Beyond the Dark Portal (WIP)

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Beyond the Dark Portal
Work in Progress Campaign

Last year I started working on a Beyond the Dark Portal remake. Unlike Helldoom's remake, which aims at a faithful recreation, I wanted to make it like if it was a Warcraft III campaign. With hero units and the Warcraft III gameplay (huge health, low damage, health regen) since I don't really like Warcraft II's balance. I managed to almost complete the first two missions and the gameplay of the third. What I worked on most was the heroes. Each hero has brand new abilities, that I am very happy about. In this campaign you will find 5 maps:
Prologue - Complete, though it could be improved slightly
Chapter 1 - Complete
Chapter 2 - Complete
Chapter 3 - 70% Complete, cinematics and gameplay triggers need some work
Test - A sandbox map with all units and heroes to play around and try out

Warcraft II maps, but with Warcraft III gameplay and World of Warcraft lore additions
Cinematics based partially on books, but modified to match the Warcraft II briefings

What is canon in this campaign? Since I am using the mission briefings from Warcraft II, everything said in them is automatically canon, the rest will be changed to match them.
1. Mission Briefings
2. Novel
3. Map design/my own changes
Techtree is a mix between Warcraft II and Warcraft III
Unit Variations in later missions:
Spearthrower/Troll Axethrower
Death Knight/Warlock/Troll Shadowpriest
Red Dragon/Black Dragon
Heroes with custom spells inspired by WoW and Heroes of the Storm: Gratar, Grom Hellscream, Dentarg, Kargath Bladefist, Teron Gorefiend, Ner'zhul
Lore NPCs: Hurkan Skullsplinter, Fenris Wolfbrother, Kilrogg Deadeye (last one not added yet)
Custom items to find




-Almost completed Chapter 2
-Added the original Dentarg and Kargath unit quotes
-Added custom tileset
-Reshaped Chapter 2 terrain
-Started Chapter 3
-Added new cinematics and transmissions for Chapter 2
-Gratar has a new ability: Direwolf Instincts, replaces Direwolf Howl
-Added attack waves and special units (Saboteur Peons, Hurkan) to Chapter 3
-Added new cinematics and transmissions for Chapters 1 and 2
-Changed item drops in Chapters 1 and 2
-Changed Thunderlord Color to be more visible on the map
-Fixed abilities not being updated on some maps
-Added transmissions for Chapter 3
-Hurkan gets a cool item to terrorize you with in Chapter 3
-Completed Prologue cinematic. Might update it at a later date
-Replaced the Thunderlord transmission with a cinematic in Chapter 2
-Increased the range of Shadowflame so it's not completely useless
-Buffed Gratar's abilities
-Grom has a new ultimate
-Sound effects for cinematics with no voice overs (idea from Coming of the Horde)
-Minor map changes
-Sound effects for some abilities
-Other minor changes
-Finished Terrain for Chapter 3
-Added items and reshaped bases in Chapter 3
-Added new mobs to Chapter 3
-Made preparations for the last part of Chapter 3
-Chapter 3 timer is now 25 minutes instead of 30
-Chapter 3 now has an intro cinematic
-Fixed preplaced Gratar in Chapter 1
-Added last part of gameplay in Chapter 3
-Chapter 3 is mostly complete. It just needs 2 cinematics and some more AI testing
-Removed text when Grom is Counter Striking
-Grom ultimate now requires level 6
-Removed War Forge, all upgrades are now in the Lumber Deposit
-Other minor changes

Blizzard Entertainment - Warcraft II, Wc2 Icons and Triggers
Aaron Rosenberg & Christie Golden - Beyond the Dark Portal Novel
OutsiderXE - AI workaround idea and making me continue the project
Se7en - Brown Shaman
Red XIII - Temple of the Damned, Den of Wonders
Sunchips - Mithril Dagger
Kwaliti - Deathwing, Retro Dark Portal
AndrewOverload519 - Wc2 Mage
Cavman - Female Grunt
Mr. Goblin - Lumbermill Icon
stonneash - Deathwing Breath Icon
BLazeKraze - Ner'zhul Icon
Mad - Deathwing Icon
Alok - Dragon Roost with Team Color
Tauer - Hero Models
Killmegods - Dark Portal Campaign Screen
Mephestrial - Lumbermill
General Frank - Spearthrower
assasin_lord - Hero Glow
Ujimasa Hojo - Teron Gorefiend
Mister_Haudrauf - Hero Models
SoC Resource Pack - Various Wc2 Models
Strajder - Draenor Swamp Terrain (I modified the Mushrooms)
Retera - Disarm
Shadow Daemon - Button Manager
Weep - Damage Detection
Valve - DotA 2 Voices
Tell me if I forgot to mention you.

I will only do the Prologue and the first 3 Chapters. I am sorry that I can't finish this campaign, but if anyone is interested to pick up where I left off, message me.
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Beyond the Dark Portal (Campaign)

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