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Beast Aerial Football Disscussion

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Level 42
Oct 20, 2010

Gryphon Rider vs Wyvern Rider Ariel Football Discussion
Just a sport/game come up in my mind,

the Idea is you can Mount any Mythology Beast or Animal that is not too Gigantic in size To the Arena, While I think the Most/popular 2 Suitable Beast is Gryphon and Wyvern

Maybe someone can make a map of this? or a game with this idea? who knows?

In a Gigantic Arena where lots of Rider playing the football.

Beast Available:
-Agile, Better Accuracy but not Powerful Shot,
-Not too good at Carrying Ball, and Very Suck when At Ground, Very Slow Speed on Ground (Crocodile of the Air? Perhaps)
-Lots of different Breed

-Good at Carrying the Ball, Pretty good on Ground, Intelligent, Fancy Looking. Good at Taking ball away from other Player
-Lots of Different Breed

-Fastest, Most Agile, Good at Carrying the Ball,
-Not too skilled at taking ball from others
-One Man Show
-Rare and Expensive where not much people afford it

-Only on Ground
-Can Install Mechanical Wing but pretty much useless because it's very restricted
-100% TeamWork
-Once get the ball with a gang of raptor, you almost can't get the ball back
-Perfect Passing

-Strongest Ground Player
-Good at Teamwork
-Decent Running Speed
-Strong Shot

-Not Popular at all

-Banned because of His Huge Size

-Banned because of His Huge Size

Anymore Beast Player Suggestion or Stats Addtion?
(I will make the Stats More Systematic later)

Edit: I don't know how to Play Football (And Don't even know how to watch) xd
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