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    (Post) (+6) I didn't know you were so into StarCraft II galaxy coding already. Nice, thanks for helping out!
    From what I remember I tried that one, but it isn't returning null when the unit dies (Referring to the constant checking loop). From what I can tell it thinks the unit is still there but not classed as dead but more as a 'gone but still there' kinda thing since it exploded rather than 'died' so the value doesn't change of the variable to null but stays as a referance to a unit which no longer exists.
    well, the map in question is any map, the system itself is the system for the mastermind tank and units exploding wtfpwn it because it causes a bug where the sfx of the link between the units doesn't go away because I can't detect that the linked unit is dead which then means that (if your familiar with how the masterming tank in Yuri's revenge works) The tank would only be to control 2 units instead of it's useualy 3 because of this non-existant unit.
    Basically, I need to find a way to detect a unit exploding or stop units exploding in order to prevent a bug with the system without making a direct edit to a specific map that is using the system (eg. making no unit use the artillary or seige attack types)
    Whoa. Kinda harsh on the eyes, but that's just my crummy old monitor...

    Emulators + ROMS = Fun! I have a PS2 and an NDS emulators ^_^
    Hey man...We got 'ExploreNet'...Really sucky though. DL speeds up to 1 MB/S (Megabyte per second), but only 200 MB's every 24 hours lol...But, between 1-6 AM (After midnight;) it's 'free time'...So...not much sleep for me. Maybe i'll see you on WC3 someday...All i got is RoC, can't find FT =(. Hope you can reply, but...Meh yeah. Later lol
    OH!!! OH OH! And i got a buncha new PS1 games, Including things like FF7, FF9, FF1&2, and other stuffs. So i aint dead yet ;)
    Ech. Single-player...No communication. Just mindless bots doing stuff. Pre-recorded stuff. Your right, It IS boring. One thing though, we're on dial-up now, until november. ON a farm. Far away from a town. BORING >.<...Wow. Banned? That really sucks.

    And why are you depressed, if I can ask? Heck, I'm in trouble all the time for my sullen moods, but their all for silly reasons...And what's this about working ALL the time? You in a slave mine?

    Lol. And I wish I had someone to talk to, besides the cows. I'm sick of 'Mooo-oo'. Mooo. MOOO....Urgh. Annoying. Atleast i can go on a lil' game called Graal which is internet, but that' pretty much it. Cant even YOUTUBE or watch videos for crying out loud!

    Well, I hope you can KIT (Keep In Touch), 'Cause atleast that's something for me to look forward to!

    Later bro!
    Eh Dave, sorry I haven’t been able to reply to any of your posts. I’m having problems with hackers hacking my router and to make things worse my sister downloaded some crap that’s messed up my web browser. Argh x_x. Btw doesn’t playing single players games with AI make you go crazy? I can’t stand them, I never play single player games no matter how good they are because a game just isn’t good without real people to play it with :<. I should also mention single player games are really easy to get for free, since you don’t need any of the usual things like cd keys to play them online. I hope you get back to playing online, at I myself unfortunately… for I have been banned from playing anything until my melancholy mood gets better and I can pretend to be happy (hell, I’m even more depressed not being able to play with anyone so what the hell, why force me to work all the time and never talk or play with anyone, it doesn't make sense :mad: )
    Ahhh...A breakthrough. Spent a weekend at a friends. I officially dropped out of homeschool now, quitting (Grade 9). Sick of the system lol. Going to get a real job, see if i can make some big bucks...Little jobs aint doing it. As i said, made 2 friends, both of them oddly girls. But whatever. Hope you're doin' good berry, it's nice to hear from ya!

    Later bro
    Update - Nothing much. Farm life kinda boring now. Beat all of my old PS1 games (My only system...). No internet. Blech.
    Aiight. Sorry i didn't get back, I'm been working. Alot. I had $211 in...But...I went to the city...Saw these great single-player games...*Cough*oblivion*cough*Hellgatelondon*cough*...And...I'm now at 134$ >.<. I'm pitiful :(.

    And, probably no matter what you guys do, It'll wow me. Atleast i still have the world editor - Don't ask me how, i don't even have WC3 RoC, muchless FT, but i have the RoC Editor...And that sounds great that you have some servants, It'll speed it up!
    And yeah, the cats are totally loveable. The one, a small year old gray kitten, just LOVES to jump up on you, and climb on your shoulder. It's a parrot-cat or something lol.
    Also, before i close this, I nearly crashed a Quad - Rode it at 70 MPH, went over a hill...Wow. It landed somehow, (I had bailed before that lol), and was completely fine!....'Cept for those scratches...But meh.
    Keep me updated (Please!), And i hope you can get back. Later man!
    The rules say: one ingame picture, but they dont say where. Just attach it in your description if you like using

    Otherwise the harm is not that big really, if it is in a low quality.
    I dont know what you mean about the image. Do you mean th quality?
    Perhaps, if you saved it as a jpeg (.jpg) the quality is drastically changing. if you save it as .png it will look much better.

    You could make the system to use the different chat commands.
    For instance like someone mentioned -ally doing one thing and -unally doing another, not just have four confusing commands doing the same thing.
    Nice to hear Dave. I hope you'll get back on soon and that I'll have made some major progress on the RL Maple Mall Project to wow you with when you return :D. Btw, several people have joined me on working on different parts of the map together ^_^. Currently I'm redoing pretty much all of the systems right now. Also, I want to be on that awesome ranch you've described to me and pet those cats ;D! lol.
    I seem to have been wrong about triggering player. Also, you detected a bug.

    Changes made. It is useful=)
    Eh. Guess your not there lol....And, good news! My (RI I I I CH) Grandfather says that for every 200 i put in, he'll put in 400 for my labtop! Sweet eh? So i currently have $152; and i'm working hard! I have my eyes on a beutiful $952.99, with $69.99 in a suepr high-tech mouse! Oh, and perhaps $300-$500 in the future for a few extra Tetrabytes (1,000 gigabytes - One card costs around $250, i think) So it's looking all good! I live on an awesome ranch, 6 horses, nearly 200 head of cattle, 6 turkeys, around 14 or so chickens, 2 cats + mine and 2 strays in my old town, along with (sometimes) two-three dogs! It's awesome. Hope you can keep in touch lol....Seeya!

    (What's the progress on the game? :D)
    Meh. Sounds like an awesome system XD. Oh! And you'll need lots of veggies. Killing zombies takes alot outta a guy....Yeah, if i can rack up $800 it's all good. Later man!
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