Online games you can play once per day?

Level 12
Sep 28, 2012
I've been thinking a lot about Dragon Court, a clicking game I played in junior high years ago. I miss it. It was an RPG where you had a certain number of "quests," and when you run out, you had to rest and couldn't play until the next day. The game's been discontinued, but judging on how much fun it was, I'm really surprised there haven't been any copycats or remakes.

Does anyone know any games that you can only play for a small amount of time each day? I want a game I can look forward to playing daily. Online is preferred, but an app would work too. A part of me wants to just find a group and make a Dragon Court style app. I'm sure others would enjoy this sort of real-time progression that you can't rush. I've played Kingdom of Loathing, which is pretty fun too, but kind of weird in some ways, and there are too many "adventures" given you each day. I want something small that I can just play on a break at work or something each day.
Level 24
Jul 9, 2009
I don't know of any you can literally play only for a limited time each day, but Heroes of the Storm is an example where you can only obtain x amount of XP each day, and so is also Hearthstone as there you can only obtain 100 gold per day. If none of those suit which by your description seems to be the case then there's nothing I can recommend.