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  • Why not use a periodic force effect to pull/push units nearby? Give the unit a behaviour with a period of 1 frame (1/16 seconds) and a periodic effect of search area. This search area finds suitable units for push/pull and then applies a force effect on them. The force effect causes them to move.

    Do note that this will likely scale very badly, even if a trigger solution was used. Although you may plan to allow an unlimited number, I would strongly recommend some sort of practical limit to prevent performance degradation.

    You can use Galaxy script to register unit events to triggers dynamically. That might be able to achieve what you are after by registering new units as they are created. However this will not move them periodically, but only when they enter.
    I was reading through your messages.
    This is our anti-bot protection, saying yes = ban, no = no ban. Just say no.

    I did it when I registered... on accident. One week ban XD.
    Use a chance based effect branch before the missile is launched. The non-miss branch lands the proper missile. The other fires a dummy missile that does no damage, makes "miss" when it impacts and targets the point of the attacked unit (not the attacked unit, so it appears to miss).
    You could give their final effect (which does the damage) a non 100% chance so that it will sometimes not execute. This is sort of like missing as no damage effect will be done with a chance.
    Your planets were set back to pending. Failing to perform fixes required will result in the rejection of the asset.
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    (Bundle) Yeah, so, you know, was thinking of getting a world map SC2 terrain somewhere and BAM!, found this one I forgot about long time ago!
    Has it not crossed your mind that your trigger logic may be flawed? Try recreating the problem in a map if you believe it true as I have been unsucessful at doing so as my example map shows.

    -1 is correctly identified as less than 0
    1 is correctly identified as greater than 0
    You will not be banned. It only blocks you through the rest of the registration.
    I am sorry but I do not have the required experience with actors to answer that. I imagine the only way would be to not lose the link or to use a non-actor system to control the actors (such as a behaviour or effect which at the required time will make a new actor on the involved unit while the old actor is removed via trigger script).
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    (Post) You got some good stuff here bro. The question before "wait what?" fucked me up a little bit, but here i am: understanding the ideas you have.
    Generally you can place such threads in the Medivh's Tower in off-topic as that place is meant to be for serious discussions.
    hey rispetto, seems like u updated some wowrips to hiveworkshop, i worked on turning them to War3, made tons of models, and now i wanna ask, how u trasferred them to sratcraft?
    You could right-click and select "Save as", then reupload them somewhere and use the newly uploaded version.
    I'm sorry for being pesky, it's just that I'm really looking forward to having your tutorials submitted at UDmod! :)
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