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  • Happy Birthday!

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

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    Thank-you for that, will try another machine and Warcraft when I go to a friends next. It is much appeciated for your feed back. I'm sorry on your forum I went a bit over board.. I guess my anger to not getting a reply and my excitement to play this map took over. I'll try the sound thing (If by turn of the music-channel you mean mute the music in options) hehe.

    Thank-you again and I'm deeply sorry for some of my past messages :)
    Hey and thank-you I'm not sure if it is windows 7 related or not, but the 70mb map did not want to load. I'm not sure if administrator will make any difference as I have no other maps that play up. I think it's the map size or something.. but then again others have got it working so IDK. Thank-you for looking into my problem :D

    -I recently tried running Warcraft as administrator I don't think it worked as it got to the same point in loading and then seemed to not do anything. I'm not sure how long it's spose to take to load, I only gave it like 3-5mins max.
    After I completed the form and very carefully poured my soul into the words I wanted to submit...alas : your site had a little problem with my computer (and vice-versa it seems). Two scripts stopped running for no apparent reason, thus closing my browser before I could give any feedback on 1.00... I'll try using a friend's PC tomorrow (just in case it was my fault)

    Edit : No wait. Browser recorded it for me it seems. Yep, feedback sent. Hope it's somewhat useful.
    Oh, you just asked how it was doing..

    Well, good, trying to get a 2v2 test game going on BNet right now..
    Aniria.. first my ugly nickname is "Grievous1" not Grevious, Grivious or something like this. The other thing is that I have already told you that De.facto has currently nothing to do with my projects so he can't give you any information about my projects because he don't know everything about them that is not bad because almost everyone of use has his own construction zones. We are just help each other in order the projects will finished soon as it possible that not means that we have a main leader/chief/boss for every single project and Rise of Rapture is currently on ice maybe forever I don't know it yet because I don't know if I will have enough time in the soon future.
    Depends on what is needed: Terrain, Cinematics, Level Design, Story Design(Im basically writing the dialogues of the characters too, making sure there are no errors in spelling etc. aswell). Can also voice act to a certain degree(Depends on what im acting as)

    Edit: What is the project focusing on? Bio1,bio2 or a new made story. You can pm if you want.

    I Also have both games installed for screenshots and references :)
    I read your PM and I am quite interested although you'll have to explain me what you expect from me and what my gain is joining you. Please write me a PM.
    Hey there, no, firstoff, I am not checking it regulary lately, since my pc is still broken, but now I checked it, and I did not receive any pms there at all :D
    How are you=?
    The Door System is finished! The next system that will get rewritten is the interact system.

    But I can't work that much tomorrow on the script because of work. Soon I'll post again some updates. Good night.
    The Camera System is finished for now. It just need some testing, I guess. Btw I shrinked 2262 lines of code to 522 lines. Also the performance of the Camera System should be much better.

    Now Im working on the Door System but it don't look like it'll take long.
    User Struct has been rewritten and optimized.
    Unit Event Handler added (not yet totally finished), to remove the general event handle which suck to much performance.
    Handle Pointer added (as I already told you). This will be very helpful for the user struct and some other structs...
    Next thing to do: Update the camera system for a better performance and more dynamism...
    thx about that,
    the map is done, i just need some finishing touch on the triggers :D,
    but i can't do it lately because of the exams, the beta will be released on this summer quarter i guess :D
    It's all worked out now.
    Thanks :) And just so you know I go under the name MysticPepsi.
    Ah yes, I was trying to register on your forum website because I enjoy the maps you create but as it would appear a confirmation image does not appear for the confirmation code. Can this possibly be fixed? (I am using Google Chrome btw)
    What I meant was that it is impossible without a character that can slow movespeed somehow.

    That fo course will change since it forces you to pick a certain hero set or lose.
    Yeah its one of harder levels right now.

    The trolls with the glowing auras are the ones that summon the meteors.
    The boss simply throws them down at random.
    The wolves have siege damage and so are the only ones that can really hurt the lamps.

    Its not really balanced right now since heroes that have slow spells make it considerably easier than those without.
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