1. LordHatchet95

    [IDEA] Custom Warcraft cooperative maps featuring "Commanders"

    I've been thinking of something quite similar to Starcraft 2 Coop commanders feature, but made in warcraft 3: CLANS/RACES Customized races and clans (parentheses: the leader): Human: -Kul Tiras (Admiral Proudmoore) -Lordaeron Survivors (Jaina Proudmoore) -Azeroth (Anduin) -Sin'dorei (Kael...
  2. darciFromVIP

    [Role Playing Game] Nerugia Reborn

    Welcome to the Frozen Lands of Nerugia! I have decided to celebrate the launch of Warcraft 3 Reforged and make a Reforged version of my old map, available here: Nerugia v1.6 - Lost Secrets Though, it's gonna look a whole lot different now. It's gonna be a cooperative Adventure RPG, where you...
  3. Veronnis

    [Role Playing Game] The Lands of Arkeya

    Welcome to The Lands of Arkeya homepage. I'll hopefully be filling this up more soon, but with the release of Reforged anticipated this year much of this game is only being worked on in regard to systems, other features such as terrain and world design are still on hold until the new editor is...
  4. bobadoo2

    Who is a fan of 2 Player Co-op? (heres my custom maps)

    While everyone is playing Fortnite my brother and I are still Warcraft III'n instead:D Who is a fan of 2 player co-op? Who still plays with their best friend or with family members? I have found I rather play co-op with headsets vs the computer, cause the computer never leaves the game on us...
  5. CodeBlack

    [Miscellanous / Other] CodeBlack´s WIP Corner

    Hey guys, Since i am working on multiple projects at once, i decided to reduce it all down to one thread. Some of those maps are in very early stages some are mostly finished; anyways... i hope you like my Ideas and have fun trying them out. Feedback, ideas, comments etc. are very appreciated...
  6. Pr0nogo

    Project: Hydra -- co-op for 1.21+

    Hey everyone! I'm back with another co-op project for Remastered. This time it's an overhaul of the original campaigns, starting with Rebel Yell. The first six maps of the campaign have been released, so go check them out here! Project: Hydra (Topic) Project: Hydra's key features are... ‎* SC:R...
  7. LordDz

    Starcraft II Wings of Liberty Coop

    Features: Three Player cooperative gameplay across 26 missions Four Different difficulties (Casual, Normal, Hard, Brutal) Extended bases (No shared control of units) Research system from campaign where Zerg and Protoss research goes over across the maps Mercenaries can be bought and each player...
  8. SlenderZed

    [Check this one out]Multiplayer...

    Hello fellow Gaias Player, I feel like soloing is getting boring and boring and I wanna try some multiplayer action you know? Anyone plays on Kalimdor(Asia server) battlenet? I'm SlenderZed just add me if you want and PM me for a possible coop...
  9. J

    Interested in Helping in the Conversion of Maps

    Hi all, Firstly, I'd just like to give a big thank you to everybody who has worked on the coop campaign project/s in the past. It has been an absolute blast to run through the campaigns with many of my friends, over the years (one at a time, of course!), and I keep coming back to check up on...
  10. Ahalbiledalb

    The Black Souls 2016 V 1.2

  11. gusanomental

    Kobold Escape! v1.35