Who is a fan of 2 Player Co-op? (heres my custom maps)

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Nov 10, 2010
While everyone is playing Fortnite my brother and I are still Warcraft III'n instead:D

Who is a fan of 2 player co-op? Who still plays with their best friend or with family members?

I have found I rather play co-op with headsets vs the computer, cause the computer never leaves the game on us, freak'n leavers. I love making levels that are near impossible that we have to work together extremely strategically in order to win. All of my levels are fast build and mostly all about your heroes.

lmk which is your favorite or if any are worth uploading to the maps section. They almost always involve new races, spells that go to level 30, and items that can be combo'd. For instance if you put all 4 different helmets on one hero they will automatically combo. In the Elves level you can combine Auras like the Janggo Drums and the Battle Drums.

My latest map is Dwarves vs Trolls V10.

And here's another one of my co-op maps: Orcs vs Goblins & Humans 7.3P


  • nagavsdwarvesandtrolls89.w3x
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  • LandOfTheForgottenElvesv14.w3x
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  • dwarvesVStrollsV10.w3x
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