» Chernobyl - Lost Riddles

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Sep 1, 2008







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Nov 20, 2008
The terrain looks amazing and the idea itself is something new in warcraft 3 so kudos to you for that ^^
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Sep 1, 2008
This is a remake of the old CLR. At the moment .. it's still a bunch of work.

The first pictures are showing the alpha-yard. The the last two ones the beta-yard.
We're writing the story and the plots for the alpha-yard at the moment.
.. so when alpha has been finished .. we'll get to the next yards.

A playable beta? I hope within the next 4 weeks .. but this is a dream-date.
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Dec 9, 2006
Oh wow. I played the first versions of cLR, and I thought that in itself was amazing and had a eerie and sad atmosphere, even though it was utilizing most of the original cartoon WC3 Models.

When I see this, I am speechless. I don't think this project is going to be a dud. I believe in you all the way to complete this :)

I would like to help you create a good teaser trailer for this thing, as thats my other specialty besides bosses :D Tell me when you think this is ready for the next level of hype (If you want too)

Anyway, keep it up.


P.S. I think this game might strike an emotional chord on me. The last one did in a small manor :O
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Sep 1, 2008
.. an Adventure. (;

Hmmm... I already saw screenshots in your profile, but I didn't knew that much of backstory... Just don't tell there's sme magical monolith involved...

No way. We've created a self-sustaining story and plots.
As you may recognized, NOUMENON is a term of philosophy.

The Noumenon (from greek "I think, I mean") is an object or event as it is in itself, independent of the senses. Noumena are objects or events known only to the imagination - independent of the senses.

cLR is about human volition and how we could eliminate any counter-forces.
If you take a look on this planet, mankind is the ultimate purpose of creation.
The next step of this ultimate purpose is the immediate act of human volition.

The scientists tried to gather this potencial. But they failed, and something was going wrong. I just can blab ... you'll face a more dynamic antagonist, as you may think.
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Sep 1, 2008
Castes? You mean all the bunker personel was separated in castes?

No way, mate - it's a speculative fiction :

Chernobyl - Lost Riddles is a dystopian adventure in a scale of scientifically speculative fiction for WarCraft III - The Frozen Throne. As a Pre-Liquidator you have to obviate the accident of 1986.

Ok, here are some common informations 'bout the castes.

» Basic structure and organization | NOUMENON SCIENCES

The basic structure of NOUMENON SCIENCES is based on a four-tier hierarchy.
A member's social affiliation is decisive for it's function in the complex.

The bottom caste mostly consists of common working classes.
They're bound to the upper castes and got less free time, less payment and less rights.

Furthermore they don't have any important information about the complex.

The third caste mostly consists of local traders and merchants.
Their task is to supply all castes with consumer goods and free time acitvities.

On the other hand they have some important informations about the complex.

The second caste consists of soldiers, overseers and principals.
Their task is to protect the bunker-society from negative internal and external effects. Courage and resoluteness are their lineaments.

Furthermore the second caste got most important informations about the complex.

The upper caste consists of scientists. The 'priests' of this complex.
Facts of this caste are largely unknown.

They got all (?) informations about the complex.​

At least, every caste got it's own 'authorisation cards' for every yard.