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  1. Lordliw

    Trading system

    I have to ask how does trading resources actually work and when someone can't and WHY. I don't really even know where to begin and what details to share so I'm just gonna leave the map so you can see for yourself and hopefully know what's wrong and why teal can't trade to light blue and gray...
  2. Nevanii

    [General] AI not gathering gold and can't build on blight

    So I've encountered two weird problems. I don't know when it happened cuz I wasn't checking it regularly. So the first issue is that AI won't enter a mine to gather gold for some reason. No matter how far or close I'll place it to the town hall or if I change the race - it won't work, they will...
  3. Lordliw

    WESTRING issue

    Today, I opened World Editor and found this weird error. Something westring, literally everything is named westring and then something. I'm in a desperate need of a fix for this, because it's so messed up to the eye, and very disorienting. Here's a picture so you know what I'm talking about.
  4. Ashes3030

    Extended World Editor Startup Issue

    Issue: Sharpcraft WEX installed, with the following dependencies: .NET 4.6.1 Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 (x86) Program is run using Admin permission. On startup, no additional features are loaded in, just a generic World Editor on startup. Troubleshooting: I...
  5. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Flickering model textures glitch

    So, I am trying to create this out of this While the cluster one looks good in Magos' and Retera's, ingame and in the editor it's like in the attached video or even worse.
  6. u wot m8_

    Modified Haunted Gold Mine issue

    I've modified a haunted gold mine a little bit, mostly cosmetic, but i've also modified it's abilities. Now every time i build this modified haunted gold mine, the gold mine it's built upon resets it's gold value to zero, and when i cancel the modified haunted gold mine's construction progress...
  7. demonsoflight

    Problem Starting up World Editor

    I bought myself a new tower computer, installed WC3 and i can't open The World editor. I can open the games reign of chaos and frozen throne. When i open world editor a smal invisible window pops up, where my mouse is trapped in. After a while of if i klick, the window disappears and nothing...
  8. Xzere

    [Solved] Triggering Spell problem

    Hello, the spell itself works good, but why is it killing everything instantly, no matter the HP of the picked units? Note: It does work as intended if it hits only 1 or 2 units. Fire Slash Work Events Game - GDD_Event becomes Equal to 0.00 Conditions (Level of Fire...
  9. HolyWillRise

    Help! My custom map freazes and get no error message.

    Hey Hive, I am having a problem right now where my map will freeze after about 20-30 minutes of game time, and then crash with no error message. I'm not entirely sure what is causing the issue as the map is very small and triggers are very basic with most of them being when an ability is cast...
  10. lolreported

    [Crash] Clicking the doodads-tab in Object Editor crashes World Editor

    With the recent patch I just discovered a major problem with the map I'm making for the Mini Mapping Contest #16 - Mini RPG. As soon as I click on the Doodads-tab in the Object Editor my entire World Editor crashes. I can't remember if I looked at the Doodads-tab in the BETA, but my World...
  11. HolyWillRise

    Help! Wc3 Error (Can't start the game)

    It was running without any problems before few days and now that happened.
  12. HolyWillRise

    Help! Can't find maps folder

    My friend just installed Wc3 (from battle.net) i gived him a code and he installed it, but theres no maps folder, yes, he searched in C: Documents, but there are just error and logs, he tried to create a *maps folder* but its not working. Finally he opened world editor then open maps, and he...
  13. HolyWillRise

    Help! I have trigger for spell damage issue! It gives negative value, why?

    This trigger works fine Robe of Magic Spell Power Copy 3 Events Game - DamageModifierEvent becomes Equal to 1.00 Conditions (DamageEventSource has an item of type |c0096FF96Mantle of Magic [4/5]|r) Equal to True IsDamageSpell Equal to True Actions Set...
  14. george787

    Black-screening game

    Hello, i just started playing custom campaigns, but after some time, when i complete a map, the next one wont load, instead is jsut a black screen. It happens in every custom campaign, sometimes after few maps, sometimes right in second map. I was watching gameplays on Youtube and no one has...
  15. HolyWillRise

    Phoenix fire ability icon doesn't show, why?

    I've made a coppy of Phoenix fire ability but both doesn't show, even if i use it as a hero ability and level-up it.
  16. V

    Alpha Tile Issues solving

    Hello, if you want to know what is alpha tile go to here: Alpha Tile for Dummies This tutorial is a solution to the problem of alpha tile use: It looses transparency in fog of war and black mask It looses transparency if it is the bottom tile as mentioned in the overlapping part above. It is...
  17. Mathayis

    [Solved] 1.31 Shuts down when selecting custom map :/

    Hey there, I've ran into some trouble after finally downloading the recent warcraft 3 patch, 1.31 My problem is, when I go into custom games, and select my custom map... it freezes, then shuts down warcraft 3... No error messages, just shuts the game down and i have no idea why :/ Has anyone...
  18. HolyWillRise

    Help! I have an issue with 1 trigger that teleports me everytime i buy an item.

    The problem is that when i buy any item it teleport me again (until i upgrade the item, but that still teleports me) (The problem is with the first trigger)
  19. lolreported

    [vJASS] Issue with nested loops, possible bug

    I'm currently having a massive issue with a nested loop, see code (some irrelevant code removed): library JustAnotherLibrary initializer Init globals //... private constant integer PLAYER_MAX_CELLS_ROW = 3 // Max cells up/down private constant integer...
  20. Ricola3D

    Snippet to fix W3 bug on "Orb of slow" and similar abilities

    Hello, You may know the following abilities: - Orb of Slow (AIsb) - Orb of Lightning (AIll) - Attack black arrow bonus (AIdf) - Melee Lightning Damage Bonus (AIlx) They are similar, and allow you to make normal attacks have a chance of casting any ability with a target. Pretty cool no ...
  21. Cespie

    Screenshot issue

    I have a minor issue when taking screenshots with a regular fullscreen game client using Print screen in Windows 10. The issue is that the screenshot will only capture about 70% of the game window from the upper left corner, which tells me that the screenshot feature is misreading the...
  22. RayzerCalitri

    [Import] vJASS: Unit Dissipate Issue

    So I found a thread about making a unit get a dissipate effect with the Banish ability as the dummy spell, I downloaded a map (made by Maker) and for some reason, the vJASS trigger can't be enabled and I can't test it out nor save it while I try to get it enabled. It comes up with a compile...
  23. dfxiispro

    Searing Arrows broke my hero

    Hi, recently back into having fun with the wc3 editor. Can anyone explain to me as to why adding a searing attack to a melee hero, finding out it wont work then removing it broke the hero attack damage where the animation happens, but no damage is dealt? Any response would help
  24. D

    Stress = a big problem for us all?

    We all confront the stress in our life. What's your weapon to counter it?
  25. Shaeam

    [Solved] Weird Trigger Issue?

    Essentially I've created a creep system much like DotA's where it spawns a single random group per creep camp. For example; for an easy camp it'll create 3 Centaurs, 3 Satyrs, or 3 Bandits. A hard camp will spawn 3 Demons, 3 Naga, or 3 Tauren. It works fine; if every creep camp is set to...
  26. Rykon-V73

    Lightning Bolt Missile placement

    When I hit a unit, a Priest from the creep race, the bolt hits the upper part of the enemy, instead of the enemy. Any way to fix this?
  27. Makros

    Help regarding save files

    I don't have WC3 in "My documents" as everyone else has after the patch (1.28). This became a problem now through a recent hotfix on Gaia so I can no longer -save my characters. I assume this is because it tries to save in a file on documents but there is nothing there. Some background. When...
  28. Saito

    [Solved] One time lag upon ability cast.

    So, I am creating an ability that works just like Frenzy in Homm3[1]. It works just fine, at least for now, except for one annoying bug. It freezes the game for 3-5 seconds upon first cast(And first cast only! Each cast after the first one works well.). It doesn't matter if the skill is used at...
  29. deepstrasz

    Brood War StarEdit Wait Trigger Problem (~solved)

    So, every time I load the game the units that are supposed to be created after the Wait trigger, spawn immediately (after I load the map). By loading the map, I mean saving the game first when I start the map and then using the load game option. Does anybody have ideas on how to avoid/fix this...
  30. Sapprine

    [Campaign] One map campaign

    I'm making an 256x256 barrens Orc Campaign starring: Thrall Hellscream, Cairne Bloodhoof, Vol'Jin, Gar'Thok and Naz'grel. Roughly 45% of the map has already been filled with beautiful valleys, Canyons, Chaotic Crevasses slicing true the desert, The grassy landscapes of Mulgore, Former Ogrimmar...
  31. Sapprine

    [Campaign] One map campaign

    I'm making an 256x256 barrens Orc Campaign starring: Thrall Hellscream, Cairne Bloodhoof, Vol'Jin, Gar'Thok and Naz'grel. Roughly 45% of the map has already been filled with beautiful valleys, Canyons, Chaotic Crevasses slicing true the desert, The grassy landscapes of Mulgore, Former Ogrimmar...