Arcane Flame

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It's possible that I subconsciously copied someone else's work, I don't know where my inspiration came from. In any case, hopefully it's unique enough and that people find it useful.

This took me a loooot of time mostly running in circles since I'm still not experienced with Magos. Most of it was spent on debugging missing animations in game and fixing the frames etc. I like how it turned out though.
Added green and yellow version per a request

The View in 3D option on this website loops birth and death, but they are not loops so it looks bad (I don't know how not to loop it), so I recommend checking it out either in game or Magos.

If you end up using it, credit would be appreciated

arcane flame fire magic mana burn rune ritual burning blue white

Arcane Flame Blue (Model)

Arcane Flame Green (Model)

Arcane Flame Yellow (Model)

General Frank
A very useful and good model and extremely.