Incite Unholy Frenzy not working on custom maps

Level 25
Apr 6, 2010
So I wanted to mess around with the new version of Incite Unholy Frenzy, but by making a custom map (i.e. starting with Master-level necromancers with full mana and some graveyards), I noticed the necromancers had the old, single-target Unholy Frenzy.

I tried making IUF a non-researched spell and give it to a custom unit (and then a hero ability), the spell's icon didn't show up. I tried making it an item ability, the game crashed before the map even finished loading.

Also at one point both IUF and the custom ability based off it disappeared from the Abilities tab in the object editor, but could still be given to units.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
Level 2
Aug 7, 2019
Non-melee custom maps use the campaign unit data by default, so no Incite Unholy Frenzy, no projectile reflection from Defend, no Firelord or Tinker, etc.

You can change that in Scenario->Map options, the 'game data' option.

I do know from experience that the world editor sometimes goes a bit wonky when you let it on default. Try forcing it to game data Custom(old patch balance) or Melee(newest patch balance).

Actually, looking into it, it seems blizzard forgot to add to Incite Unholy Frenzy ability text and art to the Custom game data, so it shows up as '[Auuf]Unkown' and has missing text/icon if you force the game to use Custom. You'll need to copy/paste that yourself.