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  1. FlameofChange

    [Development] Hand2Hand project

    Greetings mortals, I am the Flame of Change ! I have the pleasure to announce the official creation of my first game on steam ! (CC available) The Hand2Hand project is a fighting game... OF HANDS ! Use everyday object in everyday places out of boredom in epic battles between... yourself. Each...
  2. almawt

    [Solved] [Trigger] Dice Movement

    Hello! For the last few hours I've been working on making a sorta fun little drinking game, that you play in single player mode. So, I'm trying to work something out where when a player hits the dices (activated by an ability), a random number (2-12) is rolled, the unit moves that amount of...
  3. Luashine

    How to use Blizzget to download official game files (for example v1.32.10)

    Since 1.33 is really a mess that continues to be a headache (especially the WorldEditor), here's a guide how to get the official files for previous releases. I assume you have already bought the game or own a license. Of course, you must understand that a "multi-dollar company" Blizzard cannot...
  4. DatnessX

    Vampirism Ruins Beta

    Hello, here is a beta release od new Vampirism map. I am out of ideas so any suggestions are good. Post opinion or idea and i am gonna add it to the map. Credits will be offcourse given for helping with the map. I am curious for any response!
  5. Benjaminskinner

    Error Fixing For IsDone.dll

    Hello, buddies. I've been having a difficulty for the past few days. Due to an isdone.dll error, I am unable to install Warcraft 3 on my Windows 10 computer. Guys, I lack relevant experience in this area. I therefore have no idea why this is happening or how to resolve this problem. Can somebody...
  6. Undeadtaker

    Programmer/s needed to revive the RTS genre.

    Hello everyone! For some time now I have thought about reviving the RTS genre. I feel as if the games today have lost the importance of lore and what it means to go through a story. I would like to find 2-3 programmers who are interested in creating this. We would learn Unreal Engine 4 and...
  7. loktar

    WC3 Download Archive (1.00 - 1.31.1 + BETA & DEMO)

    Below are lists of WC3 installation and patch downloads. Please don't share any cracked or otherwise manipulated files. This list is only intended for people who already own the game, you still need a CD-key! 1.01c 1.04c 1.10 TFT: 1.20a; 1.20e 1.23a 1.28.0; 1.28.1; 1.28.2; 1.28.3; 1.28.4...
  8. Nightmare Doors

    Before Darkness Falls

    Before Darkness Falls is an incredibly polished and unique total conversion mod created on StarCraft 2 engine In the aftermath of the chaos resulting from the invasion of the feral Zerg, the defensive army of the mining colony has been almost entirely massacred. The evacuation of people and...
  9. W

    Question: Free browser-based games or PC games

    What are the free browser-based games, or the PC games you have played? (or suggest/recommend) Prolly, VR-based games as well. Extra: Mobile games as well. Personally, I played less games, currently I found Legion TD 2 being nice. (but not playing the game; watching the YouTube videos and the...
  10. Good and Evil II Between Worlds.....

    Good and Evil II Between Worlds.....

    Geez, it's been a while since I've drawn anything :p .....I was working on the custom game, Good and Evil II over the past 5 years and felt like trying to make some cover art for it.... Hope you get the chance to enjoy the story~
  11. fungod2

    Yet untitled Godzilla Tribute.

    Few simple things i am not a professional in any respect i have taken some classes and went to collage for awhile for game design i can hardly C++ my way out of a box! but i am a man on a mission. The idea a map akin to other tributes like DBZ Ultimate & Tribute/FMA/Bleach so on that pay homage...
  12. Nazgrel

    [General] Game Set Data

    Alright, so I am well aware that there's already an old thread that was solved several years ago but it still felt unclear to me, especially since it didn't take into account the up and coming reforged. So here it is: I'm currently making a map with which I intend to use every single unit in...
  13. El Saif

    Game not responding

    Everytime i close the game or world editor, the program will not responding and only can be closed by manually kill it within task manager. Anyone knows what the problem is?
  14. MuckCZE

    Some map.

    i want a create a game and i have map but i dont know what type suit map. And when i chose type i need some models, icons and maybe help :) thx!!
  15. Cpt. Price

    Cpt. Price

  16. Catarina Valanie

    Catarina Valanie

  17. Onnane

    Missing an old map... What's the name ?!

    Heyo boys (& girls?). Ikr that most of people won't understand me (sry for my english) but maybe a lost soul would like to help me Okay, i'm playin' WAR3 since 16 years now, and i've played a LOT of maps, a real bunch of. One of them was a dungeon crawler like Tomb of Jarahcon, but I...
  18. Avatars Lord

    Game Night's Map Challenge

    The Next Custom Game Night's at 6:00 pm UTC on Saturday, August 11th, 2018! So get your maps ready for The Night! Welcome to the Game Night's Map Contest! Have you heard of The Custom Game Night which is hosted by Selaya? Maybe you have heard it and you have attended the Game Night even...
  19. SSJ7107

    Game message doesnt appear in-game

    Some of my triggers that shows text doesn't work and I don't know why but some of the triggers work and I'm really confused. Here is an example of a trigger that doesn't show text: test
  20. S

    Starting back

    I want to make my own engine again. But this time it's gonna be a simpler one as the first attempt to make my own from scratch where a maximal failure. So I'm gonna make a raycaster engine instead. I have been inspired by the downloadable Raycaster Game Maker engine from the beginning. A...
  21. S

    [Discussion] Keromaj War

    I decided to start this thread to get feedback and advice on this project. Keromaj War is a Mac exclusive RTS game that I wanted to make for a not awhile ago. It's a cartoony styled unclassifiable game. (Unclassifiable because it contains new elements(Or something)) I've made some art work of...
  22. stonneash

    [Defense / Survival] Open Source Project: Troll Wilderness World

    Inspired by jungle trolls reborn and based on Yellowstone National Park, our team presents Yellowstone Survival source: in-game screenshot Map Preview: Mini-map Preview: Environment AI System: The AI is based on real world variables and is executed to be accurate to the best of our...
  23. DeathGho

    New Warcraft 3 Streamer!

    Hello! If you would do me a small favour and check me out over at Twitch, that would mean a lot to me! I tend to stream daily for up to 12-14hrs. Mainly streaming custom games like TD maps and Strategy maps like Broken Alliances. Hopefully you can check me out and maybe if you enjoy my content...
  24. Flamable

    [General] Castle Fight styled game - win, rounds, random pick

    I would like to create a game that is similar to the Castle Fight games. The code my game lacks are: - how to let hosting player decide number of rounds - make the builders spawn randomly for players when player 1 types "-ar" - make the players chose their builder when player 1 types in "-ap" -...
  25. chefchx

    Warcraft Campaign(s) Which Follows The Books' Timeline

    So this is actually my first time joining a forum and it was only triggered after I finished playing the Warcraft III RoC and TFT campaigns. I am aware that I am quite outdated since I haven't been immersed into gaming until I figured out that playing games may be a faster and more enjoyable way...
  26. Furry Nova

    Sephiroth Icon

    I've recently downloaded this Sephiroth Model. However, I've had no luck searching for any facial icons to use for it and I'm not good at digitally drawing characters or gradient coloring. I spent a few hours trying to draw one but didn't turn out well. I'm not looking for something high in...
  27. Abelhawk

    Online games you can play once per day?

    I've been thinking a lot about Dragon Court, a clicking game I played in junior high years ago. I miss it. It was an RPG where you had a certain number of "quests," and when you run out, you had to rest and couldn't play until the next day. The game's been discontinued, but judging on how much...
  28. Kero11

    No game.dll found!

    Hello, I've recently got a problem where the World Editor cant find the game.dll and therefore not start at all... I'm pretty sure it's been like this since I installed the 1.27 patch and before that it worked fine. I would really need some help with this since I'm working on a project and...
  29. HandsOfficial

    HeroScape Map! All Welcome!

    Anyone interested in helping me develop a Heroscape/Magic gathering board game style map? So Far I've mapped out a Hive Race, Dragon Race, and Holy Race. All with specific styles of play, and "race abilities" such as the Hive race: -15 units --3 "Hive Organs". Starting the beginning of the game...
  30. RobertMKD

    'Lghtning Attack' causes the game to crash!

    When two units with the ability 'Lightning Attack' attack one same unit at the same time the game crashes.. Can somebody explain me why and how do I fix this? There's also lags even when only one unit is attacking with this ability..