[HD/Modeling] Need Fel and Hell doodad [Reforged]

Level 2
Apr 11, 2021
Hello there!

I don't know how to create reforged models so I ask here. Someone could create any fel doodad or hell doodad in reforged. Like Walls for demons with crackles, in the right color theme, with spike. Some statue, props and lava fall. (Why not a lava reforged aswell)
To create a fortress/city for demons (with fel wall or hell wall would be perfect), with great tower and circular structure also to create some big tower where we could walk.
Some lava rocks and fel rocks or some corpse consummed by fel. Fel river or fel waterfall, fel fire, fel altar.
(All the fel doodad could be created with red/orange theme to be more hell doodad)
These ideas are just here to see what we could create but anything more would be appreciated

I think those doodad should be useful
PS: I'm sorry for my bad english