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custom map

  1. dpeipertx

    Need help with custom map crashing

    Hi. I could really use some help with my custom map that crashes after several minutes. There doesn't seem to be a specific action, model, or trigger causing the game to crash when playing, but it always crashes after a while. I can save throughout, load after a crash, and continue playing, but...
  2. zimperaman

    does anyone know the name of this orpg map?

    I haven't played in years so I remember very little, I know that the city was kind of in the center of the map in a square format, it had a weather system, for example in a storm you only had half the movement speed and the map itself looked being from the ice and the minimap was made up of...
  3. Serendipidus

    [Crash] How to prevent World Editor crashes with imported assets

    Hi After discovering the World Editor for Warcraft 3 Reforged last week, I've been making maps and wanted to import custom unit models from the site. It all started well and good. I was able to import the assets, and when I used the models they showed up fine in the Editor, and they also...
  4. 3.png


    DarkLegacy:Warchasers - Dungeon Keeper.
  5. 2.png


    DarkLegacy:Warchasers - demonic assault.
  6. Screen1Evil.png


    DarkLegacy:Warchasers - dungeon to last boss.
  7. guileful

    Help Find me The Map

    The map is sort of a Battle Royale. Heroes start in random places and farm neutrals to get gold and exp. Occasionally you can have duels with other heroes through a command or through a scheduled one. There are many items and recipes, and they can be combined (just like in DotA). The name was...
  8. tmmcv

    Testing custom map crashes the game to desktop + my solution

    As the title says I have had a problem of the custom map I was working to suddenly start crashing to the desktop when I tried to test it in the game itself. I recall something like this in the past when I gave up on developing a custom map I have spent so much time on because of an obscure bug...
  9. W

    Some fancy crazy yet do-able tbh maps discussion let'ssss go! Rock n' roll! Rolling! Rolling!

    Are there Aiur Wars, StarCraft Legacies, Diablo Legacies, Overwatch Legacies, 100 players Azeroth Battles (as if Blizzard makes changes again, change the name since Azeroth Wars is Lordsebas's) aside from WarCraft Legacies, the Azeroth Wars - Legacy Reborn's then-sequel compared to the Azeroth...
  10. Nitroster

    [Script] Reviving Old Map - Just Need Script Edit To Add More Players

    Hello great community! Attached is an edit (2.0) of an old map called "Servant War", where I added more players, terrain and brought back the old script. Credit to Ogre-Lord for the original map & Bond009 (From Custom Hero Footies) for helping me thus far! I will post the newest old version...
  11. NightFarer

    Need help to find a wc3 custom map

    Hello, in 2009 for the first time I got a computer and master installed Warcraft 3 full of different custom maps. Now, I want to return back to good old times and play some of the maps that I was playing back then. Specifically, I am looking for the map where you choose heroes as a wisp...
  12. Wispytoast64504

    [Crash] Map Crash 30-50 Minutes in.

    My map 'crashes' after about 30-40 minutes in multiplayer and within about 50-60 minutes in single player. No crash logs are produced as it dosent technically crash the game just locks it out completely and desyncs. The 'crashes' often happen immediately after a spell cast after these large...
  13. Hana_Aoka

    Any good survival map?

    Hi, everyone! I want to know if you have a good survival map to share with me. I usually play MineralZ and I like that base building, coop (sometimes) aspect of the map. Do you have any recommendations for me? Thanks!
  14. ToymachineHW

    Searching for a specific map with Naga race and bosses

    Hey guys! My first post here. I have played a map couple of years ago that I've found here with Naga race and a lot of huge big bosses around the map. I have tried searching all over the internet, mostly here, but no luck, however I did recognize that the core of that map was Emerald Gardens...
  15. Aliggan

    [Crash] Custom Map Issue: (FPS/Lag Crash)

    Howdy all, I have a problem and I was hoping y'all could lend a hand! First, forgive me - I am no expert in coding or computer terminology and will attempt to explain my issue as best as I can with the terms and knowledge I have. I have searched through dozens of forum posts (mostly dissimilar...
  16. BarsikTheCat

    Where do you even play Warcraft III Custom maps these days?

    I was going to buy Reforged after release, but Blizzard pulled a Refunded on us, so they are not getting a dime from me, but I have no way to play custom maps now. So, Garena (recently known as LAN Games) is officially dead, and, apparently, for good this time. ICCup I couldn't a single player...
  17. naknuknik

    Is the Darkest Dungeon map hijacked?

    I have recently seen someone host games using "Darkest Dungeon ORPG v6.2" and in the author column it states: "uselessLORD".(ive attached img). Now from what I know,darkest dungeon maps were always uploaded to epicwar(correct me if im wrong). And epicwar only has up to v5.94. It looks to me like...
  18. Warcraft II: Reforged Custom Map - Promo Screen

    Warcraft II: Reforged Custom Map - Promo Screen

    It is 4K, and meant to ressemble the box art of Warcraft II: Tides of Dakrness, but with less naval theme.
  19. Standhaft

    Custom Armies Test Request

    So I've made a map for the purposes of learning AI in the sort of scenario I want to learn it in. (Custom campaign style armies with an AI ally and AI enemies that fight each other with the player helping the friendly AI beat the hostile AI.) However, in preparation for learning custom AI...
  20. tough_zai

    Normal warcraft to Reforged...

    hello guys just wondering what are the limitation from custom Warcraft to reforge, ive read some post online that it breaks the model and crash the map you made.. does anyone tried their custom map to a reforge version..
  21. cleavinghammer

    Incite Unholy Frenzy not working on custom maps

    So I wanted to mess around with the new version of Incite Unholy Frenzy, but by making a custom map (i.e. starting with Master-level necromancers with full mana and some graveyards), I noticed the necromancers had the old, single-target Unholy Frenzy. I tried making IUF a non-researched spell...
  22. titans_zealot

    Choose Your Own Adventure - custom map idea

    Is there a warcraft 3 map that is like a Choose Your Own adventure game? Like those text adventures. I was thinking of a map where the player picks a choice and a in game camera cinematic is played displaying actions in the story, so I wonder if there are any custom maps like this? If there...
  23. Veray

    A Custom Map I Played Once

    Hi everyone! I was hoping someone else might remember a custom map that I use to play a lot, a long time ago. From what I remember it was some sort of survival style map. The map itself was massive, I think it was mostly tropical, but remember a giant snowy mountain in the west side of the map...
  24. n1h1l1sT

    What's the name of this WC3 map? Please help

    Hello fellow WC3 enthusiasts! So, many many years ago, I used to play a WC3 map that was: *ALL vs ALL *each player had an Anub'ark *Every time Anub'arak touched/captured a sheep or something, his tail grew *you lost the game if you touched another player's tail I can't remember the name for...
  25. Rhevo

    WCIII 1.31 installation folder?

    Can't change the installation folder. Can't find the path of custom map.
  26. Iliya

    Netease, Future of Custom maps and proof of the remake!

    Hello I promised to this a lot earlier but was really busy with exams I forgot. sorry about that. I think its needed as most people including myself recently, do not know what Netease means and what its success means. I know most of you are now thinking Blizzard does not care about the Custom...
  27. titans_zealot

    Warcraft 3 battle royale?

    I searched for Battle Royale maps/topics already discussing this and haven't found any so I thought it would be an interesting suggestion for mapmakers to create. Things that could be included: Random drops Random spawned items Ranged items = ranged combat, melee items = melee combat players...
  28. Ulfsire

    [Crash] Strange Problem

    Hello hive, I've run into a bug where when I start my custom map, all the units lose collision and it starts lagging much more (than usual, it's a busy map with lots of random generation). It also freezes when I try to leave the game and I have to manually end task. I believe it also crashes...
  29. tommyZZM

    Finding a goblin theme desert terrain hero arena map

    two teams against each other on a desert terrain map like this maybe. each player control single hero like (goblin self-explosion rocket; goblin tanks; etc.) i have play this map long time ago, and i just forgot its detail information include its NAME . anybody know this map? and what's its name?
  30. Snigglel

    Economy War Custom Map?

    Do anyone know a multiplayer custom map where you build your economy och town from scratch without/less focus on fighting? Maybe like compeditive Cookie Clicker? I appreciate tips! Otherwise, I drop the idea here and hope for it to get developed.
  31. Azothan

    Lordaeron: The Aftermath - Grand Tournament Shoutcasts

    Hey there guys! I have the first match uploaded in two parts on my channel right now. games 2 and 3 are coming in the following days as well as any other replay action. Zoom has the livecast up on his channel now here,
  32. Passivipaska

    DungeonMaster is here!

    Hey ya all. I'm making some maps for WC3 so I thought I might as well make an account here and share some of them with you all. Hope you enjoy them! I've been working on a new 'game mode' which combines WoW -style 'dungeons' with WC3 RTS. Choose 4 champions out of total 9 different ones. They...
  33. Bobsteel

    New Maul Maps?

    Hello, not sure where to post this but is there anywhere I can find more mauls? Like are people still making them? I would make them myself but i don't know how to....I would help in anyway if anyone is up for making them. I have a lot of ideas. Mauls are honestly my favorite and if not the best...
  34. AndresMachado

    Any official version of Jurassic Park's Survival custom map?

    HIVE, any official version of the famous Jurassic Park survival here? or at least a good one you all could recommend to me? Cheers :)
  35. Trezon

    AI programming

    Hello. I need help to make a custom AI that is very similar to the melee one. I just need the AI to be able to buy a certain custom unit, and build a certain custom building that the custom unit can build. The request is in context of this map.