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  • Hey old friend :) How are you doing? I miss the days when we were working on the Diablo map. Man, so many hours poured into that project and with so many talented people. Good times. Anyway, I saw that you were online last month. And so I figured I'd let you in on something. You see, I've begun modding again ;) And I need your help old friend. If you happen to come online and see this message, please contact me ❤
    Hmm... Uploading the file will take me 30min, and I actually have to go now.
    Tomorrow I'm home again so I will upload the JNGP folder for you cus atm I really have to hurry up.
    Anyways. You should talk to Yixx! He's looking through the code atm.
    You're an avid TKoK player. Where do play? Like, which server? West is desolate.
    Hey man.
    Sounds fine!
    If you could send me what you've got I could start terraining an area and figure out the "Data Editor" stuff, because it's quite complicated.
    I just finished my last exam today so I also got plenty of time.
    Check this out lol. I won!
    And how? With just ONE single imba post when others spammed the thread for ages.

    If you want we can share the account. I will feel guilty to have such an account entirely for my own:)
    Hey RaiN.
    Just finished my 5th exam today (got 6 in total). Next tuesday I will be having my last one. So far it went excellent, even better then I thought. Got a few 8s (we got marks from 1-10) so 8 is pretty neat:D.
    Was wondering, how're things with you? And how are plans for SC2?:)
    Hey RaiN.
    How're you doing and how's your project doing with that sweet ghost 3rd person movie?
    I got an idea yesterday and I'm also trying to mod a littlebit in SC2 now. Got a nice idea for a pvp oriented map with games that take up to 15-30min, just how I want it.
    Oakwood is on some sort of a hold for now. If I can succeed in finding a triggerer that doesn't like SC2 I might go back to it but for now I just work on this new idea I guess:D
    Hey RaiN.
    I'm having a few issues with Oakwood. Since you would like to step out of it there are a few things that are still undone. I was wondering if you would like to fix those before you leave.:)
    1) Making the event system so only events from regions you're in show up.
    2) The last spell for Sage and make her hurt herself for Int*6 fire damage over 6 seconds whenever heath reaches 100% while reducing her heath by 50% over the duration (She'll also get silenced for 6sec during this effect).
    I was already afraid to receive that answer:(
    Well thanks for all the stuff you've done for Oakwood m8. We'll keep contact ofc;)
    Hey RaiN.
    How're you doing? School doing fine? My exams are almost there so maybe yours aswell.
    Are you still so much into Galaxy Editor or you wanna work a bit on Oakwood again in the near future?
    Ahh oke.
    Well good luck with school then:D
    I also got the GE but for some reason I don't like it. It might be cool for coders but apart from that making things in the editor is kinda sucky. Don't even like the models in it if you zoom in. They only look decent from a birds eye view.
    Hey RaiN.
    I understand SCII stuff is really interesting. But if you rather want to spend time on that instead of spells just say so please. Because well:p I'm kinda waiting on that spell at the moment and else I will try to get it from someone else. So it's not a big deal if you won't make it but just say so because I'd like to know it.
    Hey RaiN.
    I was wondering if you're still busy with TKoK because I could use that Flame Shackles spell:) I'm working hard on Oakwood for the past days already and made a bunch of quests, items and a bit of terrain. If Flame Shackles gets completed the Sage will be completely done (apart from the 100% heath punishment lol). I just think its good to finish some classes now so we can step closer to a beta instead of having everything 90% done.
    So if you're done with the TKoK stuff please tell me:D
    Hey RaiN.
    Just saw your message (the one you posted on your own page instead of mine).
    Kingz has no Bnet acc so I first gotta DL Garena again.
    Let's try to arrange a 3man this weekend then.
    We should actually play Oakwood again.
    Let's do something like Sistra event tomorrow and see how that goes:p I can host with delay reducer now so everything should be fine for you. Oh and maybe Kingz wants to join as well.
    Btw RaiN. how're the flame shackles doing?
    Did you start on it yet?
    Today I had a really good Oakwood day. Made alot of Bloodbane quests. Gonna start on the Defiler starting area now.
    So you have 255 hashtables in Oakwood? :p

    Also HandleData can fail, Hashtables can't.

    Anyway since i couldn't find any major thing that needs reworking in the system section im back to making some spells Teun asked me to.

    Hope your get better btw ;)
    Hmm i will try to optimize the latest version of the map teun sent me and i will send it to you so you can see what i replaced.

    Here is what i think should get replaced:

    1.UnitIndexing for AutoIndex
    2.StunSystem for UnitStatus
    3.Adding BonusMod instead of unit properties maybe? /just a suggestion.
    4.ItemEQ/ItemUnEQ library, the first of those long if/then/else branches could get replaced by 1 preseted array for defining what item type id is which number and then simply use it in further comparison. It would decrease the amount of If/then/else calls drastically.
    5.Why are you using HandleData when you could use 1 hashtable instead? :p
    6.Boolexpr Utils are uselles now, boolexpr no longer leaks when null. At least when using RegisterAnyUnitEventBJ().
    7.GroupEnumUnitsInCone() function could operate on x,y and radians instead of taking a location and using CosBJ/SinBJ.

    I thought i would find more things to improve but everything else looks clean, you did a good job.
    In case you haven't spoke to Teuncreemers i though of scooping through some of those systems in the map and optimizing/replacing them since i think the amount of them and Object editors could get lower.

    If you have an issue about it though i won't touch a thing.
    Ah oke np man.
    And how's school btw? You're in your last grade now so I suppose you got to finish alot of stuff?
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