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  1. darkravenbest

    Z axis for Relativistic missile

    Hello! I tried to make a simple spell using: Relativistic Missiles [vJASS][LUA][GUI] The idea is simple, missile fall directly from above the unit. So Starting point and Finish point are the same. The only difference is that starting Z is, for example, 1000 and finish Z is obviously 0. But the...
  2. Kakorin(KvS)

    [Trigger] Recipe overlaps, making my system useless

    I've recently made a Recipe System, it's easy to use and flexible, but it works as long as you don't have recipes with similar items, which is bogging me. The Recipe System Problem: I can redo the system on JASS but i think it might ruin the easy process of making a recipe with the base...
  3. HerlySQR

    [Lua] How can I increase the performance of this system?

    Hello, I was creating a map with a guy, and we were testing, I made this system for spawning creeps, but the map lags a lot and it get worse, but just for me and not for his or another person, I know the problem is this system because the memory starts too increase a lot when is running, and I...
  4. Izzetin

    [Solved] Inventory System (Too many nested ifs)

    Hello! I found a Inventory System on XGM that i really like but somehow i cant figure out how to implement it into another my Map. I alway get the error [ Too many nested ifs (max 50) ] in my Test Map But in the example Map from xgm it works just fine. Im a noob in Scripting so i dont know how...
  5. HerlySQR

    Is this recursion prevent well done?

    Some of you maybe know I did a Bouty System, but something I didn't notice until very recently is I didn't prevent the recursion, exm: Get money Events Game - BountyDeadEvent becomes Equal to 1.00 Conditions Actions Make a unit kill another unit The BountyDeadEvent fires...
  6. HerlySQR

    Problem with bounty system

    I create this system to control almost everything about the bouties and can edit it with external triggers, and use it with another events more than when you kill a unit, is uncompleted and I wanna add more stuff. library BountyController initializer Init globals private hashtable...
  7. AngelCraft

    An Attack with a shorter delay to deal damage

    A simple explanation of an attack, of a dummy unit. Most of the attack functions in the game are guided simply by the angle you need to launch an attack and the condition is that the attacking unit must be in front of the attacked unit. (Except for units whose movement speed is 0, "we won't...
  8. HerlySQR

    Do you have ideas to improve this system? 2

    Hello, I'm have another system, that is a Jump System based on the Paladon's Jump System, but this includes horizontal curvature, I know that there can be better systems, but I still wanna share this I hear what things I can improve. //Jump System based on the Paladon's Jump System //If you use...
  9. HerlySQR

    [JASS] Do you have ideas to improve this system?

    I made this system to emulate the intangibility of the Wind Walk ability to don't have the risk of end the spell when you cast an spell (since the "solution" of using Ghost (Visible) never work to me), but I'm new in this of using libraries and structs, so I'm here to ask you if there is a thing...
  10. El Saif

    [General] Modifying stats using other stats

    There's many natives that allow us to change more of unit's stat than before like, base attack, armor, etc. right now. I'd like to figure out how to properly do it, for example there is one item in new Released game LoL Wild Rift that increases armor by percentage of the unit's mana. Or maybe i...
  11. TheFireMage

    [JASS] Globals error

    Hello there, I thank you for taking a look at this thread and help me to solve problems. I am copying a dash spell template made by sniper_zero. When I first tested the map, it works fine. But when I copied to it my map and saved it, I got errors with globals from map header. I already got rid...
  12. Ugabunda

    [Spell] Need a charge system (in GUI)

    Hi guys, For my map I want to have several abilities which don’t have a cooldown, but instead hold “charges”. Details: A charge is basically the amount of times you can use a spell freely before it goes on cooldown. Upon casting the ability, one charge is spent. Once all charges are...
  13. Nightmare Doors

    Before Darkness Falls

    Before Darkness Falls is an incredibly polished and unique total conversion mod created on StarCraft 2 engine In the aftermath of the chaos resulting from the invasion of the feral Zerg, the defensive army of the mining colony has been almost entirely massacred. The evacuation of people and...
  14. Planetary

    [Lua] Basic Knockback

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  15. Rykon-V73

    A fix for A unit is attacked event

    I know there are fixes for the event mentioned at the title. Sure, it works, but it's also buggy. I want a damage detection system that's easy to use and a spell with an example with this dds will help me with this. I hope that spell is MUI. Can anyone help?
  16. Opex

    Newbie needing to Pool resources

    Hi whoever will listen :) I have tried since last summer to get a proper system to pool resources like gold and lumber. I have tried to use the triggers made on this site, triggers from google, and from youtube, but of no success. I have 4 positions: pink (08) maroon (13) navy (14) and emerald...
  17. EpicMyzik

    Import Kill Streak System

    Hello guys, I really need help with this, here on the Hive is probably the best kill streak system to download, This one: Advanced Streak System v5.1.1.0 i need someone to import it for me as it's JASS and i've zero knowledge of it. I had a GUI trigger of this working perfectly but i did it...
  18. blink

    Just Another Missile System WIP [vJass]

    So I am currently created a missile system which is supposed to help me create missiles for various purposes. The system runs specified trigger on "impact" making it usable for all kind of stuff. For example, the trigger makes the caster teleport on impact location, while having dmg at the same...
  19. Thiiago

    [GUI] Ranged and Meele by Trigger in Actual Version

    I need a system to switch via Trigger my hero a Shaman to be a Ranged or a Meele. Ranged Stance: - Damage Type: Magic - Weapon Type: Missile - Attack Range: 800 - Missile Speed: 1000 - Weapon Sound: None - Missile Art: Lightning Orb / Shaman missile Meele Stance: - Damage Type: Normal -...
  20. ProlRayder

    [GUI]Help to Quest System

    Good night, I'm setting up a golden golds style RPG map, and I'm having a hard time using one of the tools provided by ChatiSnake. It would be the mission system, in which it is multi-user. But I'm having a problem when the other player and I take the missions, and do them, the first player who...
  21. Mechanic

    I have questions for good world editors about my map.

    I have questions for good world editors about my new Battleships map. Any good world editors still out there? Somebody who knows how to build Battleships Crossfire, DOTA, Angel Arena, Line War Towers, Capture the Flag, Battle Tanks, Broken Alliances, or Horde vs Alliance. I need help with tigger...
  22. Cebi

    [Spell] Sacrifice System.

    So I looked at the Sacrifice ability and realized that it has huge potential yet limited by stiff un-editable outcomes. What I need from it at first was simple, sacrifice 1 custom unit for another. But then once I tested it though the Object Editor thinking it would be simple... it wasn't...
  23. Peach Schnapps

    Desperately need help incorporating an item/carry weight system into Witcher's Multiboard MUI Inv.

    My original thread - Add item/carry weight restriction to The_Witcher's MUI Multiboard Inventory/Equipment System v.6.0? The system I'd like to build off of - The_Witcher's MUI Multiboard Inventory/Equipment System v.6.0 The information and steps to complete the system given to me by Dr Super...
  24. Peach Schnapps

    Hunger System made using Using "Noobsmoke's Buff System 1.8" Help

    Okay so let's say I made 3 buffs, (Probably more in the map but for sake of simplicity at this moment we'll do 3) Well Fed - Let's say it gives you 2% Move Speed (MS) and Maybe 5% HP Regen, +1 all Stats? Fed - Adds and takes no stats. Hungry - A -2% MS Debuff, and -1 all stats. (Honestly...
  25. loktar

    loktar's Resources & Projects

    Creeps – Dwarf – High Elf – Human – Murloc & Naga – Night Elf – Orc – Troll – Undead – UI – Misc WC1 & WC2 Icons (Pack) – Screenshot Icons (Tutorial) – Sound SetsModel Optimizer & Converter – WC3 Mod ManagerSpells, Systems & Scripts – Mods & Campaigns WC3: Orcs & Humans (WIP) creepsCreeps -...
  26. apsyll

    [Wurst] MouseUtils

    I started creating a mouse control/helper system for my project that uses the mouse as input device heavily. It is at this stage working but not fully polished. you can check if a player presses a specific button, get the amount of multy clicks (double/tripperl/quadrupel... clicks), the mouse...
  27. apsyll

    [Solved] [Wurst] How to add a drag-line for each player to Mouse events?

    Hey working on this system for a while and got to a point I'm starting to like it, now I would also to like to add the function to create a line(vec2 array + Player Id) that follows your mouse cursor when a button is pressed and will be returned on the release and can be destroyed after it is...
  28. Lake

    Wurst Missile System

    Just curious if anyone has created a missile system for Wurst yet, which is open for public use? Otherwise I would attempt to make one, since it seems like a pretty useful tool for quite a few maps. :)
  29. CodeBlack

    Group Movement System

    Hey guys :) i have been working on a prototype for a Group movement system...inspired by total war unit movement. i got a very basic prototype running and some experimental optional features. I would like to get some feedback and/or ideas on how to improve the system in terms of efficiency...
  30. ThisPOT

    New Missile System - 100% GUI

    Hi all, I would like everyone's input on this system I made. It's not entirely finished yet but it seems to be working very well so far. Trying to get some input before posting it in the spells section. Thanks! TPMS Instant Cast Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an...
  31. JC Helas

    [vJASS] Simple Unit Custom Data

    scope UnitCustomData initializer init/*JC Helas*/ globals private integer max=0 private integer rec=0 private integer array id[5000] private unit array uni[5000] endglobals private function recycle takes nothing returns boolean local...
  32. apsyll

    Radial Menu (Special Effect)

    I look for someone who could make me a model of one piece of a radial menu for a 4, 6 and 8 piece menu. The look should be pretty simple like this ones: Thank you in advance.
  33. MeMeMe123

    Replacement for the hero abilities system

    I've searched, quite a bit, and have yet to find this: I'm looking for a replacement to the hero abilities system which looks like the regular ability system, but allows more abilities. I want, as with any normal hero, to have the button used to choose the skill to level up, with the number...
  34. Brismo

    GUI rework to JASS

    Please close this thread
  35. TheDoener

    Item System Level Up

    Hello, I made an Item System which increases the ability when you buy an item. Example: I buy the Shield and get the armor ability Level 1, Buy shield again -> I get Shield Item Level 2 and armor ability is increased to level 2. But when I do this with the agi,int,str,mana and lifepoints...
  36. XXXXS

    [Trigger] Help with insanity system

    i want to make a system that applies weird effects to a player if he kills too much i have 2 questions for you guys: 1)Is posible to make a unit only visible to a player?(i want to make some sort of hallucination) 2)Is posible to only apply a filter just one player?
  37. Ofel

    [Solved] Inaccurate damage reduction value?

    This function should return the damage bonus of an attack type against an armor from Gameplay Constants. function hAI_GetUnitArmorReduction takes unit u, attacktype aType returns real local boolean dmgEventEnabled = IsTriggerEnabled(udg_hAI_DE_DamageEventTrigger) local real...
  38. Sapprine

    [Solved] How do I change the Armor system? Haha! I did it!!

    So, I've been playing quite a bit of Starcraft lately and I noticed that armor in SC is a direct form of damage reduction. (1 armor = 1 less damage take from attacks). I want to implement the same system in Warcraft 3, I think its better as the 6/11/15% damage reduction armor does now, in some...
  39. apsyll

    Interconecting Maps with save load system

    I had this idea a time ago thinking about not just to use the save load system for saving just the progress of one map but to conect two or many maps of different types and alternate the content. As an example we have a dungeon crawler map (MapA) and a boss fighting map (MapB), now when you...
  40. apsyll

    [Solved] Mouse rotation system don't get right angle

    Hello everyone I tried and failed now to make a camera system where you click on the floor and rotate around your unit by dragging the world around in relation to the mouse courser as the fix point. The thing is it kind of works sometimes, especially when you keep the mouse clicked and draged...
  41. Rheiko

    [Solved] Custom Bounty System

    It's me again. So I've been making a custom bounty system. I want my player to get gold when an enemy dies nearby even if my player's unit isn't the one who killed it but of course with reduced amount. I wanted the system to have floating text just like the default one. This is what I ended up...
  42. Dominic74

    Trigger happy´s inventory system

    Heey! When i download his system and save it in SharpCraft World Editor Extended Bundle I get this everytime. Both the Editor and the map have been re downloaded to see if that was the fault.
  43. Karpik

    [JASS] Save\load function SaveLoad_EncodeVerify trouble

    I have some problem with save in my map. If i save my hero (and courier) with 10 items in inventory, all right. Else i save my hero (and courier) with 11,12 items i inventory, save\load system not work. Any people say: " problem in function SaveLoad_EncodeVerify" If i save with 10 items, i...
  44. NightStalker

    [General] Checkpoint System in Campaign

    Hey guys, How can I make a checkpoint system like the ones in Call of Duty, or some other games who use the same system. For people who doesn't know how this system works here's an explanation; when you reach a certain point in the game, the game saves some specific units and your stats; such...
  45. 13lack_Ro$e

    Is there any GUI system for in-place jump? {solved}

    Hello hive , as the title says , I need a GUI system which can cause units to jump and go up until they reach a X height and then , land back at the same position they currently are on. Unfortunately AFAIK , Paladon's wont do this since if target point and caster point is same , the unit won't...
  46. TheAyalalalalon

    Projectile collisions

    Hi I am searching for a projectile system that can detect collision with units and easy to configure Which one would you recommend to me?
  47. dreambeliever

    Automatic scheduling system

    Looking for a tool to make scheduling audit easy and safe. I was just thinking if this could be flexible enough to work for a large group effectively. How does automatic scheduling system work? Please let us know if you have the idea about a software or a tool related to what we need.
  48. hypsandar

    [General] Song vote system?

    I was wondering how to setup a voting system upon what song should be played. For example, a player can call a vote to play a new song or set the first song by typing "-song". However there would be a limit, you cant call a vote if one was already called for in the past 800 seconds. The song...
  49. UmbraUnda

    Trade System

    I want to set up a trade system similar to Age of Empires. Market has trade-able resources and also serves as a trading post for trade carts - the dock also works for merchant ships. Are there any systems already out there that could be used as a template or can somebody summarize how I should...
  50. hypsandar

    How to stop Warcraft from re-downloading default melee maps?

    I moved the default melee maps to another folder and categorized them but Warcraft re-downloads the maps right into the 'maps' folder, as well as maps>frozenthrone. Is there a way to stop it from re-installing the maps? I want to keep my maps categorized & not keep all of the default melee...