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Arcane Hunter

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Model I made for my campaign. He's High Elf elite Spell-Breaker, who uses blade and spells to fight his enemies. Animations look rather weird in model editor, but they work fine in game and world editor, so don't comment untill you see them in game. I made stand channel for storm spell (starfall with lightnings instead of stars).

Model uses only in-game textures, feel free to use or edit him, just give me credits :D.

EDIT1: I like his portrait, it's good enough for me. Darker parts of his face are now shadows of his hairstyle, so they don't look so weird anymore :D.

EDIT2: I fixed cape in stand2 and walk anims, it works in game, although anims still look weird in any other model viewer than world editor. Slightly modified hair's wrap.

EDIT3: Improved hair wrap

EDIT4: I finally managed to make his hair look nice, or atleast it doesn't hurt eyes :D. I also slightly reduced filesize.

EDIT5: slightly changed textures. I've made new spell anim and added 'Spell Channel' anim (feel the power of the dark side!!! :D). I also improved other anims

EDIT6: fixed hand's wrap

EDIT7: I realised that I forgot to upload portrait :D.

EDIT8: Reduced filesize

EDIT9: improved wrap on his body and hair, changed face texture, model now has camera instead of portrait. I also added Blood Elf version as complementary - it has different body texture and eye colour.

EDIT10: Changed his boots

EDIT11: Upgraded sword

EDIT12: Updated animations - attack and stand ready are now custom instead of blademaster's. Stand ready and spell were inspired by Jedi Sage in SWTOR, and attack animation is similar to basic attack in Iaido

EDIT13: added attack - 2 animation

Elf, Knight, Blade Master, Arcane, Hunter, Sword, Warrior, Mage, Priest, High

Arcane Hunter (Model)

Arcane Hunter (Model)

22:23, 17th Apr 2015 MiniMage: The model looks nice, but I think you could add more team color. Also, there's numerous case of clipping in animations. Work on these things.




22:23, 17th Apr 2015
MiniMage: The model looks nice, but I think you could add more team color. Also, there's numerous case of clipping in animations. Work on these things.
Level 10
Feb 27, 2007
Very cool model! Great job and thanks for sharing!

Face looks great by the way. You should keep it!
Level 4
Oct 22, 2013
Looks interesting from the screenshot
Face is just a bit dark, like if he got tanned
I specially like the cape
eh.. hair shape looks nice, it can go well with that shadow on the face now.. maybe..

hair wrap however.. is just all over the place.. try to make it much, much better than this..

and .. this hair and cape twitching in stand, walk and maybe some other anim.. it's really making my eye twitch.. sorry if i'm sounding mean.. but you reeeally gotta fix that... weird animation issue


Arena Moderator
Level 44
Jul 29, 2008
This is a surprisingly elegant model. Simple, but gets the job done & in a very Warcraft-y way. A High Elven Blademaster? Neat-o. I particularly like the (Direfury-styled) Spell Channel (though it could use a bit more arm/chest motion)

I'm a little concerned about those face shadows (as everyone else), but really, nice work.
Level 7
Dec 23, 2013
Are you sure about his face? I think it could use some better texture (priest or maybe blood mage).

I would like to use this model for main hero character of map i am editing now. (its Ghostlands and that hero is Ranger Lord Renthar Hawkspear) But i would like to have brighter face...
Level 20
Feb 23, 2015
you should create a portrait animation, so that a separate portrait model is not necessary, this will save space.

I did - complementary model ain't portrait but blood elf version - model has 84 kB, there are just two models.

EDIT: I have no idea what the hell is going on with Hive viewer - it shows both main and complementary model at once and doesn't show High Elf's eye colour.
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