Warcraft 3 battle royale?

Level 7
Jul 26, 2013
I searched for Battle Royale maps/topics already discussing this and haven't found any so I thought it would be an interesting suggestion for mapmakers to create.

Things that could be included:
  • Random drops
  • Random spawned items
  • Ranged items = ranged combat, melee items = melee combat
  • players dropped at random or chosen locations?
  • Closing borders
  • More of a Third Person View (changing camera angle for players)
A Warcraft 3 spin on this genre of games intrigues me, but sadly I lack development skills!


(Pardon me if this is in the wrong section of the forum)
Level 12
Mar 24, 2011
I don't think anybody has taken a go at this yet, it did become quite a boom genre fairly recent a few years ago.

Actually, what about Mirana Wars ? May be mistaken with name? It was a bunch of Priestess of the Moon running around a forest shooting big skill shot arrows at each other and getting upgrades by... doing things?



Code Reviewer
Level 15
Mar 25, 2016
I worked on one. It is already playable, but some features I wanted to add are not implemented yet. At the moment I don't have that much time and rather focus on other projects.
Once I finished my exams I plan to continue with this map though.

The gameplay revolves around finding skill items that give you abilities (like stormbolt, invisibility, ensnare, etc) that can be used until the item has no charges anymore.
To force fights the playable map area shrinks as blight comes from outside the map to damage heroes standing on it.