, the behaviour of the orcs surrounding Nethergarde Keep was puzzling, as if they had some goal other than contending with the alliance for Azeroth...

v0.048- initial release.


BDP15 End of Days.

Orc playable mission.

A wave of surprise washed over Grom and Rexxar. Neither of them had seen the humans at their peak during the second war, as the Warsong clan has been ordered to stay in Draenor during the invasion to ensure social stability. Upon entering Azeroth, they had only faced off against isolated alliance factions that offered little resistance. The enemy that Rexxar and Grom faced now, however, was a different beast altogether. With the alliance forces all pushing as a single unit towards the dark portal, the Warsong clan was finally beginning to understand the fury of the alliance...

v0.062- initial release.


BDP06 Beyond the Dark Portal.
Orc cinematic.

Moments later, at the entrance of the valley leading to the Dark Portal...

v0.018-initial release




Credits for each individual map will be listed first, with the general races/heroes credits listed in a big blob at the end.

Individual Map Credits


frostwolf- Orcwarlockred, amigurumi- demonpillar, amigurumi- demonobelisk, amigurumi- demonbrazier, communist_orc- spikes(wood), proxy-deathknight, will the almighty- Ion Cannon, Marcelo hossomi- barbarian skills, communist_orc- wall(wood), dark hunter 1357- Orc archway, forgotten_warlord- goblin tent, athur12A2- paper lanterns, dark hunter 1357- orcogrimmarbigfire, kwaliti- Orc wall banner


Cloudwolf- Galen Trollbane, Stefan.K- Human Captain, Tranquil- Wall set, Mike- Fountain, Imforfun- Garden fence, Imforfun- Garden Woven Wall, Direfury- Human hero, Tranquil- King, JesusHipster- Leaves weather effect, Tranquil- Castle stairs, Tranquiil- Stained Glass windows, Tranquil- Rays, Tranquil- Carpet01


General Frank- Fel Orc Warlord, Cuore- Robo-pig, Sephiroth_VII- GiantSandworm


Callahan- AngryTrunk, Calahan- Thorny Creeper, Callahan- Venolia, Callahan- pyrolia, Callahan- Fungovor, Deep Sea Kraken- Tree Golem, Peekay- Nature Mastery, JollyD- Nature Amulet, Rondo- Guillotine, FreddyK- Toad Rider


kellym0- animated cattail, Kellym0- animated flower, mc !- arcane tome, massivemaster- castle, pvt.toma- gnome castle, kellym0- puddleofwateritem, thrikodius- moon, andrewoverload519- naga nazjatar gate, general frank- orb of lightning, forgotten_warlord- mag'har barracks, Forgotten_warlord- mag'har barracks 2, Forgotten_warlord- mag'har barracks (3?), takakenji- orcish wall, rondo- pechkessel1, mike- rack(torture), sin'dorei300- ruinedcarvedwall, grey knight- staff item, illidan(evil)x- stormy castle citadel, wandering Soul- villagetowncity, teaspoon- wooden barricade, kwaliti- dark portal, em!- minicity, freddyk- orcveeteran, proxy- heroorc_marauder


Tranquil- drawbridge, kuhneghetz- fall in love buff, alethos- old witch, cavman- crocs green and blue, herrdave- bishop hero, kitabatake- darkstar


Credits: Direfury- Orc Blademaster, Direfury- Blademaster, kellym0- Lavaslagv46, ikillforeyou- nightsky box, hayate- lava pit, happytauren- lava, kellym0- lava bridge, thrikodius- moon,


Direfury- Orc Blademaster, Direfury- Blademaster, kuhneghetz- weredragonred, Mr.bob- Metal Mine, Fuzzyfury- Dwarven Mining Cart, Tranquil- Hero Geomancer, Thrikodius- fire elemental hound, mc !- Rock Golem, happytauren- lava, icewolf055- firetemple keeper, paulH- Dark Iron Clansman, Sellenisko- Twilight Ascendant, sephiroth_vII- Doombeast, blacksebastian- railway_long, Ujimasa hojo- chaos warlord derivatives, General Frank- Demonish Bulwark, MasterHaosis-Chaos spirit gateway, Masterhaosis- demonic crystal generator, Masterhaosis- chaos vault,


Deolrin- Christmas snow globe, Illidan(evil)X- Storm Castle Citadel, darkdeathknight- bearrug_ddk, radagast- castlefloor, xorkatoss- castle wall, sin'dorei300- Pandarenpainting, Horn- Ice bolt, kuhneghetz- royal crown, Ket- inquisitor, Thrikodius- Frosty Snowman, Cloudwolf- Galen Trollbane, Tranquil- King, Direfury- Human Hero, Tranquil- Stained Glass Window, Tauer- Orgrim Doomhammer, Proxy- deathknight, Mc!- Arcane Tome,


Happycockroach- Otter, Deolrin- Buckets with and without water, Grimshaman- Lighthouse, Wherewolftherewolf- Large bubbles, Uncle Fester- Sunken Ship with Treasure, Uncle Fester- Murray in rock-cave, olofmoleman- dunkleosteus, Mosasaurus- olofmoleman, Blood Raven- Dojo Doodads, ILH- Wood Wall, Ujimasa Hojo- Arthas Menethil and Derivatives, Ujimasa Hojo- Paladin and Derivatives, Ujimasa Hojo- Beastmaster Derivatives, D.O.G.- patrick starfish, olofmoleman- spongebob squarepants, kellym0- puddle of water


Cavman- Worgen Footy, kuhneghetz- dire balverine, kuhneghetz- white balverine, -Grendel- Fur Warlord, Cavman- Suited Worgen, Cavman- Worgen Peasant, Sellensiko- Worgen Deathknight, Sellensiko- Adelas Deathclaw, Deolrin- Blood Elven Arcane Huntress, Ujimasa Hojo- Hydromancer, Ujimasa Hojo- Warlock(Highborne)


Happycockroach- Zangarmarsh Brewers, jesusHipster- Pandaren Brewmaster's Rolling Keg, Jesushipster- Cannonball, Hayate- poop, Mechanical Man- Cannonnaval, Cavman- Kul'Tiras Sailor, CeatorD3292-GiantSeaturtle , Tarrasque- Nagaenchantress, dickxunder- Prime Matron, 4eNNightmare, Happycockroach- Herald of the Deep Mother,


General Frank - Orb of lightning


Kuhneghetz- pikachu, Forgotten_Warlord- squirtle by forgotten_warlord, Happycockroach- bulbasaur, Happycockroach- Charmander, Exyte- Pokemart, D.O.G- beach ball, Black_Stan- Ninja, Fly Guy- Thrikodius, Onix- Zerox, Serpent- kehel, Happycockroach- Otter, Happycockroach- Shame Naked, Lady Butterfly- Black_Stan, Goku SS4- Zerox, Teleport- nhocklanhox6, storm_hih - mad scientist,


general frank- orb of lightning, forgotten_warlord- mag'har barracks, Forgotten_warlord- mag'har barracks 2, Forgotten_warlord- mag'har barracks (3?), takakenji- orcish wall, rondo- pechkessel1, mike- rack(torture), sin'dorei300- ruinedcarvedwall, grey knight- staff item, illidan(evil)x- stormy castle citadel, wandering Soul- villagetowncity


Will the Almighty- Nuclearexplosion, Tranquil- Generator Magic Orb, Lord Razor- Unit Inside Jump Outside, Kwaliti- Dark Portal, Proxy- Deathknight, Ujimasa Hojo- Alleria Windrunner, storm_hih - mad scientist,



Giant Blob of General Credits

Edit1---This list is going through huge revision. I have all the credits here and will put them up ASAP.

NFWar, -Berz-, Apheraz Lucent, Bogrim, CloudWolf, Mr.Goblin, CRAZYRUSSIAN, UgoUgo, Riot Games, Dmazzz, Blizzard Entertainment, Mad, BLazeKraze, ~Nightmare, Darkfang Frankster, CloudWolf, Buster, Tickles, Ardenian, geries, Forgotten_Warlord, Tranquil, Champara Bros, Blizzard Entertainment, -Grendel, GreeN!X, Apathetic, Domokun, Direfury, Callahan, JetFangInferno, Mc_!, sc_freek, chilla_killa, JesusHipster, Callahan, Tauer, Proxy, FerSZ, Tarrasque, Misha, Hayate CloudWolf, Red Shift, ~Nightmare Vunjo, Aradar, Juliano, -Berz-, Maker, defskull, ALiEN95, Dangerb0y, CoLd Bon3 defskull, xXSoraXx, baassee, bluebay, Marsal Vunjo, Aradar, Raven0, TriggerHappy, Tr!KzZ, Kiamati, MrStormyZ, GnuGeist, JaysProjex, PurgeandFire, Kitabatake, Fan, Callahan, General Frank, [email protected], Blargel, ike_ike, PrMosquito, unknownczar, Elenai, WILLTHEALMIGHTY, JetFangInferno, Daelin, Nasrudin, RightField, Chriz., jigrael, sNasrudin, RightFiel, Dan van Ohllus, Norinrad, Xm0rpH3usXx, Trollschnitzel, eubz, TwoVenomous, Anvil, mucfuc2002, Sven, Nasrudin, jigrael, xXMephistoXx, Whitehorn, Rondo, DampirTBs., vdvMax, Alibek, DampirTBs., Nyuu, WizkaZ, Totoro, ANDREW II, CheGeWarA., DampirTBs., B100D E1F., KENI., ReplikanT., Gotik., IceK., Illidan(Evil)X, Thrikodius, Syroco, Sephiex, olofmoleman, Revilo, alreadyused, Heptameron, alfredx_sotn, Elunes-Guardian, !!GORO!!, Tykkimies, Mc !, Ket, DeathBringer, Nanaki, El Mognefico, Comrade Dron, Wolverine., Black_Stan, KO3bMA, WizkaZ, KO3bMA, DrakMoon, franck007, pro100_ShureG, Splash_777, chilla_killa, -=Emergenzy=-, tobyfat50, RetroSexual, Derdan, darkdeathknight, Kitabatake, GooS, ragingspeedhorn, CRAZYRUSSIAN, The_Silent, Skrik, NFWar, Darkfang, Bogrim, KelThuzad, Hellx-Magnus, CloudWolf, Tr!KzZ, 67chrome, Yak, PeeKay, Anachron, Infinitynexus, NFWar, ~Void~, Army-of-Pandas, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, Captain_Rufar, JollyD, Zombie, Sin'dorei300


Beyond the Dark Portal 01 (Map)

Beyond the Dark Portal 02 (Map)

Beyond the Dark Portal 03 (Map)

Beyond the Dark Portal 04 (Map)

Beyond the Dark Portal 05 (Map)

Beyond the Dark Portal 06 (Map)

Beyond the Dark Portal 07 (Map)

Beyond the Dark Portal 08 (Map)

Beyond the Dark Portal 09 (Map)

Beyond the Dark Portal 10 (Map)

Beyond the Dark Portal 11 (Map)

Beyond the Dark Portal 12 (Map)

Beyond the Dark Portal 13 (Map)

Beyond the Dark Portal 14 (Map)

Beyond the Dark Portal 15 (Map)

Beyond the Dark Portal 16 (Map)

Custom Race (Map)

Set to Substandard on Author's Request. @tulee feel free to request for a re-moderation once it's ready :)
I set this to Pending, but don't expect a full moderation until the remaining chapter is filled in.
[/spoiler] Try not to break immersion. If you connect various universes, do it in a sly and logical manner. Decide whether the story is supposed to be a parody or be serious with humorous moments otherwise it doesn't make sense, it becomes confusing...
Level 3
May 5, 2017
This Campaign sucks!
1) Half of maps are interludes;
2) Some missions are very hard even on easy difficult (nethergarde protection as an example);
3) U made two maps bonus missions WTF!

My mark is 0/5

1) He wasn't even gonna make a campaign initially, be thankful for the playable maps he did make.
2) If they are too hard for you on easy, it just means that you suck.
3) Learn to spell the word "you".
Level 5
Nov 4, 2011
I will try this with my friend in coop again when he has time.
First Mission: Warrior Hall hotkey(W) does not work properly, the building has no hotkey. Watcher Station hotkey is W somehow instead of R.
I think the Fighter unit might have smaller collision size since the Fighter is shorter than a fel orc grunt.
A few more thousands of gold in the starting gold mine( let say five thousand) would not hurt the concept but help the player somewhat. This mission is an attrition war anyway.
Oh my Rexxar. Curious, I did not know he is a Machiavellianist. The Face-Hunter has shown his true colours.:grin::smile:
Personally I prefer Rexxar's wc3 default model, what you chosen in your campaign seems inferior.
Given how much time Tulee had put to make this, 1-2 stars are harsh.
Level 2
Dec 2, 2019
Will you still be releasing all of the unprotected maps? Map 12 and 15 are still protected.
Level 16
Jul 26, 2008
I am doing an update for this 2p series next week, in honour of the return of the original 2 player/coop campaign's vanguard creator @TheSpoon to hiveworkshop.

Changes will include but are not limited to: legendary items/special code activated for all difficulties, difficulties altered slightly with insane mode in some missions in particularly reworked, numerous bug fixes, among other things.

Will you still be releasing all of the unprotected maps? Map 12 and 15 are still protected.
Hi, those two are the only protected maps of the 16. The rest are unprotected. 12 and 15 are exceptions, because 12's final cinematic was not finished, and 15's had a puzzle at the start. They will be unprotected in the coming update.
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Level 16
Jul 26, 2008

(Will be added to the changelog on map description later)
Data Map Added (I add all the general/object data changes to this map's changelog to avoid rewriting too everything for all maps).
Music Files have been reduced in size.
Boss/Artifacts/Special Code available to all difficulties.
Fixed Doodads/Units turning into purple/black boxes if Warcraft 3 is not restarted.
Shops sell correct items, not standard.
R hotkey for the orc towers now works.
Watery Chill 2 can only be learned at 1 level skip intervals.
Song of Angels' buff says Unholy Aura,

On insane mode, pink/yellow/green are now as weak as on normal, but brown/blue/draenei remain as powerful as before.

Impossible to proceed to the Troll area until you receive the quest to kill the troll warlord.
Frogs have increased health, so each frog can survive 5 hits~ from the spider before dying.

Difficulty changes, for orange on insane, and all difficulties for the last 2 fire elemental bases in particular.
Deathwing and Katrana disappeared before the discussion/scene about the train quest fixed.
Eggtastic's Q-log description is incomplete fixed.
The Elite Dragonspawn have Deathwing's portrait in the scene where they appear,
Pathing Blockers so players do not accidentally kill orc bases before mind controlling them
Thaurissan's name corrected (previously was Peril Spellbinder)
Trigger to replace gold mines with other gold mines to prevent peons inside from escaping remove trigger and recreating base (this applies to mission 10, 12, 14 and any other mission where there is a cinematic in the middle of a map following a destruction of base related mission).
Orange weakened, final part orc bases strengthened dramatically, elemental waves weakened.

All mines except DG and Green replaced to flush out peons.
Items from shop are the custom ones, not the standard ones.

Allerica changed to Alleria.
Items sold in shop changed from standard to custom

All Naga allied with Revenants.
Angry Tagar does not take 5 food slots anymore
Peons flushed from mines.
Huge balance changes so Naga no longer OP on harder difficulties.
Tomb of Sargeras Quest quest undiscovered at start.

Examples given in Questlog for the Riddle part.

Item Requirements changed to the correct ones.
Alliance of Necessity undiscovered at start.
Peasants flushed from goldmines.
Golem HP reduced by 1600 points.
Made bandits easier to defend against on normal/insane difficulty.
Omin was not there but the heroes spoke to him and him to them.

Portal item description changed.

Next patch will add map 12 boss fight.

Reminder: Music doesn't work 1.30+ (hopefully 1.32 fixes this). 1.31 has some issues that might bug these maps, hopefully blizzard fixes them.

Level 1
Mar 28, 2017
where is this 3rd item for the puzzle i feel like im staring at it been at the map for 6 hours on insane and can't find it i got flint i got fire and whatever the 3rd item is i checked all over no signs of it
Level 2
Sep 16, 2018
Me and friend are enjoying the campaign particularly on insane difficulty. We got to the defence wave mission. Did the creator actually beat all his maps on insane?

Screenshot related https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd....650/6A05E307FD8A0D7E540B43E63CED5697C7EC9592/

We are war3 veterans we micro all spells and units and dont lose anything and crush the waves fast when the skeles come they just spawn and spawn and while you trying to contain them you getting ravaged from behind.
We use scrolls between all waves,get back to arch for brill aura to respell,everything was done to maximise our chance to win
and still those skeles wreck us.

We can get to 4 mins but with 200 skeles constantly spawning Im wondering was it balanced correctly. Anyway decent maps 7-8/10 cutscenes are a bit long a skip option throughout duration of the cutscene would be nice. Good job.
Level 2
Dec 2, 2019
Me and friend are enjoying the campaign particularly on insane difficulty. We got to the defence wave mission. Did the creator actually beat all his maps on insane?

Screenshot related https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd....650/6A05E307FD8A0D7E540B43E63CED5697C7EC9592/

We are war3 veterans we micro all spells and units and dont lose anything and crush the waves fast when the skeles come they just spawn and spawn and while you trying to contain them you getting ravaged from behind.
We use scrolls between all waves,get back to arch for brill aura to respell,everything was done to maximise our chance to win
and still those skeles wreck us.

We can get to 4 mins but with 200 skeles constantly spawning Im wondering was it balanced correctly. Anyway decent maps 7-8/10 cutscenes are a bit long a skip option throughout duration of the cutscene would be nice. Good job.

This is kind of a cop-out answer, but I'm pretty sure you can edit the man yourselves.
Might even tweak the difficulty in multiple ways, leave some suggestions here too on how you'd do that. The campaign apparently gets updated now and then, maybe the author will take note and fix it up.
Level 16
Jul 26, 2008
Me and friend are enjoying the campaign particularly on insane difficulty. We got to the defence wave mission. Did the creator actually beat all his maps on insane?

Screenshot related https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd....650/6A05E307FD8A0D7E540B43E63CED5697C7EC9592/

We are war3 veterans we micro all spells and units and dont lose anything and crush the waves fast when the skeles come they just spawn and spawn and while you trying to contain them you getting ravaged from behind.
We use scrolls between all waves,get back to arch for brill aura to respell,everything was done to maximise our chance to win
and still those skeles wreck us.

We can get to 4 mins but with 200 skeles constantly spawning Im wondering was it balanced correctly. Anyway decent maps 7-8/10 cutscenes are a bit long a skip option throughout duration of the cutscene would be nice. Good job.
Are you guys playing the maps before they were updated Jan 11? That update should have made insane more accessible, plus I made artifacts obtainable in all difficulties in that update so there is less reason to play insane in any case.

As for the difficulty before Jan 11 (which was unfairly hardcore), all maps were tested by a friend and I, so I did not make anything unbeatable.
The key to winning the Netherguard mission is to just spam riflemen unit (forget what the exact name for it is, it has been a while since I played it) for blue, and assuming you keep them alive until Green spawns, send them all to the graveyard. If green gets out of control, the mission cannot be beaten, since it will flood grey completely, so keeping Green contained will allow victory, as long as you can use Danath well (his passive) to kill the red/purple attack waves. The AI hero also gives a mana aura which is nice for both Danath and Kurdan.

To be honest though, if you can beat 03 on insane, you probably won't trouble with the others, since that is the real test of difficulty, and can also only be one in a specific way.

Nice to see people enjoying the co-op experience. I would be curious, assuming you are playing on wc3 1.32, if the music works for you guys, since it has bugged out completely with the exception of the pokemon song. + archimonde fun ending since patch 1.29.
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Level 2
Sep 16, 2018
Hey thanks for you prompt reply. I just dont believe this will solve the issue and we are using the updated maps. We will attempt for the 10th time using your strategy of spaming the sharpshooters and everything else you said we already do. Its just a shame we as weve been getting our insane code for each map and planned on beating the game as originally intended.

Weve beaten every map so far on insane with no difficulty map 03 was no different once you know the pattern it can be easily beaten.

We are playing on the reforged client and unfortunately no music seems to work whatsoever.

One last thing on the next mission after the defence wave you play as fenris again. However when we load our code from previous fenris map with items obtained from spongebob it does not give us the items. It gives us some standard warcraft3 items in its place which are prob weaker than the items we got. Is there an issue with the code system? I seen you posted the codes for all maps which has since been removed is it possible I could get a code for this map so we can play it with original items thanks. Also if reds hero dies in this mission and then you use the altar to revive the hero becomes unusable all spells blacked out and cant move.
Level 2
Sep 16, 2018
Also the puzzle maps krasus flame spell is totally broken if he dies or kills anything using it seems to crash map every time.
Level 16
Jul 26, 2008
One last thing on the next mission after the defence wave you play as fenris again. However when we load our code from previous fenris map with items obtained from spongebob it does not give us the items. It gives us some standard warcraft3 items in its place which are prob weaker than the items we got. Is there an issue with the code system? I seen you posted the codes for all maps which has since been removed is it possible I could get a code for this map so we can play it with original items thanks
The save system has not been completed for map 12 since the final boss was not implemented. But if you complete the RTS part, it gives you a code you can use to instantly lvl to 14 + go straight to the boss once it is released. When the boss is added, I will fully implement the save code for map 12.

Also if reds hero dies in this mission and then you use the altar to revive the hero becomes unusable all spells blacked out and cant move.
Patch 1.31 + bug. Gotta wait for blizzard to fix the stuff they messed up.

Also the puzzle maps krasus flame spell is totally broken if he dies or kills anything using it seems to crash map every time.
That is also a 1.30 /1.31 blizzard bug was they never fixed, which should be patched by them in the future. If you want, you can open 13, write a trigger that allows the main ship to be instant killed if you type something. Otherwise, based on what you said, that map cannot be beaten, since krasus's fire blaze is the only way to kill the ship (or are you referring to the Wendigo one?) Either way, if the puzzles cannot be completed, the mission is unbeatable, since you need the max lvl golem to push and kill the undead hero, regardless of what difficulty you are playing.
Level 2
Dec 2, 2019
I'm watching Grubby's Reforged Campaign playthrough. The game music constantly keeps disappearing.
Level 20
Apr 6, 2010
Map 8:

weaked -> weakened

Deathwing's selection circle is too small.
Given his size and the level setup, Cleaving Attack would be more useful than Crit.

* 3 auras and Wind Walk? I get that Deathwing is supposed to be the stronger one here, but what's P1 supposed to do?
* She needs a ranged attack, she keeps getting dragged into fights where she gets 2 or 3-shotted (and should have a faster movespeed).

Sometimes it's three eggs and sometimes it's two.

Day/night cycle is still active.

Sandstorm description -> "and drag them along in the direction of the storm"

* Tracks should be visible in FoW.
* Sometimes clicking on the tracks/on the other side of the tracks sends the Spiderling moving in the opposite direction.
* Kobold only showed up at the very end, and it wasn't possible to get past him. Slowing him down worked, but then he retreats to his start position which is right on the track, and the cart isn't fast enough to get past him while he's going back.

* No bossfight to get access to the source?
* So the power source is the lava?
* Hatching SFX were kinda lackluster. You don't even see the eggs.

* Thaurissan's model should be darkened like the riflemen.
* we we -> we
* we will should not -> we will not
* Why don't they show up where the extractor is?

subserviant -> subservient

Fel Head Hunter -> Fel Headhunter

After the first wave, there was an allied grunt who kept attacking Deathwing.
Timer is cut off.
Ehhh... Not sure about using the game voicelines, pretty sure players will recognize the reference without them, especially given the differences in the text. The text lines also extend way longer than the voiced line itself, destroying any immersion.
Teleport effect isn't centered on the heroes.

The final cutscene should start when the timer runs out, not wait until the death of the building.

The bigger demons are lumped together, they need bigger collision sizes and circles.

This one was kind of meh. The two-players aspect especially, since Katrana can't do anything without getting killed. Maybe if there was a section where she had to sneak past monsters or something. The plot reference was funny at first, but it just gets heavy-handed, especially with the original voicelines.
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Level 1
Jan 4, 2021
But the map 15 are ones you made (I guess) since I could not google them at all. It was extremely hard, and I only solved it by luck.

Hey, @natass9

could you please tell the answer of riddles to unlock map 15?

It seems you're the only one who ever figured it out.

Tried everything: shade letter combinations, list of 8-letters words, asked a friend who is an English teacher who didn't have a clue, tried translating tavage navage to other languages... to no avail.
And I rarely enjoy having Math assignments in a game with dragons and magic and that

I completely agree with your review, btw. Overall, it's good campaign, it follows the book, and ads nicely to the story
I'm just reading the book so I would like to play the campaign