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    (Post) "If Reforged suddenly in Chinese ... could not go back to English ..." - screams in confusion.
    I tested the latest version of your zombie survival and discovered elite priests could become heroes.
    I also finally tested your campaign KJ have a plan.
    It is interesting but there is a lack of conclusion after sargeras is dead and everybody flees.(like do they ever come back home/ as far as possible from this world or who rules the burning realm after you kill sargeras then dark vador)
    Well realm of the burning legion is already overrun by replicators so they will be rulling there :), and the group which fled, fled to 1942 and will be helping Hitler win WWII :D but you will see that in next movie. Also in first movie there is cinematic in the end which is not in campaign
    Hey, im interested i working forward Pangea, i can do triggers and stuff but i just cant terrain? Pls reply aSaP
    Hello there are you still working with Azeroth Wars: Pangea? I could help you with the races in there though I don't work with modelling and skinning.
    Hello, don't double post, please.
    Your posts have been merged here.
    I advice you to rule #1 in Site Rules.
    Both the last and the first mission were trivial at an unmatchable point.
    At the same time the base concept is flawed using masses of small units without ability is not something adapted to WC3 because then it decide to obey orders only every ten seconds and so it is not possible to make anything with an difficulty between trivial and impossible. In fact it have nothing new it is just select 12 zombies A+click restart the fastest possible except for the jumping zombie who is also very easy to use just select them then J +click behind the opponent and restart. I have seen some maps where it was the same thing but without contamination and with instead units spawning continually. I think you should give to zombies more varied abilities.
    I talked of creating yet another zombie project not of your campaign but perhaps I will help you for it but what would be the scenario except just "zombies suddenly attack" else it would not be an legendary campaign but more some maps you put into an campaign for preventing players to play the map they want without playing boring tutorial and first mission.
    Also it will be pretty the same thing continually as the zombies have few abilities and there would be nearly no macro(just winning the fight as it is enough for getting your new zombies) so it would be better if it was only one really huge map with your multiple area which would be missions and players would play the mission they want and could go to any other mission without loading and it could also have an multi-player option if it is only one map instead of an campaign and it is not hard to fit all your missions in one map as 1(it is mostly small maps) and 2 the max size of an map is 512/512 or something of this kind when you use limits removers(100% compatible with base wc3)
    How will you get the advanced zombies in the campaign you will make?
    What is sad is that there is 45 campaigns already present on the hive map development now if you want I can help you to do an zombie plague simulator with randomly generated terrain, villages, farm fields, cities and other goodies to infest.
    Seems you stopped replying to what I say in your map development thread maybe you will reply back when your thread will go out of the first page then I will do an update of my map and bump it so you will reply(pure joke).
    Hey, welcome to the Hive. I know you joined the Hive on March but seeing that you only started to be active now.

    Have fun modding and you are free to explore the database of Hive for modding needs.
    Welcome to the Hive Retria!
    I hope you enjoy your stay here.
    Feel free to go to the Introductions thread in Off-Topic to introduce yourself to the community.
    If there is anything you need, feel free to contact me. I'm no admin, but don't be afraid to send me a Visitor Message about anything.
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