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  1. Gorgrond

    [HD/Modeling] Long lost WoW Doodad Packs, they still exist?

    Hello there! So I hope I am posting this in the right place. Basically I am looking for some long lost World of Warcraft Doodad packs, if I am not wrong one of them was from Outlands and the other from Northrend. The one from Outlands was the Zangarmarsh Doodad pack, the other was the Borean...
  2. Jungle Reforged

    Jungle Reforged

    Jungle Reforged - Posted in Terrain & Level Design forum
  3. Decoration snow Doodads. It could be useful?

    Decoration snow Doodads. It could be useful?

    Snow Doodads
  4. ElderWarden

    [HD/Modeling] Need Fel and Hell doodad [Reforged]

    Hello there! I don't know how to create reforged models so I ask here. Someone could create any fel doodad or hell doodad in reforged. Like Walls for demons with crackles, in the right color theme, with spike. Some statue, props and lava fall. (Why not a lava reforged aswell) To create a...
  5. Mathayis

    Wooden walls?

    Hey there! Two requests in one day it seems XD I just realized I'm in need of some good quality wooden interior walls for housing, hotels and shops in my Map. While there are some good ones already here on this site, just looking for something a little more high quality XD If anyone knows...
  6. Mathayis

    *Solved* Signs for Inn, shops request

    Howdy there! Just wondering if anyone knew where I could find some sign models? I'm looking for something simple, perhaps a sign made out of wood that says "Inn" or " Weapon, armor shop" "Materials" Thanks! :D
  7. HerlySQR

    Is there a way to modificate doodads with triggers?

    If its possible, pls tell me how.
  8. Orc Doodads

    Orc Doodads

  9. Mathayis

    Carpets and floors :D

    Howdey there! I'm trying to do some interior design on my Rpg map. I'm looking for some good quality floor and carpet models... I'm currently trying to make the captains quarters on a ship, any help with finding some doodads would be much appreciated :) There's a picture showing how it looks...
  10. YourArthas

    Warcraft III: Rebirth Mod Looking For Modelers

    Hello guys. I am alone making the Rebirth mod and I really need help from people that are modelers and willing to remake enviromental and\or character\creature models of Warcraft III for the mod to achieve our faithful Warcraft III Remastered vision that Reforged failed to do so. Here is the...
  11. Mathayis

    Mountain doodads and rock walls request

    Hey there! Yet another little request :) What I'm looking for is some high quality Cave/Rock wall doodads along with some Mountains /rocks...Grass.... While I could make do with some of the doodads here, I'm kinda interested in finding the best of the best just to make the terrain in my Rpg...
  12. lolreported

    [Crash] Clicking the doodads-tab in Object Editor crashes World Editor

    With the recent patch I just discovered a major problem with the map I'm making for the Mini Mapping Contest #16 - Mini RPG. As soon as I click on the Doodads-tab in the Object Editor my entire World Editor crashes. I can't remember if I looked at the Doodads-tab in the BETA, but my World...
  13. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Wall End Lantern fire off request + gate doors direction switch

    Hey, sorry for the trouble. Is there a way to make gates open their doors in the other direction than in the game's default which is facing south? I assume the models have to be rotated in a model editor somehow? For the second request, there's this structure doodad which doesn't have any fire...
  14. Voljin

    Night Elf Ruins

    Not entirely sure if this is the proper place to post this, but I am building a map based on Blizzard's Azshara zone in WOW and also one of Darnassus and I've noticed that there aren't really any Night Elf buildings in the hive to use. There are a lot of modern NE buildings like ancients and...
  15. EggPooPoo

    How to get your imports for all maps in Campaign?

    Ah not sure how to best word the title with the limited character space. Basically I used to always see in people's campaigns as a kid back in 2005, they would have say a campaign called Joe's Quest or Return of the Dragons, and they had say 15 maps to the campaign. BUT, here's the rub. I...
  16. Hazop

    Doodad Placement

    For some reason I cant place doodads on "unbuildable" tiles, anyway to fix?
  17. Invisible Pink Unicorn

    Fire Breathing Statue

    I am currently looking for a Doodad model. What i need is a statue that could be either put next to a wall or look as though it was hanging from the wall. The statue should have some sort of gaping monster head. it can be a dragon but it doesnt have to. Anything will work as long as it will look...
  18. Sapprine

    Can anyone give me a tutorial on the very basics and main features of modeling?

    So, I've been looking across hive, scouring for a basic tutorial on how to start modeling and how to create textures and animate customly made models and such. But all I'm finding is things like how to open/fetch models or how to edit excisting textures and mainly focus on excisting units and...
  19. Dalaran Entrance

    Dalaran Entrance

    Developing Dalaran-themed Fortifications
  20. Augustus_Magnus

    Possible to copy terrain, units and doodads?

    Hello Hivers, I was wondering if it is possible to copy terrain, units and doodads in one go, because im stuggeling quite hard now :P.
  21. Pugnadeus

    Animated doodads and performance

    I have started to use animated doodads to add additional effect to the terrain. My main concern is it's effect on the performance. In order to make the animated doodads stand out, I have to be putting massive amounts of it in the terrain. I am talking about thousands or multiple hundreds of...
  22. Cuore

    Dalaran-themed structures wanted: a missing resource

    Looking for doodads themed on Dalaran, I really thought that the Separate Dalaran Buildings entry found in the Simple Edit Resources Thread would do the trick for me but I was in for an unpleasant surprise when I discovered that the post that should have contained them is from a deleted user and...
  23. Neruvatar

    Model/Doodad Request: Animated pale corpse

    Hi, Hivers! I am currently looking for a model or a doodad (no need to be large in file size), a model that resembles a pale grey (or fleshy) corpse that constantly claws its hands on the sky, as if grabbing for something, or gasping for air whilst drowning.... Can anyone please help? =)
  24. Yours Truly

    How do you "levitate" doodads and destructibles?

    I saw some people do it in their maps but I just don't know how.
  25. Ashevelendar

    [General] Doodads !

    Hello ! So...while I was making my map I exceeded the maximum number of doodads , now I can't save it. What can I do to go around this problem ? Any tools on HIVE that I couldn't find or something ?
  26. GreeN!X

    Using Doodads to it's full potential.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Guys! This is my first tutorial so if you see anything wrong, Just tell me and I will fix it.:grin...
  27. RoboHippo

    How to Make Easy Waterfalls

    Easy Waterfalls Do you like waterfalls? I sure do, but Warcraft 3's terrain doesn't allow a great deal of complexity. So, we must resort to trickery. You may now be thinking: "omg haxx lol". There will be none of that. This is a quick, easy way of making a waterfall, that won't involve anything...
  28. SilverSong

    Direction to resource please

    I need a list or listing or otherwise some way of seeing all doodads, labeled including variations, so I can know what the ?! I'm looking at. I am requesting, because it is very hard it seems to get to see all doodads, and the art model files seem to be hidden somehow? and I can't seem to...